Earthborn Holistic Grain Free (Dry)


Rating: ★★★★½

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4.5 stars.

The Earthborn Holistic Grain Free product line includes six dry dog foods.

Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.

  • Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Large Breed (4 stars) [M]
  • Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Coastal Catch (5 stars) [A]
  • Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Meadow Feast (4 stars) [M]
  • Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Weight Control (4 stars) [M]
  • Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Primitive Natural (5 stars) [A]
  • Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Great Plains Feast (5 stars) [A]

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Great Plains Feast was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Great Plains Feast

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 38% | Fat = 20% | Carbs = 34%

Ingredients: Bison meal, peas, pea protein, tapioca, dried egg product, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), flaxseed, lamb meal, pea fiber, natural flavors, blueberries, cranberries, apples, carrots, spinach, choline chloride, potassium chloride, dl-methionine, l-lysine, taurine, l-carnitine, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, niacin, folic acid, biotin, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, salt, calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin supplement, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, cobalt carbonate, vitamin B12 supplement, Yucca schidigera extract, rosemary extract, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 4.4%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis34%18%NA
Dry Matter Basis38%20%34%
Calorie Weighted Basis31%40%28%
Protein = 31% | Fat = 40% | Carbs = 28%

The first ingredient in this dog food is bison meal. Bison meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh bison.

The second ingredient includes peas. Peas are a quality source of carbohydrates. And like all legumes, they’re rich in natural fiber.

However, peas contain about 25% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the meat content of this dog food.

The third ingredient is pea protein, what remains of a pea after removing the starchy part of the vegetable.

Even though it contains over 80% protein, this ingredient would be expected to have a lower biological value than meat.

And less costly plant-based products like this can notably boost the total protein reported on the label — a factor that must be considered when judging the meat content of this dog food.

The fourth ingredient is tapioca, a gluten-free, starchy carbohydrate extract made from the root of the cassava plant.

The fifth ingredient is dried egg product, a dehydrated form of shell-free eggs. Quality can vary significantly. Lower grade egg product can even come from commercial hatcheries — from eggs that have failed to hatch.

In any case, eggs are easy to digest and have an exceptionally high biological value.

The sixth ingredient is canola oil. Unfortunately, canola can be a controversial item. That’s because it can sometimes (but not always) be derived from genetically modified rapeseed.

Yet others cite the fact canola oil can be a significant source of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

In any case, plant-based oils like canola are less biologically available to a dog than fish oil as a source of quality omega-3 fats.

The seventh ingredient is flaxseed, one of the best plant sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Provided they’ve first been ground into a meal, flax seeds are also rich in soluble fiber.

However, flaxseed contains about 19% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

The eighth ingredient includes lamb meal, another protein-rich meat concentrate.

The ninth ingredient is pea fiber, a mixture of both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber derived from pea hulls. Aside from the usual benefits of fiber, this agricultural by-product provides no other nutritional value to a dog.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With two notable exceptions

First, we note the inclusion of dried fermentation products in this recipe. Fermentation products are typically added to provide enzymes to aid the animal with digestion.

And lastly, this food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 38%, a fat level of 20% and estimated carbohydrates of about 34%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 34% and a mean fat level of 17%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 42% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 50%.

Above-average protein. Near-average fat. And below-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the peas, pea protein and flaxseed, this still looks like the profile of a kibble that contains a notable amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free is a plant-based dry dog food using a notable amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4.5 stars.

Highly recommended.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Those look for additional grain-free products may wish to check out our special report on grain-free dog foods.

Earthborn Holistic Dog Food
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Notes and Updates

09/13/2016 Last Update

  • Kat

    Been feeding all 4 of my dogs, aged 4 to 11 yrs. old, Earthborn Coastal Catch for years due to allergies to other foods. I’ve never been happier with the product and the excellent condition that all my dogs are in as the result of good research and not fearing the extra cost. This is a excellent dog food!

  • DennyLuvsDashies

    I’m concerned that not all of the ingredients are being labeled as to the source. Some yes, but this response from regarding USA sourced is scary:

  • Heather

    You can’t possibly take the work of a group – “Clean Project Labels” that thinks Purina Puppy Chow and Kibbles and Bits is a 5 star food. Really? I’d like to know who funds them.

  • smb921

    I have been feeding my 6 year German Shepherd with Earthborn Great Plains Feast. He was previously on Fromm, but developed an allergy to the salmon oil. So, I have been feeding EB Great Plains Feast for over 4 months now; he has no problems with it; I store it in the bag, as they suggest, always reseal it, and keep the bag in an airtight storage container in my pantry. I am very happy with Earthborn.

