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    James, A friend of mine has a bangle cat. He is 12 yrs.’ old. He was taken to a internist and had a biopsy done after his reg. vet put him on pred. so now owner doesn’t know for sure if he has IBD. or does he have pancreatitis. The biopsy did show he had an inflamed bio duct. She used same vet as I did and I’m not thrilled as to my baby’s out come as I’m looking for a pathologist to take her to ease my mind as why did Dixie die. I saw your cats picture and wondered if you had any insight. It’s been 2 weeks today that I laid my little fur ball to rest and it just is gnawing on me to still get answers. I cry all the time missing her and she just went down hill from August last yr. and her vet could never give me the answer as to why. Thanks, Dixie’s mom

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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