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Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Product Has Been Discontinued
Confirmed by the Company1

Great Life Essentials Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.

The Great Life Essentials product line includes three canned dog foods.

However, since we’re unable to locate AAFCO nutritional adequacy statements for these dog foods on the product’s web page, it’s impossible for us to report specific life stage recommendations for these recipes.

  • Great Life Essentials Frontier Buffalo
  • Great Life Essentials Beef Wellington
  • Great Life Essentials Chicken Parmigiana

Great Life Essentials Beef Wellington was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Great Life Essentials Beef Wellington

Canned Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 41% | Fat = 27% | Carbs = 24%

Ingredients: Beef, beef broth, beef liver, organic blueberries, organic tomatoes, organic pumpkin, organic yams, organic chia seed, guar gum, vitamins (vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin B3 supplement, folic acid, vitamin B1 supplement, lecithin, biotin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin), minerals (zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, manganese amino acid chelate, cobalt amino acid chelate, calcium pantothenate, selenium)

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 6.8%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis9%6%NA
Dry Matter Basis41%27%24%
Calorie Weighted Basis31%51%18%
Protein = 31% | Fat = 51% | Carbs = 18%

The first ingredient in this food is beef. Beef is defined as “the clean flesh derived from slaughtered cattle” and includes skeletal muscle or the muscle tissues of the tongue, diaphragm, heart or esophagus.2

Beef is naturally rich in all ten essential amino acids required by a dog to sustain life.

The second ingredient is beef broth. Broths are nutritionally empty. But because they add moisture to a dog food they are a common finding in many canned products.

The third ingredient is beef liver. This is an organ meat sourced from a named animal and thus considered a beneficial component.

The next four ingredients include a series of nutrient-rich organic fruits and vegetables

  • Organic blueberries
  • Organic tomatoes
  • Organic pumpkin
  • Organic yams

The next ingredient is chia seed, an edible seed nutritionally similar to flax or sesame. Provided they’re first ground into a meal, chia seeds are rich in both omega-3 fatty acids as well as dietary fiber.

However, chia seeds contain about 17% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the meat content of this dog food.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With one notable exceptions

This food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

Great Life Essentials Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Since this recipe contains a number of organic ingredients, we feel compelled to grant this line a more favorable status as we consider its final rating.

That’s because organic ingredients must comply with notably more stringent government standards — standards which significantly restrict the use of any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, hormones or antibiotics.

With that in mind…

Great Life Essentials Dog Food looks like an above-average canned product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 41%, a fat level of 27% and estimated carbohydrates of about 24%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 41% and a mean fat level of 27%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 24% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 67%.

Near-average protein. Above-average fat. And below-average carbohydrates when compared to a typical canned dog food.

Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the chia seed, this looks like the profile of a wet product containing a notable amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Great Life Essentials is a meat-based canned dog food containing a notable amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 5 stars.

Enthusiastically recommended.

Please note certain products are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein rations.

Great Life Dog Food
Recall History

The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to this product line. If there are no recalls listed in this section, we have not yet reported any events.

You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. Or view the same list sorted alphabetically by brand.

To learn why our ratings have nothing to do with a product’s recall history, please visit our Dog Food Recalls FAQ page.

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The Dog Food Advisor does not test dog food products.

We rely entirely on the integrity of the information provided by each company. As such, the accuracy of every review is directly dependent upon the specific data a company chooses to share.

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However, due to the biological uniqueness of every animal, none of our ratings are intended to suggest feeding a particular product will result in a specific dietary response or health benefit for your pet.

For a better understanding of how we analyze each product, please read our article, "The Problem with Dog Food Reviews".

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Have an opinion about this dog food? Or maybe the review itself? Please know we welcome your comments.

Notes and Updates

08/21/2016 Last Update

  1. 4/26/2017 product not found on Texas Mills website
  2. Association of American Feed Control Officials
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  • Pattyvaughn

    Head over to the forum side and look for the Large and Giant Breed Nutrition thread and read up on what the issues are with feeding a large breed dog. Hound Dog Mom has made a list of foods that have appropriate calcium levels.
    I wouldn’t use Great Life, ever. They won’t do recalls even when they have an issue that should require one, because it is more important to them to be able to say “No recalls” than to actually keep your dog safe.

  • Jill

    Hi. My standard Goldendoodle is coming home to us in February. I am trying to research all the “best” dog/puppy food brands but my head is spinning. How do I decide which is the best for my puppy? The breeder is currently using Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Puppy Formula. I heard that rice isn’t nutritious for the puppy. I’ve had a recommendation for Vets Choice, THK, Wilderness and Great Life. Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Pattyvaughn

    This food is canned by Evangers, so shouldn’t be fed to an allergy prone dog anyway. You never know what may be in the can from Evangers.

  • NJPuggles

    Thanks for the suggestion but one of my dogs is allergic to salmon and it’s the third ingredient. The same dog is also allergic to chicken. I have to stick with turkey, beef, buffalo/bison, duck and grain-free because they can both eat that. I was considering a raw diet but it’ll be more expensive than THK.

  • NJPuggles

    I’m not on FB but I am in their rewards club. I got a free 10lb box. Took me a year to earn the points but it was nice saving $70!

  • InkedMarie

    I feed THK too. Make sure you like them on Facebook if you use that social media, if you haven’t, sign up for their emails so you will get coupons and do the rewards system. If you buy direct from them, they keep tract for you. If you buy THK locally, they’ll do it for you as well. If you order online, well, I don’t think they will do it but you can ask.

  • Originally posted “grain-inclusive “house brand” but meant “grain-free”, so i’ve corrected it in the above post.

  • Pet Valu has a great grain-inclusive “house brand” called Performatrin Ultra Grain Free you might want to look into. Great food at a great price! (well, a great food as long as you don’t have a large breed puppy’s too high in calcium for a large breed puppy)

  • NJPuggles

    We just noticed the blue plastic and bristles in the Buffalo grain-free. It’s going right back to Pet Valu and we’re switching back to Honest Kitchen. I thought I had finally found a good, economical dog food that my two allergy prone dogs could eat but my search continues. HK is good and they love it but it’s expensive.

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  • Mugwomp

    You’ve gotta be kidding.

    Best dog food out there. NO dog will turn it down.

  • truestory

    I found this comment after I discovered hair/bristles and aqua-colored plastic bits in my dog’s Pioneer Naturals kibble (grain-free Venison). Terrible, terrible, terrible! Deb’s comment was left 2 years ago and the problem continues??! If you want more info, please read my comment in the Pioneer Naturals review thread.

