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Rating: ★★★★☆

Holistic Select Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars.

The Holistic Select product line includes 11 dry dog foods.

Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.

Important: Because many websites do not reliably specify which Growth or All Life Stages recipes are safe for large breed puppies, we do not include that data in this report. Be sure to check actual packaging for that information.

  • Holistic Select Senior Health [M]
  • Holistic Select Puppy Health (4.5 stars) [G]
  • Holistic Select Weight Management (3 stars) [M]
  • Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Adult Health [M]
  • Holistic Select Adult Health Duck Meal (3.5 stars) [M]
  • Holistic Select Adult Health Lamb Meal (3.5 stars) [M]
  • Holistic Select Adult Health Chicken Meal and Rice [M]
  • Holistic Select Small & Mini Breed Puppy Health (5 stars) [G]
  • Holistic Select Small & Mini Breed Adult Health (4.5 stars) [M]
  • Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Health (3.5 stars) [G]
  • Holistic Select Adult Health Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meals (3.5 stars) [M]

Holistic Select Adult Health Chicken Meal and Rice was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Holistic Select Adult Health Chicken Meal and Rice

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 27% | Fat = 17% | Carbs = 49%

Ingredients: Chicken meal, ground brown rice, ground white rice, oatmeal, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), pork meal, dried beet pulp, anchovy & sardine meal, flaxseed, dried egg product, menhaden fish oil, carrots, pumpkin, cranberries, tomato pomace, dehydrated alfalfa meal, potassium chloride, apples, peas, organic quinoa, vitamins [vitamin E supplement, beta-carotene, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), niacin supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin A supplement, d-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin D3 supplement, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin supplement, biotin, folic acid], minerals [zinc polysaccharide complex, iron polysaccharide complex, copper polysaccharide complex, manganese polysaccharide complex, sodium selenite, cobalt carbonate, potassium iodide], papaya, dried kelp, blueberries, pomegranate, glucosamine hydrochloride, inulin, mixed tocopherols added to preserve freshness, Yucca schidigera extract, dl-methionine, ground cinnamon, ground fennel, ground peppermint, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product, dried Bacillus licheniformis fermentation product, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation product, dried Aspergillus niger fermentation product, lecithin, choline chloride, rosemary extract, green tea extract

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 4.4%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis24%15%NA
Dry Matter Basis27%17%49%
Calorie Weighted Basis23%35%42%
Protein = 23% | Fat = 35% | Carbs = 42%

The first ingredient in this dog food is chicken meal. Chicken meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken.

The next two ingredients are ground brown rice and ground white rice. Ground rice (also known as rice flour) is considered a gluten-free substitute for wheat flour.

The fourth ingredient is oatmeal, a whole-grain product made from coarsely ground oats. Oatmeal is naturally rich in B-vitamins, dietary fiber and can be (depending upon its level of purity) gluten-free.

The fifth ingredient is chicken fat. Chicken fat is obtained from rendering chicken, a process similar to making soup in which the fat itself is skimmed from the surface of the liquid.

Chicken fat is high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for life. Although it doesn’t sound very appetizing, chicken fat is actually a quality ingredient.

The sixth ingredient is pork meal, another protein-rich meat concentrate. Yet it can also be high in ash — about 25-30%.

However, the ash content of the final product is typically adjusted in the recipe to allow its mineral profile to meet AAFCO guidelines.

The seventh ingredient is beet pulp. Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient, a high fiber by-product of sugar beet processing.

Some denounce beet pulp as an inexpensive filler while others cite its outstanding intestinal health and blood sugar benefits.

We only call your attention here to the controversy and believe the inclusion of beet pulp in reasonable amounts in most dog foods is entirely acceptable.

The eighth ingredient is anchovy and sardine meal, yet another high protein meat concentrate.

Fish meal is typically obtained from the “clean, dried, ground tissue of undecomposed whole fish and fish cuttings” of commercial fish operations.1

The ninth ingredient is flaxseed, one of the best plant sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Provided they’ve first been ground into a meal, flax seeds are also rich in soluble fiber.

However, flaxseed contains about 19% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With seven notable exceptions

First, we find menhaden oil. Menhaden are small ocean fish related to herring. Their oil is naturally rich in the prized EPA and DHA type of omega-3 fatty acids, two high quality fats boasting the highest bio-availability to both dogs and humans.

What’s more, in their mid-depth habitat, menhaden are not as likely to be exposed to mercury contamination as is typical with deep water species.

Next, tomato pomace is a controversial ingredient, a by-product remaining after processing tomatoes into juice, soup and ketchup.

Many praise tomato pomace for its high fiber and nutrient content, while others scorn it as an inexpensive pet food filler.

Just the same, there’s probably not enough tomato pomace here to make much of a difference.

In addition, although alfalfa meal is high in plant protein (about 18%) and fiber (25%), this hay-family item is more commonly associated with horse feeds.

Next, we note the inclusion of peas. Peas are a quality source of carbohydrates. And like all legumes, they’re rich in natural fiber.

However, peas contain about 25% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the meat content of this dog food.

Additionally, quinoa, (pronounced keen-wah) is not a true cereal grain but a plant prized for its gluten-free seeds.

Compared to most other grain-type ingredients, it is high in protein (about 12-18%), dietary fiber and other healthy nutrients.

We also note the inclusion of inulin, a starch-like compound made up of repeating units of carbohydrates and typically sourced from chicory root.

Not only is inulin a natural source of soluble dietary fiber, it’s also a prebiotic used to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog’s digestive tract.

And lastly, this food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

Holistic Select Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Holistic Select Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 27%, a fat level of 17% and estimated carbohydrates of about 49%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 27% and a mean fat level of 16%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 49% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 58%.

Near-average protein. Near-average fat. And near-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

When you consider the protein-boosting effect of the flaxseed, alfalfa meal, peas and quinoa, this looks like the profile of a dry product containing a moderate amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Holistic Select is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

Highly recommended.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Those looking for a wet food from the same company may wish to visit our review of Holistic Select canned dog food.

Holistic Select Dog Food
Recall History

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You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. Or view the same list sorted alphabetically by brand.

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Notes and Updates

05/18/2017 Last Update

  1. Association of American Feed Control Officials
  • Veronica Lodge

    Food chain…a little mouse hair never hurt a cat. I’m sure the moles my daughter’s dang dog digs at 2 feet under, taste pretty darn good. And thankfully, she’s not sick. I’m obviously here checking on commercial dog food, but maybe we get a little too touchy as to what we feed our babies. They’re still primal animals, and have pretty tough internal fortitude 😉 I’m still doing research though, as a mole or mouse is a rare “delicacy” for our pups (gross ugh), so what we feed them every day seems to be more important considering it’s a constant which in daily quantities, may harm our best friends. We need it to be the best. Merrick seems to make a very high quality food, but I haven’t done my full research yet. I’ve used their more economical brand, which I poured a cup of water on each feeding, making a thin gravy, and pups loved it! I’m going to do more research on them. Anybody have info on Merrick? Thanks!

  • Sisa Sara

    I did change my great dane food from Royal canin to Holistic Select it is much better food, Vet are seling Royal canin Ecanuba etc reason why they do recomanded so they can make money

  • BaahBen .

    I used this dog food for many years until I got fed up with the constant price increases.

  • aimee

    Hi Jason,

    You wrote “Pro plan doesn’t have any pro biotics or digestive enzymes!

  • Pitlove

    Hi again Jayson-

    Unfortunately the numbers that Holistic Select has listed on their GA unless stated otherwise are minimums. The true values would be found on a nutrient or typical analysis which I was unable to find at the time I looked into this food. Hence why I emailed their customer service. When I confronted them about their values being in excess, I was informed that they would be reformulating their LBP food to be more in line with current research in the near future. That’s why if you look at my OP to Janet I suggested she re-contact them to see if the formula had been updated.

    As far as Hills’ values they listed. Mathematically, 1.2 is higher than 1.17 therefore even on minimum numbers Hills comes out lower. Hills and Purina both have appropriate levels of ca/phos as well as ca/kcal ratios. This has already been outlined in a couple blogs written by veterinary nutritionists.

  • Jayson Green

    Holistics large breed guaranteed analysis states there is only 1.2% calcium.
    Pro Plan doesn’t list/guarantee their calcium levels.
    Nor do royal canin… Hills SD does however. Their level being even higher at 1.17%

    As for their phosphorus levels it comes in at a 1%.
    Which are both good ratios.

    I’m not sure where you got your information about high calcium or phosphorus from but it doesn’t seem to be quite correct.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Jayson-

    So are you suggesting that a food with probiotics, fruits and vegetables, but excessive calcium that could potentially cause a large breed puppy to develop bone growth issues is better than one without all of those extras, but has appropriate levels of calcium to ensure optimal growth? That does not make sense to me personally. Maybe you have your reasoning though.

  • Jayson Green

    Noooooo! Janet!
    Pro plan doesn’t have any pro biotics or digestive enzymes! Not to mention there’s no fruit or veg in the food!
    You’d be going from an amazing digestive and natural product to highly processed junk food
    Vets recommend that crap because the company PAYS them to! Just read the reviews on this site!
    Purina is a company that only cares about marketing and money.
    I’ve studied lots of naturual dog food and holistic has so many benefits above the rest!
    I’ve had both my large breed dogs on it their whole lives and they are in immaculate condition!
    This food is the bomb!
    Vets don’t get training on brands they don’t sell. They get trained on the brands they do sell and tell people those are the only good choices.
    I’ve seen it first hand >:c

    Please stick to Holistic. Even call the company if you want to make sure they meet the right levels. I can’t imagine a company like WellPet wouldn’t meet the right levels for giant breed when I’ve seen so many wolf hounds, Danes and grey hounds flourish and grow ecceptionally on it!

  • aimee

    Hi Vicki,

    I’m glad your dogs are doing well. Like you I’ve had no issues with skin, ears or allergies and my dogs do eat corn and wheat and soy . You see the problem isn’t with the ingredient, in that situation it is the individual sensitivity .Just like peanuts cause problems in some people and most enjoy peanut based products without any concern.

    I do believe though that you feed by product if you feed kibble and that is ok too as there is nothing wrong with by product. Lots of good nutrients in the stuff we humans discard.

    Like you I add fresh to my dog’s diet: fruit vegetables and meats But I try to limit to 10% of total calories as the “extra’s”

  • Vicki

    Corn, wheat, soy and by products will never be a part of my dogs menu. I have had no skin issues, allergies or ear problems since I went this way. Wish I had the time to make my own because I’d love to feed them what they are supposed to eat. I do mix human grade meat in with their kibble so I know they are getting some good protein and it’s around a 50% reduction in bloat by doing so.

  • Pitlove

    In this case Janet’s vet was correct that this food was not appropriate for her puppy. The levels of calcium and phosphorus at the time I contacted the company far exceeded even the current updated AAFCO recommendations for LBPs during growth. What this tells me is that Holistic Select does not invest any effort in even reading up on current research and for me personally, that is not a company I can stand behind.

    I would also be interested to know what qualifies a holistic vet more on the subject of nutrition. Considering they attend the same veterinary schools as their western medicine practicing vet counterparts and often start out as western practitioners. I would therefore imagine they receieved the same amount of training in nutrition. I think the correct statement here would be that general practice vets (holistic or not) are not specialists in nutrition, unless they are also a board certified veterinary nutritionist. ACVN certified nutritionists also recommend Hill’s even though they mostly do consulting work and do not actually sell the product.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Vicki-

    Like Aimee my research lead me to Purina as my brand of choice and away from the brands that are claimed to be “better”. No recalls do not guarantee no problems.

  • aimee

    I remember the 2007 melamine recall, it was tragic. Menu foods purchased what was supposed to be a food grade wheat gluten and it wasn’t. Hill and Purina both had contracted out slices and gravy type foods to Menu so yes some of their products were involved.

    Protein can be sourced from plant or amimals and there are pros and cons to each source. Many foods use a blend of animal based and plant based proteins.

