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    Melodie M

    I purchase Dogswell veggie life happy hips sweet potato jerk treats. I gave them to my black lab mix and she vomited that night wasn’t eating and 2 days later she was in the ER with hemolytic anemia and liver failure which the Vet said was caused by a toxin in something she ate. After 4 blood transfusion multiple medications she died 10 days later. I spent over $4000 in vet bills and lost my 6 yr old dog over what I believe was toxins in dogswell treats which were part of the recall. I’m currently trying to find who to contact in the class action lawsuit. If anyone has any information please reply to my email. Nothing can bring back Kuma and my broken heart but this has to stop!
    Melodie Mauldin

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    I am very sorry for your loss.

    Did you have the treat tested?

    The only Dogswell recall I saw was a year ago.

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    I found more info here. There are some email address and phone number you can contact. Also a place where you can send the treat for testing.

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    Sorry for your loss.

    Let us know if you find anything out. My friend feeds his dog the Happy Hips chicken treats.

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    Judy D

    Stop the Happy Hips…please don’t use anything from China, only treats made in the USA. I lost a Pomeranian 2 years ago at an early age…..he ate Happy Hips and other crap made in China….I was stupid then. Several pet stores are going discontinue treats from China but not until next year. Treats from China are still on the shelves.

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