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    Hello! I am a new member and I have been struggling with this new FDA finding on grain-free dog food with peas and potatoes. My dog has a very sensitive stomach and it took me a long time to find something that didn’t make her sick. She would vomit a lot and I couldn’t figure out why. The vet suggested trying different dogs foods until I found something that worked. I started out with the rice and beef and rice and chicken mixtures which helped a little but not entirely. I finally tried the grain-free and it worked. She still has very occasional bouts but overall she does well. Now my concern is that they are saying that this bad because of the heart issue discovered from eating the peas and potatoes. I currently feed her Earthborn grain-free and I mix the dry and the wet together. I have done extensive reading on different dog foods and can’t find anything grain-free that doesn’t have the peas and potatoes. Help! I don’t know what to do. My dog is part lab/shepherd and about 7 years old.

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    American Natural Premium and Nature’s Logic Distinction have legume-free recipes. Honest Kitchen grain free Fish (Zeal) recipe, Limited Ingredient Chicken (Thrive) recipe.

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