    And to clarify, Pioneer Naturals and Great Life are essentially the same company.

    I would NOT suggest Great Life/Pioneer Naturals to anyone.

  • Pattyvaughn

    THANK YOU HDM!! That was info I needed!

  • InkedMarie

    I didn’t know that!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Great Life canned food is made by Evanger’s.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Why post this here instead of on the Evanger’s thread?

  • Guest
  • Hello Dog Food Guide,

    This topic was discussed in detail in the very thread you quote here. Please remember, my ratings are based strictly on the FDA regulated label information — and nothing else. That’s the same standard applied to every one of the 800+ reviews and ratings on this website.

    However, the points made here and elsewhere are certainly important and will have much to do with whether or not a dog food makes it into our new “beyond the label” Editor’s Choice section.

    This more in-depth analysis of the companies themselves will soon be available to every reader on this website.

    Thanks for bringing this issue again to my attention.

  • Dog Food Guide

    Mike, I do not understand you can rate this dog food anywhere close to five star. Please see following information from another article and my research:
    Great Life does not follow AAFCO
    labeling guidelines. There was a long discussion in the Great Life Grain
    Free (Dry) review about this.

    Great Life has claimed for many years that their dry foods all
    contained whole meats as their number one ingredient. Then someone named
    Jack Jones did some research and discovered that the company that makes
    Great Life dry foods (Pied Piper Pet) is unable to use whole meats in
    any of their products.

    Pied Piper has no refrigeration at their plant and that is one of the
    reasons they are unable to produce a kibble using whole meats. I wonder
    if the lack of refrigeration negatively affects all the kibbles they
    make? Is refrigeration not needed for any of the ingredients in a

    When I first read that Great Life might be mislabeling their dry
    foods I called them and spoke to Elliott Harvey the owner of Great Life.
    He assured me that their dry foods contained whole meats and not dried

    Jack Jones then posted all the contact information for both Great
    Life and Pied Piper and Mike Sagman the creator of DFA contacted Great
    Life and asked about the meats used in their dry foods.

    Great Life then responded by email saying their dry foods contained air dried meats.

    Air dried is another way of saying dehydrated and by AAFCO
    definitions this cannot be called “Chicken” it must be called
    “Dehydrated Chicken”.

    Great Life continues to ignore AAFCO definitions which are not the law but which are usually followed in the dog food industry.

    The above reviewed Vet Preferred Grain Free (Dry) contains meat
    meals. Yet when it first came out both the Great Life website and the
    labels on the bags of food listed “Venison” and “Pork” as the first
    ingredients in of “Venison meal” and “Pork meal”.

    The website now lists the first ingredient as a meal and not a whole
    meat. I don’t know if the have corrected the labels on the bags yet.

    With all the choices out there for dog food I would steer clear of a
    company that chooses not to follow AAFCO’s ingredient definitions.

    I think everyone should ask themselves why does Great Life choose to ignore AAFO definitions?


  • Blaker

    High-priced food that dogs won’t touch. Overrated!

  • FtLaudGreg

    Anyone had any experience with their dog vomitting after switching to Great Life? I did a slow transition over a week and twice now since he’s gona 100percent Great Life my dog has vomitted up a bit. He’s on the Irish Lamb Stew canned formula. 

  • Hound Dog Mom

    According to the ingredients list on their website there is no liver in the canned salmon formula:

  • Gistsli

    Hello, for the salmon wet canned dog food, it lists Liver as an ingredient…do you know if that is salmon or chicken liver?  It appears like they would not mix proteins but egg is in there too along with a tomato puree.  I am feeding it to a hugely allergic wheaten terrier and it looks fantastic on paper ..thanks….

  • InkedMarie

    Did you report this to the company?

  • monkey

    You aren’t the first too, ive seen reports like this all over the place. I find it odd too because i think Pied Piper makes Great Life but they also make other popular kibble and i haven’t seen people having problems with the others. Not that i have seen at least.  

  • Concerned Amstaff mom

    I have fed Great life for about 2 years now and my dog has loved it…I have even got other ppl to feed the food. I feed the Kibble as I don’t like feeding canned food. I have AKC show dogs that are group winning dogs. I just recently noticed my dog not wanting to eat his food….even when I cut him back. And he has had the runs very bad…sometimes not to bad…but hes never really had a “poo prob” Hes even not able to hold it and sometimes goes in my house…. witch is NOT like him at all he is a 3 year old.
    This has been going on for about 6-7 months now. Well I bought my last bag from my most fave store in town…and We Moved about 5 hrs away, Today (8-18-12) I went to feed my dog and for some strange reason  I decided to look at the kibble…
    To my surprise when I looked at the kibble(buffalo) I noticed something odd…I dug it out only to be shocked by a different kind of kibble in the shape of an ‘X’…. well I then dumped the brand new bag of kibble out only to discover that the ‘X’ shaped kibble was 2 different colors and it seems to be cat food…..
    But not GL’s cat kibble….we used to have a cat and used to feed GL salmon to her…we have not had her for awhile now…so noway could it be from that. The X kibbles seem to be half X kibble and half normal dog kibble.
    I ONLY feed Great Life.
    I am SO sick that I have been giving my dog what I thought was great food only to discover that I have been making him sick.

    I want answers!! and I do have photos!

  • Mouse

     I did notice it also….and my dog has been getting the runs with a lot of poo or small soft poo… he loves the food…but this is all as of the last couple of bags…id say for about 6 months now.

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  • debbie
  • DAWN


  • DAWN


  • DAWN


  • DAWN


  • I will wait patiently to hear an update on Great Life. I have Primal Raw Food for now, but would like to get the green light to buy me another bag of GL dry and wet can food. If, infact what I hear is true about where it is manufactured, then I will not give them my business. I will try and call them myself.Thank you in advance.

  • Dawn


  • sandy

    Great Life canned foods are manufactured at the Evangers plant, which has had its problems…

    I’ve used Merrick, Weruva and Addiction cans for a year now and haven’t found anything in them.

  • Deb

    I having been feeding Great Life to my Newfoundland recently and can after can I have been finding hard chunks of a cartilage like substance.  I also have found bright blue plastic and bristles/hairs in the grain free kibble.  Disgusting!! I have called Great Life and of course no one called me back.  I can’t believe I wasted so much money on this garbage.  Why is it so hard to find a quality food?  Even one rated 5 stars here is terrible.

  • Hi Monkey… Thanks for the Geo IP Tool. Very cool to be able to do that. For privacy reasons, I’d rather not display my findings. But your help now makes this IP information more useful. Thanks again. 🙂

  • Monkey

    Thanks for catching that Mike S. They made it pretty obvious by posting them within a 5 minute period. Use to see if the IP is from California where Great Life is located.

