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Evanger’s Hand-Packed Dog Food receives the Advisor’s highest rating of 5 stars.

The Evanger’s Hand-Packed product line includes four canned dog foods, three claimed to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages and one for supplemental feeding only (Whole Chicken Thighs).

The following is a list of recipes available at the time of this review.

  • Evanger’s Hand Packed Whole Uncut Sardines
  • Evanger’s Hand Packed Whole Chicken Thighs
  • Evanger’s Hand Packed Chunky Chicken Casserole
  • Evanger’s Hand Packed Roasted Whole Chicken Drummets

Evanger’s Hand-Packed Chunky Chicken Casserole was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Evanger's Hand-Packed Chunky Chicken Casserole Dinner

Canned Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 44% | Fat = 22% | Carbs = 25%

Ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth, carrots, peas, apples, guar gum, vitamins {vitamin E supplement, niacin supplement, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), thiamine mononitrate (source of vitamin B1), calcium pantothenate, vitamin A supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride (source of vitamin B6), riboflavin supplement (source of vitamin B2), folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement, biotin, vitamin D2 supplement}, minerals {zinc sulfate, iron sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, selenium yeast, potassium iodide}

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 8.3%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis8%4%NA
Dry Matter Basis44%22%25%
Calorie Weighted Basis36%44%21%
Protein = 36% | Fat = 44% | Carbs = 21%

The first ingredient in this dog food is chicken. Chicken is considered “the clean combination of flesh and skin… derived from the parts or whole carcasses of chicken”.1

Chicken is naturally rich in the ten essential amino acids required by a dog to sustain life.

The second ingredient is chicken broth. Broths are of only modest nutritional value. Yet because they add both flavor and moisture to a dog food, they are a common addition component in many canned products.

The third ingredient includes carrots. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, minerals and dietary fiber.

The fourth ingredient includes peas. Peas are a quality source of carbohydrates. Plus (like all legumes) they’re rich in natural fiber.

However, peas contain about 25% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

The fifth ingredient is apple, a nutrient-rich fruit that’s also high in fiber.

The sixth ingredient is guar gum, a gelling or thickening agent found in many wet pet foods. Refined from dehusked guar beans, guar gum can add a notable amount of dietary fiber to any product.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With two notable exceptions

First, this dog food contains selenium yeast. Unlike the more common inorganic form of selenium (sodium selenite), this natural yeast supplement is considered a safer anti-cancer alternative.

And lastly, the minerals listed here do not appear to be chelated. And that can make them more difficult to absorb. Non-chelated minerals are usually associated with lower quality dog foods.

Evanger’s Hand-Packed Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Evanger’s Hand-Packed Dog Food appears to be an above-average wet product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 44%, a fat level of 22% and estimated carbohydrates of about 25%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 56% and a mean fat level of 20%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 16% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 36%.

Above-average protein. Below-average fat. And below-average carbs when compared to a typical canned dog food.

Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the peas, this looks like the profile of a canned product containing a significant amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Evanger’s Hand-Packed is a grain-free, meat-based canned dog food using a generous amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 5 stars.

However, it’s important to note that some of the recipes in this product line appear to be all meat in design. And that could make them suitable for supplemental feeding only.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Special Alert

Unfortunately, due to serious and recurring issues associated with this brand, we cannot (in good faith) recommend this product at this time.

Evanger’s Dog Food
Recall History

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Notes and Updates

02/24/2017 Last Update

  1. Association of American Feed Control Officials
  • Torym

    I got an immediate refund from chewy and a same day response from Evanger’s. My dog likes chunks of real meat, not squares of meat loaf. I wish websites would show what’s in the cans. I’m having a hard time finding something she’ll eat, after Evanger’s Hunk of Beef and their premium Beef Stew. I look at her food when I feed, and their was never any black, nothing weird.

  • D. Weis

    In light of these new developments from Evangers / phenobarbital,non USDA food sources,horse DNA found in “beef” I can’t feed this to my dogs any more.I thought this was the best food out there ,until Evangers can prove all their beef comes from USDA approved facilities I won’t be buying this food.

  • InkedMarie

    You need to type “how we rate dog food” in the search here on DFA.

  • Chris Carlson

    Five stars??? I used to rely on this website when buying food for my dogs. This proves that I can’t anymore…….

    It sickens me that I have fed this crap to my dogs.


  • Angela
  • Hi Elayne. I would love to hear a follow-up on this. Did the company ever get back to you? dave(at)petful.com

  • InkedMarie

    You did say “great food, great company”. Phenobarbital in a food doesn’t sound so great to me and their practices, all of which can be found via google, definitely do not make them a great company.

