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Dudley S

August 2021 Update


#7. Skipping ahead to pages 23-26. The FDA points out that 93% of the Group One Partially and Fully Recovered cases ate grain-free foods before recovery,

0% of cases were exposed to meat or poultry byproducts prior to recovery, and that

94% of reported products contained peas and/or lentils in their top ingredients.

The FDA report does not mention organ meats that may be used in grain-free diets.

For Group One Fully Recovered, 96% of the reported recovery diets were grain-containing. 

Those statistics are impressive and would cause anyone to decide to switch their dog’s diet. 

What breeds had low taurine? #4. Page 11 regarding Group One Fully Recovered states: “All dogs that fully recovered received a diet change.

Nearly all dogs were also treated with taurine and pimobendan.

Over half of the dogs also received an ACE inhibitor, whereas additional treatments and supplements