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    alia m

    Hi, i am looking a pet playpen for my dog which is almost 6 months old? Will you please suggest me the best playpen for my dog. I Live in Auckland Newzealand and wanted to save my shipping cost. And secondly i saw a store link share: If you know another one please share me the store name where to buy playpen for my dog.

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    Those playpens may not work for a large breed pup, they can knock them over.

    I assume you are talking about an indoor solution for when you are out? If so, consider something like this
    Gate the pup in a puppy proofed small room, get the tallest one you can, they can jump pretty high and get it to fall over. Always provide a bowl of fresh water.

    For outdoor containment, if you can’t have a fenced in yard, then consider a kennel containment

    Never leave them unattended outside, even when contained, otherwise just take them outside on leash as often as possible.

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    What kind of dog is it?

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    Mike2 H

    once you decide to buy a playpen, you will want to ensure that you get the best model on the market and one that will offer reliable performance for such functions. To help you locate such a playpen, we have narrowed down the available models and come up with a list of the best puppy playpens in 2020. Have a look and wish you the best as you look forward to making an informed purchase. Check here

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