    Glad you like the food & company but i feel it’s important to let others know about Evangers.

    Have a good evening!

  • Storm’s Mom

    Your original post on this site wasn’t meant to “sway” people? It presented a “review” of sorts, but also said “Great food, great company” (a “review of the company or their ethical practices”, no?) …InkedMarie was just pointing out that the company and their food have both had SERIOUS quality, ethical, and legal issues in recent years. If you present only one side of the story, you ought to be prepared for the other side to be written as well. in this case, it’s not opinion, it’s fact.

  • Chris dilullo

    Thanks for your opinion, not here to sway or be swayed. This is my review of the food I’ve purchased. Not a review of the company or their ethical practices, as I’m not educated or informed enough to comment on those, as heresay from the internet or the news is inadequate support to help me generate an opinion. Like I said, pet food recalls are common, I’m not suprised or disappointed.

  • InkedMarie

    It’s not just the recalls. its their past of being caught with different proteins in cans other than what the labels said; of stealing electricity from a neighboring factory, of being fined for not paying workers overtime.

  • Chris dilullo

    I’m familiar with the problems and have read the articles. Seems like they’re doing the right thing after a sub supplier had as quality problem. It’s terrible that animals are sick, but in this case, based on the evidence I’ve read, seems like it’s hardly evangers fault and they’re correcting the issue and being responsible. Pet food recalls are common. They seem to be doing the right thing. Doesn’t affect my opinion in the least. Thank you for your thoughtful concern.

  • InkedMarie

    You may want to google for all of Evangers past issues then their current problem: phenobarbital found in their food.

  • Chris dilullo

    Fed my dogs hundreds of cans of this food. Love it each and every time. Great food, great company.

  • Erin Herridge


    This does seem to indicate that “Hunk of Beef” contained something a lot less savory than cows.

  • Elayne Burlingham

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91c9a0b5cadbe034abc257f05e0c16e168a459896ed24d9626c111e5344c5741.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e618330f3f2f4d530a22adf16e4cf723598b20ff5432cf68d7a07ad016a2250c.jpg Reading these reviews of Evangers, I felt that I had to add my experience…My picky shih tzu loved the braised beef and hunk of beef which I gave her after removing fat and membrane. I also crumbled the chunks for her to make them easier to eat. In the beginning, it seemed fine, but then, there appeared to be less meat and more fat, making almost half the can inedible. I also noticed black tinged pieces of meat and wondered what that was all about. Then, while crumbling the meat, to my horror, I found an inch-long piece of red vinyl-coated metal!!
    Needless to say, I would never buy Evangers again. I called Chewy.com and left a message about what had happened, and a Chewy rep called back almost immediately and credited me the cost of the case of food.
    I left a phone message for Evangers and to this day, a couple of months later, I have yet to here from them. That says it all.

  • D. Weis

    MY OPINION,This is one of the best foods you can feed your dog.Again my opinion,based on experience.Post your own opinion,no need to reply to MY OPINION.

  • Amateria

    Well what I wrote earlier this week definitely fits your bill, as far as I’m concerned the way you write and address me your the troll not me.

  • D. Weis

    It’s good food,fit for human consumption,I myself have never experienced any problems my dogs love it,always fresh,quality meats always smells good.No need to comment on my post,go troll somebody else.

  • Amateria

    You could likely call bs on the entire world population and it still wouldn’t work that way, there’s always going to be problems with pet food even if you never have any someone out there will.

    Just like you could injure yourself a thousand times over and never get any problems from it and another person could do 1 to many injuries and be paralysed for life, you can call bs all you want if it makes you feel better.

  • D. Weis

    Excellent food ,never a problem,deserves 6 stars,I call bs on these negative posts

  • Jockoliveson1

    The first few cans fine – and just automatically continued until she became sick 2nd time. First time, just thot from a new toothpaste I had used on her that day ..2nd time she became sick, (same symptoms as first time) took her to vet with opened can. Vet inspected and said, “rotted meat”. (Not mold, not “denaturing”, no odor, no bulging can.) Vet said not to use anymore. Wish I could post a pic here – solid black, not speckled, within beef itself, which didn’t notice until 2nd time and cut through meat remaining in can and showed to vet.

  • LabsRawesome

    Just curious, if there was black mold all throughout the can of food why did you feed it to the dog?