    I have no concerns with feeding rice daily in regards to arsenic. This is copied from a post I made in regards to arsenic

    “Dogs though are extremly efficient at eliminating arsenic. Effects of
    low level exposure of the type seen in humans doen’t occur in dogs. And
    calculaing out the amount reported in rice to a dog’s acute exposure
    level would mean the consumption of somewhere around 5000 cups of rice
    in one day for a 25 lb dog. That ain’t gonna happen!! LOL

    I agree it is important to research. I find PubMed to be a good source. It is because of the extensive research that I’ve done that I do feed Purina and Hills among others.

  • Vicki

    Do you remember, in 2007 I believe, when dogs were falling over dead from dog food? Hills and Purina were among the culprits. Corn gluten from China. It is something they use to up the protein in dog food instead of the real deal (meat). Check with dogfoodadvisor.com on foods with ingredients that dogs should and shouldn’t eat. I’ve researched every food out there when I lost my dog to cancer 12 years ago. Grain free is best but some are putting in to many peas which is resulting in fertility problems. Rice naturally has arsenic in it so I don’t want them eating that on a daily basis. You have to educate yourself and do your research. Animals have no rights and any company anywhere can bag up garbage and call it dog food and lie about the ingredients.

  • aimee


    Any food sold at at vet office would make the practice money which is why simply “making money” can’t be the reason the vet is recommending Hill’s.

  • aimee

    Hi Vicki,
    I went through the recall list on this site and I see 2 Purina recalls, 1 Hills recall and one market withdrawal and 3 Wellpet recalls. Each company makes various brands. Of those three companies, it is the company that makes Holistic Select that has the most recalls posted on this site.

    Recalls though in my mind aren’t necessarily a bad thing. It is much better to recall if there is a potential problem vs letting the food stay on the shelves. This is why it is important to look into the type of recall and how it was handled.

    I’m aware of two lawsuits on Purina which were dismissed and Hills was sued by Dr Dodds for using the term nutrigenomics. Other than that I’m not aware of any lawsuits against Hills.

    Please outline the numerous lawsuits against the companies and their outcomes I must have missed them.

  • Vicki

    Vets know nothing on nutrition unless it’s a holistic vet! They make money on Hills which is why they push it. Also, dogs don’t need yearly vaccines either which vets also push for money. They are not your best friend.

  • Vicki

    OMG! Hills and Purina are the trash of dog foods! Numerous recalls and LAWSUITS on these companies. I have been using Holistic Select since 2007 and when the came out with the grain free I switched to that. Never a recall!
    Fromm is a good one if you want to switch to something else but the grain free is more expensive.

  • anon101

    If you have more than a 1 month supply of dry food, store it in the fridg in an air tight container.
    I store all dry food in the fridg anyway. so that it won’t go stale.

  • Janet

    I was way ahead of you, I called and talked to the receptionist at the front desk, who then asked the vet and said the same thing. Thanks, I will try out the Pro Plan since everyone at the vets office uses it, hope it’s good.

  • anon101

    Mix it 1/2 and 1/2 with the new food of your choice till it’s gone.
    That’s what I would do, as long as the dog is not having an adverse reaction to the food.
    Check with your vet, to be sure this is okay.

  • Janet

    I think I will be changing but I still have almost a full 30 lb bag left of her food, what should I do with it? It was not the most expensive dog food at $56. but it surely wasn’t less either

  • Janet

    Thanks, I am really considering changing since I did get commets recommending the vets call on what I should be feeding, your probably right about Dr. Goggle, thanks again.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Janet-

    I actually do agree with your vet that I would not feed this brand( unless they’ve changed their formula ). I looked into this company for another poster on here and when I emailed them for their max values of calcium and phosphorus they gave me values that when I put into the calcium calculator on this website were far too high for a large breed puppy. When I emailed the company back to ask why their values on a large breed puppy food were so excessive, they told me that they would be reformulating there foods in the future to be more in-line with current research. I do not know if that has changed but before continuing to feed this food I would contact the company again and ask for their max values of calcium and phosphorus and input them into the calcium calculator on this website and see if they fall with in the safe ranges.

    As far as Hills and Purina go they are the two companies that are the leaders in research on large and giant breed puppy nutrition and growth. That is a fact that is not represented in the star rating that they get on this website. A large breed puppy formula from either of those companies would be a good product to use.

  • anon101

    Great Danes are vulnerable to all kinds of genetic problems.
    So, I would listen to your vet.
    There are a lot of anti-vet people on the internet, so I would not consider Dr Google to be research.
    For science based veterinary medicine go here: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/category/nutrition/

  • Janet

    Today, I went in to the vets office to get a routine checkup and vaccinations for my 16 week old Great Dane and was asked what I was feeding her and I told her it was Holistic Select Large/Giant Breed Puppy Food and she stated although its great that I am feeding a large breed puppy food, she would not recommend the brand and tried to push other brands such as Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan and Royal Carin. I have researched all different types of brands and found this one which has 4.5 stars instead of 2.5 stars that in Purina line. Should I listen to the vet and change or keep feeding the Holistic brand. I am so very confused, aren’t vets right, like doctors for humans in knowing what is good or not for our beloved animals.

  • Jayson Green

    I think you may have had a bit of bad luck. It wouldn’t be the dog food. Otherwise there would be THOUSANDS of sick dogs. I’ve had dogs on this amazing food from day one until they took their last breath. I’m disappointed that a vet would make you think something like this was the fault of a high quality highly scientific natural food.

  • Jayson Green

    Just to clarify if anyone is still wondering, the term ” * Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles” Means that a particular ingredient in the dog food is n’t Essential or Required BUT the company puts it in anyway usually due to its beneficial aspects. c:

  • Shea

    I noticed the Rabbit and Lamb is a new recipe. Hope the US gets it soon. It looks like a great recipe! I’m still between Holistic Select and Fromm to try Sadie on next.

  • Susan

    Hi we have the Rabbit & Lamb meals recipe in Australia as well, the Rabbit & Lamb is always sold off the self as soon as it comes in, the Turkey & Lentils doesn’t sell as well… I wonder why Holistic Select only sells the Rabbit & Lamb Meals recipe in Australia & not sell in America ?? http://holisticselect.com.au/product.aspx?pet=dog&cat=5&pid=107

  • Shea

    I received the Turkey and Lentils sample today. My little terrier really liked it. I love that it’s higher protein and low fat and it has the digestive enzymes she needs. I will probably be purchasing this for her pretty soon. I was reading comments about bad quality control and wanted to see others opinions on this brand and see if any other issues have arisen.

  • Thomas Bushey

    Easy Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipe 🙂


  • Storm’s Mom

    Right, forgot about calculating in ash, my bad. Thanks!

  • Susan

    To get Carb % you add Protein % + Fat % + Fiber % + Moisture + Ash % if you don’t know the Ash % you add 8% for the Ash take away score from 100 & it comes to 32% carbs….I emailed Holistic Select to ask what is the max fat % & the carb % & they emailed me back saying their Adult/Puppy Salmon Anchovy & Sardines grain free is their lowest carb kibble. Carbs-at 32% as Per Feed & 35.16% Dry Matter , the max fat % -14.71% as feed & 15.99% -Dry Matter…
    Go on Rodney Habib Face Book page he has a video at the moment about how to calculate how much carbs/sugar is in your kibble, there’s a few kibbles that are low in carbs “Earthborn Holistic” Primitive has only 17%-Carbs Great Plains has 26% carbs, “Taste Of The Wild” kibbles that are 32% -protein & 18% -fat are around 30% carbs, Wysong Epigen 90 has only 4% Carbs their Epigen has 9%-carbs……

  • Storm’s Mom

    That one’s a regular part of my rotation and my guy does great on it, however, there’s no way it’s got only 32% carbs. It’s got 28% protein, 13% protein, 6% fibre, and 10% moisture on a GA basis. That leaves 43% carbs on a GA basis. I’m not sure what it would be on a dry matter or calorie weighted basis, but the carbs would definitely be higher than 32%. There are very few kibbles on the market with carbs that low on any basis, and Holistic Select GF Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine isn’t one of them.

  • Susan

    The Holistic Select, Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine Adult/Puppy grain free has the lowest carbs at 32%…..it’s the lowest out of all the Holistic Select range.

  • Bunnylove67

    Sometimes you have to use your own head rather than listening to a vet, if a food isn’t working for your dog, you switch the food, not continue. I hope you found a new vet, because this vets recommendations seem to be motivated by money. You should try a raw diet for your dog and stay away from prescription dog food.

  • Crazy4dogs

    In that case, I would contact the company, since it must have happened in the manufacturing process. It’s gross and unfortunate, but have you ever seen how many rat hairs are allowed in human food? It’s so disgusting, I made my kids’ food from scratch and ground up fresh meals for them. If it’s allowed in human food, what is the tolerance in pet food? So sad, but true.

  • Kate

    My bad. It was a typo. There was no hole in the bag, indicating that the mouse was in the bag at the time of purchase.

  • Amateria

    I’d be quiet upset to find such a thing in my dogs food as well if he was on kibble or any dog food for that matter, he gets home cooked lucky dog hehe.

    But these things happen all the time even in people food its really bad but your not alone.
    One person once found a mouse in her loaf of bread he was baked into it like totally gross…

    Totally get in touch with the company though they may have an infestation and they need to know about it pronto!

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’m not sure I understand your post. You said “Upon inspection, there were no holes in the bag, indicating that a mouse would have gotten into the bag after purchase.”

    That would mean that the mouse got in when you were in control of the bag. I actually had a mouse get into a bag of dog food that I had purchased and opened. If that’s the case, the company could not possbily be held accountable as it happened on your watch (as it happened to me).

  • Kate

    I have been purchasing Holistic Select Grain Free dog food manufactured by your company for the last three years. Today I found a dead mouse in a bag that had been freshly opened. Upon inspection, there were no holes in the bag, indicating that a mouse would have gotten into the bag after purchase.

    As a loyal consumer, I am disturbed at the level of unprofessionalism that would have gone into producing a manufacturing environment where something like this would be made possible. I am disappointed that a company whose philosophy promotes an “unwavering devotion to quality” and strives to produce “natural pet food that is safe, wholesome, and beneficial to pets health and wellbeing,” would allow for this type of oversight. Dead rodents have been found to contaminate food and carry disease. I have emailed the manufacturer and intend to call the local pet store where we purchase the food.

    All in all — Im just really disappointed.

  • Pamela724

    Thanks so much, Susan.

  • Susan

    Gee this is easy, go with “Well Pet” Well Pet make Wellness, Holistic Select & Eagle Pack…Just be careful with fat% Shih Tzu can suffer from Pancreatitis, if the fat say 5% fat in wet tin food when converted to dry matter (kibble) 5% fat is around 22% fat if it were a kibble… you can email Wellness & they send you out all their recipe/flavours fat % converted… A lady from the Pancreatitis Canine Face Book group Emailed Wellness they emailed back converted fat%, we were a bit surprised some flavours said 3% fat but when converted were around 25% fat so it must depend on recipe.. her dog did very well on the Wellness & Holistic Select wet foods…

  • Pamela724

    Yes. Is it back by AAFCO or just my Wellness aspect?

  • Pitlove

    Ok- I looked on their website and did find their AAFCO statement stating: Wellness Just for Puppy Formula Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for growth.

    I do not see anything saying that it’s not backed by AAFCO. Would you be able to get one of the cans and type out exactly what it says?

    Only thing I can think of is that sometimes there will be a statement saying “Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles” with a * in front of it. Could that be what you saw?

  • Pamela724

    The Just for Puppy Holistic Nutrition for Growing Puppy Chicken & Salmon

  • Pitlove

    Hi Pamela-

    Which Wellness puppy formula are you using?