  • Rachael (Rachel A. Reardon?) , Cindy (Candy Rice?) and Theresa…

    After reading the 3 comments you posted here on this Great Life review, it’s apparent that you are working together with deceptive intent (or as a fraudulent individual using multiple identities) from the same computer IP address.

    Because you have abused your privilege to post on this website, you are no longer welcome here and now blocked from further posting.

  • theresa

    I wanted to write because I am so pleased to have come across your products. I have 3 cats and 1 puppy and my husband finds it a bit annoying that I keep changing their food. I don’t change it because I want something new, but I change it because I am looking for the best kibble I can find to improve and maintain the health of my furkids, at a price that I can manage. My cats don’t mind me changing their food, but the puppy has problems with it. When we got him, he was on a typical premium breeder food which I don’t much care for due to the ingredients. I ever so gradually started changing him over to Castor & Pollux, which I like better. While he didn’t mind eating the new food, the change made him gassy and runny. Eventually he adapted and then I decided it would be good if we could have him used to two types of food because I cannot always find C & P when I need it so I gradually started getting him used to another excellent food… again, he was having trouble with gas and the runs. Right in the middle of this change, I found Great Life. I couldn’t wait to get it. And there I go, gradually switching him (while I was already switching him)… only this time…no gassy; no runny. I was surprised and moved a little faster on the transition and still no problem… after just a couple days I just gave him the food. He had no problem. I can’t believe it. We also have a foster pup and I have no idea what she was eating before I got her, but I’m sure it wasn’t Great Life. Put her straight to it, and not the first problem. I am totally sold and so thankful that I can stop looking for the best food because I have finally found it!!

    Thank you,

    Dallas TX

  • Cindy

    Great Life!
    Previously I had my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on Orijen dog food then I went to a raw diet. I actually felt I had really good results with the raw diet. When I had a litter whelp in August, my new vet thought I should get the adult dogs on kibble while we had the puppies. I wasn’t sure about this but decided it would be easier with the puppies. I went to our local pet store….Alpha Dog Supply 2 in Centralia, WA. They were very excited about a new food they had recently started carrying. There were several things about Great Life that really attracted me, one it was a natural freeze dried food that was very close to feeding raw, next was the grain and potato free formulas, finally, it was an all stages food, which meant no buying a special puppy food for our new litter.

    Our Cavalier took to it right away and the transition was very smooth. I chose to feed your Buffalo Grain & Potato Free. The amazing thing was that the new puppies started eating Mom’s food right out of her bowl. I knew that they were ready to start eating solids. As I have always done with all of my previous litters, I added warm water and made a mush for them to start eating. They weren’t really interested, they just wanted the dry food of Mom’s. The pieces were so little that they had no trouble crunching them right up. This is the first litter I have had that never once had soft or loose stools, even after worming or vaccines. There stools were perfect from the beginning until the day they went to their new homes. We did not go thru all the stages of puppy mush, warming the food, and having to graduate to hard kibble. It was so easy, I couldn’t believe it.

    I have been buying the largest bag of the Buffalo Grain and Potato Free, however, I really wish it would come in bigger sizes for breeders. The pet food store recommended that I contact you to see if you will making it in larger bags or if you had a breeders size available? Secondly, I have recommended your food to other Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders (along with my puppy buyers). One of the breeders started buying it in Gig Harbor, WA and they offered a punch card offering a free bag of food after buying so many (10 or 12 ?) bags. This had not been offered at the the shop in Centralia, will you be offering that at the Alpha Dog Supply soon?

    Thank You so much for developing this new food! I am interested in any information you may have. I show and breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and what they eat is very important to me.
    Candy Rice

  • Rachael

    Dear Great Life,
    I am a small-time Boston Terrier breeder in Sacramento, CA. I have always taken pet food and nutrition very seriously, as I want my dogs to live as long as possible, and as healthy as possible. I have been around the mill with dog food brands, and though I found some that worked OK, I was never completely satisfied. I recently put my 3 Boston Terriers on Great Life’s Grain Free Salmon dry food, and even though it has only been 1 month, I have noticed some incredible changes in their health.
    My 7 yr old female Araya has always had a sensitive stomach, and it was not unusual for her to vomit at least once a day. She has had countless testing done to ensure nothing serious was causing this stomach upset, and all tests came back normal. Since eating this food, she hasn’t vomited at all in 30 days-that is a record for her! My 5 yr old female Shakira has always had skin issues and allergies, since being on this food she has already improved.
    The food is so densely nutritious that I went from feeding them 1/2 cup twice daily on the old food, to 1/3 cup twice daily on Great Life and they are maintaining a healthy weight. They have gorgeous, shiny, soft coats, and they LOVE the taste of this formula. I will be feeding this food exclusively from here on out to my Boston Terriers, and will advise my puppy clients to do the same. Thank you for making such a wonderful food!
    ~Rachel A. Reardon

  • jane


    I sent the FDA a report on their food and what I found in the cans

    I found a piece of cellulose or plastic in one can

    I found a bristle and hair in another

    Their food is garbage and I for one spent lot s and lots of money thinking this was a wonderful natural grain free food and it is pure crap and so is the company

    I think perhaps there are three people working there

    There food has some kind of fatty crud in each can and I threw half the food from the cans down the sink

    Never ever ever again

    I posted pictures of this on their page and they immediately took it off

    Scam Scam food is what they sell

  • Dawn Leder

    Great Life

    Great Life Dog Food

    Great Life dog food is made by Doctor’s Finest, who advertises that “Quality is our #1 Ingredient!”. They have also marketed their dog food as “The Next Evolution of Dog Food”. However, how good is Great Life dog food for your dog? Is it a smart choice for canine nutrition? Learn more about Great Life dog food (as well as what other dog owners are saying about it) in our review!

    Who is Great Life Manufactured By?

    The company who makes Great Life dog food is called Doctor’s Finest, Inc. Doctor’s Finest was founded in 1996, and has since won the “Best Products Award” from Animal Wellness Magazine. Dr. Elliot Harvey, the spokesperson for Doctor’s Finest, is famous for being featured on an Animal Planet TV show.