  • Jockoliveson1

    Just tried and bought Evanger’s canned Hunk of Beef – my dog liked very much, however, my dog has become sick 2 different times eating this. Took dog to vet with opened can and vet was horrified to see ‘rotted’ meat, (black throughout – NOT “denatured” as rep told me. (denatured does NOT permeate meat) and vet told me not to feed this product anymore.Rep said not to return to pet store where purchased and offered me free pack. I did refuse free pack per vet’s advice.I talked with CEO, and he denied rep (his son, said this – “do not return to pet store” and “we don’t denature” here”, unlike son’s/rep’s comments and CEO accusing me of not even purchasing product. (I had sent CEO pics of meat with black throughout.) Will NEVER use any of their products again and want nothing to do with company. Wouldn’t even give them a 1 star.

  • theBCnut

    Hey! I like that idea!

  • Archieman

    Evanger’s is to be avoided at all costs.

  • Archieman

    Yes they should be avoided….well we could feed it to politicians

  • Archieman

    Evangers, a VERY unethical history should be enough said………information is available with an easy web search

  • Crazy4dogs

    I remember when the lamb & rice tested had no lamb and the duck had no duck! :-0

  • theBCnut

    They’ve been cited for leaving meat in a trailer to rot, they’ve been cited for disgusting sanitation practices, they’ve refused to pay their employees, they’ve stolen electricity, they underreport their fat % by a large number, and that doesn’t even cover whether it was on purpose or by accident that some of their cans of food didn’t even have the right type of meat in them.

  • Pitlove

    what were the issues with Evangers again? I always mix them up with other companies.

  • theBCnut

    Boy do I ever agree with that!!! I would sooner collect my own roadkill and feed it than feed what comes out of an Evanger’s can, which may be roadkill or the equivalent anyway, rotted carcasses left out in the sun.

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    I wouldn’t feed Evangers if they sent me 10 free cases of it! Horrible!

  • dublinireland

    Read about the owners of Evanger’s problems with the FDA and the many issues about their inconsistency, problems in their plant and claims that some foods did not contain a trace of the stated meat. I have bought two cans of their food just today to try on my hard to feed schnauzer. It is going back to the store tomorrow. The owners are Joel and Holly Sher.

  • Jennifer

    Buy sardines from the grocery store (with 2 caveats): make sure they’re packed in water and make sure they don’t come from China. Aldis sells them and they come from Canada.

  • Sheila Magnus

    We feed the chicken drummets to our husky mix. We have found the hand pack cans are not consistent in food product vs liquid content. Some cans had more meat than others. We had the opportunity to speak with the owner about this. She stated that it was handpacked and is weighed and to allow for variations. I told her that there should be consistency because it is hand packed. She walked away. Our dog loves the food, but we feel like we’re getting shortchanged when we get a can of mostly broth for the price.

  • David Deckler

    I have been feeding my shi-poo even gets grain free food wet out of the can and he has no problem with it had him on mericks-dog food and was to wet gave him loose poops but the even gets he loves and has no poop problems!I highly recommend it for anybody’s dog! There are a lot of people out there that are anti’semities!

  • theBCnut

    That’s probably because this food is likely to have much higher fat content than what is on the label, much higher. That makes it very tasty.

  • Leslie

    I have been lucky. I have received the product, the dogs love it and I have not found any mold or rusty cans. My Shih Tzus are so darn picky and they gobble this stuff up better than most foods.

  • I give whole, raw sardines sometimes. I bought them at the Mexican supermarket. They don’t have a smell like processed sardines. I bought 20 lbs for $1.19/lb.

  • Elizabeth Lazare Marshall

    I bought a can of Evanger’s Catch of the Day. It is advertised as two whole sardines from head to tail handpacked with gravy. I got 1/4 can of shredded sardines in a can of water (with a couple of peas). Talk about false advertising–this company is AWFUL!!!

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  • InkedMarie

    Dr Mike already explained what is needed; the store owner confirming that isn’t what is needed.

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    Well I can get in writing that they will give me my money back for the rusty can. They are not going to state that it is a silent recall even though I know the cans were taken off the shelf. What if I get the owner of the pet store to confirm that the cans were taken off the shelf? I know the time they were taken off. I told you I am like a terrier and I will not give up.

  • We don’t need proof your can was rusty. We need verifiable proof of your claims there was a “silent recall”.

    We need to see an official document from the company itself that confirms your accusations. Without proof, your claim is only rumor.

