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    Donna G B

    I am new to Food Advisor, I have 3 fur kids: Seniors, Willie Bill 13 years old, full of Allergies, takes shots for the Allergies, has a leaky valve in heart, heart murmur #4-6, little growths on kidneys etc. Poor baby is such a good little boy. He has been on Science Diet for years z/d, I HATE IT. He is allergic to so many things, Food: Sweet Potatoes, white potatoes, eggs, beef, tomatoes, shellfish and borderline on so many others: Rice etc. I need to get him off this z/d but it is scary to try.
    My other two are: Walley: Rescue, 8 yrs. All teeth pulled except 4. Had pancreatitis and was put on I/d Science Diet for such a long time. I HATE THAT and put him on Royal Canine for Intestinal problems (with a new dogtor) well THAT is full of grains, etc. So, I decided to put him on “Wellness” Senior Formula just getting ready to switch him and my other Yorkie (Willow) little over 5 lbs. 10 year old Yorkie that has had pancreatitis also, and I find the word CARRAGEENNE in the ingredients. Look on computer and that is NOT GOOD, so called them. They told me it was “Food Grade” and not the harmful one. I BELIEVED THEM and then looked up “Food Grade Carrageene” and it is just as bad, I guess. I don’t know what to do. I don’t see much advice on this site for Senior, low fat Canned Dog Food. Not much about seniors at all. Maybe not looking in the right place. HELP!!!

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