    Great Life Dog Food Recall

    As of right now, Great Life dog food has not been involved in any pet food recalls, and is not currently listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website. However, since recall information may change, it’s best to check the FDA pet food recall list on a regular basis. This will help you to ensure that your dog’s food is safe.
    Great Life Reviews
    Great Life Ingredients

    Many of Great Life’s dog food formulas are freeze-dried. In their grain-free formulas, tapioca is often used in place of potato as a source of carbohydrates. The protein sources contained in some Great Life dog food formulas include wild salmon, duck, buffalo and free-range chicken. There are several different produce items contained in some Great Life dog food formulas, such as broccoli sprouts, squash, pumpkin, cranberries and artichokes. Most Great Life formulas also contain probiotics and active cultures.
    Great Life Allergies

    There are no ingredients in Great Life dog food that are among the most common allergens for dogs. However, since many of the ingredients in Great Life dog food are unique and varied, it’s always good to read the entire ingredients label if your dog has a specific type of allergy (such as to chicken or tapioca).
    Great Life Recipes
    Great Life Dry Recipes:

    Great Life Dr. Es RX Formula Buffalo
    Great Life Dr. Es Duck Dog Food-Rx Formula
    Great Life Dr Es Rx Formula Duck
    Great Life Dr. Es Grain Free Duck Rx Formula
    Great Life Dr. Es Limited Ingredient- Grain Free Chicken
    Great Life Dr Es-limited Ingredient Grain Free Buffalo
    Great Life Dog Food-Wild Salmon
    Great Life Dog Food-Buffalo
    Great Life Dog Food-New Zealand Lamb
    Great Life Dog Food-Chicken
    Great Life Grain Free Dog Food-Wild Salmon
    Great Life Grain Free Dog Food-Buffalo
    Great Life Grain Free Dog Food-Open Range Chicken

    Great Life Canned Recipes:

    Great Life Beef Wellington Canned
    Great Life Chicken Parmigiana Canned
    Great Life Irish Lamb Stew Canned
    Great Life Alaskan Wild Salmon Canned
    Great Life Peking Duck Canned
    Great Life Baby Back Ribs Canned

    Great Life Consumer Info
    Where can I buy Great Life?

    You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Great Life Dog Food?”. To assist you, we have included links on the specific Great Life formula pages to purchase Great Life dog food.
    How much Great Life should I feed my dog?

    A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Great Life dog food should I feed my dog?”. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging.
    Great Life Dog Food Coupons

    Sometimes, pet food manufacturing companies will offer us coupons to share on our site. Are you searching for Great Life dog food printable coupons? We will let you know when they are available!

    Please check back soon for Great Life dog food coupons!
    Great Life Ratings

    Most customers have positive things to say about Great Life dog food. Many dog owners like the fact that many formulas are freeze-dried, since this is believed to retain more of the nutrients contained in the ingredients. Dogs also seem to find Great Life dog food appetizing. The inclusion of “wild” and “free range” protein sources was another positive fact that was cited by many dog owners. Dogs with allergies to specific ingredients also seem to have favorable results when fed Great Life dog food.

  • Dawn Leder


  • monkey

    David, is that what Great Life told you?

  • David

    The cans are done by Evangers and the dry food is by Pied Piper.

  • Good work Dawn. I left you a post on the grain free dry. 🙂

  • Dawn Leder


  • Dawn Leder


  • Dawn Leder

    Home Page

    Pied Piper Pet Foods is Leading the Way towards the future of the Private Label Pet Foods Industry. We have recently completed a multi million dollar state-of-the-art expansion of our private label pet food manufacturing facility. The additional manufacturing will double our previous capacity and satisfy the needs of our customers. We are proud of this expansion and look forward to expanding our customers’ markets and challenging the global markets.

    For more than three decades Pied Piper Pet Foods has developed with careful precision an understanding of our customers and their individual needs as well as the changing global markets. Quality Pet Food

    The Pied Piper Team are experts in pet food manufacturing from initial consultation to manufacturing and shipping your product to domestic and global destinations. Our commitment to quality in addition to keeping our costs to a minimum has contributed to our success.

    Pet Owners are increasingly demanding higher quality pet foods that are both nutritionally sound and meet the requirements for their pet’s particular stage in life. We understand those requirements and can assist with developing a product or products that meet and exceed those needs. Pied Piper Today

    Concept To Market “Quality” is our Commitment and Promise!

    ATTENTION: Pied Piper Pet Foods is not involved in
    any recall of our dry pet foods or treats.
    Pied Piper Pet Foods only uses grains and protein supplements sourced from the USA.

    Pied Piper Pet Foods Services:

    On site Consultation and product concept evaluation

    Nutritional analysis Product Testing and Evaluation

    Product Production Packaging including design and process

    Warehousing Shipping to Markets Domestic and International

    The Pied Piper Pet Foods Team

    We are constantly communicating with our customers to identify their requirements and to facilitate their new product line or expand their existing product line. Our expert team of professionals has the experience and the knowledge to assist companies with all of their pet food needs.

    We welcome your inquiry regarding what Pied Piper Pet Foods can do for you and your company. Please contact us regarding your pet food manufacturing needs.

    Tel: (800) 338-4610.

    Email: [email protected]

  • Dawn Leder

    US ingredients and
    manufactured in US
    Store Locator
    Dr. Elliott’s Health Articles

    Shop for Dog

    Shop for Cat

    Pet Supplements

    Home | About | My Account | Shopping Cart View Cart
    4 Items: $34.78

    Great Life Performance Pet Products
    Dedicated to the Preservation of Quality Life, Longer Life and Happy Living- Naturally

    Welcome to the world of healthy pets, the home of Great Life Performance Pet Products, founded in 1996 by Elliott Harvey MH, who saw a need for quality pet products based on nutritional studies and field studies. Elliott Harvey MH is the author of the highly acclaimed natural healing book “The Healthy Wholistic Dog.” Backed by many years of animal experience, he has created a line of extremely effective natural dog and cat products, utilizing the best available natural and organic ingredients from the US. Elliott Harvey MH is a contributing writer for Animal Wellness Magazine and consultant to Pet Product News and writes monthly articles for Pet Assure.

    Great Life Performance Pet Products provide premium dog food, premium cat food, healthy dog treats and pet supplements that work! Through our total commitment to natural pet health and superior pet nutrition, coupled with our years of experience and expertise, Great Life Performance Pet Products has established a business relationship with customers and their pets that will last a lifetime–a long, healthy lifetime! Great Life Performance Dog Food and Great Life Performance Cat Food utilize ingredients that encompass a full nutrient spectrum. We enhanced a superior natural dog food and natural cat food with our exclusive Nutri-Coat” system. We use freeze dried raw protein with balanced freeze dried organic raw greens, organic freeze dried fruits and vegetables, organic mixed baby sprouts (enzymes) and pre and probiotics. We then enclosed the kibble in wild salmon oil. We have provided all the benefits of a raw food diet without the mess, expense and no refrigeration is needed!

