Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food (Dehydrated)


Rating: ★★★★½

Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4.5 stars.

The Ziwi Peak product line includes 5 air-dried dog foods.

Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.

  • Ziwi Peak Beef (2.5 stars) [A]
  • Ziwi Peak Lamb (2 stars) [A]
  • Ziwi Peak Venison (5 stars) [A]
  • Ziwi Peak Tripe and Lamb (2 stars) [A]
  • Ziwi Peak Mackerel and Lamb (5 stars) [A]

Ziwi Peak Venison was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Ziwi Peak Venison

Dehydrated Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 52% | Fat = 29% | Carbs = 11%

Ingredients: Venison, venison tripe, venison heart, venison lung, venison liver, venison kidney, venison bone, New Zealand green mussel, inulin from chicory, dried kelp, sea salt, parsley, minerals (potassium bicarbonate, zinc amino acid complex, copper amino acid complex, selenium yeast, manganese amino acid complex), vitamins (vitamin E supplement, vitamin B1 supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid), naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 2.3%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis45%25%NA
Dry Matter Basis52%29%11%
Calorie Weighted Basis39%53%8%
Protein = 39% | Fat = 53% | Carbs = 8%

The first ingredient in this dog food is venison. Venison is considered “the clean flesh derived from slaughtered” venison and associated with skeletal muscle or the muscle tissues of the tongue, diaphragm, heart or esophagus.1

Venison is naturally rich in all ten essential amino acids required by a dog to sustain life.

The second ingredient is venison tripe. Tripe usually consists of the first three chambers of a cud-chewing animal’s stomach. As unappetizing as it may seem to us humans, tripe is favored by dogs and sometimes even includes the stomach’s contents, too.

The third ingredient is venison heart. Although it doesn’t sound very appetizing to us humans, heart tissue is pure muscle — all meat. It’s naturally rich in quality protein, minerals and complex B vitamins, too.

The fourth ingredient is venison lung. Venison lung is a protein-rich organ meat that’s also low in fat.

The fifth ingredient is venison liver. This is an organ meat sourced from a named animal and thus considered a beneficial component.

The sixth ingredient is venison kidney, an organ meat low in fat and rich in protein and essential minerals.

The seventh ingredient is ground venison bone, an excellent source of natural calcium.

The eighth ingredient is green-lipped mussel. Mussels are clam-like animals notably rich in glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients proven to support long-term joint health.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With three notable exceptions

First, we note the inclusion of inulin, a starch-like compound made up of repeating units of carbohydrates and typically sourced from chicory root.

Not only is inulin a natural source of soluble dietary fiber, it’s also a prebiotic used to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog’s digestive tract.

Next, this food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

And lastly, this recipe includes selenium yeast. Unlike the more common inorganic form of selenium (sodium selenite), this natural yeast supplement is considered a safer anti-cancer alternative.

Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Ziwi Peak Air Dried looks like an above-average dry product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 52%, a fat level of 29% and estimated carbohydrates of about 11%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 46% and a mean fat level of 36%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 10% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 79%.

Above-average protein. Above-average fat. And below-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

Free of any plant-based protein boosters, this looks like the profile of a dry product containing an abundance of meat.

Bottom line?

Ziwi Peak is a meat-based dry dog food using a generous amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4.5.


However, with high fat-to-protein ratios noted with the Beef (92%), Lamb (97%), and Tripe and Lamb (97%) products, these 3 recipes may not be suitable for every animal. In addition, this same finding also prevents us from awarding the brand a higher rating.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Ziwi Peak Dog Food
Recall History

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Notes and Updates

04/17/2017 Last Update

  1. Adapted by the Dog Food Advisor and based upon the official definition for beef published by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, 2008 Edition
  • anon101

    What does the vet that is treating the dog for diabetes recommend?
    You may want to consult a veterinary internal medicine specialist for the best results.
    Diabetes is a very serious condition.

  • Chrissy


    We just got news yesterday that one of our pugs has diabetes. She has not been feeling well – we now have our answers.

    I am wondering if there are any recommendations on food options for her….is this food ok to feed a dog with diabetes? We are very new to this and just looking for advice.

    Currently, she has been eating NOW senior and weight management….they say we need to find a food she will eat because switching her food may be tricky
    (we use to rotational feed her, however, she has become very picky)

    Any advice would be welcomed!
    Thank you! <3

  • Howard

    Oh thank god! Please don’t sell to the big guys…no matter how much they promise you, they WILL destroy your product if they take you over.

  • Charles Clark

    This is spot on. Just look how many dogs are obese. Very few get much exercise and fewer yet get enough to eat a high fat diet. You need to take this rating with a grain of salt. Ziwi peak is a premium food, but if you have a house dog it’s probably not for them. My boxer thrives on high fat, but he goes outside at 6am and rarely comes in before dark. He gas a fairly large spread to explore daily and he covers most of it daily. I also live in a colder part of the world so he bulks up a bit for winter. He is probably the healthiest dog I’ve ever had but if he was a house dog he’d be either real fat or dead eating like he does.
    TL/DR: Don’t worry to much about the star rating. Take this info and apply it to your dog. The tripe/lamb 2 star food is far superior to some on here with 5 stars. If it’s appropriate for your pooch.

  • Sophie Bai Lei

    I was feeding Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Lamb and transitioned to Ziwipeak Mackeral and Lamb Air Dried. I transitioned slowly, but Sophie still developed diarrhea. Has anyone had this problem?…and do you think it will resolve over time?

  • Charles Clark

    This is great advice if your dog will use it. I’d recommend finding out before dropping significant money on one. My boxer loves his treadmill, even on days with a heavy dose of exercise. My last dog was petrified of it though and refused to ever really try it. For anyone who’s dog is fairly sedentary ziwi peak probably isnt for you. I think alot of problems people have feeding premium food very rich in protiens or fat are because your dogs lifestyle doesn’t require it. Just being premium doesn’t make it appropriate. My boxer does higher carbs and protein when warm and higher fat during the long cold winter. He is also extremely active. A few hours of solid play nearly every day. Now even this advice may not be for you as every dog seems unique and can metabolize at vastly different rates. This is were research trial and error come in. The end result of a appropriate (not necessarily expensive) diet is so worth it.

  • anon101

    Sure, 10 minutes is fine if that’s what she tolerates best.
    That’s why I suggested walking on pavement, less chance of ticks and fleas.

  • Cathy Koh

    Oh my dog is a shih tzu. But she is pretty old now…(12yrs) so is a ten minute walk outside sufficient? I’ll head over to the Pet shop after I’m done with tuition today to buy some tick preventatives.

  • anon101

    It depends on the breed of the dog.
    Working and herding breeds will become neurotic if kept inside all the time.
    Most dogs find a brisk walk once a day for at least 20 minutes stimulating and conducive to physical and mental health, lots of interesting smells, birds, rodents. Meeting new people and other dogs (socialization), getting used to sounds, trucks, traffic, etc. so that they don’t get easily spooked when they do go out.
    Plus walking on pavement for at least 20 minutes a day helps keep their nails dull, so that they don’t have to be trimmed as often.
    There must be a mall or parking lot where you could walk your dog on pavement in the morning before the stores open. Jog or speed walk together for 20 minutes…..

