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    For those of you that use Malaseb shampoo for your pets per recommendation of your vet, you may be finding that it is out of stock everywhere except for the small bottle (not cost effective for us)

    I don’t have the 411 on this issue. Product being discontinued? Being made only available by prescription? Who knows.

    We have decided to try this shampoo, our vet says that it is a good alternative.
    The ingredients are different…..we will see.

    Dechra Mal-A-Ket Shampoo

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    Brenda D

    They have it at and the price seems reasonable. You could also call the manufacturer, Dermcare.

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    The site you provided does not carry Malaseb shampoo product I was looking for.
    Just a $20 version of it (small) “foam” shampoo that I have never heard of.

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    Malaseb used to be made by Bayer. I have never heard of Dermcare, not interested.
    They must have sold out. Too bad.

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    Malaseb Shampoo
    Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

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    Last time it was out of stock on I bought Dechra MichonaHex+ Triz which is very similar and works just as well. Just smells worse IMO.

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    Hi Brenda,

    Yes Malaseb is Dermcare in Australia….

    People who do use Malaseb, they’d know Malaseb is very concentrated & only a small amount is needed, a small bottle last a while, I use Malaseb weekly on my medium size dog & Im still using the same small bottle of Malaseb I bought last summer 2017.

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    @ Anon
    I thought you use a cheap puppy shampoo on your allergic dog, you were posting & telling everyone Malaseb is crap..

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    “Last time it was out of stock on I bought Dechra MichonaHex+ Triz which is very similar and works just as well. Just smells worse IMO”.

    @ Pitlove
    Yes, something is going on with Bayer Malaseb.
    Dermcare is not the same thing, even the label is different.

    For now I have ordered Dechra Mal-A-Ket Shampoo. I alternate with a gentle puppy shampoo in conjunction with other treatments including allergen specific immunotherapy as directed by the veterinary dermatologist that has been treating my dog for several years.

    As you know, atopic dermatitis requires a multipronged approach for best results.

    PS: Some previous posts where I have mentioned Malaseb:

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    I’ve never tried the Mal-A-Ket one. Knowing that ketoconazole and michonazole do the same thing I’ve for some reason always prefer michonazole based shampoos. Probably just because thats what I’m familiar with.

    I’m hoping though that Bayer is not discontinuing Malaseb, as it is a great product and cheaper than Dechra products. Might decide to call the company myself and ask them about the out of stock issues.

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    Anon…Dermcare IS bayer. Malasab is a registered trademarked name under Dermcare…which is a Bayer company.

    “Bayer, the Bayer Cross and DVM & Design are registered trademarks of Bayer.
    Malaseb is a registered trademark of Dermcare-Vet Pty. Ltd.”

    May just be a relabeling issue. But there are other michonazole shampoos our there

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    Exactly, I just spoke to a reliable source that says Bayer Malaseb has been unavailable in the larger sizes for months now. No explanation from the manufacturer.

    Reason for the label change and BAYER no longer being on the label?

    Speculation: Bayer may have parted ways with Dermcare and no longer be the parent company. Potentially ingredient and price changes may be coming…..

    My source tells me these changes go on all the time.

    Malaseb may no longer be manufactured by Bayer.

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    Good luck contacting Bayer!
    They tell me the large sizes (1/2 gal, 1 gal) of Malaseb are on backorder for over a year due to the strong veterinary use of this product.
    They don’t recommend using products with the Malaseb name that come from foreign countries, such as Australia.
    They acknowledge the Dermcare trademark, however, they say that the ingredients may not be exactly the same.

    They advise asking your vet to see if they can order it for you, Bayer Malaseb, USA

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