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    my boston terrier has been diagnosed with alopecia…. she is balding on her chest and hind legs. The balding is all symmetrical. The vet has done a skin scrape and tested for other known causes of hairloss. All these tests come back negative. Now she says that the hair loss is going to be a result of a thyroid issue or hormore issue. We are going to start running more tests to look into which it might be. Have any other owners out there had to deal with alopecia in their dogs??? She’s perfectly healthy otherwise, but what concerns me is how these thyroid/hormone issues may affect her later on in life. For those of you who are dealing with alopecia or thyroid/hormone issues…. what food are you using to help your dog? Are there foods out there that can help bring the re-growth of the dogs hair back? She is currently of blue buffalo freedon small breed dry food. We switched her to the freedom line when the hair loss began bc we wanted to rule out allergies for the hair loss reason.

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    If it turns out to be a thyroid issue then some type of seaweed supplement will help to make sure she is getting all the iodine she needs. Some Bostons just have alopecia and are otherwise just fine.

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    My sister’s lab was recently diagnosed with a thyroid issue. He is only about 4 years old, but he was becoming lethargic and gaining weight. She fed him less and less, but he didn’t seem to lose any weight or have anymore energy. She also noticed his hair was getting thinner and thinner. One morning all the hair on his snout was gone! I told her that his eyes look funny too. She finally took him to vet and they did a blood test that showed his thyroid levels were off. She started him on medication and you could notice a difference in his activity level in about three days. He’s lost weight, his hair is slowly coming back and his eyes are not buldgy anymore. He’ll have to be on it forever, but she says its not too expensive. The vet did not make any recommendations on any type of supplement or food. I’ve tried to talk to her about feeding something better, but she doesn’t seem too interested. But, anyway, the point being, if it is a thyroid issue, the medication works very well. He’s doing great!

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    If it is a thyroid issue, the hair will grow back once the dog is on proper medication. If you want to explore alternative treatments, please seek the help of an alternative veterinarian.

    I would stay away from foods containing soy.

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    Turbo, that’s my dogs name when he’s a good boy. Turdbowl or Trouble when he’s not so good, lol.

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