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    Took my yorkie to vet today. He said digestive enzymes might cause his lipase and amalase to be higher on his blood work. They are already a little higher than they should be. I was giving him digestive enzymes to help lower them not make them higher. Patty or HDM is this true?

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    Lipase and Amylase are enzymes. The blood work showed readings for the levels of these enzymes? In the case of your dog having elevated lipase and amylase (his natural ones would be made by his pancreas), how would adding more digestive enzymes help him to have less digestive enzymes? (sorry for my wording… trying not to confuse myself 😉 )

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    Enzymesforpets what would help to lower his amylase and lipase enzymes?

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    I started giving my dogs water Kefir and one of them is REALLY gassy now. Is it a transition or maybe just a phase she is going through?

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    I would say most likely a transition or even a detox’n like affect. Any updates? This is a very informative site but sad to see in the forum- threads end so abruptly.

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