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    Mark s

    Most animal lovers more care very not quite their dog’s health again they are more or less their own health. This care comes out of adoration. Though it sounds a bit extreme, dogs should be loved that showing off. Dogs are our faithful companions. Their friendly health depends upon our care. If you are in fact an animal follower of the nicest, you must know the precise reasons for your dog are becoming ill. It is obvious that nimbly-cared-for dogs don’t tend to slip poorly enormously often. But yet, some issues can have an impact on your dog health.

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    Ellen A

    I was wondering how many people are having trouble with NexGuard. My dog had to take the flea tablet. Putting the liquid on his back of his neck made him sick. The once a month heart pill may be a cause of seizures according to some people. I noticed the night I gave my dog his monthly dose, he was either dreaming and I couldn’t wake him or he had a seizure. I just bought a year supply and want to know if I should take it back. Anyone else have a problem? What brand should I switch to?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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