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    Bub H

    I own and operate a small slaughter/cutting plant in Northeast Pa. I have been selling raw material to a few wholesalers who take my raw material (green tripe, head meat, gullets, trachea, sweet breads, hearts, livers, lunges, meat scraps etc). I am looking to start selling or blending these products. I am looking for a co op or some way to move a larger volume. I am thinking I would like to do a course ground blend of
    green tripe
    head meat
    ground in dime size chunks and frozen in 2# tubs.
    I don’t want to deliver I am looking for a group to pick up.
    We harvest 6-10 cattle per week so that would be roughly 150-300# of material per week.
    I also have access to bones, hog material, and a limited amount of lamb material.

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    Jennifer H

    Do you have a website or contact information about your plant/location?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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