  • Kim Chappell

    Hi Cathy, I recommend getting an electric treadmill for your dog- excellent mental and physical exercise- make sure it is long enough for them to do an extended walk (just before they trot). Lots of training videos on You Tube. 🙂

  • Susan

    Hi Cathy ,
    yes rotate between different meat proteins & different ingredients never just feed the same kibble 24/7 especially a kibble that has fish as the main protein as fish is higher in toxins & contaminates especially American fish… New Zealand & Australian fish is from cleaner waters & we have very stricted laws.. google “Toxins in Pets foods” then scroll down a bit, look for the pet food testing that was just done, I’m not allowed to mention the name (my post gets blocked) which is soooooo stupid how are people suppose to know which pet foods are very high in toxins & contaminates, Acana & Orijen fish formula’s are very high in Toxins 10 times higher when they where tested back in March & again in August this year both came back bad again….
    Better to not feed any American fish kibbles, freeze dried etc, I’m changing to Australian pet foods now as we are getting heaps more Australian made good quility pet food freeze Dried, Air Dried etc

  • Cathy Koh

    Hmmmmmmm, let’s see if this will magically cure my dog’s dry eye!

  • Cathy Koh

    Is playing hide and seek tag with dogs considered exercise? Singapore has lots of parasites and whatnot outside so I try to keep her activitys indoors.

  • Cathy Koh

    Acana regionals Pacifica. But now I want to try the venison bcuz I heard from some sites that we need to change the proteins often and I don’t want to be feeding Browny exclusively lamb and fish for her whole life.

  • caroline smith

    She did not say Ziwi Peak was bought out. She said “Australian made Black Hawk family run business was bought out by NZ Masterpet..” Not sure how that is relates to Ziwi.

  • caroline smith

    It says the lower rated ones have very high protein – in the high 90’s. I guess that leaves concern that the food is balanced and contains a full nutrient profile.

  • Diane Justyak

    Hi, I just just received my first bag of the venison air dried. I’m switching from the lamb air dried. The venison has a bluish sheen on the kibble. If you break it in two, it’s brown on the inside. Is it supposed to look like that? I was worried that it may be moldy. But if that’s the way it should look, I don’t have a problem. If anyone is familiar with the venison please let me know. I will not feed it to my dog until I know for sure! Thank you

  • Susan

    Hi what is your dog eating now, I can’t remember? just make sure you slowly introduce the “Ziwi Peak” the Venison has the lowest fat & protein, if your dog isn’t use to eating raw then start using the Ziwi peak as a treat for a few days then start introducing the Ziwi Peak like they post on their site over 8 days….
    My cat looooovvvveessss Ziwi Peak wet & air dried, I didn’t need to slowly introduce the wet & dry Ziwi Peak to my cat she has a healthy gut & can eat anything now, she couldn’t when I first rescued her, I made sure that I rotated all types of foods in her diet but my Patch couldn’t eat Ziwi Peak, he kept having rumbbling, grumbling bowel noises & would want to go outside urgently to do a jelly sloppy poo a few hours after eating a small amount of Ziwi Peak, it has bone in it & Patch can’t eat any type of bone cause of his IBD 🙁

  • Cathy Koh

    Yay we have mackerel and lamb in Singapore

  • Priscilla Escobar

    It is clearly stated on the review that the lower rating is related to the higher fat content in some of the formulas which is not advisable for all dogs.

  • Priscilla Escobar

    My puppy is raw fed and this is the only kibble she will touch, I give the one with 5 stars because it has less fat. The only issue is that it is very expensive!

  • Shea

    Thanks! Yes it does have a lot of fat. One of my dog’s has a weight issue so I will probably just give it as a topper to my other dog.

  • Crazy4cats

    Without seeing the guaranteed analysis, I would guess that they are probably higher in fat and lower in protein than the others.

    If you are just using it as a topper and your dogs do not have a weight issue or are prone to pancreatitis, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  • Shea

    My dogs love this as a topper on their kibble. I got Beef and Lamb. We are almost done with beef. I just saw that these only got 2 stars. I can’t figure out why. Now I have reservations about opening the lamb for them.

  • Veronika

    I think if those things don’t work well green lipped mussel might be worth a try, you see with Rusty’s leg nothing except that actually worked, with me nothing but Turmeric latte works, so it’s not necessarily a one size fits all for everyone even in the dog world.
    I did recently however find out that red wine helps my joints also, I read up on it and actually it’s supposed to work that way so very interesting.

  • Susan

    Hi yes your better doing small walks 15mins & do more thru the day, I walk my boy 3 x 15-20min walks a day & that’s it for me, it’s enough to get my joints moving especially 7am in the morning, my bad knee with arthritis is better now, the heat pack is excellent when I go to physiotherapy, he leaves it on my lower back 20-30mins it makes a big difference, at home I use the wheat heat packs you put in the microwave 1-2mins, they’re really good..

  • ChiChi

    Thank you for all the suggestions! Currently, she walks for about 20 minutes a day. I was hoping to increase but once we hit around 20 minutes she really starts to lag behind and will even lay on the ground if she’s truly done for the day. The walks are pretty lax, I let her choose the pace.

    I give Dasuquin and Nordic Naturals fish oil daily. Never tried using a heat pack, will have to try that. Anything that might make her more comfortable is worth trying.

  • Susan

    Hi, when the fat & protein is lower the carbs are higher & it’s the carbs that put on the weight… with your girls arthritis she will feel better moving those joints, at first when you wake your joints are real stiff but once you start moving around & go for a lttle walk you start to feel better, try taking her on little morning walks & an afternoon walk to your local park or shops, is she taking supplements for Arthriris? “K-9 Natural” Green Lipped Mussel freeze dried are excellent to give as a daily treat, she needs omega 3, Glucosamine & Chondrition helps repair the joints…also heat pack really helps those joints…

  • ChiChi

    I don’t see what the fat content has to do with obese dogs. Most dogs tend to thrive on high protein and fat. Fat does not automatically cause weight gain. Excessive calories cause weight gain, no matter the source.

    My dog is on Ziwipeak plus equally as high fat raw meat. She is an old small dog with an almost non existent metabolism. Her exercise is extremely restricted due to severe arthritis. And yet… she is very lean and in great body condition, despite her higher fat diet. I simply know how many calories she needs in a day and stick to it, no matter what kind of food I’m feeding.

    She actually used to be borderline obese on a much lower fat food. I was way overdoing her calories. The lower fat certainly didn’t help keep her from becoming obese though!

  • Kim Chappell

    Air dried and higher quality food you can feed less. My older dog gets more supplements , veggies, sardines,and vitamins than she does kibble. She loves this and does well on it.

  • Kim Chappell

    Wild dogs get a whole lot more exercise and have to go through severe cold winters in some areas. They require a lot more fat in their diets than our couch potatoe pups. 🙂

  • Toasty_Ohts

    Anyone try this after feeding raw? My dog has severe skin issues (he’s seeing an allergy/derm specialist at the moment) and 4 months ago I switched him to Primal Pronto and so far turkey and sardine is the only one he’ll actually eat. His skin looks MUCH better and he has lost some weight and is looking great, but he absolutely hates the raw food and sometimes goes without eating. I’d like to switch him to something he’d like more, but I want him to have the same benefits. Any suggestions?

  • Pitlove

    Hi cyberb0b-

    It is always an interesting arguement when folks try to compare domestic dogs to feral wild dogs. Feral dogs are on the move, burning off the fat they consume, whereas our domestic dog population is facing an epidemic of obese animals. The vast majority of pet owners are not doing competitive sports, working their dogs for their intended purpose and some are not even meeting their pets basic exercise needs under the premise that they are a “spoiled house pet”.

    Dr. Mike has always favored foods that are much higher in animal protein with moderate levels of fat. He prefers foods with a fat to protein ratio of 70% or less and rates the foods as such.

