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    Jessie P

    I just picked up a 50 count bottle of these from my farm and feed store. Theyve been selling Guardian for about 2 months now they told me.

    This isnt my first experience with their products as I had been buying them from Amazon. I’m a huge proponent of nitenpyram and lufenuron, theyre super safe and have the lowest side effects of all flea medications available. I dont know about everyone else, but Im sick to death of paying $10 a month for each of my little guys.

    One thing ive noticed on their packaging is that thy no longer claim to kill fleas or have any references to capstar or program. I guessed the company lawyered up before distributing retail.

    Just wanted to give my strongest recommendation to Guardian products. For anyone wondering, their products are about $4-$5 higher at retail. Still not bad to be able to pick up a 50 count bottle of small nitenpyram for under $35. Their 57mg 50 count is about $45, thats less than 2 packs of capstar! they have a webstore but theyre no longer selling on Amazon. Its theguardianpets.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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