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Hound Dog Mom

Okay so if you’re feeding 3.3 oz. total and 2.2 oz. of that is boneless and 1.1 oz. is Darwin’s that would mean 2/3 of her diet is unbalanced – factoring the tripe and herring (without doing the exact math) that means probably about 3/4 of her diet is unbalanced. If you wanted to keep the balance you would have to keep the un-balanced extras (the boneless meat, tripe, herring) to 20% or less of the meal which would be, as Patty calculated, 0.66 oz. of extras per day. If you find that the increased amount of boneless is the only thing that makes her pass stools, you could continue with what you’re doing however I’d recommend adding a multi (it would be the simplest thing to do to ensure balance). I’d give one at about 1/4 of the recommended human-dose of one that would provide about 100 mg. calcium for that dosage. It’s just with 75% of the diet being un-balanced foods I’d be concerned about her getting adequate levels of vitamins and minerals.