Help me, My dog ​​has not eaten for many days

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    Ly J

    My dog vomited everytime he eat, I’ve gave him to the doctor but he said it was a normal phenomenon. I’m still worry. Can I help you? Thanks very much!

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    Go to another vet. Not normal

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    Let’s slow down for a minute.
    How old is the dog?
    How long has the vomiting been going on and how often does the vomiting occur?
    Is your dog eating too fast?
    Are you free feeding, leaving food down all day?
    Does the dog have any other health issues?
    What did the vet advise?
    As a dog owner (for eons) I am glad to try to help but I will need more information.

    And of course, I am not a veterinary healthcare professional and even if I were, I have not examined your dog…..

    “Help me, My dog ​​has not eaten for many days” If this is true, it is a medical emergency and you should contact a veterinarian asap (today, now)

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    Sue H

    In addition to above questions posted, is your dog drinking water? Do take your dog to another vet asap. It is not normal for any dog to not eat for several days. If they are not drinking water, they will be dehydrated as well.

    Hope your dog will be ok!

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    Brenda W

    When my dog quit eating and was vomiting all the time I took him to a special veterinarian and he was diagnosed with IBD. If he is still not well get him into a vet right away. These symptoms are not normal.

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    Patricia A

    First this NOT normal.
    Have you given him anything new in treats or added anything different to his diet? Have you tried NOT feeding the same food and give him a small amount of lean boiled chicken and see if he keeps that down? If he keeps that down then it’s whatever you were feeding not agreeing with him or possibly the food is a bad batch. Kibble also goes rancid if in very warm temperatures.

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    Spy Car

    This is a zombie thread from July.


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    @ Patricia A and Brenda W
    Thanks for your input. It doesn’t matter how old a thread is, if you feel you have something helpful to add, BRING IT!

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