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If you do end up going to your vet, don’t be afraid to tell him or her, no. They tried to put Moose my AmBull on Hills Science and to stop feeding raw. I told them no way, of course in a respectful manner. I also explained my reasoning a bit. My vet realizes now that if he is going to help me help my dog then he is just going to have to live with the fact that I won’t stop feeding raw. I also brought in some of my research and printed off a couple articles that HDM had posted here. Not sure if he’s read them but I think it allowed him to see I was doing my homework before attempting this.

Also just because they say, he needs this, and then that, doesn’t mean you have to take it right away. Go home and do your research. You may find that what they are suggesting isn’t all that great after all.

If all else fails and your vet is extremely pushy then I would be on the lookout for another. If I was in that situation anyways. Don’t let them push you around or pressure you into anything 🙂