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Regina A

I can’t say for another dog but I will say that many dogs have rust colored stains and almost every dog food contains Fish meal, fish oil or byproduct for Omega-3s. The only way to know if the fish ingredient is affecting them is to try a food without it.
I didn’t realize it was the culprit in my dogs until I finally found a dog food without it. If you look at ingredient labels it is extremely hard to find a food with out it. Once I switched the food gradually as to not upset their tummies and they have been consistently on this food it’s been incredible to see what a difference it made. Not only no more rust tear stains but far less eye discharge as well. My first dog was a Maltese and now I wish I had her on this food but it probably wasn’t available when I had her. If you end up trying the food and see positive results I’d love to hear! I had seen a post from years ago where many dog owners were also looking for a fish free dog food like I was so I wanted to post this in case it would help others who were on the search.