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    thomas h

    I have 6 dogs ranging in size from a 82 lb. shepherd mix to a shih Tzu and Chihuahua. Looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for a high quality budget food. I have the 14.5 year old shih Tzu on Nutro and am putting the Chihuahua on that also. Currently have 3 dogs (82 lb. shepherd mix, 59 lb. huskie/timber wolf mix and a 56 lb. hound mix) that I am transitting to Authority dog food but not the grain free. I am on fixed income and retired and had them on rachael ray nutrish but looking for better quality. Anyone have any recommendations? Oh, the 6th dog is an applehead Chihuahua mix that someone had thrown out at a dumpster and my granddaughter brought it home. currently have it on Authority wet puppy chow (chicken formula)

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    You might take a look at Victor, Pro Pac Ultimates, 4Health, Pure Balance, to name a few. They get good ratings and are budget friendly.

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    Fromm Family Classics

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    You might have to order online but a few of Dr. Tim’s has a few bags that come in 40 and 44/45 pound bags.

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    Newman’s Organics is a decent food, check Chewy.com for prices….if you go too cheap, they could end up with health issues. Then you will have to figure out how to pay for veterinary care. Just saying, some dogs can get away with a poor diet, just like some people can, but some don’t.

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    I really like Victor and Eagle Pack which both come in large bags for my two large dogs. While my dogs have not tried it, I also agree that Fromm Classics is a good choice. If you live in Western US, and have a Costco card, they sell Kirkland Signature and Nature’s Domain at great prices. The western half of the US has not experienced the Diamond recalls due to having a different manufacturing facility. Good luck with your pups!

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    Pure Balance is a very good, quality food. This site rates it 4 – 4.5 stars for cans and 4+ starts for dry. My two love it.

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