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Donna L

Funny I found this site. I got a 11lb mix breed male pup. All vaccines and was doing great up until this morning. He had 2 Fruitables Whole Jerky Alaskan Salmon & Pear yesterday. This morning and all day he has not eaten. Not drinking. I’m putting 5 cc of water into him ever 4 hours. He’s not his crazy puppy self. Someone gave me 2 bags for him. I’m so done with it. He had dry skin and came to me with a body score of 3. I got him up to a 4. Terrible set back. Putting him back on the Coconut Oil and Grizzly’s Wild Salmon Oil once I get him squared away. If not better by tomorrow he is vet bound . Right now it’s 8.30pm and vets are closed. Lucky for being a Vet Tech I’m going to keep going with the water tonight. Poor dog just is not himself. Keeping this bag in case I do have to make a vet run it’s going with me. Not a happy camper considering he spent 3 months in quarantining down in Alabama before coming up the coast to Ma. I only had the little tike for 2 weeks and he was fine. He even came with a cleared health read out from the vet down south.