  • Pamela724

    Help please! I have a 10 weeks old Shih Tzu that been on the Hill Science Diet puppy canned food for 4 weeks now. While searching to find the best canned puppy food here on this website Hills Science Diet is not listed. S, I went with Wellness for puppy canned food that listed. Except on the back of the can there an asterisk (*) that states it is not back by the AAFCO, yet Wellness states on the can also that is meets the AAFCO establish nutrients. When searching for the best food here on the website the editor said we should look for statement such as this. Can someone tell me should I keep my puppy on Hill Science Diet or should I change her to a better food and if so what kind.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Storm’s currently on the Holistic Select Grain Free Adult & Puppy Health Salmon & Anchovy and Sardine Meal (which is probably the longest and most complicatedly named food I’ve never heard of!! haha) ..he’s been on it for a couple of weeks now. I was initially a bit sceptical about it because it’s at the lowest end of protein I’d feed, and it’s got a “double dose” of potatoes it seems like (“potatoes” AND “dried ground potatoes”) ..but I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised!! Storm loves it and he’s actually doing really well on it. We’ve managed to reduce the number of poops per day by 1, too! Bonus!! (and they have been consistently well formed and pretty good volume-wise)

    The only negative thing is that I have to feed him close to 2 cups per day, when on some foods he’s good with only 1 cup, so it’s not the best value in the world. (when I add in canned topper, it’ll be less than 2 cups per day, of course.. but whenever I try a new food for the first time, I always feed it “straight” for the first bag so I get a good read on how he does on the kibble alone).

    But I think I’ll add it to the rotation.. he doesn’t get many foods with potato, generally, and with “anchovy and sardine meal” being the main ingredient, that’s a bit of a novelty for him, too.

  • Renee

    Good to know. Thanks. Unfortunately he can’t have rice either. So sensitive. LOL but maybe it will help others.

  • Susan

    http://holisticselect.com.au/recipes.aspx?pet=dog the first kibble you see white & blue bag Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon meals its high in omega 3

  • Susan

    there’s 2 different Holistic Select kibbles Salmon and Anchovy & Sardine Grain Free with potatos Pink & Brown packaging
    the other kibble is Anchovy Sardine & Salmon it brown rice its the white & blue packet..

  • Renee

    They’ve changed the formula. When I ordered it the labeling on it didn’t list potatoes. My dog began having an extreme reaction. i looked it up again to try to isolate the issue and lo and behold potatoes are now listed. DARN!

  • J. Taylor

    I changed from Blue Buffalo because my frenchie had very bad gas all day log, and had loose stools. I decided to try the adult and puppy salmon, sardine and anchovy grain free Holistic select after reading this site. Gas completely gone, and her stools are perfect. And she gobbles it down in seconds and keeps returning to her bowl wanting more.

    I highly recommend the Adult and Puppy Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meals!

  • JeremyScottRenolds

    In order to keep my very picky dog excited about eating I change up her food. Rotational feeding is also much healthier than feeding just one food. It’s easy when using the smaller bags of raw dehydrated like Primal, Stella and Chewys, Stewarts…just add water. When pressed for time I use the 4 ounce bags of Real Meat Pet Food air dried, it’s very palatable. You can buy 3 4ounce sample bags for $15, and break up a Real Meat Pet Food treat on top…it’s much healthier and more palatable than over- processed, devitalized kibble. Ziwi Peak is another good option to kibble…they offer a 16 ounce bag, You can also look into 5 star frozen raw, canned and small or sample bags of 5 star kibble. Go slowly with transition if there’s upset and add enzymes, probiotics and 1-2 teaspoons pumpkin to avoid stomach issues during transition, enzymes and probiotics also help with optimal absorption of nutrients and I use on a daily basis. You can also buy meat and feed with a premix. The more variety, the better. Good luck.

  • DogFoodie

    I second Bobby Dog’s thoughts below.

    I’d also add that you shouldn’t buy a big huge bag of food for your little dog. You should ideally buy the size bag of food that you’ll use within a couple of weeks. Dry food begins to oxidize as soon as the bag is opened, even when properly stored in its original packaging in an airtight container. Before you know it, you’re feeding your beloved rancid food.

  • Bobby dog

    Hi Sally:
    Did you transition to the new food, mixing old with new? If so, how long did you take to transition? The food may disagree with her or she just might not like it. Very frustrating no matter the problem!

    Also, Holistic Select (and most retailers) has a money back guarantee so all you need to do is return the unused portion to the retailer.

  • Sally

    We have been feeding this to our Bischon for six days now. She is refusing to eat it most of the time. She sniffs it and then walks away. We purchased a very large bag of this thinking it would be so good for her since she tends to scratch a lot. Not sure what to do at this point. We have added water, added bits of food she likes, and nothing seems to make it appeal to her. I forgot to mention it is the Salmon,sardine flavor.

  • Susan

    Did you slowley introduce over 10 days to 2 weeks??

  • Njt320

    My dog was very sick too hope your dog is better! I am scared to try any other food now and still have him on the boiled rice and ground beef 🙁

  • Njt320

    My dog got very sick on this. Wasted my money $$$$ and ended up at vet.

  • Susan

    Also the Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon meal is excellent for itchy skin problem dogs also has NO Potatos or Peas……

  • Karen

    The Holistic Select Adult Health Chicken Meal and Rice is the best food my miniature schnauzers have been on in YEARS. Their colors are GREAT, and the coats look so shiny and healthy. I highly recommend this food!

  • Shawna

    Interesting finding — patients had a 50/50 chance of responding favorably to dietary change. That was my situation but luckily I didn’t have to resort to a prescription hydrolyzed protein diet. I just had to quit feeding chicken… Easy peasy…. Determining chicken was the culprit was not as easy peasy…. That took some actual effort on my part. But she’s worth it!!

  • aimee

    Here is a link to information about inflammatory bowel disease.


  • Terry

    My vet never suggested Prednisolone. I would definitely look into systemic effects of steroids, ie. cataracs for one.

  • sue66b

    I just got ur reply was ur dog ever put on Prednisolone as the vet wants Patch on the prednisolone 30mg a day then in 2weeks he reduces his dose, Ive read bad things about Prednisolone I told the vet he said yes thats when the drug is abused for long periods I dont know what to do I did get the Prednisolone tablets but havnt started them yet Patch only weigh 16 kilos I thought that 30mgs a day was a bit too much,, my boxer weigh 34kilos & she was only on 20mg aday before she passed away it made her worse..

  • Terry

    My 11 yr old Sheltie has suffered with IBS for 2 years and to spite all of my efforts I have been unable to help him until recently. I won’t bore you with the details of all the failed trials that occurred in the past 2 years even though I was working with a vet. But I refused to give up on my beloved Bo, so believe me when I tell you I tried absolutely everything. Recently I found Holistic Select Grain Free Adult and Puppy Health with Salmon and Anchovy & Sardine Meal Recipe. This food began to change everything. It didn’t happen immediately, but after about 2 weeks on this food Bo started to feel better and started to have firm stools for the first time in 2 years. I was also advised to add a tablespoon of plain canned pumpkin (not spiced pie filling) to each one cup feeding. I did this after the first couple of weeks on the HS, this helped too. I am very pleased with this food, it helped me help my best buddy. Best of all, Bo loves this food. I have a 7 month old Yorkie-poo who began to want Bo’s food more then her own puppy food (which she used to love), so I switched her to it (minus the pumpkin) and she loves it too. Now they are both on the same food which makes it a bit easier. Give it a try, it worked for us.

  • sue66b

    Im just wondering is ur dog desexed…What food was he on before the Holistic Select, I dont think the H/S has cause these problems..they may of happened no matter what he was eating…When a food causes health problems its normally skin/ear, stomach & bowel problems with food..Hope he gets better soon, he must be hurting both ends not working right..poor boy…

  • Crazy4cats

    I’m really sorry your dog is so sick. I hope he comes through this. Good luck!

  • Betsy Greer

    How exactly did the very determine that your dog’s problems were caused by the food?

    One of my dogs has some good intolerance issues and I watch him very carefully for signs of a reaction. When he reacts I switch him immediately.

    If a medical issue could be resolved with a food change, isn’t that worth trying? Keeping him on a food he’s reacting to increases the likelihood he’ll need surgery.

    I would switch my dog regardless of what my vet said, but then my dog would’ve never been on the same food for six months in the first place.

  • Michelle

    Holistic Select has made my 4 year old dog incredibly sick. Since he’s been on holistic select for about 6 months and developed A LOT of problems which the vet has determined is from the food. He’s had an anal gland rupture and abcess. Poor guy was in so much pain and and it took three weeks to get that under control with heavy antibiotics. We were told to not switch the food until we could determine if he needed surgery or not. Right when the anal gland issue was in the clear all of a sudden he couldn’t urinate. He developed crystals and bladder stones blocking his ability to urinate. His bladder is inflamed, he needed a catheter and is now once again on pain medication and antibiotics. We don’t know if he’ll need surgery for this now. He may need to be on a prescribed food for the rest of his life because of this poison called Holistic Select. Not to mention that in the last month it’s cost us over 2 grand in vet bills because of it. This manufacturer should be ashamed of themselves. I’ll be sure to cook him homemade food if he can ever get off of the prescription food. We should really be lobbying to have pet food regulated in Canada. Unbelievable that it’s not.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Holistic Select has a new Turkey & Lentils grain-free formula.. looks pretty good!! 32% protein, 14% fat on a GA basis.


    Can’t wait to try the chicken-allergic Storm on it! (love love love finding new ones he can have!! …edit: just noticed it has chickpeas, which Storm’s had issues with in the past..hmm…) He’s never had Holistic Select before, so hopefully this will be another brand option for the rotation.

  • Pyre Pixie

    My dog loved HS, but our current pet store discontinued it. I moved to Pure Balance, with Bison and Pea. This food you can probably find at your localt Wal-Mart. The bison has a 4.5 rating for a lot lower cost. I recently moved to Blue Wilderness, simply because my dog prefers the taste and there is Glucosamine in the food. I hate giving him tablets! My dog did well on all three of these foods. The Blue has a higher protein and has been linked to kidney damage, so I would talk to your vet. Mine said my dog was still young enough and he absolutely loves the taste of Blue Wilderness. Happy hunting!

  • sue66b

    I just read the new recipe they have also changed the grainfree recipe, they have added brewers dried yeast, & the papaya & salt which was further down is up more,,there’s probably more that I’ve missed..

  • sue66b

    I just got an email from Holistic select as I join their Holistic Pet Community & they are repacketaging their grain free kibble….so I’d say they are repacketaging their other kibbles as well,

  • mommadog1

    You have got to give the food longer. He will eat that food, he is going to get hungry. I think he is getting to many changes and it is starting to make him more picky. I have had it happen before.

    I was feeding the duck formula before for a couple of my dogs with sensitive tummies and it made a huge difference.

    But I got better results with the Merrick

    Classic Beef Whole, Barley & Carrot. I have 5 dogs and they all do great on it.

    But am now feeding 2 of them the weight management. they were chubby before but didn’t lose on the Merrick since it isn’t a “diet” food..

  • mommadog1

    I feed the weight management and they are not discontinuing it or the senior. To me it sounds like the person you spoke with doesn’t have enough knowledge and should of checked on it for you. I would contact Holistic select (Eagle Pac). I order mine from Wag.com and it sure hasn’t been marked down.. I wish..lol

  • sue66b

    Does anyone know the Holistic Select Senior Meal, Weightmanagment & Lamb meal whats happening….I was at my Pet Barn in Australia today & there was a line thru the price, I asked the lady that works there what does the line mean thru the price & she said, that they are either re-maketing with new packets or new ingredients, or they are being discountued. but I said if they are repacketing wouldn’t they be doing all the Flavours,she said that sometimes they do a few at a time, the bigger bags of kibble are in a thick paper bag where the smaller bags are in plastic, I’ll ring Holistic Select Monday & ask or maybe Pet Barn are just discounting these ones, But I thought that they would keep Weightmanagment & the Senior kibbles..

