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    Nancy B

    My boy is a rescue who I got from a shelter at the age of 7 months. He is allergic to egg and I am trying to find an all natural dog food without corn, wheat, any of the bad stuff in it and that will be god on his stomach but still give him the nutrition he needs. Right now we are feeding him Rice with chicken (plain) but thats not enough for him to eat forever! HELP?

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    Freddy w

    This food is on the high price side
    But it’s great !


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    My dogs do well on Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea or Nutrisca Chicken, for 1 dog I soak it in the fridg overnight in water or/and add a splash of water plus a tablespoon of topper like scrambled egg. Check Chewy.com

    If his food sensitivities continue I would take him to the vet for a good checkup, who told you he couldn’t have egg? Was it a veterinarian? Food allergies are rare. Does he have GI symptoms? What do you mean by “food making him sick”?

    I am going to try Orijen soon, it’s supposed to be the best. I only use the kibble as a base anyway, I will let people know what I think.

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    Alicia O

    I’ve learned a lot on what to feed my dog at: http://alicia-online.net/pick-one-of-the-best-pets/everything-about-dogs/ if you just go down to the “What can my dog eat” category you should learn some good food for your dog there.

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    alexis w

    in the mean time to make sure he is getting the right nutrients you could give him a supplement, I use Nupro All Natural Dog Supplement for my dog. I feed her a homemade diet and it adds in all the extra nutrients she needs just in case her food is deficient anywhere. Also I have never heard a dog being allergic to eggs, a lot of times what seems like an allergy is actually a nutrient deficiency(not a vet but from everything I have found in my 100s of hours of research thats what I have found). http://www.nuprosupplements.com/nupro-dog-supplement.html

    also here is a link to my blog with some easy to make grain free homemade dog food, you can leave out the egg if you feel it is necessary: http://www.calliefoodrecipes.wordpress.com

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    I am very impressed with Orijen as a base, so far. I am storing it in the freezer once opened (no preservatives) I just add a splash of warm water prior to serving.

    I may still use Nutrisca too.

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