  • cyberb0b

    I’d still like to know what this brand took such a nose dive in the ratings? Most raw meat whole foods are high in fat. Do people think that dogs in the wild eat around the fat to maintain a low-fat lifestyle?

  • Heather Burgess

    Hi There – I am Heather Burgess (Customer Service Representative) from Ziwi. Ziwi has not been purchased by Nestle, Mars or any other major company. If you have any further questions – feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]

    Thank you!

  • Pitlove

    Yes I see the chickpeas are only in their canned foods. Not the air dried. I’m not sure what changes were made to the air dried besides the “Venison & Fish” now becoming “Mackeral & Lamb”

  • Veronika

    Can’t see what they said but I guess it’s the typical “doesn’t bother with healthy food reading” if they didn’t realise that chickpeas were only in the wet and other things about the brand/s.

  • Susan

    Ziwi Peak have informed me they have NOT been sold to Mars or P&G, Ziwi Peak will post soon…

  • Susan

    Ziwi Peak does NOT have any Chickpeas in any of their formula’s, they have improved them not made them worse….

  • Pitlove

    Hi Lori-

    I was buying Ziwipeak canned food for my cat not too long ago and noticed the package change as well. According to their website, over the years many of their customers were requesting they remove all of the artificial binders from their canned products. They finally were able to and replaced those binders with chickpeas.

    Now as far as their air dried food goes, I’m not sure if the change was for a similar reason, but that is at least the reasoning they give on their website for the changes made to their canned products.

  • Veronika

    I knew Blackhawk was under new management via masterpet but I didn’t realise they were nestle interesting.
    They said they didn’t change anything but I’m sure they removed the “rye” which is a good thing not a bad thing, dogs really don’t need rye and it was likely what was causing a lot of gas problems.

    Since I don’t use Ziwi very often anymore I don’t have anything to worry about when they get bought, but it’s still kind of sad if it did indeed happen.
    At the very least their keeping the ingredients healthy, the addition of salt felt unnecessary but oh well.

    Frontier and K9 work much better for me and that is what I will continue to use.
    Maybe a can or two of Ziwi and maybe a bag or two for Angel from time to time.

  • Susan

    Hi Lori, have you emailed Ziwi Peak & asked them what you want to know?? I emailed Ziwi Peak last August 2016 when I got my new kitten, asking them a heap of questions, a man rung me back & answered all questions I had asked in my email, then he sent me out a few air dried cat food samples & 2 raw wet tin foods for my kitten to try & she loved them, this was the first time she ate raw & did real well, no more sloppy poos….
    I just noticed their name has changed from Ziwi Peak to Ziwi Pets here’s their NZ site link, I can’t see any Mars or Nestle’s on their site, scroll down to the bottom & you’ll see their face book thing click on it & send them a msg on F/B it says they will answer any questions in a few hours.. I’ll post a post & ask have they been sold… https://www.ziwipets.com/

  • Lori

    Thank you for the information Susan. Nestle NZ is part of the global corporation. While there might be differences in the corporate culture of NZ Nestles vs the USA — the bottom line is that Ziwi Peak is no longer a family-owned business. That is IF they were truly purchased by Nestle. I am not doubting your sincerity. I just find it odd that I can’t find a single entry on the net that says they were purchased. In contrast if I type in “who owns new chapter vitamins” I am given a list of sites — the very first one stating clearly in the headlines that they were purchased by Proctor & Gamble.

    I was given the lead on the Nestle’s buy by a veterinarian who had heard the news at least a year ago. So I wanted to know more. Odd…

  • Susan

    Hi Lori,
    Ziwi Peak have not been purchased by Mars Nestlé etc. Australian made Black Hawk family run business was bought out by NZ Nestlé… Ziwi Peak
    changed their formulas cause people wanted more single protein limited ingredient high quality air dried cat & dog foods, in Australia we are having a bit of competition with a few new companies bringing out organic limited ingredient single protein air dried raw formulas. Ziwi Peak are just keeping up with the times & competition ….

  • Lori

    Does anyone know if Ziwi Peak has been purchased by Nestle or some other mainstream conglomerate? Someone passed that information to me but I haven’t been able to find anything on the net. Changing ingredients and packaging is making me wonder…

  • Susan

    Hi best to email “Ziwi Peak” & ask questions, they have done a formula change making some of their formula’s single proteins, there’s 454gm, 1kg & 2.5kg bags https://www.ziwipets.com/

  • Lincy Suen

    Hi there! I read that the 11lb. size is being discontinued. Is that true?

  • aimee

    Hi Sarah,
    When you see large swings in rating among a line of food it usually has to do with the fat content of the various varieties. These lower rated products reflect that you are feeding fewer calories as protein.

  • Sarah

    Hi! Any idea why the other formulas are rated at 2 stars after the formula changes? I’m feeding tripe and lamb now and I’m curious to know what makes it lousier compared to the mackerel and lamb formula, for example.

  • Gypsy

    It’s such a shame they decreased the biggest size with only 2 varieties available in the big size now.

    If I were to feed this as my (48lb) service dog’s base food it would cost just shy of $4,000 AUS a year!

    Wish its price wasn’t so high, otherwise it would be my go to dry food.

  • Christine Daley

    Got it now. It’s by weight!! Anyway will you be making an 11 pound bag of the mackerel and lamb formula? Thanks!!!

  • Pitlove

    Yes definitely! I would definitely get a gram scale for this food. I’ll likely have to as I’m considering it for my cat. She likes the canned food a lot already.

  • Crazy4cats

    LOL! Measuring cups with oz marked off on them or for measuring liquid. They are considered fluid ounces. Ounces are a measurement of weight, not volume. A cup of regular kibble is going to weigh a lot more than a cup of dehydrated kibble. That is why I would recommend using a kitchen scale for measuring this type of kibble. It would be a lot more accurate.

  • Pitlove

    I guess so otherwise they are very bad at math lol

  • Crazy4cats

    It’s probably 2 oz by weight, not volume. It’s most likely really light since its air dried or dehydrated and the moisture is taken out.

  • Crazy4cats

    Wouldn’t it be x2 if their scoop is 1/2 cup? Sounds like a kitchen scale may come in handy if you decide to feed this food. I use one when measuring out freeze dried tripe when feeding it as a topper for my dogs’ meals. It’s a more accurate way to measure it.

  • Pitlove

    8oz is 1 cup, therefore 4oz is 1/2 cup. It is impossible for their scoop to equal 1/2 cup, but also be 2oz.

  • Christine Daley

    It states on ziwi peak website that one scoop equals minimum 263 k/cal. So if the scoop is 2 ounces a full cup would be that amount x4. That’s 1052 k/cal a cup!! Doesn’t sound right!! Do you go by 4 ounces (2 scoops) equaling a cup!!! Confused!! Thanks!!

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    Hi Christine: This is Ziwi Customer Care: Our scoop is designed to measure, on average, 2 ounces (by weight) of our air-dried food. There should be approximately 88 Ziwi scoops in an 11-pound bag. Happy Feeding!

  • Susan

    Hi the cup you get in the Ziwi Peak bags are a 1/2 a cup in size…. You’ll have to email Ziwi Peak & ask Ziwi Peak or google it….. I looked on my cat bag of Ziwi Peak & it says 1 scoop-1/2 a cup = 56.8g/2oz

  • Susan

    Hi Ziwi Peak have changed all their formula’s wet & dry, now it’s Mackerel & Lamb instead of Venison & fish & the fat is lower in their formulas, if you go on the Ziwi Peak page you’ll see all their new formulas…..Have you tried the wet tin food instead??