    Our Organic ingredients are Certified Organic from a third party lab and prior to usage a lab analysis for purity, potency and toxins and micro-toxins is required. We receive the lab analysis prior to shipment to our California facility. These items are grown in various states in the United States. Our protein is sourced from small farmers in Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, Pennsylvania and the sunshine state of California. All proteins are throughly tested prior to use for antibiotics, hormones, diseases, etc. Any protein shown to have any irregularities will not be used in our products. To help you take your pets back to an age when they were lean, healthy, allergy free and active from eating nature’s perfect GRAIN-FREE diet, we have created Great Life’s Grain/Potato-Free Dog Food Diet. As with our other dog food or cat food, we have a unique process that allows us to bring you the raw foods your pets crave saturated in and on a grain free kibble enclosed in wild salmon oil base. NO refrigeration is needed. Look at the ingredients and you’ll agree this food will help your pet live a longer, happier and healthier life.

    Lab Analysis: Great Life routinely checks for Micro-toxins, Heavy metals, Molds, Bacteria growth, etc. at Midwest Labs an independent third party. Tests are conducted for: E-coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staph aureus, Yeast, Mold, etc. Midwest Labs also tests and does analysis on our products for micro-toxins such as: Ethoxyquin, Aflatoxins, DON (Vomitoxin), Fumonisin, Ochratoxin, T-2 Toxin, Zearalenone, BHA, BHT. All reports show Great Life has been shown as a very clean product line and free of any of the listed problems.

    Great Life is manufactured at Pied Piper in Hamlin, TX.
    *Our production facility is certified by US governmental agencies for the production of pet food. The latest inspection gave the facility a very good to Excellent rating.
    *Run production- we keep samples of all our runs for a minimum of 12 months
    *Our products are routinely tested for all contaminants from an Independent lab at Midwest Labs and ingredient activity levels.
    *The facility has an on-site health inspector- this allows us to have additional confidence that our products are clean and up to our high standards. Great Life has never had a recall and makes every effort to satisfy our customers needs!

    Additionally: Midwest Labs reports showed Great Life has an extremely high level of active enzymes, probiotics and nutrients. Great Life Performance- Our foods are very active! Consumers switching from commercial brands must transition slowly onto Great Life, usually 2 -3 weeks. If you transition to fast your dog may clean out waste products too fast.

    Consumer Confidence: We are delighted that consumers understand that Great Life’s protocol of testing ingredients and manufacturing practices alleviates concerns for a safe and healthy food. Great Life is proud of our dedication to an animals’ well being.. Please share your experience with us!!

    ****All products are sustainable

    Customer Service
    To get ahold of one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives, you may send an email to [email protected] or contact the Main Office at (805)577-9663

    Main Office
    Great Life Performance Pet Products
    420 E. Easy St
    Simi Valley, CA 93065


  • Dawn Leder

    [email protected]
    this is the great life manufacture

  • jane

    Regarding Great Life
    I think there are three employees at the company totally and this includes “Dr Eliot”

    There food is made and manufactured by Evangers as are many many other dog foods.

    I dont think the folks at Great Life have a clue what is in their food cause they could not answer me when I asked.
    I stopped using the wet and dry after many years when they could not tell me what the greasy slimy stuff was in all the canned foods I was using.

    It was either sitting on the top of the can like a slimy gelatin or on the sides and the bottom.

    More of the so called food went into the garbage disposal.

    Everyone one has a gimmick it seems but when it comes to my dogs I dont want to hear the bull they throw

    They could only tell me it was some fat. One quarter of the 13 oz can was fat, C’mon they need to come up with a better answer cause as we all know fat is not what we want to feed our dogs

    And Evangers should be put of of business for their tactics as well

  • humanedogfood

    Hey Mike nice to meet you, yes I was able to find the website and email them. No response yet I will update . .
    As much as I’d like to avoid stories Mike it’s actually equally as important to me as the food quality because here we have a seemingly reputable company stealing utilities and never having to pay for such . . In addition the botulism reports were frightening, safe to say Evangers is not a company whose food I want to be feeding to my dog..
    Michelle hey nice to meet you, you know what Michelle I could sit here and go back and forth with you all day about my feelings and beliefs, however that is all they are, like I said, feelings and beliefs. I have strong beliefs that include not treating my dogs like “ancestral wolves” and I would rather my dog live 15 years enjoying great food than 16 years living off a “diet” that I feel is best for him practically starving all the time. . Dogs are not wolves and they actually evolved off our “table scraps” if you know . . In fact dogs only ate what we had left-over because that is all we had to give them. Michelle I am comfortable feeding my dogs a kibble diet that is a 50/50 mixture of high protein, high organic carb.. My dogs are extremely healthy, active, and most importantly as far as I can see, happy 🙂

  • Hi Jenny… I’m planning to review the dry versions of Great Life soon. Still digging through a backlog of other products and updates. So, check back soon.

  • Jenny

    Hi I noticed Great Life Grain Free dry formulas no longer have a separated ingredient list on their website. Would this food be able to be reviewed? I’m curious to know more about it. Thanks for the site!

  • Michelle

    Hi humanedogfood, Your dog actually doesn’t need any grains, and would be better off without them…. Please read this

  • Hi Humanedogfood… Actually, I’m aware of the Evangers controversy. And like you, I find most of it rather troubling. However, I try to focus on the labeling facts and avoid the many stories regarding the manufacturers that regularly surface on the Internet.

    Here’s a link to the Great Life website. You should be able to contact them to ask your questions. Hope this helps.