  • sue66

    My boy is on the’ Intestinal’ I tell people the about the sensitive Digestion as u can buy from pet shops if they dont go to vets to get the prescription diet.. the Intestinal doesnt have by products or the brewers rice but it does have the corn as first ingredient then Chicken & turkey… I just looked up the Sensitive digestion & the first ingredient is chicken & turkey 22% then rice 21% then maize, it didnt say by-products..this was on the Eukanuba site, I know Eukanuba has moved from South Americia to Neverlands & ingedients have change u may have looked up their old sites..

  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Sue66-
    I just looked up the Eukanuba Sensitive Digestion as I have seen it brought up several times. My dogs are a little sensitive so I thought I’d check it out. The first four ingredients are Brewers Rice, Corn Grits, Chicken By-Products, and Corn Meal. Yuck!!! I hope you can work something else into your rotation that works also. I know sometimes you gotta feed what works. But, yuck!

  • sue66

    Have you tried the Eukanuba “Intestinal” its a Vet Diet kibble or u can buy the Eukanuba Sensitive Digestion” from pet shops, I know it has corn in it but its the only kibble that has help my boy, its a limited Ingredient kibble the fiber is only 1.75% I found that my boy cant have high fibers,,its Guareented to firm stools in 1-3 days or ur money back.. now Ive been slowing trying to add the Holistic select Duck as it has 3.9% fiber & a Hydrolized kibble it breaks up easier but Patch started his farting again so Ive stopped adding the duck. I think it could either be the fiber at 3.9% or the Flaxseed in the duck kibble…but if I just give the Intestinal everything good again, But I dont like the corn..

  • InkedMarie

    I honestly don’t know the answer to this question: does a very low protein food (20%) make digestion easier than something in the higher 20’s?

    Also, it is NOT venison and sweet potato. It’s the other way around. The first ingredient is sweet potato, not venison. That means there is more sweet potato than meat.

  • MuttMom

    I actually chose the venison and sweet potato for that reason, he seems to have trouble digesting too much protein so I’m hoping less will calm his tummy a bit.

  • InkedMarie

    If you need a limited ingredient diet, look still Natures Variety lid foods. NB is actually sweet potato & venison and too low in protein.

  • Darn! I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for your baby. I’m glad it cleared up his poo problem.

  • MuttMom

    Well, it’s on to the next one! Holistic Select cured the poop problem, but he just won’t eat it. He still has some gas but it’s much better, and his stool is just about back to normal, but it makes me so sad when I put his food down and he sniffs and walks away. I’ve tried adding everything to it to make him like it, but even the really yummy stuff doesn’t get him excited and he’s a very food-motivated dog which makes it strange that he doesn’t like it. I also noticed that it has no smell, which probably contributes to why he doesn’t like it. He might also not like lamb, which I’ve heard from other dog owners with typically non-picky dogs. My next step is to try Natural Balance LID Venison and Sweet Potato, but it’s for all life stages rather than just for puppies (which I haven’t seen as being a problem). Hopefully this is the one!

  • M

    I have been using Holistic Select Weight Management for several years now. My Pittie was on it the longest, he died last week at 18yrs old. He never had a fatty tumor (which pits are prone to), had a gorgeous coat, and enjoyed fairly good mobility up until about 6 mos before his passing. My Vet praises his diet for his overall health. I also rescued at 15 yr old Pom/Chi mix a few years ago, she was on death’s door when I got her. Not only does my 4 toothed honey love the kibble but she is healthy as an ox…with no fatty tumors at just shy of her 19th birthday. I just put the newest rescue on it as well, straightened her bowels out instantly. I will stick with HS as long as they stick with their formula and keep their quality up to standards.

  • Please do! I’d like to know if it’s working for your baby. =)

  • MuttMom

    Great! I was hesitant because it does have chicken and fish and I didn’t know if that would still bother him. I just started transitioning him over to it last night, and I don’t know if it’s already working a little or if the meds we put in his water are doing it but it seems to be getting better already! Less often and less runny, hopefully it keeps up once he’s completely off the Solid Gold. I’ll post an update once I know if it’s worked or not.

  • My 80 pound German Shepherd started with Purina Puppy chow, then switched him to the large breed formula. I, too, was tired of having to clean up runny poop, so I switched over to Holistic Select Lamb and oatmeal puppy food and it rid him of the runs. I also tried foods like Blue Buffalo and Canidae, but realized it was the chicken that was causing his runs. So I switched him back to Holistic Select and he hasn’t had diarrhea in 8 months. I definitely recommend it!

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  • MuttMom

    Hi everyone! I’m having trouble with my rescue mutt puppy, he’s just over 6 months old. When we got him we had him on Purina Puppy Chow and everything was fine. I switched him to Purina Pro Plan Puppy, then Large Breed once I realized he would get to well over 50 pounds. His stool was soft but not too bad, so to try to improve it I switched him to Earthborn…nothing changed, and he’s currently on SolidGold WolfCub and his diarrhea is pretty bad, and his gas is unbearable!! He was checked for worms/parasites: nothing came up and he has always been active and happy, definitely not acting sick or uncomfortable at all. The vet gave us a probiotic and diarrhea meds, but it hasn’t helped. He’s now giving me something to dissolve in his water and recommended a lamb or venison and rice food, and I’ve seen pretty good reviews of the Holistic Select Lamb and Oatmeal for Large Breed Puppies for dog owners with a similar problem to mine. Has anyone else had this issue and found that this food helped them? I hate switching his food around so much, but since he’s had no other symptoms (happy, active, super shiny coat and healthy skin) it seems like his tummy just isn’t doing well with all the chicken, fish, etc. as main ingredients and it’s getting to be annoying not being able to pick up his wet/runny poops, not to mention I feel for him and I don’t want to bring him to a dog park to socialize if I know he’ll be leaving stools behind that I can’t get rid of! Thanks!

  • ravensmom

    one of my dogs has IBS (and I am a GI nurse, go figure) she tolerates the Holistic Fish based food very well. She does not get any chicken or chicken flavored foods or treats. IBS is quiet.

  • InkedMarie

    I hope the only shots your 11 yr old gets is rabies! I love Pei, would love to adopt one some day.

  • Zoe’s Mom

    I love Holistic Select.. My previous dog ate Eagle first and then Holistic select and was never sick until she died at the age of 13 years old. Very old for a Shar Pei. My current dog has had nothing but Holistic Select and is 11 years old and has never been sick. Only goes to the vet for shots and check-ups. I think a very good dog food is essential to good canine health. People think my current 11 year old dog is a puppy. She plays and runs and jumps and you would never think she’s 11 years old. This dog is a rescue, mixed breed, and I hope she lives to be at least 18 years old and with Holistic Select I think she’ll make it.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Sorry, my dog isn’t on Holistic Select, but we have definitely found his IBS was related to his food intolerances. I took him off chicken and all grains and he never has had another attack of IBS. I have since then found that he also can’t have tomato. I would suggest finding a high protein grain free food that has a protein he hasn’t had before and see if you can figure out what foods he is reacting to. Good luck.

  • sue66b

    HELP…..my dog has IBD & Colitis..Hes a english staffy .. Hes on Eukanuba ‘Intestinal’ as this is a low residue kibble low in fat & fiber.. I want to try the Holistic Select Duck as its a single protein & is grain free as my boy also has skin allerges & yeasty ears..I think the Intestinal kibble is corn based & yeast thrives on corn…is anyones dog on the Holistic Select that has IBS or Colitis & cant have to much fat or fiber

  • Kirstie Beck

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even think about losing a loved one so close. I’m glad your new baby is doing well. I would suggest Earthborn, all natural, and grain-free. I switch from earthborn, wellness, and holistic select. I think they like it being mixed up every couple of months.

  • Pattyvaughn

    No, grains are not the only reason they believe lipomas form, however they believe going grain free, less processed, high protein may help the body get rid of some of the toxins that may be why lipomas form.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I don’t believe that there’s any way to directly correlate the formation of a lipoma with the consumption of grains. They more likely a result of the combination of several factors both nutritional (consumption of processed, non-species appropriate foods) and non-nutritional such as genetics, toxic exposure, over-vaccination, etc. This goes for most things, there’s generally never a single causational factor for a condition – if there was, disease would be much easier to eradicate. Many holistic vets do, however, recommend feeding lower fat, minimally processed, grain-free foods to dogs with lipomas. A raw or lightly cooked home-prepared diet would be ideal. I have also heard of individuals having good results through supplementing with turmeric or curcumin. Good luck.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I’m not a vet, but are grains the only reason a lipoma forms? It could be the Holistic Select, as it does have grains, but idk…..I don’t think it would hurt to rotate to a different food, preferably grain free (btw, Hol. Sel. does have a new grain free). I would add a few more brands to your dog’s feeding regimen, but perhaps keep Hol. Sel. in the mix.

  • rjem

    My dachshund is 6 years old and has been eating the Holistic Select all her life, with a few exceptions when someone may babysit her. Recently the vet said she had lipoma and from what I could research it comes from too much grain. Do you think it could be from the Holistic Select or something else? Should a grain free formula help it disappear?

  • Maria

    We get ours online; ither from amazon or wag com. No local stores carry it near us anymore. We get the 30 lb bag and get free shipping to boot. Comes right to the door. Give them a try. Wag.com gets it to you within 48 hours.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Just watch exp. dates.

  • Stacey

    Have you ever tried buying on amazon. That’s where we get ours from and it’s a little cheaper.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Are the large breed puppies? Or do they have any special needs as regards to being large breeds, kibble size etc? If they are adults then their nutritional requirements should not differ from any adult dog.

  • Luke H

    So what’s the best dry dog food on the market that is preservative and additive free for large breed dogs?

  • Pattyvaughn

    For 2 of my 3 dogs, it would definitely be bad. One of them would do great on it though. Some dogs do great on quality grain, some dogs seem to do great on garbage. This food still has more meat protein than the majority of foods.

  • Amanda

    So if this is a grain based food isnt it bad?

  • Thank you all.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Oh man, that’s horrible. I can’t even imagine what losing a child would feel like, it’s heartbreaking enough to lose a pet. I’m sorry to hear this. 🙁

  • Thank you, Patty.

  • Thank you and, yes, they sure are therapeutic. Would much rather have my son back but, that is not possible. Having Lilly with me has helped as at least I am not alone and have her to cuddle and love. I pray nobody ever has to go through the loss of a child. It is unlike any other loss. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Hi Carol,

    I’m so sorry about your son. I cannot imagine how painful the loss of a child must be… that is a very profound grief.

    You’re right about your new little pup being therapeutic. Lap dogs are the best cuddlers.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Oh Carol, I’m so sorry to hear that about your son, I can’t even imagine going through that. I’m glad you have your pup to help.

  • Thanks for that info, Hound Dog Mom. I will look into those suggestions! My eldest son passed away a little over a year ago and having my relatively new fur-baby has been very therapeutic. I want to keep her has healthy as possible.

  • Thank you. It is just me and my dog so I will have no problem storing it in the fridge. Off to put it in there right now. Thanks again!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    In the fridge – if you can. If not keep it in the original bag, tightly closed (or better yet tightly closed and in an airtight bin) and store in a dry, cool and dark place.

  • I do have a question if anyone could answer it. What is the best way to store the kibble so it does not go rancid? My dog only weighs slightly over 17 lbs (vet said the weight was good for her breed mixture) so even a small bag can go a fairly long way when mixed with the canned food. Thanks for any help.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Carol –

    You don’t have to have a specialty pet store that carries raw in order to feed raw, if that’s what you want to do. I live in the middle of nowhere with no raw retailers in my area and I feed raw. Raw diets can be made from items you can buy from your grocery store or butcher. Homemade raw diets are far superior (not to mention cheaper!) to commercial prepared raw diets and there are a lot of great resources out there for those new to raw feeding – a great book with easy to prepare, balanced recipes made from cheap/easy to locate ingredients would be “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet” by Steve Brown and Dogaware.com is a wonderful online resource. If making meals completely from scratch isn’t your thing, you could use a premix (i.e. The Honest Kitchen’s Preference, Dr. Harvey’s, Urban Wolf, See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix, etc.). Premixes contain vitamins, minerals and (usually) fruits and vegetables – all you need to add is boneless meat. If you can’t purchase a premix in your area they can be ordered online – many stores like wag.com, naturalk9supplies.com and doggiefood.com carry them and even offer free shipping.