  • Sharon Graham

    My Chihuahuas were also experiencing loose stools so we have cut down on the amount of ziwipeak (we’ve been feeding them the venison and fish) and giving them additional food which is turkey, rice and vegetables for more bulk in their diet so they have 2 meals a day with half a tablespoon of ziwipeak sprinkled in. So far we haven’t had weight gain and stool firmness has improved.

  • cyberb0b

    Not having chicken, IMHO, is a good thing. More dogs are allergic to chicken that just about any other protein, It is the cheapest as well, so that’s why it’s so widely used by most dog food companies. If you are looking for foul, I would suggest duck. You’d think they similar but they really aren’t. My Peke had very runny eyes and stains on her face until I stopped feeding her chicken. As soon as i started rotating between beef and duck, her eyes cleared up and so did the severity of the tear stains. She has now what I would consider a normal amount of tearing for her breed. I don’t have much experience with turkey, but I think it’s a lower quality protein like chicken.

  • Vivian Lee

    If I’d know that the lamb might be harder for them to digest I would have bought a different kind! Oh, well…

  • Vivian Lee

    I’m feeding them the lamb variety. They’ve been on it for over a month, at first we were gradually introducing it, but now they’ve transitioned onto it completely and it really isn’t getting better. We’re going to investigate other options. We’re already dividing up their daily allotment into three meals, but that hasn’t helped. On top of it, my Maltese cross doesn’t even seem to like it any more. He eats it when he’s really hungry, but otherwise…

  • Susan

    Hi which Ziwi Peak formula are you feeding, the air dried or moist wet tin? the Venison & Fish & Venison air dried has the least amount of fat% & the Beef wet tin food has the least fat%.. What I did was feed 4 small meals a day & only one of the meals was the Ziwi Peak Venison & fish Air Dried & Patches other meals were his usual kibble TOTW kibble, Patch has IBD so I have to slowly introduce new foods then after 1-2 weeks feed 2 meals of the Ziwi Peak & the other 2 meals whatever you’ve been feeding.

  • Denise Serls

    I too am having diarrhea it very soft stools. The guys is rich. Try feeding the suggested amount over more feedings per day. I feed my guys 3x/day. Going to up it to 4x/day to see if that helps. They love the food. Also if you feed lamb…… Try the beef. My guys dont do well on lamb so they don’t get it to often. Believe ziwii just came out with a new formula. As to rating, remember it is opinion but fat ratio is higher. Can’t go wrong either way. Watch the treats you give… That could be a problem. Wish they would come up with turkey or chicken…..

  • Susan

    Hi Jennifer, ZiwiPeak is 100% natural raw air dried this is why it’s expensive, 2nd the scoop/cup size is 1/2 a cup in size, not 1 cup size, so your dog is eating 3 cups a day not 6 cups….Feeding a Raw diet is much more healthier then feeding dry processed kibble that’s full of carbs & fillers… I have a 40lb dog & a cat, I was feeding the ZiwiPeak for one of their meals & then feeding cooked for other meals for my dog & the cat eats a raw meal for her other meal…you can buy the Ziwipeak & use as treats to start with, that’s what I did..
    You can buy the 11lb bag Beef thru Auto ship for $134 from Chewy…

  • Samantha Gair Gibson

    It’s not a full sized cup there is a scoop included in the bag which is actually quite small. I switched to ziwipeak from honest kitchen about 4 months ago and have been very happy. It also works out as being less expensive too. I now feed a combo of ziwipeak and carna4.

  • Hi Sharon,

    I have replied to you via email.

    To protect your privacy, I have also removed your email address from your last comment.

    Looking forward to answering your questions.

  • Amateria

    I don’t even remember that comment but it was based on treat amounts, since I give about 5 pieces per day and no more then 10 pieces max, Anja she gets around 20 now because for some reason she suddenly likes it when she didn’t before.

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    Hi Mike, My name is Sharon Durham – I’m the office manager for Ziwi USA, and I handle most of our North American customer service inquiries. I apologize for not having read the commenting policy – I assumed that, by disclosing that I worked for Ziwi, I was following the correct procedure. I don’t have an email from Jackie – could she have possibly sent it to a different employee? I honestly wasn’t attempting to malign you or DFA at all – I think you guys do a fabulous job providing unbiased reviews – the inquiry that I was responding to was from a consumer who said she thought our rating had been lowered recently, and since we hadn’t made any changes to our recipes in the past year, I don’t know why the rating would have changed. I did try to reach out to DFA a couple of times last year using the “contact us” page, because I wanted to find out how often you update your reviews, and get more info about your rating criteria, etc., but did not get a response. That is what I was referring to. I’d love the opportunity to talk with you personally, to clear up any misunderstanding. Would you please email me with your contact info? Sincerely, [email protected]

  • HowDoUKnow

    Hah! “Satisfaction Guarantee” — after you run through hoops to get it! Don’t get me wrong, I love your food, but I bought 2 pks of your “Good Dog” treats and they were all crumbs and dried up so bad. I emailed your company and they questioned me 3 times in 3 emails just to be able to get replacements!!! They wanted to know the store and date and photos. I did all that. Then they emailed me again and asked me why i didn’t go back to the store, to which I explained it was very far. Then they questioned me again and asked for copies of my receipt and photos of the treats. I sent all that but let me tell you, I was ready to throw them out and never look at Ziwipeak again. Very very very bad customer service!!! I haven’t bought it for a long time since then. I am considering buying a bag of the food now, to use as treats, but what a terrible system you have there. Your employee acted like I was trying to scam them even after sending a copy of my receipt and photos of your crumby product!!

  • HowDoUKnow

    The Venison has less fat than the Lamb.

  • HowDoUKnow

    Are you sure you checked what the amount would be for feeding a dog? Or was it a bird? Because there is no way that this food would last even a 1 lb dog 16 cents a day.
    A 2.2 lb bag of this stuff costs almost $45.
    If you have a tiny dog that weighs 6 lbs, 1 bag would last 20 days only. That’s about $2.25/day.
    How you calculated 6 months and 16 cents a day is just confusing!!

  • Sarah

    Mike, you might want to go through the comments on here – they’ve replied to a lot of people with questions without disclosing that info.

  • Your claim that you “have reached out several times to Dog Food Advisor for an explanation of their ratings, but have never been able to get a definitive answer” is completely untrue.

    Jackie (my support assistant) provided you with my personal email address on October 18, 2016. And as of today, you have yet to make any effort to contact me.

    By the way, have you taken the time to read our FAQ? The answer to your question about how we rate dog food is detailed there and throughout this website.

    Before posting any further comments on this website, please be sure to read and respect our our Commenting Policy which states…

    Pet food manufacturers, distributors, retailers and representatives may also comment here. However, those with a vested interest in any product must publicly disclose this fact and post using their real names.

    While you are here, feel free to answer readers’ questions and to dispense advice about feeding your products.

    However… please do not use this website as a means to… conduct product marketing and/or website promotional activities”

    Please do not post any further comments on this website without first identifying yourself using your real name.

    Thank you.

  • Leyna

    Thank you for replying to my inquiry, it’s appreciated. I always thought it was a very good food and beneficial to my dogs diets.

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    Hi Leyna – I work for Ziwi and have reached out several times to Dog Food Advisor for an explanation of their ratings, but have never been able to get a definitive answer. Our food is intended to mimic the natural, wild-prey diet of carnivores, and includes 95+% meat, organs and bone, along with green mussel, a fabulous source of glucosamine and chondroitin. We don’t add fillers, grains, starches, potatoes, pea, rendered meals, by-products, etc. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have additional questions or concerns!