  • humanedogfood

    I forgot to add that the reason I am thinking of switching to Great Life is because we can never seem to get a canned food that our dogs will like. They are liking the 50/50 kibble mixture however I want to throw some canned food in the mix and this one seems to be very “good” . . I will email them to find out the farm sources of their meats 🙂

  • humanedogfood

    Hey guys I am curious about the CANNED versions of this brand. I am specifically curious because they claim to use free-range, pastured meats, such as the “baby back” pork ribs canned food. I am reading mixed reviews of this company. Notably I am reading that Evangers supposedly cans their food, which I don’t know if you guys know much about Evangers; supposedly they stole utilities in excess of $2 million dollars in addition to botulism reports, all kinds of negative things I am hearing about Evangers. So I would not be happy to hear that Evangers cans Great Life’s food. Also, I am reading that “Pied Piper” manufacturing plant is where the food is canned at and this is supposedly one of the worst manufacturing plants for dog food.
    Can anyone clear any of this up for me? I am trying to email Great Life but can’t find a website or contact email for them, I want to ask the source of their meats, which farm they are getting the meats from to confirm that the meats are indeed humanely raised and pastured.
    I have been feeding my dogs a 50/50 kibble mixture of Orijen regional red and Petguard Organic Lifepath (because I feel grains enrich a dogs diet; I believe the high protein content of Orijen mixed with the high grain content of Petguard makes for a balanced diet that is non-biased either way towards grain-free or grain-inclusive. Like I said many of you will disagree however I feel grain is fine for dogs as long as they are also getting a high amount of good quality meats and vegetables 🙂
    Please let me know how you feel about these “problems” with Great Life, mainly the fact of Evangers canning their food and the location in which it is canned at, this Pied Piper ???
    Take care 🙂

  • Michelle

    Hi Patricia, sounds like they have changed their source for ingredients, or maybe you got a bad batch. If your dog isn’t having a problem passing the harder stools I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If this really bothers you / your dog, maybe it’s time for a new food. I’m a big fan of rotating foods. By rotating, if a food is too high or low in a vitamin or mineral or something, then you don’t multiply the error by feeding the same food constantly. I like to use different meat / protein sources also. Adding canned has benefits too, it’s less processed and doesn’t need preservatives.

  • Gordon

    Or it could just be a bad batch, that you’ve bought part of. Apparently, companies’ kibbles can vary in shape, size and quality from batch to batch and time to time.

  • Gordon

    Patricia – I could be wrong, but I believe they call that, “Cost cutting”.

  • Patricia

    Has anyone had problems with recent bags of GL no grain/potato buffalo kibble where the food makes a dog’s stool very hard and small? I have been using GL for several years with my dog’s stools being perfect, not hard, no diarrhea. Then I opened a bag where the kibble looked different, darker colored and slightly “flattened” in shape. The previous bag had “rounder” kibble that was lighter brown in color. As soon as I started feeding this new bad, my dog’s stool became small and hard, very hard. I break them open and they are hard and dry and this is after I add pumpkin and add a lot of water to the kibble.

  • Aimee

    I had my picky shihtzu on Natural Bal and Solid G Bison. She ate it for a few days and then didn’t want it. I had some of the GL Bison and gave it to her yesterday. She really liked it. I ended up taking a baggy of it to my friends who’s shihtzu is also extremely picky and was shocked that she ate all that I brought, a nice big hand full. It does concern me about some of the negative comments, but what I think it important to note for those considering trying this kibble it to transition to the new food over a week. Also every dog is different and responds differently to different foods. I would stick to NB if she would eat it consistently. Anyway I will post back in a week or so and report. It is expensive, but my 8 lb shihtzu doesn’t seem to eat a lot, so I’m not to worried about it, maybe if I was feeding more I would look for something a little less expensive. Thank you for all the comments and analysis on pet food. Dog food advisor has really helped our family be more educated on the food we feed our pet.

  • When we switched from Taste of The Wild to Great Life (grain and potato free) dry, there was a fairly rapid improvement (2-3 weeks) in the quality of our dog’s coat. It became (and remains) much softer, except for the “go-faster stripe” along her spine, which has a coarser, terrier-like texture. There were absolutely no problems with the transition.

    Interestingly, our local pet store, which specializes in high-end and organic pet foods, seems to be backing away from Great Life a little in favor of Orijen, although they have also introduced Instinct and Earthborn. They were the ones who originally sold me on Great Life, but now they seem to feel more comfortable pushing something that’s won prizes. They were never able to provide me with information – which they said they would get from their wholesale rep – on GL’s manufacturing process. I appreciate the comment above on the Evanger’s connection.

    For now, I’m sticking with Great Life. And it’s important to note that the uncertainty about this food only applies to the kibble. The wet food is unimpeachable.

  • JoLynn


    Thank you so much by taking the time to write out all of these links to check out. I truly appreciate it! Luckily my family and I have a good support system from family and freinds to help us at this time. We have a 2 year old rescued pit/mix as well and we don’t want anything like this to happen to so that’s why I’m looking for the best food for him.
    Again thanks for your concern….

  • Hi Sandi… Your comment was automatically withheld for moderation by our software (as possible spam) due to the unusual number of links it contained. It’s now been approved and posted.

  • Mike – “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” This is good info for JoLynn. Thanks.

  • Correction – the above URL’s has changed. Use these links:

    Bone Cancer

    Canine Cancer

    Canine Cancer Comfort

  • JoLynn,

    I’m sorry to hear about your Lab. My Whippet is a 2x cancer survivor. Diagnosed with a mast cell tumor @
    10 in ’06. Thyroidal carcinoma in ’08.

    You might want to join Monica Segal’s group (free). She’s a nutritionist up in Canada. Recommended diet for cancer – low carbohydrates, moderate protein and fairly high fat, especially omega 3 fatty acids. There isn’t one ideal diet because some of this depends on what a dog tolerates. She favors foods such as smelt
    and veggies, but diets based on very lean beef can be excellent when large amounts of fish oil (not fish liver oil) are added. Any diet should be balanced.

    I thought you might like these cancer links. The members are very supportive.

    Bone Cancer

    Canine Cancer

    Canine Cancer Comfort

    Delphi Forums

    Dog Cancer Care


    Canine Cancer Awareness

    Financial Aide:

    Care Credit
    (800) 300-3046

    Cody’s Club
    (614) 620-2476

    In Memory of Magic

    Land of Pure Gold Foundation
    (410) 363-1434

    National Canine Foundation
    (866) 262-0542

    Perseus Foundation
    (202) 406-0227

    The Magic Bullet Fund

    Stay positive! My heart goes out to you!

  • JoLynn

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the info. I’ve been doing alot more research regarding dog food. 3 weeks ago we found out our lab, 8 years old, has bone cancer and it’s very aggressive. Like I said above we have been feeding her mainly GL since she was two. For a while it was Natural Balance then back to GL. She almost died during a hike when she was two from dehydration…all of the vets were shocked because it wasn’t hot out and she was just 2 years. Anyways…she probably had an underlying condition but I do believe that diet plays a big role with disease. I just checked GL website again and now it explains how the kibble is made and where, etc. It says that all of the proteins are free of antibiotics, disease, etc., goes through numerous tests. With all of this you would think that a 25lb bag at $58.74 isn’t very expensive at all. Shouldn’t it be priced more if the quality is excellent? I noticed that Brothers Pet Food is 75.99 for the same weight.