  • chelleinchicago

    Thanks for all the information& help! Will definitely look into the foods you mentioned. Our vet wants her to go on Hill’s ID for a while which I’m not crazy about, but it would only be for the transition. The first time this happened she was hospitalized for a day to get fluids and IV meds. Fortunately we caught it early this time. No one suspected the food but now it’s obvious.

  • Susan

    Hi, have a look at “Canidae” Pure are grain free or their Life Stages formula’s have healthy grains.
    I contacted Earthborn Holistic cause this was happening with my boy he was eating the Earth Born Ocean Fusion grain free formula, he was doing really well then when I bought the bigger bag that had a different batch & had a different use by date he started doing real sloppy poos Earthborn Holistic said they buy their veggies locally & when they buy their potatoes they get from different people sometimes the potatoes are rustic potatoes, then sometimes the potatoes are brown potatoes etc, but I think sometimes the potatoes are green & rotten potatoes & gave my boy sloppy poo’s.. this might be happening with your dog as well… I looked on the “Green Label Project” site & the Earthborn Holistic, Ocean Fusion came 7th for bad contaminant toxins.. seems fish kibbles were the worse & Turkey & Chicken are cleaner meats less toxins..
    Canidae did well with a few of their Chicken & lamb formulas & their “Under The Sun” formula’s Lamb & their Chicken Puppy formula did well…
    My boy does real well eating the “Taste Of the Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb kibble it only has the 1 meat protein Lamb & doesn’t have many ingredients & The “Canidae” Pure Wild Boar only has 7 ingredients….. I watched a video on Canidae face book page, Canidae grow their vegetables freshly grown, I don’t know if there’s formula’s have their freshly grown veggies & do they grow enough to make all their formula’s but looked good…

  • chelleinchicago

    We’ve been feeding our dog Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast since we got her a year and a half ago, but recently she’s had increasingly loose stools and finally bloody diarrhea which she was treated for at the Emergency Vet. I didn’t think it was her food but each time we tried to reintroduce it (after being on boiled chicken and rice) the problem returns. Looking for a new dog food that’s maybe got chicken and rice in it. Poor baby.

  • Jared Silverman

    I had the same issue with my healthy dog… and he ended up passing away. Can you let me know any updates.

  • Susan

    Hi ask vet does he think this is food related & see if Earthborn Holistic will pay the vet bills?? .. My boy got sick bad diarrhea on the Earthborn Holistic Whitefish & Sweet Potato then I saw it on the “Clean Project Label’s” worst list it came 7th for worse kibble with toxins & contaminates, which formula are you feeding?? I hope not the fish formula…

  • Laurel Wirtanen-Siloy

    And I hope your pup is better now. This is awful. I am going back to Acana. Of course I bet they will say it was something else.

  • Laurel Wirtanen-Siloy

    Omg. I have four dogs. One vomitted 3 times in 3 minutes then had panting…took to the ER and he had an arrythmia, dialated pupils, low heart rate. He was on fluids overnight. Within 4 hours of vomitting his EKG presented as unremarkable. Now 2 of my other 4 dogs are ill. We are off to the ER as one had diarrhea, is now constipated and straining with a tiny drop of blood coming out.

  • Alyssa Ruggiero

    Up until recently- I would hands down give 5 stars. We LOVED Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast, especially for our boy who we struggled to find a food that didn’t make him itchy. I bought a new bag of Meadow Feast on Monday, June 19th. By Wednesday, June 21st, one dog was vomiting so severely that it quickly progressed to vomiting blood, and another had diarrhea. We took the dog vomiting to the vet immediately, but he got worse before he got better. He developed diarrhea with blood…which was leaking out of his rear. He spent about 8 hours at the vet hooked up to IV fluids, pain medicine, and received two different antiemetic injections. Plus blood work and X-rays, you could imagine my vet bill. Today, I went to exchange the bag of dog food, and was told by the manager that they received several complaints and would recommend switching to a different brand, which after reading some of the other reviews and comments, I am glad I decided to switch. Earthborn Holistic is being negligent by not addressing the issues their food is causing.

