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    My dog was eating Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. (He is allergic to grains.) Costco came out with a version of the same food called Nature’s Domain Smoked Salmon (or something similiar). They are both manufactured by Diamond Pet Food. I switched him over slowly and everything was fine. When I completed the transfer and he started eating only Costco’s version, I almost immediately noticed that he started drinking a lot more water. (I’ve since been to the vet and he ruled out diabetes.) Any comments or similar experiences with different levels of sodium in dog foods. I am about to try a test having bought another bag of TOTW and will mix them half and half again, Thanks in advance.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    joanellenapril –

    In order to get the sodium level of a food you would need to contact the company directly, it’s not something that is typically disclosed on the package or product website. Have you had your dog’s kidneys tested? Increased thirst can be a sign of kidney failure.

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