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    I have been feeding my dachshund Nature’s Logic canned food (various protein sources) exclusively for past 6 months and she doing well on it. However I just noticed on label that is “intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only”. Hopefully I have not hurt her. I want to stay on a canned diet only as she has trouble chewing kibble and I don’t want to go raw. Are all canned foods like this or does anyone know what cans I can try that are a “full meal”?


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    I’m pretty sure your dog is fine, however, you could go to Nature’s Logic’s website and see if it clarifies there, or you could call them (their customer service) and ask them personally. I think it may say something about that on their website, just not sure where.

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    There are many foods similar to Nature’s Logic that are “complete and balanced”. I use Hound & Gatos, Wellness Stews, Merrick classic and 96%, and Weruva. Or you can add a multivitamin supplement to her feeds.

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    If you look under the FAQ tab on Natures Logic website it explains why in detail. Nothing scary as far as I’m concerned. Its the best food I’ve found out there yet for my hound with multiple food ingredient issues. Grateful I found it 🙂

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    I’d agree with the others, check with their website and possibly shoot them an email/phone call. Add extra supplements or other canned foods if it’s a concern, and if Nature’s Logic has different protein sources, then try to switch out the varieties if you can. That’ll help “fill in the gaps.” Also I can never emphasize oral hygeine enough for a dog who has nothing but soft food…dogs on canned (for some reason, especially small dogs) tend to get icky teeth fast.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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