  • Hi JoLynn… I’ve already reviewed many organic dog foods on this website. But beware, some are comparatively low in meat content. You can find a good number of them by going to my “Tags” menu in the red bar at the top of my website. Then, click on the word “organic”. This should give you quite a few. You can also search for the word organic in the search box. Hope this helps.

  • JoLynn

    Hi Mike,

    The only cat food my 16 year old cat can eat is Wellness or Great Llife kibble. He used to get crystals and has had surger so we had to put him on a special diet. Those are the only two brands he can eat. He has been eating GL for 3 years now is doing great.
    No problems with the dog food but I don’t think it was doing what I wanted it to do plus the weird reviews I’ve been seeing about people getting shady answers from the owner of the company. I would like to find a good organic dog food that doesn’t contain soy. Do you think you can do a review of Organic dog food? I’d like to try Karma but they only make 7lb bags.

  • Michelle

    Liz, you could try a different formula of TOTW or maybe Nature’s Domain.Back to Basics is a 5* grain free, I’m not sure on the price, but I’m going to pick up a bag on Friday.

  • Liz

    @spookie & tshoe I have been feeding great life to my almost 1 year old boxer since about 4 months old. I had to switch him over from Taste of the Wild pacific stream because he was having some kind of allergic reaction to it. He was getting bumps on his body but mostly between his shoulder blades it got so bad he started to go bald starting at the shoulder blades. I took him to the vet who checked for mange and told me it could not be a food allergy(IDIOT!) well before wasting anymore money I decided to try a better food. So I tried GL grain free formulas but only the chicken and buffalo because we don’t know if he is allergic to fish or not. Well since he has been on this food he has had no bumps and his hair has all grown back! He looks and feels absolutely beautiful. He’s full of energy as well. My on complaint is his stools are hit and miss as to whether they are firm or have diarrhea. Usually firm in the morning but the rest of the day especially if he is running around can be pudding poo. So now I’ve added canned pumpkin to his diet as well which seems to help but it’s not perfect. So that would be my only complaint with this food besides it’s expense. If you have any luck with a less expensive but good food brand please let me know because now I’m trying to feed a healthy diet to two boxers which is costing us like $250 a month! Thanks and hope this helps!

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  • thanks a bunch!

  • Hi Sandi… I try to review between 2 and 5 products each week. Than number can decrease if I have a number of “updates” and recipe changes to deal with. The 10 most recent posts (including my reviews) are always visible in order of their dates of publication in the navigation tab labeled “Blog” at the top of each page. Hope this helps.

  • Gordon

    I just checked that link and its range of GL contains many freeze dried meat ingredients. Does that mean they want customers to rehydrate the kibble before serving? Anyway, if Mike misses any North American sold dog foods as part of his review, he is happy to be advised of any he may not be aware of. And so, he welcomes you or anyone else to bring it to his attention Sandi, where he’ll put it in the queue of his back log of dog foods yet to be reviewed.

  • Gordon, nope – it’s kibble not canned.

    Mike Sagman – How often do you do reviews, how long does it take to do a review for each product, do you let your readers know when you have reviewed a new product in your “Recent Comment” section. Thanks!

  • Gordon

    I think Great Life only have a canned dog food version since this review is about their canned food, and I see no GL kibble in the list of reviews. So those people telling you, Sandi, about how GL is prone to getting moldy, must be referring to this canned/wet version. Unless of course, there is a GL kibble version and Mike hasn’t reviewed it? IDK

  • I think you’re right Gordon. I was leaning towards Russian. I still think it’s very cool having dialogue with people all over the world.

    I’m really getting confused as to where I’m posting. I know I posted this info somewhere:

    I never fed GL but looked into it as I’m looking for another kibble. Here’s what I heard. My girlfriend, who is a Rottie Judge, was feeding GL until her Vet called and said not to feed anymore. For some reason, the food is becoming moldy in Florida. I know a retailer who told me he wasn’t going to carry it any longer as it becomes moldy. My girlfriend called them and didn’t like their customer service. My other friend attended a trade show in CA. and met the owner – she said negative things about him. I don’t remember where I read this but I copied it for my file: “GL is made at a private plant in Hamlin, TX. Pied Piper – one of the worst manufacturing plants in the country. She went on to say many different people got different stories from GL when they called or checked into the company.”

  • Gordon

    Ahhh I think I know where boris comes from Sandi, since you asked the same question under another thread. It looks like he’s translated ‘carbs’ in his own language by writing that strange word in what looks to be either Russian, Greek, or Slovak maybe? It does appear to be from one of those Slavic type scriptures?

    In passing, Great Life Dog food looks to be great on paper, with high protein and low carbs. Also considering the ingredients, it appears deserving of a 5 star rating!

  • Spookie
    We’ve had a lot of success with our customers Boxers with Brothers Complete and even more now with the Brothers Allergy formula. I’ll be in the store Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and Saturday. Call me there at 954-828-9229 if you like and I’ll talk to you about our experiences and success. Go Online to and get the free sample pack sent to you if you want to try them for taste – but long term success will require a more sustained effort over a few weeks at least.

  • Hi Michelle… Guaranteed Analysis provides only the amounts a protein and fat a company is willing to “guarantee” its customers. So, when the label says, we guarantee a minimum of 13% fat, there could actually be 20% fat present in the recipe. Based upon the “minimums” provided by Great Life, the carb content must be considerably more than the 17% posted by the company.

  • boris

    carbs? what is carbs. i google it ok wait wait.
    uuuhhhhah. ok carbohydrates is углевод. ok this mean carbs for you dog food michelle is %46.3.

  • Michelle

    Looking to try Great Life Rubicon Grain free & Potato free dry kibble. Just trying to figure out the Carb content, the give a minimum of %17 percent of carbs on guaranteed analysis, when I do the calculation 100-30-13-10-6=41% carbs. I don’t know if I did this right.
    They have it listed like this:
    % Basis
    Crude Protein (min) 30
    Fat (min) 13
    Fiber (max) 4
    Moisture (max) 10
    Ash 6
    Calcium 1.37
    Phosphorus 1 .1
    Carbohydrates (min) 17

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong and If this Looks at all to be a low carb food at least in the lower 30’s or even lower. I am confused and they are not getting back with me regarding this issue. Also would you ever consider doing a review on this kibble? I noticed it has average protein but wondering if it is more of a plant based food. Thanks for the Advise!

  • Spookie

    @TSHOE- Im having same problem. My 1 year old Boxer has IBD and Boxer Colitis. I had him on Blue Buffalo for months and was doing great, but is now starting to have super loose stools again and very gassy. I just bought a bag of the GL Grain & Potato Free (cause he is allergic) Limited Duck Dry food. Now, Im afraid to open the bag after reading all the bad posts out there. Not sure what food I can go to next. Ive tried about 6 different types. Im not even gonna risk giving him something when he is already sensitive to everything. Any suggestions?

