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Same thing I just went through with my dog. Loose stool coated with a bloody mucous, then right after pooping, a good sized drop of blood.
I read something on facebook about a massive dog food recall and in looking that up lead to the lawsuit, looking up the lawsuit lead to an article on the best food for your dog. That said, “If your dog looks good, eats good and poops good, you’ve found it.” My dog didn’t have any of those three, so I went to tractor supply and got him some 4 Health, kibble and canned. He always liked it, but they were out of stock often and it was convenient to order the RR from Chewy. After the first day without the RR, the blood drop stopped, and the second day there was no blood at all. The third day he had his pep back.
This all happened this week. I find it hard to believe that the food hasn’t improved in all of these years since the first post.