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Hi Michelle,
Yes Patch has tried most of the Vet Diets we get in Australia, most caused diarrhea (Hills),
Hills & Purina didn’t help made his skin itch & smell yeasty
Why vet diets work help skin problems as the are VERY high in Omega 3 whats needed for dogs skin.
Royal Canin seem to work best, R/C Sensitivity Control-Tapioca & Duck fat is 9% kibble
R/C Gastrointestinal Low Fat, Low fiber, fat is 7% but Patch smells a bit yeasty & still rolls on carpet but stops sloppy poos.

Have a look at “Wellness Simple”- Turkey & Potato it’s really good its for Skin Problems & the Potato is good for IBD symptoms & stomach problems firms up poos, we cant get it no more in Australia 🙁
The Omega 3% should be 1/2 the Omega 6%, Wellness Simple formula’s are balanced properly, give one of the G/F formula’s a go I prefer Turkey as its a cleaner meat & its white there’s also Salmon & Potato.

Wellness Core Large Breed Adult even thought Patch is a medium breed dog he still eats the Large Breed kibbles as they are good for Intestinal stress they’re made to prevent bloat in large breed dogs & the Kcals are lower under 340Kcals per cup, so kibble is easier to digest.
Canidae Pure Wild Boar Sweet Potato
Canidae Pure Sky Duck & Sweet Potato
Canidae Pure Healthy Weight would be really good fat is lower & its for weight gain,
Canidae & Wellness have a return if not satisfied money back.

Also Baths are best to wash off allergens. Bath twice a week when dog has really itchy paws & itchy skin in a medicated Shampoo – Malaseb medicated shampoo works best on Patches also relieves his itchy paws & itchy skin, then bath weekly thru hot months & keep a Diary you will start to see a Pattern as the season pass yr after yr with Seasonal Environment Allergies your dog will be better thru Winter months & bad thru Spring & Summer months.

Get some “Sudocrem” its an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial healing cream, I’ve been using it on Patch for 8yrs now, the Sudocrem protects dogs skin & paws from allergens, apply before bed, first get baby wipes & wipe dog down, wipe paws, body, head, stomach around mouth & chin if red & after dog eats also wipe dog down after being outside the days you haven’t bathed, then apply the Sudocrem its stops itchy skin, itchy red paws, I use cotton buds in between dogs toes & apply the Sudocrem not too much cream as it can become messy, if paws are red, by morning dogs paws aren’t red no more.. then start over again apply Sudcrem before going outside if paws are BAD get shoes booties when outside but let Paws breath when dog is sleeping & inside.
also get some local honey with 5km form your place give dog & yourself 1/2 teaspoon each twice a day Patch LOVES his honey we had the best Summer last yr since starting his local raw honey, the local bees eat the pollen from trees flowers etc in your area so when you give your dog some honey your slowly desensitizing him from certain allergens in your area.
Everything I’ve written I’ve learnt over 8yrs with Patch he’s nilly 12 yrs old now, a lot of vet visits, research, trial & error.
A lot of people think their dog has Food sensitivities but if its Spring or Summer chances are dog is suffering from Environment Allergies, so best to do elimination diets in the cooler months when allergens are low.