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    I did find some things on the different websites. I will check more about the silent recall. I do know my can was rusty. I can send you a photo. The pet store I bought it from did not have them on the shelve for a time. This recall would of been in late September or early October. I will call FDA tomorrow and let them know what happen to our dog and see what they can do.. I have proof. I have the rusty can of dog food. Why are the cans rusty?? . Why did my dog almost died from this dog food?? I hope they can tell me why??

    I am pleased that you are now going to look beyond the label and see where this food comes from and how it is prepared. I have verbal proof from the owner as to how this food was prepared and it is nothing like it is advertised on their website. It is not hand packed the owner told me that I think most dog owners would flip out as to the the way the meat is cooked in the cans 10,000 at a time. The owner blurted that out to me on the phone when she told me how dog owners make things up.

    I will get back to you this week,
    Kathleen McCabe

  • As I explain throughout my website, my ratings absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anything but the information found on the government regulated product label.

    However, our new Editor’s Choice section due for release sometime after January 15 will go beyond the label and look directly at the company that actually produces each product — but only for designated Editor’s Choice manufacturers.

    Regarding “silent” recalls — even silent recalls in which only the distributors are notified. I have covered every verifiable dog food product recall since 2008. And I am not aware of any recent recall for Evanger’s. There is a huge difference between a rumor and a true recall.

    If you have verifiable proof of a recall from Evanger’s in the form of a document and not just what you have heard from others, I will be more than happy to look into the event and report it on my website.

    Please provide a link to a reputable website or an official document to confirm your claims.

    Otherwise, it would be irresponsible for me (or anyone else) to report such rumors to the public.

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    How do I get this 5 star rating off this website for Evanger’s dog food.? I think this website can do something about this shabby company . They better update their review and I am wondering how they are going to review Evnager’s new dog food.

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    Oh thanks for the info Patty. What can I do? I am going after the pet store and maybe they will think twice about putting Evanger’s dog food on their shelves after a recall. This pet store is a franchised . Now, you took some of the stem out it for me. I will let FDA know and The NJ agricultural know. All I know is that Phineas will never her ever eat canned dog food!!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    More power to you for going after the dog food company, but you will have a very hard time going after FDA for allowing something that is not in their power to stop. FDA has next to no power to enforce anything. They can not force a company to do a recall. All they can do is take them to court and hope the judge orders a recall. Thankfully, the threat of taking a company to court is usually enough. Not so with Evangers, they are already in the court system for too many different things.

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    I am going after the company for pulling a silent recall which I think caused ourn dog to get sick. I am also going after the FDA who allows silent recalls to exist!! I told you am like a terrie and never gives up. I am going to keep barking about this awful dog food company!!

  • Jackie B

    I only bought 1 can, and I threw it out. I definitely was not pleased.

  • Pattyvaughn

    They are a very scummy company.

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    I hope someone with our dog’s interest at heart checks out Evanger’s new dog food. I really had the owner very nervous. She had to be the owner because she mentioned the dogs. I have to get my vet to call her. She thinks she can convince him that it was not her dog food. he still has the can.

  • Betsy Greer


    I just remembered this article from Susan Thixton’s site last month about rusty cans from Evanger’s: http://truthaboutpetfood2.com/evangers-canned-pet-food

  • Betsy Greer

    I know, Nancy Kerns wasn’t able to tour Evanger’s while they were in production mode. Interesting “coincidence,” huh?

    Oh, and Evanger’s has been in a lot of trouble recently for stealing power and trying to pay off witnesses to their prior illegal acts.

  • Yup, they are 🙁

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    The journalistl did not get into Evanger’s canning factory while it was functional. My vet thought about all of this for entire week after we came back for an ultra sound. . My vet did not like that nothing was on the label telling the public where the food was made. it could be easily put on the can. He thought they could put the label on after the food was processed somewhere else. The Kosher on the label let to the article that he had read about earlier in the year. He reads 5 newspapers every morning. He told me to make my own dog food. There’s no controls on the dog food. They can get away with anything. i

  • Betsy Greer

    Sounds like Evanger’s… pathetic, aren’t they. smh

    When you say your vet believed they cooked the food in the can, was that because of the condition of the can?

    Here’s an interesting article from October of 2011, about how canned dog food is made along with lots of photos. http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/news/How-Canned-Dog-Food-Is-Manufactured-20393-1.html

  • Betsy Greer

    Wow, that’s a scary thought. I might be mistaken about this, but isn’t Evanger’s making the new Wild Calling canned foods?

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    Thanks for sharing. i have a sharp vet and the first thing he said was that they cooked the food in the cans and he mentioned the kosher meat packing company. My vet has the can we did not open. I will keep you posted. The gal at the company accused the dog owners of making trouble. She did not care the dogs were getting sick and almost died!!