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    Hi Jennifer – If you would please contact me directly at [email protected], I would be happy to provide you with accurate feeding amounts, as well as more information about our nutrient-dense, species-appropriate foods. 6 scoops is most likely quite a bit more Ziwi than your dog needs. A “highly active” dog would be a working dog, such as a sled dog, or a racing dog. Household pets generally fall into the “less active”or “more active” categories, which require much less calories. There are also many other options to give your dog the benefits of Ziwi without blowing your budget! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    Please email me at [email protected] and include your dogs’ age, weight, activity level, as well as any other food, treats or supplements they are receiving, and I will happily follow up with you!

  • Vivian Lee

    I have been having similar issues with this food for our two dogs, (small mixed breeds). Their stools are quite soft to the point where I almost always have to wash one of them off every time! They seem to love the food but I’m not crazy about this reaction. Do you have any suggestions? Should we try mixing their food with another type, for instance?

  • Susan

    Hi, if you email “Ziwi Peak” tell them your dog breed & weight & they will help you, it says 273Kcals per scoop, (their scoop), cause its air dried raw I don’t know if they have converted the Kcals/per cup to dry matter (Kibble)??.
    You get a scoop cup in the bag & the scoop cup is the size of a 1/2 size cup Patch is a 18kg dog & was suppose to eat 1 & 1/2 scoops, that’s the Ziwi Peak small 1/2 size scoop cup… also ask for a few samples of all their flavours & make sure you write your address…..
    I bought the Venison & Fish Air Dried for Patch but cause Patch has IBD he started to poo sloppy, so I stopped feeding it, I think the protein & fat was too high for Patch, but my kitten loves the Ziwi Peak cat wet tin food & air dried Venison & Fish she does real well on the Ziwi Peak, a man rang me back when I emailed Ziwi Peak asking questions & sent me out 2 small cat tins & the air dried cat venison & Fish… http://www.ziwipeak.com

  • caroline

    Hi Susan, could you explain ME-per kilo in Ziwipeak, what should I look for in food calories for my dog on a daily basis. She eats StayLoyal & Ivorycoat in Australia, ME-kilo changes a lot in foods. Thanks for your help

  • Diane

    Wow! I am so happy your dog is finally getting relief. I have to look into this food!

  • Jennifer Dawson

    This helps & makes more sense, thank you.

  • Hitchington

    I feed my two guys, one shepherd and one mix breed, Ziwipeak. I am guessing that their chart says to feed your dog 6 scoops, not cups, each scoop in the Ziwipeak bag is 1/2 a cup. I feel like this is a healthy dog food option. I feed this because it is really hard to get one of my dogs to eat kibble, but they really like this food, it is little jerky squares. I feed the lamb version and pay about $125 for a 11lb bag.

  • Susan

    It’s got 4 & 1/2 stars that’s pretty good, the fat is high my boy can’t eat it, but my kitten LOVE’s the Venison & Fish for cats….

  • Amateria

    The fat is really high based on the pie chart so that’s likely why.

  • Leyna

    Does anyone know why Ziwipeak does not have a 5 Star rating? I could have sworn it was 5 Stars at one time. I usually do not purchase any food that is not 5 Star rated. I would like to know why. The protein is high it is meat based. Please explain.

  • Sharon Durham

    Just wanted to make sure your concerns were being addressed – best wishes and Happy Holidays!

  • Sharon Durham

    Hi, Pompom mama – I’d like to look into this issue for you – would you please email me at [email protected], so I can get some additional information? Thank you! S.D. @ ZiwiPeak

  • Just Me

    Thank you Susan for the recommendation. I will look into the K-9 Natural when I have a moment as I have to be really careful as to the ingredients, additives and so forth.

  • Susan

    Hi Just Me, have you thought of feeding a home made raw diet too save on cost, feed 1 meal home made raw the other meal Ziwi Peak, have a look at “K-9 Natural” they have freeze dried you just ad water & K-9 Natural has frozen raw sold in freezer at some Pet Shops & freeze dried treats the Green lipped Mussels treats my dog loves… just read the fat % as some proteins are heaps higher in fat, the Lamb Green Tripe is the lowest in fat then the Venison.

  • Angelique

    You do not get a 20% discount. The price is the same whether you go through this site or on your own. So what is the point of having the link? Annoying.

  • Susan

    Yes Rodney did a survey about 2-3 weeks ago & ask all of his followers, why they don’t feed a raw diet & most people said the same as you, they’re scared they will not balance the diet properly & as he says in the one of his videos, don’t be worried, we don’t balance our diets, he’s got a point…I feed Patch kibble for breakfast & lunch & a cooked diet for dinner & I do not balance Patches cooked meal & he’s looking & feeling the best that he has felt in a while….When I eat a peeled apple, Patch has some apple, when I eat my raw almonds, Patch gets a couple of almonds, Raw Almonds are suppose to be very healthy for dogs, when I eat my no fat no sugar yogurt Patch gets some….. 4 yrs ago this dog couldn’t eat anything, he has IBD & Skin Allergies… Make sure you rotate the Ziwi Peak formulas, so your boy doesn’t start reacting to the formula he’s eating…I read that he’s eating the Venison formula, try the Fish & Venison formula next slowly add about 1/4 for 1-2 weeks & see how he does, this way he” be trying fish, I bought the Fish & Venison cause that’s what Ziwi Peak advised would be OK for Patch & I just use as treats for now…My new kitten loves the Fish & Venison, so I’ve emailed Ziwi Peak asking them can a kitten eat the cat formulas are they all life stages…
    also foods that Patch couldn’t eat 3-4 yrs ago I re introduced & he can eat some foods now, he still reacts to chicken, barley, wheat, oats..

  • KcQ8ov

    Was the veterinarian a board certified veterinary dermatologist? Did the dog get intradermal skin testing?
    Again, I would consult a specialist.
    My dog responded well to Allergen Specific Immunotherapy.
    It is a lifelong treatment, environmental allergies don’t go away. In fact, they get worse with age,
    PS: I never tried Apoquel, the specialist never suggested it for my dog.

  • Just Me

    I actually did try the elimination diet however no matter what I seemed to do, my dog did not get better. He cannot have flax as he is allergic to it. Seems pretty much to be in many dog foods that are marketed. I just hope for my dogs sake that Ziwi Peak continues to work for him like it has. He is a changed dog and for the first time in years, he has a peace that he has not known for a very long time.

  • Just Me

    I actually did have him tested last year and he is allergic to some grasses, eggs, weeds, milk products and deathly allergic to chicken. He went into anaphylactic shock with me giving him a piece of fresh chicken within minutes. My vet had him on oral drugs for allergies at about $250.00 a vial and he was also on Apoquel. Initially, the Apoquel seemed to be a magic pill however within the span of say, 6 to 7 months…it appeared my dogs breathing was really strained. He was like listening to an asthmatic wheezing. His nose was constantly running and that was something that was so unlike him. I brought it up to the vet however, they just wanted me to come in again which of course, just jacks up my credit card each time. One day, I took him for a short walk at which point, his nose started to bleed. Something told me to dig a little and read up on Apoquel. What I found were very similar incidents from other users of Apoquel. Dogs with breathing issues, runny nose and bleeding of the nose. I stopped the drug cold turkey. Just as I suspected, shortly, the breathing returned to normal, nose stopped running and no more bloody nose drips. I currently have my dog bathed each week with Dechra Miconahex + Triz Shampoo (vet recommended) as he has been found to have a fungus on his skin. So far, so good. I most definitely will check out the forum on allergies. I might learn a thing or two. Thank you!

