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Jennifer L

My pup is on the High Prairie puppy recipe with Roasted Bison and roasted venison. He has had watery diarrhea since The change to this recipe. I switched him from the salmon puppy recipe about two-three weeks ago due to boredom of the salmon recipe. He has ranged between semi-solid BM’s, to diarrhea BM’s since Ive had him (6 mos). Yes hes been to a vet, we are currently in the market for a new one though, as the previous one refused to acknowledge dogs as having food sensitivities and proceeded to give him a treat that sent him into an itch frenzy all that night, among other things.

The bison and venison puppy recipe appears to come from MO. Exp date: June 13, 2024. That is all we can read of the production code accurately (it is stamped in tiny letters without ink).

I already know he is sensitive to chicken and some grains which is why I put him on this Taste of the Wild in the first place. I am just now questioning if it is the food doing this to him.