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    Faith S

    My roommate and I switched our dogs to Blue Buffalo Freedom, and about a year ago my Maltese got sick. I took him to the vet, and he asked the brand of dog food, so I told him. He immediately told me that he did not like Blue Buffalo as he sees too many dogs that get sick on it.
    Yesterday we took my roommate’s dog to the vet, and the dog has an enlarged heart & liver. Her vet asked what brand of dog food, and when told she told her to immediately take her off Blue Buffalo. She pretty much said the same thing my vet did.
    I thought Blue Buffalo was supposed to be a good dog food. Anyone out there know what the problem with Blue Buffalo is? I sure would like to hear from anyone that can share some light on this.

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    Am I reading correct that even though your vet told you he didn’t like it & made some of his clients sick, you continued to feed it, for a year?

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    Kristin C

    Google it and there’s plenty of info. My new pup could not keep Blue Puppy down a little over a year ago, barfing and endless diarrhea. I had been feeding my older dog Blue Wilderness at the time and switched them both to raw. Last year my older dog had a heart murmur. This year it is barely audible (I have also been feeding her extra raw heart). Kibble is like feeding processed food at every meal. Research and pick the best one you can afford.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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