  • KcQ8ov

    Glad your dog is doing well at present. However, he may have environmental allergies, they tend to wax and wane. The food usually has nothing to do with it.
    If the skin conditions you describe return (and they usually do, with a vengeance).
    Please consider having him seen and tested by a veterinary dermatologist.
    Allergen Specific Immunotherapy is the most natural treatment available for environmental allergies.
    Go to the forums section of this site and search “allergies”

  • theBCnut

    I don’t know why some vets are so slow or no go when it comes to suggesting an elimination diet. Dogs with multiple food allergies don’t get better with a simple diet change unless, like you, you finally luck out and try the exact right food, if there even is an exact right food for the dog.

  • Just Me

    Hi Susan,
    I have tried in the past to feed raw however I simply don’t know enough about feeding raw and I was fearful that my dog might miss out on vitamins and nutrients that I might fail to provide due to my lack of knowledge. I most definitely will check out Rodney Habib and any recipes he might have. I am always looking to learn something new!

  • Susan

    Hi Just Me, have you tried feeding a raw diet to cut down on cost, follow “Rodney Habib” on F/B, he has posted a balanced recipe that Dr Karen Becker & Steve Brown formulated, you can feed raw or cooked. I’ve been making it into I cup size rissoles & baking in oven, I leave out some ingredients like the ginger & add Turmeric instead & feed for dinner & feed kibble for breakfast & lunch…

  • Just Me

    My five year old German Shepherd has suffered over the last two years with itching and sores that covered his body. Last year alone, I spent $4,000 at the vets trying to find relief for him. Drugs and more drugs with no relief in sight. I have tried every dog food known to man with no lasting results. My German Shepherd weighs 105 lbs and I currently feed him 6 cups per day. Ziwi Peak is the most expensive dog foods I have ever purchased to date. I would say three days into trying out this dog food, I could see a lessening of itching. I’ve seen it all before so I didn’t want to get excited. My dog has been on Ziwi Peak Venison for about three months now. His itching is gone. Completely gone (of course he still has the occasional doggy itch). The sores that covered him are gone. Completely gone. My dog was miserable. He itched non stop and his sores knew no boundaries. This food is a true Godsend and I am so thankful to the makers of the food. The biggest drawback is the cost however it beats going to the vet every other week and I could not have a happier and peaceful dog!

  • Amanda

    With a dog with ibd, I would suggest feeding a digestive enzyme supplement as well as a probiotic on an ongoing basis, to seed the gut with beneficial flora. During flare ups, add boswelia and bromelain supplementation to ease inflammation, and give small amounts of canned pumpkin or steamed yam/sweet potato as a soluble fiber source if stool is excessively loose or hard (works for both).

  • Amateria

    Provided I did the calculation correctly which I’m pretty sure I did as I checked it from several different angles lol that this food comes out to be around 16 cents a day, since one bag lasts around 6 months for us, so despite the cost looking like a lot when you use it as treats its very freaking cheap haha.

  • PA English

    I have been using the lamb version with my 2 boxers as an addition (1 scoop each meal) to high quality kibble. My dogs love the lamb. It has a bit less fat than the venison version, which was rated here. If I was rich, I’d feed them this exclusively, but two 55-60 pound boxers would eat at least one 2.2 pounds a day and I can’t afford that (it would cost more than my food!)

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    Hi Crazy4dogs,

    Although ZiwiPeak may not be the recommended diet for every dog or cat, we want pet lovers to be aware that the fat in our recipes is not artificially adjusted, but is the fat that naturally occurs in the the wild-prey diet of carnivores, which includes muscle meat, natural fat, organs and bone. Please reach out to our customer service department at [email protected] – we are more than happy to address your specific concerns! S.D./ZiwiPeak USA Inc.

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    Hi Amateria, Due to our high meat content and lack of fillers, there are natural variations in color and texture from batch to batch of ZiwiPeak air-dried recipes. In addition, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you purchased a less-than-perfect product, it can be returned to the retailer for a replacement or refund, according to the store’s policy. Please reach out to our customer service department at [email protected] – we are more than happy to address your specific concerns! S.D. / ZiwiPeak USA Inc.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I have a dog that reacts to any red meat that’s high in fat. So, when I do raw, i have to be very careful. Good luck with Patch! 🙂

  • Susan

    Yes that’s what I’m worried about with Patch, the FAT % that’s why its taken me 2 years to buy a bag, I’d look at Ziwpeak read the fat % & wouldn’t buy it …I’ve emailed ZiwiPeak they emailed me back & said, yes the Venison & Fish & the Venison has the lowest fat & to slowly introduce mixed in with his kibble over 5 days, they said for a couple of weeks while Gut cleans itself out & adapt to the new diet & sorts its self out, during this time stools are often softer & smeller….Great…. I will know if the fat is too high Patch will start his whinging & sit next to me with his front paw lifted up so I rub his stomach area, if this happens I’ll stop feeding & just use as treats…

  • theBCnut

    Yes, it is true. If you look at where the calories are coming from in this food, the fat calories should be almost the same as the protein calories, not MUCH higher. My dog wouldn’t have any problem with this level of fat, but many dogs do.

  • Crazy4dogs
  • Dog Mom Lori

    Oh and an egg once or twice a week.

  • Dog Mom Lori

    I add a little partially cooked organic meat to mine and a little steamed zucchini and pumpkin.

  • Dog Mom Lori

    This is just not true why would you tell someone this?

  • Amateria

    It’s fine, that tends to happen to me a lot, used to happen all the time on Warcraft or the Warcraft pet forums, no one ever understood me and after everything I wrote I needed to write a little note stating that nothing I said was to be taken as offensive and what not, because if I didn’t I feared that people would respond harshly to me.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Sorry, I guess I misunderstood your post. It sounded as though he got the pancreatitis during the Ziwipeak.

  • Amateria

    Lol crazy your funny, he got pancreatitis as a puppy when we were clueless about chicken fat and fed him epic amounts of it, he is 8 years old now btw.

    He’s on a homemade diet, which I supplement with small amounts of kibbles, freeze dried foods and raw foods, to give him the vitamins he requires and to give him variety, I don’t ever overdo it on any food that’s not his own, currently he’s being supplemented with Ivory Coat and Totw samples as I have been sadly banned from online shopping and the Ziwipeak in store was clearly stale.

    Once I’m allowed to use my card again I will buy Ziwipeak again and k9 natural, because like I’ve mentioned above, he became a puppy on those foods, I’ve never seen any other food do that to him, now if only Anja would let him play, she’s the worst behavioural chihuahua we’ve ever owned, she is so mean to him.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Hi Amateria,

    Ziwipeak is very high in fat, as are most of the dehydrated raw foods. It is a very good possibility that it caused his pancreatitis. While it’s a good food, the fat might be too much for your dog. You might want to try something that’s lower in fat content.

  • Mitzie is currently 10 years old. I had a very small portion of Ziwipeak I used to use as a topper for her before her diabetic issues. She was eating it before in small portions but now it’s a full meal for her.

  • Amateria

    Rusty when I actually had a packet around ate anywhere from 20-25 pieces of it a day and he has pancreatitis, although he had about 2 flare ups during the course of around 5x 500g bags worth, I don’t believe it was ever from the food, but most likely a treat or eating something outside, or simply someone deciding it was wise to add extra stuff he wasn’t used to to his food, or even my dad dropping stuff on the ground for Angel and because she was slow, he most likely picked up a few juicy fatty bites.

