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    So I’ve been noticing my dog scratching her neck and ears. More recently (past couple days), she’s been chewing on one of her rear paws. It’s not really intense scratching but it’s out of the norm.

    I noticed the scratching after she was playing with another dog that she lives with. She kept in going into a patch of tall grass-like plants near a rose bush. (Several weeks ago)

    I did give her a bath and I know the vet saying before that Codex has dry skin. But with the warm weather I’m suspecting something else.

    She isn’t on flea prevention because I didn’t want to use the stuff you put on the dog’s back. I read they contain very strong pesticides. I finally got around to ordering Sentinel but I know I’ll need to supplement that with a flea repellent or something.

    I took her to the vet on Tuesday for her 1 year checkup. I had to drop her off because the receptionist told me the whole thing would take about four hours…I didn’t feed or give her water that morning because I wasn’t anticipating her staying at the vet so long. Anyway, when I picked her up (5+ hours later) she was panting pretty heavily–with the air conditioning. I assumed it was because she was thirsty because Codex loves the vet. I found out they gave her rabies, lepto, Dapp, dewormer, blood test. She seemed pretty sore and tired. But she still had the energy to scratch.

    Vet said everything looked normal and she probably has allergies–no fleas. He said I could give her fish oil and Benadryl (for vaccine reactions).
    She’s been eating Earthborn Holistic Primitive natural with a little bit of instinct raw. I recently switched the instinct raw to duck. I introduced the duck after the scratching started.

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    Ugh please ignore my typos. I wrote this up on my phone. Ps I I meant to say that I don’t think the raw food caused the itchiness.

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