  • Susan

    Hi, as soon as you open a bag of kibble the air/oxygen starts to make the oils go rancid…That’s why some kibbles don’t add fish & salmon oils no more they add fish meal instead, Google “how long does a kibble last”
    The Barrel you were keeping it in was it air tight & in a very cool place?? Stick with buying the smaller bags of kibble…
    I wouldn’t just feed a fish formula, go
    on this site “Clean Label Project”
    Clean Label Project did a Pet Study 2017 on pet foods from the best to the worst and fish pet foods were the worst…fish wet & dry foods have the most toxins & contaminates, I had problems with Earthborn Holistic Ocean Fusion kibble, 18mths ago, now I see it on the list of worst kibbles so now I know why my boy was having digestive problems after eating fish kibbles after 2-3 weeks & another fish kibble I was feeding “Holistic Select” Salmon Anchovy Sardines is 10th on the worst list….Patches poos became real sloppy….
    Now I feed “Taste Of The Wild”
    Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb & Rotate with “Canidea” Pure Wild Boar & he has never had diarrhea again…
    My boy also has skin problems, your better off feeding a different protein (No Fish) rotate 2 different brands of kibble with a different protein that agree with him & add 1 Krill Oil capsule to one of his meals a day instead of feeding a fish kibble that’s high Omega 3…… Follow “Rodney Habib” on his face Book page he’s always posting healthy foods to add to your dogs diet…..Rodney recommends adding 1 fish oil capsule or Sardines, buy the tin sardines in spring water & add 2-3 small sardines to one of his meals a day cause the fish oils in kibble goes rancid after 2 weeks of opening the kibble bag & the Omega 3 drops…. also look at “Zignature” kangaroo formula & Venison formula

  • Steven Huston

    I was just wondering how long did it take for your dogs to get sick after switching food? Also was wondering how much food do you purchase at one time and where and how do you store it? Just curious, I have a golden retriever who is about a year-and-a-half-old. We got him from a breeder near Springfield Missouri who had him on a formula that he came up with himself. It was made up of three different types of food they all came in large bags. All three bags together weigh 100lbs. I was storing the food in a large trach barrel in the garage. I started to notice some changes that developed over time . As we started getting down to the bottom of the last barrel of food. I noticed that he’s not as enthused about eating it. He is also had a lot of skin problems, itching and scratching ect.I started gradually switching him over to Earth-born Holistics Coastal catch. I bought a lot smaller bag and I have been keeping it in the refrigerator. It’s made all the difference in the world. No digestive problems and his skin is clearing up.

  • Deacon Onair

    The reason dogs get disease is from dog food and treats. Watch the new documentary Pet Fooled on Netflix.

  • Susan

    Hi it’s best to rotate between a few kibble that they love. this way they don’t get sick of eating the same food 24/7 but even in Australia the Earthborn Holistic isn’t selling as well anymore & disappearing off the shelves they aren’t being restocked & you have to order it in now… Earthborn makes small batches & uses different suppliers for their potatoes etc made my boy get diarrhea the batches changed too much for his IBD…for your senior dog give “Canidae” Pure Meadow Senior or the Pure Wild a try… my dog loves it, as soon as a bag of kibble is ending start adding another brand kibble…..

  • caron

    My dogs, greyhounds, had eaten Earthborn Great Plains for about 5 years and done well, until recently. They liked it and had firm stools. But in the last year or so I started to notice some changes in the food. and my dogs started liking it less, and then in the last 2 months pretty much started refusing to eat the food. First was a color change to a lighter color, which I know can happen, and it didn’t seem to bother them at first. But then sometime around spring/summer of 2016 I got a few bags in which the kibble pieces were larger and contained a lot of air wholes (much less dense pieces), so much so that the food had crumbled apart inside the bag. I was about to ask the company about it, then the air wholes seemed to stop but the food was still light in color and the pieces were larger in color. My dogs weren’t eating it as vigorously as they used too, or sometimes they’d eat but still seem hungry even though they’d had the same volume and hadn’t been more active. Then in January 2017 they really started to not want to eat the food. I always add a wet food, Wellness beef (not the recalled dates) or lamb, but even that wasn’t making it good enough for them. One of my dogs will actually spit the kibble out of his mouth after getting some of the wet food, but even then he didn’t even want to touch it. He lost about 4 pounds and since he’s 10yrs old and already thin, that’s not good. I tried adding cooked meats, other wet foods, and Stella and Chewy’s. It helped them, but they’d still only eat the kibble if I added at least twice as much of the mixers, and often that wouldn’t even work. So, I started looking for other red meat based grain free kibbles with high protein and fat. My dogs are active and one competes in agility. Tried Taste of the WIld Pine Forest, but they weren’t wild about it. Today I bit the price tag bullet and bought Acana Heritage Meats and Merrick Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato. The love both of them and were wanting to stick there heads in the bags to get them. I did at taste test and they liked these two the best, wouldn’t touch the Great Plains. So, I’ll be switching to one or both of those. I hope it’s a good transition since they won’t touch the Great plains, so I might not be able to switch gradually. I’m perplexed about what the change in Earthborn Great Plains was. Maybe my dogs were just tired of it, but since I had seen visible differences and then they refused to eat it rather suddenly I really wonder if something has changed in the food. Too bad, because overall it seems to be a good food and value. Just wanted to share this in case it helps others.