  • I have transitioned a half miniature wired haired dachshund and half Shih Tzu dog I was given a few months ago that had been on Purina Beneful to the Holistic Select Duck dry kibble and canned Duck/Chicken. She is 6 years old and seems to be doing quite well on it. Her coat appears to be much shinier and silkier to the touch and her dog poop is very consistent. I am quite pleased with it thus far. Was going to put her on a Raw Diet but, none of the local stores carried any and I live a little town out in the country. I don’t have to feed her as much food as I did with the Purina dog food and with the mixture of kibble and canned she loves her new food. In the long run I believe it will save me money as the Purina Beneful was really not all that cheap anyway, and if it keeps her healthy that is fewer visits to the vet.

  • If you haven’t found a supplier yet, try wag.com. They deliver next day, free shipping for orders over $50…which is easy, HS is expensive, lol.

  • The Dogfather

    Thanks Patty. Let’s hope that’s it.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Probably improper storage or something causing the fat to go rancid. It’s fairly common.

  • The Dogfather

    My dog’s been on this HS Lamb for about 8-9 months and it has been the best food yet. However, I noticed the latest bag had a slightly strange odor. She has refused to eat it and she is NOT a picky eater at all, so after visiting the vet and getting a clean bill of health I just wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience, (doesn’t look like it so far). I’ll return the bag and get another from a different store and see if that works first. We love this food and hope it’s an isolated incident.

  • Cate

    Try the Blue Buffalo Basic. Some dogs benefit from that recipe. It seems that adolescent males have this problem more.

  • InkedMarie

    I didn’t realize they had a grainfree til the other day.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Years ago I used Holistic Select with success and more recently I fed a bag of their new grain free with success. I would feed the grain free again.

  • Lori

    We started feeding the shelter dogs this food and they are all doing fantastic on it. So I am going to try it with my own. I usually give them Earthborn Holistic Grain free, but I am transitioning over. Hope it works out.

  • Jess

    Eagle Pack (as it was then known) was recommended to me by a trainer 10 years ago and I have fed the lamb and rice formula exclusively to both of my older dogs ever since. They are now 11 (a border collie/bernese mountain dog mix) and 13 (a shepherd mix) and thriving. Their coats are in wonderful condition, their stool is solid, and they are in great health. They absolutely devour the Holistic Select kibble. My mom has had similar results with her dogs, who switched to Holistic Select on my recommendation.

    I also started a six-month old king charles cavalier spaniel/bichon mix on the puppy formula after he did not do well on Blue Buffalo (poor coat condition and very smelly stool). He loves the puppy food and is thriving on it too.

  • Juliet Seman

    I have been using Holistic Select Lamb food to feed both of my dogs. I find its the only food they like to eat and I have tried many. I have a Newfindland and they need maximum nutrition b/c they are large dogs and live shorter lives. My newfie is a healthy 8 years old. My last newfie lived until 13. I have used this brand of food since I have had dogs and find it to be an excellent product.

  • 14petes

    Petco stopped stocking Holistic Select Dry Dog Food for adults and puppies.  Grain stores are far and few between.  We don’t want to stop using this excellent product.  The only time our dog was sick was when kids slipped table food to her. I’m in the process of locating a feed store near the Inland Empire in California that Does stock Holistic Select.

  • aimee


    You know me too well! Yes, I’m always interested in finding out if there is any evidence for the idea that the pancreas is “stressed” or “inflamed” simply for functioning as it should.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Aimee –

    I knew you would have something to say about this, I actually thought about you when I was typing it and reworded a few things to make it clear it was their hypothesis (not proven fact) because I knew you would question it. 🙂

    I don’t believe the idea is that the production of amylase specifically is what stresses the pancreas, but the production of enzymes in general. The point trying to be made is that with a natural raw diet the food already contains enzymes and often supplemental enzymes are also consumed in the stomach. My dogs, for example, eat all raw foods and get green tripe several times per week so I’m sure their pancreases are less “stressed” (in terms of enzyme production) than a dog that is eating commercial dry or canned food devoid of enzymes. Eating a diet devoid of enzymes may not be an issue for every dog (and obviously it isn’t) – but it could cause serious issues for some that are either aging and not producing enzymes as efficiently as they once did or just never did produce adequate enzymes on their own. The idea makes sense.

    I believe the idea that carbohydrates cause undue stress on the pancreas is related to the insulin secreting function of the pancreas. It probably stems from the fact that dogs have no requirement for carbohydrates and that carbohydrates have the greatest effect on postprandial glycemic response. I suppose it’s assumed that the highly processed carbohydrates and high glycemic carbohydrates found in a lot of processed foods cause more rapid changes in blood sugar which would stress the pancrease by making it work harder to keep blood sugar level. To quote Dr. Becker: “As a holistic veterinarian, I don’t think it’s fluke or happenstance that the pancreas has become more and more attacked as an organ. We know that the high carbohydrate-based diets that most dogs and cats eat are extremely taxing to pets’ insulin levels, which are, in turn, taxing to the pancreas.”

  • aimee


    In your readings from vets like Dr. Becker who think carbohydrate stresses the pancreas and causes pancreatic inflammation do they ever explain the mechanism by which it happens or reference their writings documenting it happens?

    What specifically occurs in the production of  amylase that does not occur in the production of  trypsin or lipase for it to be considered stressful?

    What criteria do they use to diagnose pancreatic inflammation? Histopathology of the pancreas in normal research dogs has been reported to be well .. normal, not filled with inflammatory infiltrates. Diet isn’t specifically mentioned in the reports I’ve read but I highly doubt that a research beagle is being fed a raw meat diet.: ) 

    I wonder if now that this new research is out which supports that dogs are genetically prepared to produce lots of amylase and digest carbohydrate with ease if that belief will fall to the sidelines.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Michelle –

    Certain drugs such as potassium bromide and phenobarbital can predispose a dog to pancreatitis. High levels of low quality fats can cause pancreatitis. Rancid fats can cause pancreatitis – so even if you’re feeding a good quality food if the fats have become rancid (the food is old, the food has been open too long, the food has been stored improperly, etc.) the dog could potentially get pancreatitis. Also, some breeds – such as the schnauzer – are just genetically prone to pancreatitis.

    The pancreas is responsible for the secretion of insulin and the secretion of the enzymes necessary for digestion. It should be noted that some holistic veterinarians, such as Dr. Becker, believe that the carbohydrate-laden, enzyme-devoid, highly processed, non-species appropriate foods most pets eat stresses the pancreas. These veterinarians believe that high carbohydrate diets are taxing on a pet’s insulin levels and thus on their pancreas. Also, the species-appropriate diet dogs were intended by nature to eat is a fresh raw diet full of naturally occurring enzymes. When the dog consumes enzymes in its food the pancreas doesn’t have to produce as many enzymes for the digestive process. The cooking processes most commercial foods undergo destroys the natural enzymes in the food, so when a dog eats these foods the pancreas has to work extra hard to secrete large amounts of enzymes for digestion. It is believed that, for these reasons, most pets have a pancreas that is constantly mildly inflamed due to all the unnecessary stress a species-inappropriate diet places on it.

    For dogs that are prone to recurring pancreatitis a low fat diet usually helps as does supplementing with digestive enzymes and a pancreas glandular.

  • Shadowbeen

    Try adding some canned pumpkin or fresh cooked and see if this helps the stool. I give my dog orijen and canned pumpkin to offset the high protein. She has great bowel movements, and the pumpkin will also help take off a little weight if that is a problem as well.

  • Michelle

    Hi.. My young (3 year old) Shar Pei x Blue Heeler has been fed Holistic Health for at least a year..She only eats this and some gluten-free dog cookies.  Last night I had to take her to emergency: she has pancreatitis : (  She is not overweight, isn’t allowed human food and is well taken care of… I can’t understand why?  Has anyone heard of this being related to healthy dog foods?? : (  Thank you

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  • amberabcg

    If you are still having issues, try lowering the amount you are feeding the dog by 1/4.  Give it 1-2 weeks and see if his stool has improved.  Other than changing his diet, you might consider a holistic probiotic supplement.  I know many foods, including HS have it, but I have been told (don’t know for fact) that the probiotic breaks down during the baking process of the food.  I feed HS AND use a seperate supplement that I order online.  Good luck!

  • Melissaandcrew

     Hi Michael-

    I am sorry to hear about your poor dog’s experience with the food. Sounds like he is one of the sensitive ones. If he were mine, I would feed him a bland diet for a few days, and then find something else to try. I personally tend to feed a lot of the Acana products and all do well(I do have to watch the fat content and cut the fat by mixing with another food) I personally do not have a problem with some grains in the diet, and the dogs do really well on the Acana Lamb/okanagan apple(it has oatmeal) and its one of the few that I can feed “solo” They also love the GF varieties and right now they are eating Grasslands mixed with Hi Tek grain free(lamb)

  • Michael Daniel

    Mellissa, I had the same issue with my Aussie went from puppy blue buffalo to Holistic Select Lamb and Rice, made a normal transition little over a week loved it. Then after the transition we started him solo on HS no problems then one day/night he was BAD and when I mean BAD I mean BAD diarrhea then that weekend he threw up at least 2 days worth of food looks like it never started breaking down in his tummy. Then it started scaring my wife and I he stopped eating didn’t want nothing to do with the food dropped about 3lbs over the weekend took him to the vet found high bacteria in his stool no other parisites and gave us some pills.

    From then on which was in late Aug I took him back to Blue Buffalo adult meal he is eating it like crazy but we are still having loose stools which he has had ever since we brought him home and feed him Blue Buffalo…

    I feel bad that he has to do live with the loose stools so I’m trying to do some research on some good foods and thinking of moving him over to a Grain Free diet, my wife thinks I’m crazy and spend to much time doing this but I feel if you have a dog give him the life he should they are only here for a short period of time… 

  • Judith Greenberg

    I just wanted to mention that the Holistic Select Lamb variety is the only food that all three of my dogs (Afghan Hounds) do well on.  All of them have solid stools all the time.  I have tried many other varieties and at least one dog won’t do well on it.  At one point one of my dogs refused to eat the HS and we went through a difficult time finding a replacement.  Finally we went back to HS Lamb (it seems to be the variety they like best) and thank goodness he is eating that just fine after a break.

    You can get a coupon (monthly) by being on their email list.  If you call the number on the package, you can also get a form mailed to get a free rebate after 12 packages.  You need to get that directly from the company, the stores don’t have it.  I buy my food at a very small local pet food store.  The owner was great at helping us find a substitute and knew when it was time to cycle back to HS again.

  • Roxy’smom

    I have had several allergy dogs. They can become allergic to the next food and the next that you try. The only thing I found that worked is DR. Plechner’s drug proticol. He has a web site and several books on this endocrine-immune syndrome. I too almost ran out of proteins before we balanced my German Shepherd’s endocrine system.

  • Shawna

    I agree with HDM!!  Look at the carb content of the food (which has protein too)..  Especially since the hydrolyzed diet/s didn’t work..

    And definitely try elimination if you can’t find a kibble that works..  My dog is raw fed but I had to do elimination with her.  She ended up having reactions to cow bone, cow tripe, goat milk and barley (same symptoms as those you mentioned — REALLY red and hot, itching etc).  However, she was not allergic/intolerant of even one of the meat proteins I was feeding her.

