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    Cathy J

    Has anyone tried Fresh Fetch dog food? Was wondering what you thought of it? Thanks!

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    The web description looks great, but I’m having trouble locating an actual ingredients list. Do you know of one?

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    I can’t find the ingredients list either. It a very general description like “We start with gently cooked beef, chicken, lamb, salmon or turkey. To that, we add jicama, yams, fresh green peas, fresh carrots, blueberries, flaxseed, ocean kelp, olive oil, wild salmon oil, and vitamins and minerals to make a complete meal for your dog.” Maybe it’s on the bag itself.

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    Cathy J

    I have a order in for some. I will post once it arrives.

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    Jennifer H

    I think it’s a little odd that all the veggies look basically whole and raw. I can see many dogs just picking through and only eating the things they like.

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    Cathy J

    My order cam today and yes the info is on the label. As time permits I will post. The Chicken Recipe Entrée states:
    Total Fat 27.2 g
    Saturated Fat 5.1 g
    Trans Fat 0 g
    Cholesterol 109.6 mg
    Sodium 532.8 mg
    Total Carbohydrate 27.1
    Dietary Fiber 6.4
    Sugars 5.4 g
    Protein 36.3 g

    Guaranteed Analysis States:
    Crude Protein 12%
    Crude Fat 9%
    Crude Fiber 2%
    Moisture 70%

    I have Shelties who will eat anything and they loved it. If someone understands what the label means, I’d appreciate it.

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    Cathy J

    The Ingredients: Chicken, Jicama, Carrots, Yams, Green Peas, Olive Oil, Blueberries, Calcium and Phosphorus, wild salmon Oil, Flaxseed, Kelp, Copper, Potassium Salt, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-5, Kelp Leaf Powder

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    Leslie F

    I have been using fresh fetch for a few years now and am very pleased with the product. My dog is healthy and looks great. The product is real meat, fish and poultry with real vegetables and fruit. The problem I’ve encountered is getting it! For example, the pet stores I used to get it at no longer carry it. So I have to order it online. Problem is, the online store is closed these past few days and I am getting low on food. And they do not permit you to pick up the food at their location so it has to be shipped to your home. It comes cold, packed in dry ice, some of it may be frozen upon delivery, which I like, but some is soft and cold. You have to be able to get it in the freezer after delivery because it is a fresh product that requires refrigeration/ freezing. I have had conversations via email with the company and they are adamant that their product arrives at a safe temperature. So far, so good for me. So you have to plan ahead and order before you run out and allow time to order and for delivery, which usually takes a day or two. It stores well in the freezer. Sometimes the packaging is not tight against the food and ice crystals form on the food in the freezer. But I have still used it without problem. I think the company has an excellent product. I wish I could just go buy it at the store but I have not been able to find a store near my home that carries it. I have even driven an hour to a store that told me they carry it only to arrive and find out they don’t, confusing Fresh Fetch with Fresh Pet. I used to cook my dogs food food which requires time and knowing what to food combinations and other food minerals to add to keep it nutritionally balanced. Dr. Beckers Real Food for Heathy Dogs and Cats is a great book to guide you if you want to prepare your dog and cats food. Fresh Fetch takes care of that task of preparing real food for your dog. You just have to buy it, if you can find it or are ok with online ordering. It is not inexpensive, but nowadays, the cost of the ingredients is not inexpensive either. I do believe it is a quality food and has been good for my dog.

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    Why is the store still closed, does anyone know?
    I am running out if food and I dingy know where to buy it. This is my dogs favorite food.

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    Elizabeth: sorry for being blunt but what the heck are you talking about?

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    That’s okay InkedMarie, I am talking about the company fresh fetch pet food.talking I have been ordering from them for a long time and and now I can’t re order from them it says its closed for maintenance and the above conversations were all talking about the same company so I thought that maybe somebody knew what was going on.
    I’m new to posting on here, so I don’t know if I even posted to the same conversation thread.

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    Ok, I understand it now. You said “store” and I thought you meant a local store, not an online store.

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    Elizabeth, the link works for me, there is a link to their new online store.

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    Leslie F

    I keep getting the message closed for maintainence too and have been unable to place an order. I can’t find the new link but will look again. Meanwhile, I have had to transition my dog to Frenchies, also human grade food and frozen. So far so good. My dog seems to really like it. I spoke to a previous vendor who told me they have been unable to order as well, and another previous vender said they are out of business now. I do not know what is really going on since they have not responded to my emails and I can’t place an order. All I know is I have not been able to access the product these past few weeks and have had to switch food since I ran out. I have been supplementing with a little home cooking but really like the convenience of fresh fetch and frenchies.

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    strange, I just tried again & it works for me. What about calling in an order?

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    Tried it out of curiosity and didn’t have any problems getting to the Fresh Pet site. I don’t feed it nor would I (personal preference) but was curious as to why Leslie was having the problem.

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    Leslie F

    I can get to Fresh Fetch (not Fresh Pet)

    Website, check items wanted
    but when going to checkout,
    the message store is closed
    appears and no transaction takes
    It doesn’t take credit card
    info or mailing info

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    Leslie F

    I tried to call but no success

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    Interesting. Their FB page isn’t available anymore; I just called the phone number 1-951-360-8550 at 7:48 EST but they were closed for the day.

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    I called United Pacific Pet and got the same recording. Their business hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific time.

    I wondered if maybe you had acookie issue, so I put a bunch of stuff in my cart and went to check out and got that same “store closed for maintenance” notice. I notice the Whole Foods logo on the Fresh Pet website. So you have one of their stores near you that carries it?

    Hmm, wondering what’s happening? I’d sure hate to see this quality product fail.

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    Leslie F

    I called all the whole foods in my
    Area and none carry it
    Jensens also no longer carries it at the
    Present because they can’t get it
    Buyer at Jensens informed me Fresh
    Fetch was not producing at the
    Present time
    Boutique dog store owner told me she
    Thought they were out of
    Since I hear nothing back from
    Fresh Fetch, I have emailed them, and I
    Ran out of Fresh Fetch, I have
    Transitioned my dog to
    He gobbled it right up

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    I found a Linked In profile for a guy who was a sales rep for Fresh Fetch. His profile says he left in April of 2015. I thought that seemed interesting.

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    Sounds an awful lot like what happened when EVO, Californal Natural and Innova etc got recalled under P&G…

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    Leslie F

    Interesting, I have not seen any
    recall notices
    Hopefully not
    I am having success with Frenchies
    I will probably stay with Frenchies
    At this point
    Changing food is a process
    I was told that Frenchies was coming
    Out with a grain free product
    They use human grade meat and veggies
    They have brown rice, barley and quinoa
    In the recipes which I am not crazy
    About so looking forward to a meat/poultry
    With veggie product only

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