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Rating: ★★★★☆

Simply Nourish Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars.

The Simply Nourish product line includes 11 dry dog foods.

Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.

Important: Because many websites do not reliably specify which Growth or All Life Stages recipes are safe for large breed puppies, we do not include that data in this report. Be sure to check actual packaging for that information.

  • Simply Nourish Adult Chicken and Brown Rice [M]
  • Simply Nourish Healthy Weight Adult (3.5 stars) [M]
  • Simply Nourish Healthy Weight Large Breed Adult [M]
  • Simply Nourish Healthy Weight Small Breed Adult [M]
  • Simply Nourish Senior Chicken and Brown Rice (2.5 stars) [M]
  • Simply Nourish Large Breed Adult Chicken and Brown Rice [M]
  • Simply Nourish Small Breed Adult Chicken and Brown Rice [M]
  • Simply Nourish Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice [G]
  • Simply Nourish Small Breed Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice (5 stars) [G]
  • Simply Nourish Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice (4.5 stars) [G]
  • Simply Nourish Small Breed Senior Chicken and Brown Rice (3.5 stars) [M]

Simply Nourish Small Breed Adult Chicken and Brown Rice was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Simply Nourish Small Breed Adult Chicken and Brown Rice

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 29% | Fat = 18% | Carbs = 45%

Ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal (source of glucosamine and chondroitin), oatmeal, brown rice, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), tomato pomace, natural flavor, flaxseed, dried chicory root, dried carrots, dried spinach, dried sweet potatoes, dried pumpkin, dried blueberries, salt, vitamins (vitamin E supplement, l-ascorbyl-polyphosphate (source of ascorbic acid), niacin, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin A supplement, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, calcium iodate, folic acid, biotin, vitamin D supplement, vitamin B12 supplement), minerals (zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, calcium carbonate, sodium selenite), potassium chloride, choline chloride

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 5.6%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis26%16%NA
Dry Matter Basis29%18%45%
Calorie Weighted Basis25%37%39%
Protein = 25% | Fat = 37% | Carbs = 39%

The first ingredient in this dog food is chicken. Although it is a quality item, raw chicken contains about 80% water. After cooking, most of that moisture is lost, reducing the meat content to just a fraction of its original weight.

After processing, this item would probably account for a smaller part of the total content of the finished product.

The second ingredient is chicken meal. Chicken meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken.

The third ingredient is oatmeal, a whole-grain product made from coarsely ground oats. Oatmeal is naturally rich in B-vitamins, dietary fiber and can be (depending upon its level of purity) gluten-free.

The fourth ingredient is brown rice, a complex carbohydrate that (once cooked) can be fairly easy to digest. However, aside from its natural energy content, rice is of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

The fifth ingredient is canola oil. Unfortunately, canola can be a controversial item. That’s because it can sometimes (but not always) be derived from genetically modified rapeseed.

Yet others cite the fact canola oil can be a significant source of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

In any case, plant-based oils like canola are less biologically available to a dog than fish oil as a source of quality omega-3 fats.

The sixth ingredient is tomato pomace. Tomato pomace is a controversial ingredient, a by-product remaining after processing tomatoes into juice, soup and ketchup.

Many praise tomato pomace for its high fiber and nutrient content, while others scorn it as an inexpensive pet food filler.

Just the same, there’s probably not enough tomato pomace here to make much of a difference.

After the natural flavor, we find flaxseed, one of the best plant sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Provided they’ve first been ground into a meal, flax seeds are also rich in soluble fiber.

However, flaxseed contains about 19% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With two notable exceptions

First, chicory root is rich in inulin, a starch-like compound made up of repeating units of carbohydrates and found in certain roots and tubers.

Not only is inulin a natural source of soluble dietary fiber, it’s also a prebiotic used to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog’s digestive tract.

And lastly, the minerals listed here do not appear to be chelated. And that can make them more difficult to absorb. Non-chelated minerals are usually associated with lower quality dog foods.

Simply Nourish Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Simply Nourish Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 29%, a fat level of 18% and estimated carbohydrates of about 45%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 28% and a mean fat level of 14%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 50% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 52%.

Near-average protein. Below-average fat. And near-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the flaxseed, this looks like the profile of a kibble containing a moderate amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Simply Nourish is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

Highly recommended.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Simply Nourish Dog Food
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Notes and Updates

07/21/2017 Last Update

  • Travis

    I have been using the large breed chicken and brown rice formula for 2 years with my 6 year old St. Bernard/ mix. He loves the food and has absolutely no problems period. Every bag I have purchased is completely clean to the bottom of the bag. I live in northwest Montana, so I bet its the store you are purchasing from or you are poorly taking care of your food and want someone to blame. My dog is very healthy and in great shape. I have had cats eat this food also and they never got sick. I would recommend this dog food to anyone who doesn’t live where you all are complaining from.

  • Ken P.