    I really wanted to buy Ziwipeak from a pet store recently, so I wouldn’t have to order it online, but it looked beige in color and when feeling it through the bag it felt dry, it looked stale to be honest, it’s usually very dried meat coloured and not dry and smells wonderful and so because of that I decided to leave it and wait until I can shop online again.

    I was also saddened to see that no one appears to stock the venison k9 natural, in any of the usual online stores I go on, I’ve asked them to see if they know what’s going on, as this food was rather heavenly and helped perk up Rusty, he literally turned into a puppy on it haha.
    (Apparently they are having difficulties getting venison and a lot of customers have also asked them about it, they have no known time as to when they will be in stock again) ah well I guess I’ll just have to wait, I would rather buy both at the same time.

  • Susan

    Hi, how old is Mitzie? & when Mitzie first started to eat Ziwipeak did you slowly introduce or just give Ziwipeak as a meal?
    I ordered Patch a small bag of the Venison & Fish Ziwipeak cause it was on special & it come this morning, gee it smells so fresh, I gave Patch a few pieces as a treat, now Patch won’t leave me alone, he wants more but its not dinner time yet, I’m just a bit worried he suffers with IBD (Stomach) & cant eat real high fat diets but the Ziwipeak Venison & Fish pieces didn’t feel real greezy & it has to be better then dry processed kibble……

  • Susan

    Yes, I feed TOTW grain free kibble for breakfast & the Venison & Fish Ziwipeak for dinner…or I feed a cooked meal for dinner, chicken, sweet potato & pumkin & the Ziwi peak for breakfast….I rotate between the 3 & it seems to work out OK for a 18kg-40lb dog…It cost $46 per fortnight that’s for a 2kg TOTW Sierra Mountain kibble & a 454g pouch of Ziwipeak Venison & Fish….

  • Necromorph

    I have a diabetic miniature pinscher named Mitzie and I was searching for foods for her since I know how bad science diet is and didn’t want her to be on it. I directly emailed Shelley from Ziwipeak and asked if it was an option for a diabetic dog. I am very happy to say that Ziwipeak was an excellent option! Mitzie absolutely loves the beef!!

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    I recently compared to the daily cost of feeding to the daily cost of feeding commercial raw ( Stella & Chewy’s Super Beef), and ZiwiPeak came out cheaper on a daily feeding basis. Plus, my dog loves it, and I don’t have to supplement, and water, thaw, refrigerate, etc.

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    I have an 80 pound dog, and I use about half high quality kibble (grain free) half ZiwiPeak. My dog has shown huge improvement in itching and coat condition, has maintained an excellent weight, and absolutely loves his ZiwiPeak.

  • disqus_X55ImBqUCP

    this considering this product’s high digestibility (manufacturer claims 95%), it stands to reason that there will be a little waste (aka: poop). If the dog is healthy and has a good energy level, I would consider this a definite plus!

  • Cindy

    I think this is true. I had a problem on 2 different occasions but did not see any visible mold but there was definitely something wrong with the bag. My dog is not picky at all and will eat anything you put in front of her, so she probably just ate it anyway.

  • Cindy

    I have had a problem a couple of times with what I think was 2 spoiled bags. There was no mold on them though and they do seem to smell okay but shortly after opening (and feeding) a new bag (on two occasions) my dog became very sick – orange watery diarrhea with some blood in it. I wonder if the bag gets punctured somehow in shipment or something as it does say that the bag is only good for 2 weeks after opening it (even though the expiry date unopenend is a lot longer than that)?

  • Di Noon

    Every day & 1/2 with mine, not everyday. She is 4 & has been on it almost 2 yrs.

  • Joey David

    I’ve been feeding one of my dogs this food, the venison blend and he hasn’t been pooping regularly, maybe once every 2 days, is this normal, given that this has zero grains?

  • Kristin Ingeman

    I have 2 dogs, one is 89lbs and the other 55lbs and they tried this dog food when a friend brought it over, They are both somewhat discriminating eaters and they LOVED this food! The only problem is the cost and how fast I would go through a large bag – 11 scoops per day. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or methods of stretching the food by supplementing with good quality kibble? Thank you 🙂

  • Alison

    Hi, I work at a pet store and this is our go to treat, as it is high value, the picky eaters love it and the ingredients are great for our dogs with allergies

  • Jonathan Aranda

    I personally use it as my High value training treats. I feed frozen raw products. My dogs and the dogs I train love Ziwi as training treats.

  • Burke’sMom

    Anyone with a bigger dog (I have a 63-should be 67lb Labrador) feed Ziwi, use its’ treats, or supplement with it?

  • Pitlove

    this food is complete and balanced

  • Jenny

    Is this food only best to use a supplement or is it complete and balanced for a Yorkie?

  • Joseph Bonanno

    Any issues with there deer shank? These are shank bones sourced from New Zealand deer raised on grass-fed pastures. We have taken the shank bone, which is full of nutrients and marrow, and wrapped a beef oesophagus over the top. The bone is then naturally air dried to retain its goodness in a shelf-stable form. – See more at: http://ziwipeak.com/product/deer-shank-bone/?is_iframe=1#sthash.FX40iQF1.dpuf

  • Susan

    Fat %, look at the fat % & buy the one that has the least amount of fat & see if there’s a difference, have you tried K-9Natural freeze dried Venison It’s only 18.5% fat, also the Green Lamb Tripe has 18% fat & feed the tripe instead of the probiotic, http://www.k9natural.com/product-information/dog-food-range-au.html

  • Kyle

    We were on Ziwipeak for more than six months and he did pretty good on it, but we got off a couple of months ago because he was having loose stools. I don’t know if the Lamb formula bag that we had was contaminated, but after a few days of really loose stools with that bag, we returned it and went back to Acana. Ziwipeak may have been too rich, but his poops were never great on it, even with Primal raw goats milk once in a while. He does much better on Acana. A

    As far as urine, we bought a cranberry powder supplement on Amazon and give it to both our dogs a couple of times a week. It’s supposed to be great for them.

  • Shayla


    I am so glad you wrote about your dogs issue with blood in the urine. I have two miniature schnauzers who are apparently the top breed for stones. One has had surgery and the other just got a uti with blood so I am now on high alert to find a better dog food!

    I absolutely oppose science diet as well and have been racking my brain on what to do.

    Have you notice any bladder issues or noticed any positive changes for the stone issue with this food?

    I just bought a bag of ziwipeak beef and I am hoping for the best! Any suggestions would be great!

  • SweetSydney

    I haven’t had any problems with ZiwiPeak’s customer service. Kimberly has generously sent me samples of their air dried food, and 3 cans of ZiwiPeak. I didn’t even ask for samples. I only asked if ZiwiPeak would be appropriate for my 15 month, 3.5# Yorkie. She has followed up with me, to see if my Yorkie likes it. So, I agree with everyone that has had good experiences with their customer service-it’s not fair to put up a “Special Alert” stating you recommend dog owners that value customer support and brand trust to consider your troubling experience when thinking about purchasing this product.

  • Sidtharthan

    I face the same issue. Both my dogs used to eat K9 natural and their stool was small and hard. Subsequently I switched to Primal freeze dried and the Ziwipeak. Since switching from K9 their stools have been soft and pretty stinky. They’ve been having Ziwipeak for a few months already and there has been no improvement with respect to their stool quality.

  • Kim

    I have a question…I have tried this food because one of my pugs has significant protein intolerances and the quality coupled with limited ingredients is very impressive.
    He and another have been on this food for about 10 days yet their stools are formed but very soft. They do get probiotics. I would have expected stools similar to feeding raw as I have done for ages.

    Do I need to give them more time? They are on lamb…would beef be less rich? Venison is out due to intolerance.