    If you have had blood work done while she has been reactive look at the eosinophil white blood cells.  If they are high then you are very likely dealing with a food allergy…  However, food intolerances can have the same symptoms.  The saliva test info HDM listed tests for food intolerances.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Laura –

    Have you tried a grain-free, white potato free, chicken free food? I’m not sure which varieties of the above foods you used but chicken can often cause issues so it’d be worth trying to eliminate this and all of the above foods contain potatoes and/or grain, it’d be worth trying to cut that out as well and seeing what happens. I’d look into a food like Nature’s Variety or The Great Life – both are grain-free/white-potato free and have some chicken-free varieties with novel proteins. If that doesn’t work and you and your vet truly believe these symptoms are food related you may want to try an elimination diet or get a saliva test done. Here’s some info:




  • Laura

    my last two dogs (11 yr old greyhound, and 11 yr old mastiff) were on Blue for several years and did fine.  my two new mastiffs (turned 1 in july and have been on 9 foods) could not tolerate Blue, I have read that many dogs can’t handle the “life bits” in Blue. I have been feeding Holistic select since large breed adult since July, my female seems to be doing fine with HS (I have to add 1/2 can of wet for her to eat) yet has not had any reactions, my male has developed HORRIBLE feet,face and now upper shoulder itching, hair loss, RED and more.  We thought grass pollen allergies???? However, with the meds he has been on (not showing many positive signs) is now pointing to “food issues”.  I’m ready to pull my hair out!!! Has anyone had such extensive experience with food allergies? These are the foods we have tried, always having to go back to Science Diet to rid all symptoms with the exception of not consistant stool.  Orijen, Arcana, Blue Buffalo, Science diet (2 types), wellness, a HP diet (hydrolyzed protein),holistic select, and one other I can’t recall at the moment (a lg breed puppy food that you use for two years. Most you change to adult after 1 yr) Looking for any advise from those that have experienced such extensive food allergies.
    symtoms: red inflamed ears, hot spots on cheeks and head, red/itchy paws, and diarrhea ……   

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Hi kristen38, I’ve used both foods and think they both are of good quality.  I don’t think you could go wrong with either food.

  • BryanV21

    In my opinion it’s 6 one way, half a dozen the other. The foods are really close in terms of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and ingredients (I compared the chicken flavors of each).

  • kristen38

    Can anyone tell me how this food compares to Wellness Super5Mix?  (Wellness and Holistic Select are the same company) Is is better or worse quality, or about the same?  They seem so similar to me, but there must be some reason they’re making each of these foods.  Obviously Wellness Core is the best of them, but it’s slightly expensive for me.  My dog currently eats Wellness Super5Mix, and he seems a little disinterested lately, but he liked his free sample of Holistic Select.  So, I was considering switching his food for a while, but I don’t want to do this food if it’s inferior to Wellness in any way.  

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    It’s only been a couple of days but so far they are all doing fine with the Holistic Select grain free.  I really didn’t transition them and their stools seem just fine, maybe a little better than when on the Fromm.  They’re eating it fine, but remember I do add in canned.  I was worried about the kibble size but it doesn’t seem to bother Stella, who has fewer teeth.  I will let you know if any adverse symptoms arise, but I certainly hope not!

  • Melissaandcrew


    Your welcome. Remember, just because something does not work for one dog, does not mean it will not work for another.

  • tonnie5k

    Melissa,  thanks for the info.. it’s very helpful.  I was also thinking of trying Eagle Pak as it is the same manufacturer.  Funny thing is the Eagle includes corn and it’s still rated 4 stars..  Go figure!!

  • Melissaandcrew


    I would try grain free or a different food. Not sure I would feed HS to a dog with a known soft stool issue, since I do see several owners have had issues, and I just did as well.

  • Melissaandcrew

     Good to hear!

    One thing I wanted to say, since I like to post good, bad or indifferent results-

    I mixed the sardine,anchovy/salmon in and all seemed to be great for a few days. Last night, one of them looked at me, gave a gag, and explosive vomiting of yellow bile and I mean HUGE amounts. This was right before dinner. He ate his dinner fine, so I thought perhaps it was because I was a tad late in feeding-this am, woke up to watery beige diarrhea from him-and the poor thing straining like crazy. He is now on bland food for a few days. None of the others seem to have issues(yet) so I am guessing it just affects certain dogs this way. However, if it were not for this site and other owners reporting, I would not have known that it might be a concern.

  • tonnie5k

    My Labradoodle puppy has been on Blue Life Protection since we got him from the breeder 6 months ago.. switched from Science Diet.  He has also had diarrhea even since.  We’ve been to the vet and he does not have worms, or any parasites..  The BLUE just does not agree with him.  I am thinking of swiching to Holistic Select.  Hoping this will be a better choice as it has been very frustrating for me and my pup. 

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    melissa, I went ahead and started adding in the HS.  The dogs like it (I used to feed the Anchovy formula with grains and they’ve always liked it).  They don’t seem to be bothered with the kibble size…I do mix wet in with it.  It’s a little soon, but so far so good.  Laverne has been showing some allergy symptoms, at least that’s what me and my holistic vet have concluded together.  She had very full, almost impacted anal glands recently, and has been itching her arm pits.  Hence the reason I’m transitioning quicker than planned onto the HS grainfree. She’s also getting some benedryl, as it may be seasonal, too.  I love Fromm, but it’s been a few months now (don’t really remember how long, but they’ve gone thru multiple 12lb. bags either of Salmon/Tunalini or Gamebird) and the allergic symptoms are just showing up, so…..it’s only Laverne, but all of the dogs will be put on HS for a while to see if it helps.  Come to think of it, Laverne was given to me with a bag of Wellness Whitefish & Pot., which is supposed to be hypo-allergenic but who knows. I haven’t really mentioned anything to her breeder, yet, but I might.  The HS is fish based, with no poultry at all.  While it does have pots., we will still start here.  I like the prot., fat, fiber content and the company has never had a recall.  Well…enough rambling lol.  I’ll let everyone know how it goes.  Hopefully, it’ll be good!

  • melissa

    Hi Jan-

    Please keep us updated on how they do, I for one would love to see “user comments” on its performance. I recently had a problem with too high fat and protein for my crew and ran over to the petstore to find something lower in both to mix. I settled on the HS Sardine,Anchovy, salmon meal variety because it met the requirements I needed to lower the overall content of the kibble mix. If they had the Grainfree version in, I would have gotten that to try since they have been grain free for quite a bit now. However, despite that, they took to the food immediately and within 24 hrs all digestive/intestinal issues have resolved.

    Due to the inability to handle the Orijen protein, I had to find something lower as they would be very unhappy losing their Instinct frozen, lol

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    melissa, I actually just bought a small bag for my crew to try lol.  The kibble is kinda big, imho, for my small dogs but we’ll see.  I like the fiber content and the fat is a little lower (I like that for mine, too).  After they finish their current bag of Fromm Gamebird, we’ll transition to this.  We used a little of Wellness Core Small Breed lately and I’m not sure about it.  I like the H.S. because it’s chicken free, too.

  • melissa

    Fyi-For those that use this food, I saw at the beginning of the week that they now make a grain free version. Can’t say anything else about it as when I went back tonight to pick up some Natures Variety, the entire display had been sold out.

  • bestlittledoggie

    We started feeding our 4 year old dachshund Holistic Select about a week ago. We had been feeding him Iams up until now, thinking we were doing something good, but he kept getting a little bigger and we’d have to back off the feeding so he’d lose some weight. He’s not a fat doggie, but he gains weight easily. In the week we’ve been feeding him Holistic Select, he’s getting slimmer, his coat seems healthier, and he seems to feel better in general. I think we’ve found his new food.

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  • LA

    Wellpet makes eagle pak, holistic select, wellness and mother hubbard.

  • LA

    Eagle Pak and Holistic are the SAME Company but are different foods – go to their website http://www.eaglepack.com/     Holistic select is Eagle Paks natural food.

  • lablover

    We have been using Eagle Pack/Holistic for years and our Lab mix and his many Labbie foster friends have done wonderfully with no bowel problems. Just a bunch of “regular” dogs. Also, periodically switching/mixing from Duck, Sardine/Anchovy and chicken gives them a good variety without any noticeable problems. I find it a great food without breaking the bank account.  

  • warba

    Our Husky/Shepherd mix had ongoing GI tract issues, including bleeding out of the rectum and very seriously inflamed lower GI tract (as viewed on a scope). Poor little guy went through so many drugs, and “prescription” alergy-dog-foods and just could not seem to solve it.
    Then researched Eagle Pack and moved him onto this as it was heavily fed by Northern dog racers with similar breeds to ours.
    “Eagle Pack” was prior brand name before it changed over to “Holistic Select” – but same product.
    GI issues went away, and our troubled-eater, barfer, bloody-diarrhea pooch is now healthy, happy, and has a great appetite and energy. Yes, it is more expensive, but if you compare the ingredients they are top notch.
    I cannot say enough about this dry food for solving these issues. My review applies specifically to the Anchovy/Sardine/Salmon recipe.

  • S3sharon

    We have two Saint Bernard dogs who had been on Nutro Lamb and Rice Large Breed for years, with great success.  Recently one of our dogs, who has lots of allergies, began to show signs of food intolerance: vomiting phlem, lack of appetite.  I suspected the formulation of the food might have changed.  We switched both of them to Holistic Select Salmon, Sardine and Anchovy.  After only a few days, he is much improved.  

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I noticed awhile ago that my local Petco also stopped selling Holistic Select.  When I asked the manager, a friend of mine, why he said that it was a corporate decision because it wasn’t selling well anymore and they needed room for other products.  Okay……I used to feed it with success many years ago and it still seems like a decent grain inclusive food.  I know that the Great Dane Lady used to endorse it but when Wellpet bought it, she stopped and now endorsed Precise.  She likes family owned companies and other reasons.  Now that you mentioned it, I’ve also stopped getting their newsletter and coupons, but I still get Wellness’s.  Hmmm….?

  • Tina

    Hi! To those who have purchased Holistic at Petco, I went through the same thing. It was weird because it seemed as soon as they started selling it here, they stopped. I don’t know what’s going on w/ the company, but I used to get coupons monthly via email when I signed up on their website. Now…no more coupons as of the 1st of the new year. I still get the food from Petco online….They have had it “on sale” for a few months now and you get free shipping over $49. So I get 2 or three bags at a time. It saves me from driving to the store and lugging it out to my car. Fedex drops it at the door whether your home or not and they are wrapped in individual boxes ( I buy the 30 lbs). I have a dobey and a greyhound and I also foster retired grey’s so we go through alot of food.

  • sandy

    Here are some other choices with fish (if you’re still looking around):

    Innova Prime Salmon 
    Canine Caviar GF Wild Ocean
    Merrick Wilderness Blend 5-star Entree
    Natures Select Salmon & Sweet Potato
    Great Life Salmon (grain or grain free)
    Infinia ZenFood Salmon & Sweet Potato
    California Natural GF Salmon Meal
    Horizon Pulsar Fish Formula
    Earthborn Holistic Ocean Fusion and Coastal Catch
    Honest Kitchen Zeal

  • Sue_devito

    My golden is alergic to poultry and tomato pumic and was going to put him on Holistic Select with the anchovy,sardine and salmon w/oatmeal. if anyone is out there and does not agree w me about this product please let me know asap 

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    @Judy….after rereading my post, I apologize for coming off sounding “snotty”.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    @Judy…First off, this is a rating site and not Holistic Select’s own personal site, so you would have to ask them personally if they have a buy 10, get 1 program.  Secondly, if Petsmart is carrying it, it must be a recent event because they don’t carry it at my local Petsmart (or at least they didn’t….haven’t been there in a while actually).  We don’t have a Petsupplies Plus where I live.

  • Br17jr

    I totally disagree my this is the first dog food my dog has not throw up in 2 years.

  • Judy

    You can get it at petsmart or pet supply plus if they are in your area.