    Where do you live? This is a product made in Ogden, Utah. I’ve bought many bags and always empty them into a plastic bin (just so it’s easier to scoop food AND to spot anything in the bag that shouldn’t be there). I’ve never seen anything but kibble in over two years of buying Simply Nourish.

  • Ken P.

    I don’t know if you got a bad bag or what. I have been feeding my Sheltie this brand for almost all of her nearly three years and I’ve seen no “sharp tiny husk” in it (and I look at what I’m scooping). She produces small, firm stool.

  • Claire Warren

    I also found yellow maggot like worms and cocoons in my bag ignore adult lamb and rice dog food.

  • Fransis Odaya

    Poor quality. My dog tried Simply Nourish Small Breed Adult Chicken and Brown Rice and having watery and mucus stools. I found a lot of sharp tiny non edible husk with the kibbles. No wonder it hurt my dog stomach.

  • Fransis Odaya

    yes, mine too. my dog’s stools has mucus. stop feeding yours this product. if you look closely at the kibbles, you will found a lot of sharp tiny husk in the bag. they are not good for dog stomach. I don’t know why they put non edible husk in the food.

  • Ronald Kipp

    Has anyone noticed your dog having loose stools from feeding Simply Nourish from PetSmart? For decades I fed all of our dogs Science Diet, the dogs had firm stools. I now have a boxer and I am feeding her Simply Nourish for two months. She likes it and eats well, but her stools are loose.

  • Ann

    I just had a quick question about the simply nourish dog treats.. My cat loves these treats I feed her the simple nourish cat treats but when they run out I will pick up the simple nourish dog treats she loves both.. The last few bags I picked up for her were more greasy then the other ones and I had to stop giving them to her after she started threw up a few things of blood.. My girl won’t even look at her treats she smells them and walks away..has any one else had these experience with the dog treats lately could there be a recall on these treats that I haven’t read about?

  • 1LoveMyLife

    That’s what I’m doing as well. Transitioning off.

  • mark.saylor

    I bought a bag of SN at Petsmart last weekend. I opened it Friday evening (Fri 9.29). Tiny moths flew out. I returned said bag to Petsmart and exchanged for new bag. Opened new bag and again was full of tiny moths. Back to Petsmart today. Got my money back and was given a small bag of same food. Yes, I opened it in the store to be sure it was ok. The only reason I took the small bag was so I could ease my Lola into new food.

  • 1LoveMyLife

    Me too see above

  • 1LoveMyLife

    I spoke to Petsmart and a regional manager is calling me tomorrow. I was told it was most likely sitting in a silo where the bugs got into it before it was bagged. However it was in several different bags. It was in a Iamb bag, chicken bag, etc. I’m surprised because this store has frequently empty shelves. ( very busy store). I’m not sure what is actually happening but I’m not letting it go.

  • Susan

    Hi this could be from where the bags of kibbles are being stored, change pet store, these bugs drill a small pin hole & they’re straight into the kibble bags while they are sitting in the pet stores waiting to be sold, it may have nothing to do with “Simply Nourish” when the kibbles bags left Simply Nourish facility they probably were fine. I have found buying online from a big online store the food moves quicker & is fresher then some pet stores wheer food sits longer. Look at Chewy online store…. what kibble did you end up buying in the end, did you still buy from Petsmart??

  • 1LoveMyLife

    I have been feeding nourish to my land for a few years now. My husband usually empties the bag in their storage container. Today, I did. Maggots, webs, bugs. Worms. Took it back to Petsmart THREE bags later of different “flavors” all bugs. There needs to be a recall. Disgusted

  • Melissa Kim

    I found worms (maggots?) in my dogs Simply Nourish Senior dry food. Suspected it for over a year but wasn’t sure if I had a seasonal bug in my pantry infesting the food or vice versa. I got a new bag today and holy cow, cocoon/nests waiting to hatch and live worms. I would post a pic if I could. It has to be at factory level as its been going on for a year with multiple 30 lb bags bought.

  • This text based description was initially added to our ingredient database system over 9 years ago and is in the process of being edited to read “up to 73%…” as reviews are updated over an ongoing 18-month cycle.

    In any case, the principle remains the same… that depending on the species, the higher pre-cooking moisture content of any meat is significantly reduced down from between 60% and 75% moisture to just 10% moisture on an “as fed” basis during the heat based extrusion process when making kibble.

  • Lee Aumend

    Web site:

    Product Name Percentage Water
    Raw Cooked
    Chicken fryer, whole 66% 60%
    White meat chicken, with skin 69% 61%
    Dark meat chicken, with skin 66% 59%
    Ground beef, 85% lean 64% 60%
    Ground beef, 73% lean 56% 55%
    Beef, eye of round 73% 65%
    Beef, whole brisket 71%

    While the chart did not copy well, nothing is 80% water. Get your facts straight!