  • My dog won’t touch the mouldy food. About 500g wasted. As I said earlier, can’t remember the seller. I suppose I could try Ziwi Peak themselves? Will report back …

  • I had the same problem with the lamb product (dog food), but not with the venison and fish. I haven’t contacted the seller because I bought it at Crufts and can’t remember who from!!!

  • SandyandMila

    Doggiefood.com is close to where I live, so it’d be convenient for me to just drive to their warehouse and chose from their vast selection but I’ve had issues with their items being past the best by date and others here have as well. It’s really too bad but glad Ziwipeak was able to help you. 🙂

  • Crazy4dogs

    I rotate between foods all the time. My dogs are all rescues from different areas & different ages. The healthy gut is a key factor.

  • Dog Mom Lori

    It may not be true for all dogs but it is true for some dogs whether they have a healthy gut or not.

  • Dog Mom Lori

    Curious as to how your Poms are doing on the ZP? Let us know when you have a minute. 🙂

  • Dog Mom Lori

    I agree 100% Alison! Nothing but great things to say about ZP food and their customer service!

  • Alison

    I don’t really think it is fair to put a special alert out for a one time dissatisfaction with the customer service as you can see there are lots of people who have had positive experiences. I myself have only ever had amazing customer service from Ziwipeak. Plus it is an amazing kibble and the review shows that.

  • Susan

    I emailed ZiwiPeak asking some questions about their Air Dried food… Two days later I received 4 samples of their Air Dried food & a letter with 15% off …. I found I had no problems ZiwiPeak answered all my questions…..

  • Kyle

    As someone who has been feeding Ziwipeak to one of our dogs for about six months now, I can say I’ve never had anything but great experiences with the food and the company. Our shih tzu had issues with blood in his urine two times, and we found that the cause was due to crystals. We were feeding him a good quality dry food, Acana, and the vet suggested that we put him on Science Diet. I already knew how bad Science Diet food was, so I researched a little and decided to make the switch to raw. According to Ziwipeak’s website, their food is supposed to be great for dogs with crystals, maybe due to the extra moisture compared to dry foods.

    I emailed Ziwipeak to see if they could send me samples of the different flavors (lamb, venison, beef) before we bought one, and a woman with a thick accent called (I forget her name, possibly Kimberly that people on here are referring to) and she talked to me on the phone for a half hour. I remember because we were walking our two dogs and I spent the whole walk talking to this woman. She explained how Ziwipeak is different from non-raw dry foods, and why it would be a good choice for us, and she followed up by sending a bunch of samples to make sure our dog liked it before we started giving it to him.

    This is the only time I’ve been in contact with someone at Ziwipeak, but she was very helpful. As far as the food goes, I think it is a high quality food. We rotate between Lamb and Beef, as the Venison and Venison and Fish are a little too expensive (Ziwipeak itself is already expensive, but the Venison and Venison and Fish are almost $10 more per bag). I’ve never had a mold issue in these six months, and I make sure to check all the time now that I’ve read some people have found mold on their food. I add a little filtered water to the food so our dog gets a little more moisture in his diet and he eats it right up. Lately, though, he seems to be getting bored with Ziwipeak by itself, so we started feeding Ziwipeak in the morning and Stella and Chewy’s or Primal frozen nuggets at night. It keeps him interested, but it makes things more expensive lol. As long as he enjoys the food and does well on it, we’re happy.

  • Jenny

    I’m really curious about the details of the “alert.” Did you speak with Kimberly Mitchell (co-founder I think)? What happened??

  • Marietta

    I’d like to make a comment about Ziwipeak”s customer service. I bought a bag of the venison formula from Doggiefood.com, but I didn’t open it until 4 months later. The food had an expiration date of 2016, but the food was moldy. I contacted Doggiefood.com and they said too much time had lapsed and they wouldn’t give me a refund or credit. I contacted Ziwipeak and they went above and beyond. I didn’t even ask for a refund, but they sent 2 new bags of food plus a bag of treats.

  • Peanut’s Mom

    Could this angry poster work for Ziwipeak? After reading the note about the rude service, I see a correlation. To write a post with such a tone of disdain and then make broad sweeping generalizations about the accuracy of every review throws up red flags for me. I value customer service above all else and so I was grateful that you added the note to assist us pet owners. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing and is exactly why companies need to engage in excellent customer service. It was even more shocking considering you give this particular food glowing reviews and are such a great resource to help pet owners but even you are treated rudely. The post from Maddy was so full of anger, it doesn’t sit well with me.

  • Hi Maddy,

    The information and computations included in this review are all correct and based entirely on the figures reported by ZiwiPeak on its own website.

    All of your claims of errors in the data detailed in our review are due to your own failure to use any of the reference links we provided in “The Bottom Line” section of the review itself.

    These pages explain the important concepts of “dry matter basis” as well as the standardized scientific method we use to estimate the carbohydrate content of every one of the 1000+ reviews published on this website.

    So, please be sure to take the time to read the links included here about how we estimate carbohydrates when only the Guaranteed Minimums are posted by a manufacturer on its label.

    By the way, you are quoting figures from the “Typical Analysis” posted by the company on its website and then comparing those figures to the products Guaranteed Analysis.

    So, I have included a screen capture of that page as it appeared today on the ZiwiPeak website itself.

    Please note that ZiwiPeak reports its Guaranteed Analysis for its venison recipe as 34% (protein) and 26% (fat).

    However, please also note that it reports its Typical Analysis for the same product as 36% (protein) and 32% (fat). This is a significant difference. Each company chooses precisely how it reports its Guaranteed Analysis nutrient figures.

    As we clearly explain on our How to Estimate the Carbohydrate Content of Any Dog Food article…

    The more a company understates a food’s protein or fat content, the more overstated you should expect your estimate of its carbohydrate content to be, too.

    In addition, we also conclude that article with the following helpful statement:

    In closing, on the rare occasion the actual amounts for protein, fat and carbohydrates are reported by a company on its website, it’s always better to go with those figures instead.

    Also, regarding your criticism of the way we report ALL nutrient content throughout this website, it appears you might also not be aware of the proven benefits of mathematically removing 100% of the moisture when comparing all food products — as we correctly do throughout this website.

    So, please be sure to also read our link on this and every review that details the important scientific concept of dry matter basis.

    In any case, considering our 5-star “enthusiastically recommended” rating in this review, it’s difficult for me to understand how you could have passed on this excellent product.

  • maddy

    Hi. The carbs are clearly listed on the Ziwipeak website so you didn’t need to calculate them, and the figure here is incorrect – the carbs range from 6-10.6% depending on variety chosen (venison which you’ve chosen is 10.6%), not a huge 21% as you’ve somehow calculated. Venison also is listed as having 36% protein, 32% fat, and 1.4% fibre in the typical analysis. Did you check their website? Am I missing something? Are their websites incorrect and your figures more accurate as I can’t imagine you would ever do a review and not actually visit the websites, yet your figures are very different? If this is in fact a mistake on your part for the sake of those looking for a low carb dog food please correct this – I loved the look of Ziwipeak but 21% was way too many carbs so closed this page and tried to forget about it, but then later decided to go to their website and see if they had other varieties with less carbs and discovered this product you’ve reviewed here has HALF the carbs you claimed and is perfectly acceptable for my dog!! I nearly lost the opportunity to even consider this brilliant product due to this apparent incorrect calculation on carbs content! If this is your mistake I’m sorry but I can’t trust any of your figures and will have to look up every dog food separately you review to check values myself. For the sake of others please check your information here ASAP and update if appropriate. Thanks.