  • Judy

    You can get it at petsmart and pet suppy plus if they are in your area.

  • Judy

    They carry it at petsupply plus and petsmart

  • Judy

    I would just like to say that my dog has had many food problems we just switched her to the Holistic Sad/fish and she is doing wonderful. She was having bowel problems and now she has none. Thank You, Judy Rasmussen and do you offer the buy 10 get one free program?

  • Apryl

    I noticed other reviews stating people have purchased this food at discount from Petco which is funny because I just bought 2 bags on clearance at Petco last week.  One of the associates told me they will no longer be carrying the Holistic Select brand.  To transition, I mixed it with their regular dry food and they picked through it to get to their regular food dropping the HS kibble on the ground.  I guess they don’t care for the taste as much.  

  • Marie

    That is so funny…I bought a discounted bag at PetCo for my boys today too! I hope they like it. 🙂

  • Kat

    I just bought  a discounted bag at my local Petco to try out with my dogs. The manager told me that the food wasn’t selling fast and they were making more shelf space for more Blue Buffalo products.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Yes, melissa, it is.  I used to feed it and my dogs did well on it.  Petco isn’t carrying it anymore….don’t really know why since they carry Wellness and I think they’re still owned by the same company, but not sure.

  • melissa

    Isn’t Holistic Select the old Eagle Pack Holistic?

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I’m not sure as to why Petco is discontinuing the selling of Holistic Select.  Mine here in Ohio has dropped it, as well.  I found it strange because they still carry the Wellness brand and as far as I know both were owned by the Berwind Corp. and are now under the name Wellpet.  Maybe they are splitting again, but Idk and haven’t heard anything about it.  I don’t use the food, but have in the past.  I was in the store the other day and found out about it when another customer came in to buy it and they were told it was dropped.  The manager didn’t seem to know why, just that it came from the “higher ups”.

  • Anonymous

    The Petco in Lafayette, LA. has recently stopped selling Holistic Select. Today, my daughter drove to the Petco in Baton  Rouge, LA to purchase food for her dog and discovered all of Holistic Select products were on sale as they are also discontinuing the line. My daughter asked an employee of the store the reason and was told Holistic Select has been sold to another company (maybe this was in reference to the 2009 merger?), and that the company was making a ingredient changes that would diminish the quality of the food.

    Has anyone else heard anything about this? Could this Petco employee have been misinformed?

    I’ve fed Eagle Pack then Holistic Select to my two dogs for the past eight and a half years.  My daughter adopted her first rescue a few months ago and decided to feed Holistic Select, because it has always been such a fabulous food and our now senior dogs are exceptionally healthy as a result. I live in a different part of the country, and so far my supplier’s shelves are well-stocked.

  • MadameBleu99

    I feed this to my 3. A St Bernard, and 2 Heeler mix brother and sister (both are deaf). All of their coats improved, my previously lethargic St Bernard is energetic and sooooo much happier. He’s 4 1/2 years old and romps and plays once again. Flatulence isn’t nearly as much of a problem (the anchovy variety is the exception haha). No vomiting or other stomach issues at all. Love love love this product (It was recommended by a St Bernard breeder).

  • Jodi

    I have been using Holistic Select for seniors, and my two older pound puppies, age 7 and 8, love it. First time I have found something that both dogs like. No vomiting, nothing negative and both seem energetic, happy and look forward to meals. Makes me think dogs are just like people; what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

  • Ana

    I recently start using HS dry dog food and my two dogs and pretty much straight away they got pretty sick,vomiting and even my old Chow which I thing she’s a “tefflon” dog got so sick she had to stay at the vets on a drip,after many tests they couldn’t find what was wrong with her,
    Within a few days she start getting seborrhea dermatitis all over her body,And a bad smell .The same happen to my other dog he got so itchy his little belly was bleeding.
    I never tought the cause could be the Hollistic Select but I’m wondering now after reading all this posts.
    I have stoped with this food and although the beagle is ok now
    The chow still not well.
    A big bag of food is in the bin now,just in case!!
    And the fresh meat ONLY is back on the menu!.

  • Jan (Mom to Cavs)

    TinaC….I’m glad Eagle Holistic Select worked for your dog for 8 years! However, it seems it’s definitely time to find a new food. I’m a believer in rotation and I change my dogs’ food up every now and then to give them variety. I know I wouldn’t like to eat the same food for a long time. Anyway, EPHS is a good brand of food…I used to feed it and would not be adverse to feeding it in the future, if warranted. The Great Dane Lady, I believe, had issues when the food was bought by Wellpet. I’m not even certain she actually had issues with the food itself, but I don’t really know. I feel she is a qualified person to tell people what to feed a giant breed as I think she raises them herself, however, now she is endorsing “big time” Precise and I don’t feel it’s any better than EPHS…just mho.
    Well enough of that….the main reason you need to find a new food seems to be your dog’s health on its current food. I feel there a lot of great foods recommended on this site (Mike S. has done a lot of work for us!) and there are some very knowledgable people here that can recommend a good food for you to switch to. I’m not going to do that because I have small breed dogs and I wouldn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. I do know that large/giant breed pups need lower calcium/phosphorus ratios to help in slow growth. I believe it should be around 1.5/1.0. Hopefully a more experienced person will chime in soon. Good luck to you!

  • TinaC

    Wow. I can’t believe the comments! We’ve been using Eagle/Holistic Large Breed since we brought home our 8 week old great dane mix 8 years ago… I hadn’t noticed any big changes in 2009… that I remember… ?? He has lost weight and seems more anxious… but I attributed that to his new little brother being such a pest… maybe a better food will help him be less of a pest, too (we can hope!).

    The reason we went with Eagle was the Great Dane Lady’s recommendation. Now I find she’s dropped them from her list COMPLETELY. YIKES! I need to get my dogs OFF of this food!!!

    Guess I need to do some research – the Great Dane Lady has a list of recommendations for big dogs: http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/criteria_list_of_better_foods.htm

    With her list and the list here, it looks like there are some good options out there.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! for this website and all the GREAT information here (and the comments too!!)!

  • mandy

    I literally just bought a 6lb bag of HS anchovy last night for $18.00. My pug was on Solid gold barking at the moon and before acana. I am now debating if I should just throw away the food and buy a different brand of dog food or just see how it goes with this bag. I dont really have the money to spend another $20 on dog food but if it could potentially save me from vet bills it might be worth it.

  • Lee

    Richard and everybody,

    After one week of being off Holistic Select and on Orijen Senior (grain-free), Hannah is seven days free of vomiting yellow bile. Moreover, the dry flakes on her coat have disappeared. COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I purchased some Brothers Dyhydrated treats (grain-free), and she loves them.

    Thank you Richard for steering me away from Holistic Select. When we finish the Orijen package, we will give Brothers a try because it does not contain potatoes and it balances nutrients.

    Richard, I feel so bad being so ignorant. Thanks for bringing me this information.

    After seeing the transformation in Hannah after one week, I honestly believe that any food that contains grain should be rated at “2” or less.

    Wake up, folks. These corporate SOB’s solely interested in profits are selling our beloved pets down the river.

    I am still very, very upset. But hopeful.

  • Lee

    Glad to hear Hannah is already doing better. You might want to consider adding some digestive enzymes and probiotics to her food to help support and heal her system. Most of her immune systems T Lymphocytes and IgA Immunoglobulin sites are in the intestines so active probiotics will help restore and maintain health there which will affect her overall health. The digestive enzymes will help take a load off her pancreas and help her get more useable nutrition from the food.

  • Lee

    Thank you, Richard. I really appreciate you taking the time. Orijen is grain free so I’m headed in the right direction with Hannah. Three days now without vomiting the dreaded yellow bile.

    Thanks again.

  • Lee

    Three of the first four ingredients are grain – two of them being rice which is split into two ingredients to prevent it from being listed as number one. That’s a LOT of grain for your Carnivore with slight omnivorous tendencies.

    I definitely recommend you get your dog off grain and even off white potato. See discussion on potato problems on Brothers Allergy thread so I don’t have to recopy it all.

    2 to 3 months off these two and I strongly suspect you, and Hannah, will be singing a different tune.

  • Lee

    I’m in the process of transitioning to Orijen Senior with Purina En Gastroentric and boiled breast of chicken helping as a buffer to prevent any digestive problems. As a scientist, I do not have the means to test Holistic Select, but the absence of vomiting yellow bile and the overall sense that she’s feeling better is compelling. I will keep you folks apprised of her progress, but I am very optimistic. Orijen Senior seems like a great food.

    Thanks to all here who steered me in a healthier direction.

  • sandy

    Possible recipe change without informing the public??

  • Lee

    There are similar observations everywhere on the Internet.

    For example,


    Mike, you seem like a nice guy, but, in my opinion, you should rethink the four star. This food is making a lot of dogs sick.

  • Lee

    I am crestfallen. I tried to do the best for Hannah, but I have failed her. My vet and I couldn’t explain the vomiting of yellow frothy bile in the morning before she ate. I was absolutely stunned to see that others on Holistic Select have seen the same symptom. For Hannah, with two unresolved herniated discs in her neck, the heaving has greatly concerned me. Now I know why.

    Mike, this is empirical evidence from several different sources. Why is Holistic Select still rated at four stars?

    I am very upset right now. With all Hannah has been through (two paralyses and two life-threatening surgeries), I feel like I’ve really failed her. I am so sorry Hannah.

  • Gordon

    Ahh yes….Vet bills…..That’s the goal! Nothing like home prepared fresh foods for yourselves and your dogs!

  • Laura

    We had similar problems after 7 years on Holistic Select Anchovy formula. Our shelter dog did well and recently began having intense diarrhea. Several hundred dollars later in vet bills switched to ID and all stomach issues have cleared up. I was thinking about switching back to Holistic until I read these comments. Will definitely switch to something else. So glad I finally saw what caused the problems.

  • Nicky

    I have a 7 month old American Bulldog who has been on Holistic Select since she was 10 weeks old. We have boughten two 35# bags of Large/Giant Breed Lamb/Oatmeal puppy formula and absolutely loved it. Our puppy looked great!
    Last week we bought our 3rd bag. Our puppy has had dirrahea every time she eats it. Now, she won’t even touch the food, which is very strange for her.
    Not sure what we are going to do? i emailed the company, but no response yet.

  • Linette

    I have a Great Dane who is mostly white and has very sensitive skin. He also is very sensitive natured and has ALD, especially when stressed. We also have a chihuahua who does not have any allergies or sensitive skin.

    We had him on food from a a small family owned company. That company was bought out by a commercial enterprise and both dogs started having difficulties. The Dane started having accidents in the house, something he never did before. The chihuahua did as well. Both started producing way more stool than before.

    We switched them to Holistic Select after a LOT of research and they did beautifully. Last summer, the dane looked like a body builder–he rippled with muscle! The chihuahua was also solid muscle.

    After Wellpet bought them out, we saw a dramatic change. The dane started having accidents in the house again. The chihuahua was having multiple bowel movements a day rather than the one or two as usual. More dramatically, teh dane developed a fungal infection on his back and started having all kinds of yeast issues.

    We switched both dogs to TOTW, and all the problems have cleared up. No more accidents, back to nice firm poops (after a week or so as they adjusted to the new food) and smaller and less copious. The Dane stopped licking madly and his yeast issues and his fungal infection cleared up.

    Coincidence? Maybe. My dogs did not have the vomiting issues, but my cats, also on Holistic Select, did.

    Both dogs are now back to being muscled and glossy and soft coated. Three weeks ago we adopted a alittle pug we found playing chicken in traffic. Her coat was smelly, dry, rough, and she shed copiously.

    After three weeks on TOTW, she is soft, she barely sheds, and she is well muscled and no longer smells. Of course we bathed her too, haha. In addition, the dog had an ulcerated corna and had to have surgery (no such thing as a free dog), and we had her spayed at the same time. She has healed in record time. I do not know if we can attribute it to the food, but so far so good.

