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    Daisy F

    Hello All,

    On Monday, of this week 10/17/16, I received the call from the vet, after determining blood results, that my beloved mini schnauzer Lily (12.5 years old – and have had her since 3 months) is diagnosed with in the beginning stages of chronic kidney disease. She has the physical symptoms of excessive drinking, excessive urinating inside, and lost of weight (stable 16.5 lbs down to 12 lbs). Her appetite is still there; however; as the vet encourages me this is still a good sign for her.

    I am not resorting to putting on diapers for her as, she is my baby, and has always been spoiled; and it makes me sad to have to resort to diapers in order to prevent urination on our wooden floors, but an easy 30 second clean-up I do not mind doing.

    Anyway, here are her important blood results:

    BUN 38 (normal range 7-25)
    PHOS 7.0 (normal range 2.9-6.6)
    CRE 1.7 (normal range 0.3-1.4)

    Vet instructed to start providing her Hills k/d canned food diet, and as I looked on the reviews online; all are fantastic (low sodium, low phosphorus, low protein) diet, although vet said reducing her protein is not necessarily suggested at this point because her protein levels are fine. So I guess my question is what sorts of fresh homemade food am I able to still provide to her in combination of the Hills k/d diet? Keeping in mind her sodium levels and phosphorus levels need to be given in low amounts? What foods are these? Ive researched but become overwhelmed with the information given and then it feels like its contradicting to other materials and feel lost and confused and not as confident about providing the nutrition she needs; without going broke on my end. Money is not a huge issue for me; but with the prescribed canned diet; alone- it will be difficult to manage that on itself.

    Lily also started taking prebiotic and probiotic supplements to aide. Any other supplements I should know about? I am taking her back to the vet today after work; since the vet also suggested starting her on fluid therapy to help keep her hydrated. She will be instructing me how to do it at home and Lily wouldn’t need it all the time; but would need to keep an eye on her.

    She went in for her first IV treatment yesterday (as the first step towards her supportive care) and started her prescribed diet. Her personality is still all there; and I know she is getting much older; I would just appreciate anything descriptive resource/link that would help me in this difficult process and definitely a new lifestyle change for my babygirl.

    I took the day of work yesterday, since I was still in tears finding out about her disease and how serious it could get so I was able to do my own research.

    I have found this website http://www.dogaware.com/health/kidneymedical.html#acidosis to be helpful as well.

    If you have any questions for me about her condition; I will certainly answer them; any information helps 🙂

    Momma Daisy

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    By IV treatments I assume you mean sub q fluids. I went through this with a dog that had kidney damage due to Lyme disease that was not diagnosed in time.
    Anyway, I gave her sub q fluids once a day, and it helped as it is similar to dialysis.
    Kidney damage can’t be reversed. She lasted a couple of years this way, some good days, some bad days. Prescription food helped, but most supplements are a scam in my opinion.
    Listen to your vet, beware of homeopathic vets, there are no miracle cures. Pain meds prescribed by the vet were helpful.
    Some science based information here: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/category/herbs-and-supplements/

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    Kidney damage cannot be reversed. Daily sub q fluids will act like dialysis, prescription food will help. Listen to your vet, there are no miracle cures, most supplements are scams.
    Ask your vet if pain meds and anti-nausea meds would help keep her comfortable?

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    Hi Daisy-

    Sorry to hear about your dogs diagnosis. I think the best thing you can do regarding extras in her diet is consult the diagnosing vet. This will give you a straight forward answer from the person who knows your dogs history and condition best. With such a serious disease looking for help on the internet is ill advised since each situation is so individual to the dog and most blogs on the topic are written by people with no training in veterinary medicine.

    I’m sure your vet would be happy to answer questions over the phone regarding diet.

    Best of luck!

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