  • Ron

    I used their foods a few years back.
    I called them several times and once spoke with Elliot Harvey the formulator of the foods.
    He was nice to speak with,BUT seemed very evasive to several questions and left me wondering about his foods.
    At that time they would not say where their foods are manufactured, but recently said that the canned foods are made by Evangers not sure on the dry.

  • TShoe

    I’m upset also that Great Life can not be evaluated. My 3 yr old boxer has been on everything food there is with limited ingredients. It’s been trial and error for 3 yrs now. Once she gets where she can something for 6 months, then she seems to have an allergy if she’s on it for to long. Really wanted to try Great Life but now not sure?

  • Hi Gregg… Since like with humans, each dog has its own unique energy requirements, it’s impossible for me or anyone to accurately predict the serving size that would be perfect for every animal and every dog food.

    So, I’d suggest starting with the package’s feeding instructions. Or use our dog food calculator. Then, adjust (titrate) that serving size up or down to establish and maintain your pet’s ideal weight.

    Of course, determining the ideal weight for a growing puppy like yours can be a challenge. So, check with your vet, an experienced breeder or another canine professional.

    Always measure the food with a real measuring cup. Not a scoop. Never guess. Keep a record of how much you’re feeding. And be sure to weigh your dog periodically (every few weeks or so). Then, adjust the serving size as needed to stay on track.

  • Gordon

    Greg – Each dog food product’s recommended daily feeding guides on their packages are a guideline only. You could split your 2 cups of serving a day of this dog food to equate to 1300 calories instead of the recommedation, and see how that works for your dog.

    It’s all about trial and error. And an important aspect to understand here is that your feeding regime, should result in your dog maintaining its desirable weight for its breed.

  • Greg


    We have our first puppy, so I am confused with the amount of information on the subject of dog food. Our search on dog food started because our 6 month old Goldendoodle is having digestive issues. One suggestion by a vet was “science diet hypoallergenic food”. I refuse to feed him this because from what I see it is JUNK. Science Diet is a clever name, but it is bad science and certainly no diet I would feed my dog.

    Great life was suggested by someone. But, from what I see our puppy needs about 1300 calories a day. The Great life bag says to feed 2 [cups] a day, which is only 850 calories. I don’t want to underfeed my dog. Any suggestions on how much to feed my dog?

    Just a confused new “puppy owner”


  • Dana

    The great life dry formulas have some ingredients in them that I have never heard of in dog food before, like artichoke, yams, And bok choy, are those ingredients safe for dogs to consume over a long amount of time?

  • Thor

    I have been feeding Great Life Grain Free Buffalo to my Belgian Tervuren for 7yrs. with no problems. He seems to really like it and his health is great- coat is beautiful, stools healthy etc…

    I like that the ingredients are relatively few and basic…I am not sure about the “raw” coating- if its really a benefit or just a marketing ploy….but the food seems to be great and no QC issues over the seven yrs.

    In the interest of efficiency- I tried to switch him to Orijen (my GF feeds it to her pup)- but he seemed to be allergic to it so, have stuck with GL.

  • Michal

    Amy, interesting…we were feeding evo kibble till they pulled out of our area. Just bought Great Life GF buffalo, chicken and wild samon. After all the reading now the true test feeding.

  • Amy Kagelmacher

    I recently switched my 2 dogs to Great Life salmon and it was a disaster. Both dogs ended with with terrible diarrhea and vomiting. I spent 1.5 weeks swapping them over and I was so convinced this was a good food that I never thought it was the food. I put them on chicken and rice till they were OK and then back to the food. Again very sick. Once again I put them on chicken and rice until they improved and again they got very sick. I took them to the vet thinking it was parasites, but nothing was wrong and they assured me it was environmental. With nothing else to take away I finally concluded it was the food. I have kept them off it for 2 weeks now and they are fine. After eliminating everything else the only problem could be the food and since it affected 2 unrelated dogs an allergy is not likely. Perhaps I purchased a contaminated bag, but just want others to be warned just in case.

  • Hi Dawn… Since I’m not a veterinarian, it would be misleading and inappropriate for me to assure you a particular food would resolve your dog’s IBD. That said, you may wish to consider foods that claim to be less likely to induce food intolerances (like some of the limited ingredient diets). You can see a few mixed in with our list of recommended hypoallergenic dog foods. Not all these foods are appropriate as they are mostly for “allergies”. But a number of these are for food intolerances, too. You’ll have to do some of your own investigating. Hope this helps.

  • Dawn Roberts

    My dog has IBD and is on Prescription diet canned d/d duck and potato formula. I would like to find a better quality canned food that has duck as it’s only protein and Potato as its only carbohydrate. Can you recommend one?
    Thank you

  • Hi Barbara… Thanks for sharing this note from Great Life. And what a silly note it is. How could any company “reverse engineer” any product without first knowing the exact measurements used in the formula? It’s a shame this company uses such a lame excuse for not reporting its ingredients in the standard format of arranging all its components from highest to lowest pre-cooking weights.

    What detail about their food could they be afraid of sharing with the public?

    Every dog food (and human food, for that matter) I can think of conforms to this U. S. government standard. Oh well. Sorry we can’t include them in our database. Thanks again for leaving this comment.

  • Barbara

    Hi Mike,
    I was also interested in the kibble from Great Life so I emailed them today regarding a list with ingredients combined. Here is their response…..

    “We make a different kind of kibble that “common” software can not interpret. The reason is very simple-we want active nutrition in every bite, not burnt out kibble with replacement nutrients. Another reason we separate is – we had a company copy our product- this way they can not figure out or reverse engineer the product..Great Life Customer Service


  • Hi Sheila… I like Great Life a lot. And I’d love to review it. However, the company divides its ingredients into 2 separate lists. One for the kibble and one for the coating. This makes a fair and accurate analysis almost impossible. We’ve asked the company to combine the two lists into one list. But they’ve only done this for a single food. And we need this done for ALL their kibbles. So, we’re still awaiting more information from them. Maybe you can call them and request they send the information to me. Until then, I’m sorry I can’t be more help.

  • sheila

    I feed my dog Great Life grain free salmon kibble and would like to continue to do so. Would you do a review on it? I have gone to other review websites and there seems to be a controversy with the manufacturing plant and mislabeling/non-disclosure of ingredients. I would sure appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Sheila Angus