  • villa

    I fed Holistic Select for years to my own dogs and hundreds of rescue dogs. When owned by Eagle Pack, the food was fine. Once Wellpet took over, the food changed. My dogs started rushing outside to eat grass and often threw up yellow foam (bile).
    Wellpet said the formula did not change, but where I buy my food the owner said many customers are reporting the same thing about their dogs eating grass.
    I switched to Fromm and so far have been pleased with it.

  • Tonya

    I bought a 5 lb. bag of the Adult Duck formula and my Dogs liked it. I’m thinking about putting this brand into my rotation.

  • Doug A

    LOL Laurie, I was thinking if the anchovy doesn’t help my boys coat I might switch to Fromm next!! I have also thought of trying the lamb Holistic adult as that is the meat used in the Holistic puppy food my boy did so good on. Sigh

  • Laurie M.

    I switched my 3 dogs to Holistic Select Chicken Meal & Rice formula about 3 weeks ago after feeding them Fromm Gold. Holistic Select is cheaper and easier for me to get than Fromm Gold and of the same excellent quality. So far I’ve seen no issues at all with the Holistic Select. I intend to continue feeding them this brand, rotating Lamb and Chicken formulas and including a good variety of quality canned meat toppers or adding cooked meat to their kibble.

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  • Doug A

    WOW!!! Last summer I went through the throwing up yellow bile also. The bad news was we had been away and my boy had stayed at the kennel and when I got him home all hell broke loose. After 2 trips to the vet….asking the kennel if they had a problem (no they did not) I finally asked Holistic if something happened….they said no but something sure went wrong with a batch, didn’t it?? I have been feeding Holistic Select for my boy since we got him home as a pup. He was started on Holistic select Large Breed food for pups and I could not have been happier. Coat was as good as I have ever had in a dog. We switched him to HS large breed adult at the companies recommendation and now his coat is dry and flakey. I started adding salmon oil which helped a little but still not good. I have just switched to HS Adult Anchovy Sardine and quit giving the salmon oil. How long should I give this food to see if it helps his coat before trying another? Thanks for a very informative site but I admit it seems like most quality foods on here still create problems for some dogs.

  • Kimm

    I have been using HS Lamb and Oatmeal for about 10-12 years for my Lab because he had such severe allergies that it was the only one that he could eat without breaking out in hot spots on the bottom of his feet. He past away in Sept. 2010 at the age of 14. We just got another lab puppy and started him on the same food and he started having trouble immediately. Itching and bitting his feet started so fast but I did not know what it was until now. We changed his food to the HS Chicken and Rice but it has continued so I called the breeder and he was raised on Enhanced Hunters Edge which has a bad rating. But he seems to have started doing better already. I did not know that HS was sold to Wellpet. Now I am trying to find something else that is Ethoxyquin Free.
    Thanks for getting the information out. I will continue to check the website for info and will also let others know.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Beth – You were already feeding some homemade food, so the next best thing for your dogs, especially since you ‘don’t care about the cost’, is to feed all REAL FOOD to your dogs, preferably with organic ingredients. Check out some of the premade raw dog foods that Mike has reviewed:

  • Hi Beth… As much as I wish I could help, it would be impossible for me to predict what food your dogs would find acceptable to their taste. Unfortunately I cannot provide customized product recommendations for each reader. For more information, please check out my reviews and visit our FAQ page. Look for the topic, “Help Me Choose a Dog Food”. Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers.

  • Beth

    I just purchased the Holistic Select and it seemed to be fine if I mixed it with my own home made food, however, yesterday I put down a small bowl of just the Holistic Select and only one of my four Shih tzus ate it and she indeed threw up. What do you recommend for a dog food? I don’t care about the cost. Beth

  • Tom Zimmerer

    I have two Old English Sheepdogs, ages eight and ten years old.
    I always buy natural dry dog foods for them, and in February switched to HS Senior lamb and rice. Within a few weeks, the dogs began scratching and chewing at their legs and hind quarters. I attributed it to allergies, or lawn fertilizers, but the veterinarians could not solve the problem. Benadryl and steroids did nothing to relieve the itching.
    I am going to switch dog foods and see if that works.

  • erin c.

    I have been looking for something to switch to from EVO and was thinking about this food, but not anymore.

    The product choices seem to be shrinking–at least around here.

    Maybe something is wrong with the packaging.
    Does the PACKAGING come FROM CHINA?

    I saw a note on the Castor and Pollux Organix that they are changing their packaging.

  • Paulilne

    Hi there,
    I just read these comments regarding Eagle Pack/Holistic Select dog food. I have a 3 year old Standard Wirehaired Dachshund. When I purchased her the breeder requested that I continue her on the Eagle Pack dog food, which I have done since I have had her at 12 wks.old. Last year she started vomiting yellow flem like stuff. I did not think for minute that it had anything to do with the dog food I was feeding her, which I was told that it is ONLY the packaging that had changed, not the food itself, for Holistic Select. I cholked it up that she has a sensative stomach because when I got her she had Giardia. So, after reading about probiotics online I started adding probiotics to her daily feedings. I think it did help settle her stomach because she has not been vomiting, but now I wonder what could have caused it. I did switch from the chicken to the lamb flavor because I, also, was told that lamb is easier to digest. OMG, I just want to feed my dog good food and not have to worry all the time about if the food is okay. I also have been fostering dogs and they seem to be doing okay on the Holistic Select. Probably better food than what they were use to from the shelters etc.
    Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

  • eve

    I too had been using eagle pack for several years, the lamb and rice formula. My GS had stomach issues and did beautifully on this UNTIL wellpet took over. When I got the last bag a few months ago it looked and smelled different. Within a few feedings my dog was vomiting and having seizures. After spending several hundreds of dollars at the vet for various tests the only obvious conclusion was the food. Beware, no matter what the company says something is wrong!!
    Have switched to Timberwolf and am trying a new sister line called GAEA.
    This is a great website.
    Also bought a bag of Merricks Cowboy cookout and when i looked at the ingredients it listed “meat meal’ as the second ingredient?? What is that?? Took it back to Petco. I always thought Merricks was a good food but after reading several articles about this co. of late am staying away.

  • Christy

    I have used Holistic Select/Eagle Pack Holistic for many years, I too was cautious when I heard they changed hands. But so far nothing has changed for my dogs. I have an 11 yr old golden, and a 1/1/2 year old Lab. Both are on the lamb – which I would like to see a review on that! And they seem to be doing well and their coats look good and stools are normal. I cannot use the chicken or the anchovy as my older dog emits a nasty body odor, but lamb is OK.
    Really appreciate this website! Thanks!

  • Hi Tasha… Sorry to hear of your ordeal. Unfortunately, I don’t have any further information to help you make sense of this situation. Hopefully, the Acana will help resolve your dogs’ problems.

  • Tasha Becker

    I own two APBT’s ages 1 1/2 and 2 years old. I am fanatic about the health of my dogs, and have spent countless hours in research on this and many other sites for quality foods. Both our dogs were on Holistic Select anchovy and lamb flavors. At the time they were still owned by Eagle Pack, and they did wonderfully on it.
    In the middle of 2010 the Holistic Select part of the company broke off and is now owned by Wellpet, which also makes the Wellness line of pet food. Our oldest dog has a sensitive digestive system and during the summer he started getting sick in the mornings throwing up yellow, frothy, mucus on an empty stomach, was less energetic, and started avoiding his food and eating less, unless we added something to it. We attributed this to his sensitivity and kept monitoring the symptoms.
    Eventually, our second dog started throwing up in the mornings and turning her nose away at feeding time, too. This really caught our attention since she has a ravenous appetite and never exhibited any signs of sensitivity.This increased in frequency steadily up until last week. We thought it was allergies or certain treats, but never thought it was the food we were feeding them.
    Last summer the owner of the store we buy our food from, that also feeds H.S. to her dogs, told us that the packaging for was going to change soon. But she assured us that it was the only thing that would change. We didn’t know the company was changing hands. Last Friday, having done some research online, it seems that we are definitely NOT the only people making the same claims that their dogs were suddenly getting sick when the new packaging started. It seem as though Wellpet has vehemently denied that they changed the recipe of their foods. There is NO WAY it’s the same. I feel like we’ve been poisoning our dogs for the last 6 months. The damage to the liver may cause health problems in the future, possibly deadly liver cancer.
    We IMMEDIATELY threw away the rest of the remaining food we had. The next day I started them on Acana grain free formula, cold turkey. Neither of them has had any digestive problems AT ALL!!!
    WHAT IS GOING ON!!! I am FURIOUS and feel like we are victims of fraud.

  • Melanie

    I just wanted to add to Paula’s comment that I also recently inquired about the use of ethoxyquin in this food and I received the same response she did that it is not used in this food. Glad to know they are providing a consistent response on this issue! They wrote:
    Thank you for taking the time to write about Holistic Select small & mini breed adult dog food.

    Our pet food products are 100% ethoxyquin free. Our fish meal supplier has obtained the necessary permit to utilize a natural antioxidant made from blended mixed tocopherols in place of ethoxyquin to preserve the fish meal during transit.

  • Hi Tom… I don’t know how that error got by me again. It’s fixed now. Thanks for the tip.

  • Tom

    “Holistic Select Dry Dog Food
    The Bottom Line

    Judging by its ingredients alone, Holistic Select appears to be an above-average canned dog food”

    Hi Mike…..Just letting you know….. It is the end of Oct and this error still seems to be there.

    Awesome site for my customers….I get them all to refer here.

    Cheers 😉


  • Hi Chris… Oops. You’re right. That should have said “dry” dog food. It’s now corrected. Thanks for the tip.

  • Chris

    Under the bottom line, you said that this was an above-average canned dog food, am I mistaken or is this a mistake? This is a dry food correct? Not trying to point this out to be nit-picky but in case you want to correct it. Thanks, love the site.

  • Hi Patty… Haven’t yet reviewed Cloud Star but have now added it to my To Do list. However, it could be a little while before we get to it due to our current backlog. Thanks for the tip.

  • Patty


    Hi. I was wondering if you’ve looked at Cloud Star’s Holistic Baked Kibble (chicken). It looks to me to be pretty good from the ingredients, taking into account what I’ve learned here, but it concerns me that you don’t have it listed.

  • Hi Susan… There are lots of good dog foods out there with plenty of meat. Canned foods generally (but not always) contain the most meat. Look for the foods we’ve reviewed and rated the highest and you should be able to find a nice product.

  • Susan

    Just spoke to someone at the company and I was told that none of the ingredients are human grade–We can all do better than that for our pets—so much cancer in pets I would go organic! I have not found a great food yet–they seem to be low on meat protien and are all life stages which makes me nervous about the needs of a puppy–a toy breed at that- Please comment thanks

  • AJ

    Ha, I had actually fed my Yorkie/bichon mix a small sample bag that I had and she had a “projectile” #2 so I was not sure.

  • Hi AJ… Oops. You’re right. Thanks to that sharp eye of yours I’ve corrected the erroneous nutrient percentages. I appreciate your help.

  • AJ

    Is that 10.3% fiber a misprint? Seems awful high.

  • Hi Paula… thanks (again) for sharing this crucial information. However, in this case, I’ve decided to await a formal announcement from Taste of the Wild before I modify this review. As soon as you (or any other readers) can confirm that the company has changed this formula, please let me know so I can update this report. Thanks again for your comment.

  • Hi Paula… thanks for sharing this important information. Because of your comment, I’ve corrected this review to show the fish meal as ethoxyquin-free.

  • Paula

    I recently inquired about ethoxyquin. Here is the company’s response:
    Thank you for taking the time to write about Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon adult dog food. Here are the nutritional values you have requested: Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal 0.80% Phosphorus Our pet food products are 100% ethoxyquin free. Our fish meal supplier has obtained the necessary permit to utilize a natural antioxidant made from blended mixed tocopherols in place of ethoxyquin to preserve the fish meal during transit.