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    Florire S

    Since I picked this guy up at the airport (8 weeks old ), it’s been a battle to get him to eat. He is a 13 pound Chinese crested puff boy. I’ve seen him go 3 days without eating–always drinks his water though, loves decaf iced tea. Right now I mix his menu- some home cooked, and some kibble, I swear I must have tried 15 different types kibble over the last 2 years trying to entice his taste buds. Anybody out there with a picky eater an what have you gotten success with?

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    The first thoughts I have are: a) he doesn’t want to eat the kibble you’re offering, and b) maybe his stomach doesn’t feel great even if he’s asymptomatic, and c) maybe he’s not getting enough exercise to help the hormones that influence appetite (and everything else).

    Without knowing anything else about him, I would think you could institute these changes safely with most any dog:
    1. digestive enzyme with each meal
    2. probiotic for at least 2 months
    3. work up to at least 30 minutes OUTDOOR exercise each day.

    I would also encourage you to explore the use of fresh foods- either homemade or commercially prepared as a supplement or the entire diet. They’re usually easier to digest and have more biologically active compounds.

    Good Luck!
    Tabitha T.

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    Hi Florire,

    Is your guy neutered or intact?

    Hi Tabitha,

    Great to have you with us!!

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    Florire S

    neutered at 6months old
    He plays well and loves his walks
    He is such a little smoocher – loves, loves his mommie and daddy
    I’ve just run out of tricks and was hoping that there is a magic dog food out there that he can’t resist

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    I’m really sorry about this. It’s especially tough with the little guys, because they can’t afford to lose weight – and I’m guessing he has the proper slim build already, no extra pudge to him?

    What do you feed him? Back before I knew about dog nutrition, my parents only wanted the cheapest, so my poor baby got stuck with grocery store foods. I kept telling mom to /at least/ get Dog Chow (believe it or not, it was good compared to these foods), because he would starve himself for 3-4 days at a time. When he did eat, he’d only eat 1/2 scoop instead of 1-2 scoops. After enough begging, I finally did some research and found a 3 star food we could move to without breaking the bank. He didn’t have a problem at all ever since then. Now he’s on a 4star food, and I think he’s our best eater. Slowest one, yes, but he loves his food!

    I’d agree, usually loss of appetite can signal some serious health problems, even oral problems. He might not be eating because it hurts something in his mouth or his tummy.

    Since he seems to love drinking, I wonder if you could sneak some supplemental additives in there to get at least some nutrition into him?

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    Trying different things also seems to make a picky eater. I know rotational diets are super beneficial, but when I tried them, my boy was starting to get finnecky. He would’t /refuse/, but it took a lot of coaxing.

    Have you tried the 20 minute rule? I doubt it’ll help, since he already starves himself, but put the bowl down for 20m, if he refuses, put it away until next mealtime.

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    Did your dog like the home cooked food? If he did, you could do without kibbles. Home cooked is healthier for him anyways. Just make sure the food you give him is balanced.

    My dog is also a picky eater when it comes to kibbles. Now I’m cooking for him and using a premix. I’m using The Honest Kitchen Preference and add my own meat. There are many premixes you can try, or look up dog food recipe at dogaware.com. I’ve heard some dogs don’t like THK Preference, but my dog has been doing really well on it. He has been on this food for about 3 months and hasn’t turn his nose up at any meal.

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    I’m assuming he’s had a check-up and is healthy.

    Something else, in addition to the suggestions above (especially canned, home-cooked, dehydrated, commercial raw or pre-mixes) would be Abady granular. Here’s a link to their site: http://www.therobertabadydogfoodcoltd.com/ToyBreed_5.htm

    OK, their website is strange and no, the product has never been reviewed on DFA; but, I have used it and there are other regular posters here who have used it with success. If you’re interested in the product, I’d call Abady directly, they’re very helpful over the phone. I’ve called them myself and they were very friendly and knowledgeable.

    Abady granular is a different texture than kibble, it looks very much like soft brown sugar but, it still contains starch. Your dog would just sort of lap it up. The bonus is that Abady granular is a very high calorie food at about 735 kcals per cup. If your pup tried this and liked it, at least he would be getting his calories.

    When I bought it, I got mine here: http://www.1800whiskers.com/, but I’m sure there are other places you could find it.

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    I agree with the others that fresh food is better be it cooked or raw — if you can do fresh that is. Kibble is the hardest form of food to digest and it may make him uncomfortable??

    I agree with Dr. Tabitha about adding digestive enzymes and probiotics.

    Canned or especially raw tripe often will entice a picky eater. It is very pungent but dogs seem to love the stuff. If you get a complete and balanced kind you can feed it as the sole food. If not balanced you can mix it in with the other food to coat it. Sardines might be worth trying. Smelly and a good source of omega 3 fats. Some dogs find Parmesan cheese irresistible (as long as there is not a sensitivity to dairy). Answer’s makes a fermented goat milk product that dogs really really seem to like. The kibble could be soaked in it. I started adding a little bit of “BLUE ICE Infused Coconut Oil” to all eight of my dogs’ diets several months ago. Not only do they LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff but their teeth are cleaner since using and my Pom with OCD has really come out of her shell. At first I thought I was imagining it but it is so obvious that everyone in the family has commented on it. It is pricey up front but a little goes a long way. http://www.greenpasture.org/public/Products/InfusedCoconutOil/index.cfm (Thanks to HDM for mentioning this product.)

    Hope you find something that works for you and your little one!!

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    Dr. Tabitha,

    So great to have you here!! Checked out your website and I really like your article titled “Food Therapy for Animals”. One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Royal Lee “One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition.”

    Hope to see more from you!!!

    Edit — I am intrigued by the use of warming/cooling etc foods but am woefully ignorant on the topic….

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    Zanes Mom

    Maybe a little plain Kefir sprinkled over the food would entice him. My boy isn’t a picky eater but he is especially enthusiastic about sardines or kefir. I order Crown Prince sardines in water and they have a very mild smell. They cost a little more but come in BPA free tins and that is a biggie for me. Good luck to you and your little one!

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    I would also like to suggest adding tripe, it’s like doggy crack.

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