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Jessie H

Melanie M, you might have already seen this posted here previously, but if you are on Facebook there is a group called “Afghan hounds and others with chylothorax” and I had much better luck with getting responses from people on there. I tried to ask questions on here a year ago about our family bloodhound and didn’t have much luck as far as getting a response. Once you have joined that Facebook group you can also search past posts with specific key words to see what other people have asked and talked about. Our dog did not have the pleural port put in, but I’ve read many success stories on that, and stories where the dogs at least went on to leave another several years. Ours had the surgery and it wasn’t successful. Thought she was going to pull through because the fluid lightened up but in the end she got so weak and lost so much weight we had to let her go. Always wonder now if we should have kept her hooked up on IV fluids and maybe she could have stayed stronger to fight it off. Good luck with your dog, this is such an evil disease! I hope your dog makes it