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    Going to try and make this post brief..
    Recently got a puppy – 3.5 months old , yellow lab mixed with Shar Pei
    When we got him he was eating diamond (I think) brand food and we never fed him it and just got a new type right away , the new type was IAMS Premium Protection Puppy or something similar to that. Well he ran out and I couldn’t find the same food type because the store ran out, so I had to get him IAMS ProActive Health for puppies. Both are dry food obviously.
    My question is that, what are the negative effects of this, my roommate seems to think our little pup is soon to be dead or something because he is being really outlandish about this whole thing how I had to get a slightly different type. The pup ate it up just fine; though being a man of logic, I’m assuming the worst possible outcome would be a little upset tummy? We had no time to ease him into the new food type, just poured him a bowl and he ate it up. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry for double post but i couldnt find an edit button…

    Im going to further extend my use of logic here; after comparing the ingredients and portions of carbs, fat and protein and such, I’ve concluded that I highly doubt I will see much of a problem, it seems as though the two food types are very similar give or take a few ingredients, does anyone agree with this?

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    You probably won’t see any difference between the two. They are very similar, though not very good. If you are interested in a food that is better for your growing puppy, try looking here:

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    HI Benny-

    Both foods are nearly identical, so I would not expect a problem at this point. However(there always is a but, huh?) Sharpei are NOTORIOUS for skin conditions, yeast issues and food allergies. If it were my pup, I would upgrade the food to something that (at the very least) is corn, soy, wheat free and preferably grain free if you can find something in your price range. Better to pay now, then later-

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    Thank you both for the advice 😀 I will definitely look into both a better food brand to substitute and I will keep a closer eye on his possible allergies and skin issues in the future.

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    Melissa brought up what I was going to, bout the shar pei issues.

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