  • butchroy

    When our dog got sick this time last year, he was bleeding into his skin all over like a rat poisoning, we had fed him a can of Evanger’s for his supper. I mentioned all this to the vet, but never anything came of it. Then I learned of all Evanger’s transgressions and wondered if a rat killed with rat poison had somehow gotten into that canned food! I stay completely away from Evanger’s now. We do not have any proof of what caused our dog’s illness, so far he is fine now. Scary.

  • Kathleen Nargi McCabe

    Our daughter’s dog almost died from food poisoning after eating Hunk of Beef in our home. WE got him to the Vet’s just in time. The company told me they cook the meat in the cans 10,000 at a time. Where do they get 10,000 pair of hands to cook this food ? Remembered hand cooked!! They did not care that other dogs were sick and they would not tell me where the meat came from. With Kosher on the label, his leads me to believe it could of come from a Kosher meat packing company that was cited for unhealthy meat in the beginning of this year. No where did it say where the rusty cans were made and where the labels were made. What does that say for the Federal protection for our pets??? Stop buying dog food.The companies are getting away with the crap they put in for our dog food. I am very angry that this company can get away with this. . Let’s get the word out. it cost me $970 for the vet bill. it must cost this company about 20 cents a can. Get your passport out. i am sure you would need it to track down where they get their meat, cans and labels.

  • InkedMarie

    Evangers is quite a shady company, I’m glad you’re not buying it any longer!

  • Jackie B

    I bought some of this and it was all bones and fins (the salmon). I will not buy this brand anymore.

  • ccorrine

    for some reason my dog won’t eat the last batch of Evangers I just ordered. I was having to coax her to
    eat for the last couple of weeks. She would eat her food, but like she didn’t really have much of an appetite and then she would finally get thru the bowl, but on a few days she just left it; I had to throw it out when I got home and then I’d give her a can of their other flavor and she would eat that (although not enthusiastically).I was getting really worried. She is healthy so then I got
    worried that the food might be contaminated. So I went to store and got her
    Hill’s new dog food, “Hill’s Ideal Balance “, (chunky kind with gravy),
    since my very picky cat loves their cat food after I’ve tried every expensive cat food at the pet store. My dog loved it. She finally eagerly ate all her food, she was wagging her tail when she was eating. Poor dog, finally got something tasty to eat after weeks of forcing herself to eat Evangers. I don’t know. I read great reviews on that Brand, I thought it was top of the line. But for some reason my dog found it very unappetizing. This morning she actually waited for
    her breakfast this morning, which she hasn’t done in weeks. She was anticipating gettting more of that chunky stuff with the gravy. I didn’t find any
    recalls listed for Evangers, but I now have several cans that I’m going to have to give away. If it’s not contaminated, my dog apparently just doesn’t like the flavor. But I trust my dogs nose and senses. So this morning I put some of th Evangers on the bottom of the bowl, and the Hill’s Ideal balance on top. She spit out a couple of pieces of the Evangers out onto the floor only eating and picking out the Hill’s food. She left all the Evangers in her bowl and walked away after only eating the Hills food. They were very east to tell apart; the Evangers was the loaf stuff, and the Hills was the sliced chicken with gravy. She had no problem with the new dog food, loved it, ate
    it up like it was best meal she’s had in months. So there’s obviously something wrong with the Evangers dog food. She’s eaten loaf type food before; she loved Chicken Soup, so I thought I’d upgrade her and get her a grain free food and tried Evangers. She eats it like I’m trying to poison her. So, I don’t know what’s up with that food, no recalls were listed. But I think I’m just going to have it tossed. If it’s possibly contaminated, I don’t want to risk giving it to a dog rescue shelter either.

  • Jsnaeger

    My dogs love this too, however I have noticed a lot of fat in the food. I put the remaining food in the fridge for the next feeding and when I take it out 2/3 or the can is filled with cold fat. 😕

  • Jsnaeger

    Bovine material food in food? Beef infected with mad cow disease?? No duck or lamb found in cans sold as duck & ?, or lamb & ? Confused because my dogs really love the wild salmon but this concerns me. Has anyone else heard anything more about this? Or please correct me if I misread the FDA letter.

