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    I am a mainly raw feeder for my very active competitive Aussie clan. I however would like to have a kibble on hand that I can use for connivance. I am having a hard time with which one. I really like that all the ingredients in the Now food are fresh and I LOVE the company and their ethics but I don’t love the lower protein. After talking with their nutritionist most of the protein in that food comes from eggs which I am unsure is a good or bad thing. I do think my dogs need a few carbs for accessible energy but there is of course a limit. I dont like the super high protein of Origin. I am looking for a happy medium. I am not looking to rotate between kibbles since my dogs get so much variety already.
    Please any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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    Susan W

    I really, really like VeRUS. I tried Victor this summer because they’re made locally, but my dogs didn’t like it as well & t smelled like dog food. VeRUS doesn’t smell like dog food. Their Opticoat & Cold Water Fish Formulas smell like fresh, live fish – even at the bottom of the bag. Their website is There is a TON of great information on all of their food formulas & you can contact them & ask questions. They’ll also send you free samples.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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