  • haleycookie

    This is nothing new. A lot of brands have this issue. I’m convinced it’s just a pet store issue myself. It only takes a pin sized hole for a moth to get in and infest. I see it a lot in older bags of proplan and science diet. I’ve also seen giant clumps of mold in “5 star quality” foods. It’s just something that happens. It shouldnt hurt your dog expecially if you haven’t fed any so just take the bag back and either switch brands or get a new bag or get your money back. You might contact the company so the can know the lot number and know what’s up and you can sometimes get free bag coupons from the company as well.

  • Ziba Rules

    I bought a large bag of SN for my dog and the bag is filled with maggots. That doesn’t sound very nutrious now does it? I am completely disgusted at the amount of money I spend to get garbage and risk my dogs health in return. I just laid my last dog down a year ago and don’t need a re-run. Should u go to the media or get a lawyer? I am beyond disgusted right now. This is totally unacceptable!

  • Ziba Rules

    I bought a large bag of SN for my dog last week and the bag is filled with maggots. That doesn’t sound very nutrious now does it? Who is the GM of the brickyard PetSmart? I am completely disgusted at the amount of money I spend there to get garbage and risk my dogs health in return.

  • Kalara Zrinyi

    Not every veterinarian is a good veterinarian. There aren’t that many vet schools in the States and people do get burned out. Also, some vets just don’t focus on nutrition. My parents were vets before they retired. Went to school in Alabama. Always fed our dogs Science Diet (ew) and fed our cats Meow Mix (also ew.) They stopped practicing in 2000. The dogs were bored and unhealthy. They never had treats or chews, and rarely left their “run.” The cats vomited all of the time. Like, twice a day. My parents’ attitude was that they were just animals, so why spend money on good food for them?

    Humans in the house didn’t eat very healthy food either. Lots of microwave dinners. Hey, your vet works hard, but nobody knows everything. Please do your own study, people!

  • Peggy Potts

    I was thinking about purchasing this food as well, but NO WAY. I am damn sick and tired that this country can’t get some laws and regulations in place regarding the health and safety of our beloved pets. I’m glad I read the comments. Nutro Max it is!!

  • Lizzie

    Keep in mind bugs in dog food is not exclusive to Simply Nourish. I have had a similar problem with multiple brands over the years. There are many different types of pests in nearly all dry food warehouses (including grocery store products for humans). If you’ve ever experienced weevils in flour, rice, or other grains, you understand this is not just an issue with dog food, but all dry foods.

    I tend to buy the more expensive organic products, so I store them in the refrigerator or freezer (where pests eggs will not survive) because I don’t want to throw money down the drain. However, this is quite impossible when it comes to my dogs’ food because of the large quantity and limited freezer space. The best we can do is keep in a sealed container. We have had a couple instances of meal moths in dog food, but as mentioned that can happen to any dry food coming from a warehouse. The company will usually refund your money if you find pests. Dry food pest larvae is not typically harmful in consumption, just icky to think about.

  • Ari

    Is the salmon one grain free??

  • H Smith

    I never bother writing reviews but this has got me pretty angry! We’ve been feeding our dog this type of food for the past 6 months, we thought we’d read all of the reviews (they seemed to suggest it was a good dog food) and to be honest it’s never easy finding a food that’s okay for our little guy. He was fine on this for months but more recently he has gone off of his food, fussy we initially thought, but after a while I thought I’d double check this website and saw all of the reviews about bugs! However, since they were dating back months and we hadn’t noticed anything in his food thus far I purchased another bag of this food yesterday and have just opened it to find it full of flying bugs – Indian Moths (which look more like a fly than a moth). I am so angry that this company think it’s okay to continue to produce bags of this food that contain bugs – it’s not like it’s only just happened (seems to have been going on for years). How can this company think it’s okay to allow bugs to continue to appear in dog food? Surely it’s starting in the factory if it’s being seen so widespread? I’m disgusted with the response that people seem to be getting from the company, we won’t be buying any of this brand again!

  • Heather

    I just bought a bag from Pet smart. Get it home and its full of bugs. All Pet smart will do so far is return money and coupons.

  • Judy Presler

    also when you change a dog or cats food to another.. you must mix the one that you are changing to the new one… if not your dog with get upset stomach and diarrhea. my dog eats the grain free simply nourish for adult dogs no problem with bugs.

  • Carolyn Lambert

    I have been feeding this for little over two months the last bad had bugs in the bottom and it had some pieces of other dog food in it not sure what kind of dog food but was shapes like friskies cat food. I decided to feed this because of its review and the fact that my one dog is allergic to fish and feathers

  • Antoinette Rodrigues

    I prefer to pass on “Science Diet”, thank you very much! Research with your own mind is your best alternative, which many people do. If you research ingredients in Science Diet, “Natural” makes more sense, as is also true for human diets! Homeopathic medicine is a business, as is Science Diet!!