  • doggonefedup

     I to was using evangers “hand packed”  hunk of beef, chicken thighs, and chicken drumettes for at least the past ten years. I would mix them with dry food. I to found that if I placed the cans in warm water before opening them it would melt all the fats and mix better with the dry food. Like you I began to notice over the past couple of years that some of the cans would bulge a little bit and “pop” when I opened them. It took me a while until I realized that my dogs would not touch the food that came out of those “popped” cans. For a while I was bringing them back to the store and exchanging them for other cans. That was until my supplier said evangers started to refuse to take those cans back insisting there was nothing wrong with the contents. Well there must be some thing wrong with those cans if my dogs refuse to eat only the contents of the cans that popped. If I replaced the food from a popped can with food from a can that didn’t pop they would dig right in.  apparently it wasn’t just me having that problem. I’ve stopped using evangers since they obviously don’t stand behind their product. There are to many reputable manufacturers out there to waste my money on food that may not even be safe for my dogs to eat. Needless to say my dogs will never taste any evengers food again. I would rate evangers a minus five stars.

  • Liz

    i have question to ask, is anybody feeding/mixing with evanger’s hand packed brasied beef chunk to poodle puppy, is this too rich for my puppy, and is this safe and is this real pure meat and natural ings??? i heard ppl saying can not trusted this product no more is this true???

  • Rheseyj

    Hunk of beef !!!

  • Nancy Cohen

    This isn’t necessarily a direct answer to your question, but I hope you’re feeding something besides the chicken thighs.  That’s one of the products meant for intermittent or supplemental feeding … it’s not a complete and balanced meal.  If you are feeding it alone … you should switch to the chicken drumettes.  They have whole pieces of chicken with bone, just like the thighs, but it’s also a balanced meal (vegetables, minerals, etc. in there) and you’ll find there’s definitely MORE MEAT in each can (drumettes must be cheaper to buy than thighs?).  I’ve been buying Evanger’s for the last 10 years and there’s always been more meat in the drumettes, plus as I said, you don’t need to mix it with anything.

    Nancy C.

  • dog lover

    I used the “hand packed” evangers for a long time. I was in the habit of setting the cans in hot tap water (unopened) to melt all the fats in the can for easier mixing with dry foods. I’ve noticed that some of the can would bulge when warmed. I couldn’t help but notice that my dogs would not touch the contents of those cans (that bulged). Evangers insists there is nothing wrong with the cans, but, who am I to argue with mys dogs sense of smell and taste? I no long feed Evangers to my dogs. If they ever get there processing corrected I may consider using their foods again, until then I give them a no star rating….

  • sharron

    i have lexee eating orijen chicken and fish formula (just started) and feeding her 1/4 cup per day – can she lose the extra little bit of weight on this food or should i be giving her the NOW weight management.


  • Hi VR… I’m not aware of anything about the quality of Evanger’s products. However, you may wish to scan the comments section of all the Evanger’s foods on our website to see if anyone else has made a similar observation.

  • VR

    I’ve been feeding my standard poodle Evanger’s whole chicken thighs grain free canned food and she just loves it. However I have been noticing lately that the can contains increasingly more broth and less meat. I’m starting to get concerned that my dog may not be getting the nutrition promised on the can.
    Have you heard anything about the quality of their products lately?

  • Hi Lynne… Be sure to check every can or bag of every dog food you serve to be sure it says “complete and balanced” for either “adult maintenance” or “all life stages”. If it says “supplemental or intermittent use only”, then you must supplement the food accurately. Or just use it intermittently with other complete and balanced dog foods.

    By the way, assuming you’re referring to Nature’s Variety Instinct, you should be OK. Hope this helps.

  • Lynne

    My dog, Candy, is a 12 year old cockapoo. She loves Instinct brand of raw rabbit. Should this be supplemented with another food or is it ok to feed all the time. Thanks

  • Hi Frank… Many dog food companies make weight management products… but (as you’d expect) all are not equal.

    To narrow your choices, click on the menu tab at the top of our website labeled “Tag Cloud”. On the next page, click on the phrase “Weight Management”. This will give you a list of all brands reviewed on our website that contain at least one weight loss dog food.

    As you click on each one, remember these are only the brands… and not the specific weight loss products made by those companies. Click on each review until you find only the 3, 4, or 5 star brands. Then look for the name of the weight loss product in the list near the top of each review.

    This should give you plenty of choices. Hope this helps.

  • Frank M Rich

    The dog food info provided is grate. Can anyone tell me what or which foods are considered or can be rations as diet food. My dog (small beagle) is 25 lbs and needs to get down to about 15-18 lbs. Any advice would be appreciated.By the way my Vet prescribes Hill’ Prescription Diet R/D Canine.

    v/r frich