  • Ashley hughes

    Ive been feeding my 2 1/2 year old boxer girl EB primitive nature for almost a year.. we love it, she is all muscle and her coat is shiny.. Think I may mix it up and mix in some costal catch for her soon! Thanks EB!

  • Stacey

    My dogs have been doing really well on the EB weight mgmt food. They’ve each lost over a pound in the past month. It’s a good quality food. You need to switch food slowly over the course of at least 7 days by mixing it with the old food. Both my dogs have done fine on this for the past 6 weeks and one has a sensitive stomach. They switched from Nutri Source Weight Mgmt.

  • Karrie Wieber

    My dogs have been on Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free for almost 2 months now. We rotate between Coastal Catch and Great Plains Feast. We are about to open a new bag of the Meadow feast and I’m hoping they do well on it as well.

  • Susan

    Hi, my boy gets Pancreatitis & IBD & I have found whenever he eats a kibble with chickpeas or Lentils he gets his pancreatitis pain & stops eating the kibble, if you’re going to try the Fromm make sure there’s no chickpeas or lentils & if there is the lentils or chickpeas are not 2nd, 3rd or 4th or 5th ingredient.. Chickpeas & Lentils are harder to digest, so that’s probably why my dog gets his pancreas pain & stops eating the kibble…Low fat cooked meal & low fat wet tin food is the best for Pancreatitis.
    Have a look at “Holistic Select” Weight Management the fiber is the same 9% as the Earthborn Holistic & the Holistic Select formulas are easy to digest, it does have brown rice & oats but it’s good to rotate between a few different brands, one brand grain free & the other brand kibble has a few healthy grains….
    There’s also “Canidae” Life Stages formulas, or Canidae Pure formulas (Grain Free). I rotate & feed the Canidae Platinum formula, the fat is low 8.5% min but the fiber is 4% or there’s the Canidae Pure Resolve, weight management grain free
    the chickpeas are 6th ingredient which is better then being 3rd 4th or 5th, also start adding some fresh whole foods to their kibble, whatever your cooking add some to their dinner as long as it’s not a hot curry & is lean etc…. by adding 2 tablespoons of fresh foods you reduce the risk of your dogs getting cancer I’ve read…. add some lean turkey breast or lean chicken breast with some mashed sweet potato, I feed 4 meals a day 2 of the meals are a bit smaller then the other 2 meals, so I feed lean pork rissole with mashed sweet potato & the other 2 meals I feed TOTW kibble or whatever kibble I’m trying at the time….When you feed a Weight Management kibble the fiber is heaps higher to keep the dog feeling fuller, your dog with Diabetes make sure when you look for another kibble look for a kibble with higher fiber% but with Pancreatitis your better off not feeding a high fiber foods.. start rotating between a few different brands & different proteins so your dogs don’t get sick of what they’re eating…

  • steph

    My dogs are on the earthborn weight management, they both have chronic pancreatitis and one is diabetic and the other epileptic(tons of issues my poor babies). They have been doing very well on this food for the past two years but lately they’ve been refusing it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the food I think maybe they just get bored with the same thing every day but unfortunately they need the same thing every day. Especially my diabetic. I’ve been thinking about switching to Fromm, the coastal catch I think Is what is called, is very low fat and protein. Has anyone ever tried it?

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Thank you, Rick! We appreciate your support.

  • Rick Martines

    I have been feeding my dogs Earthborn Holistic for almost a year. I have two miniature Australian Shepherds. They have eaten the Great Plains Feast and Coastal Catch formulas, and love them. Stool is firm and passes without any issue. They are both lively, energetic, and always very eager for meals! Fur and skin quality is excellent, with no itch problems. I selected this food for its ingredients, brand quality, and fair cost/per pound compared with comparable foods from other brands. Can’t say enough nice things about Earthborn Holistic.

  • JBrasher

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Susan

    Hi Nimish, did you slowly introduce over 7-10 days? also the last kibble your boy was eating was the Protein % & Fat % as high as the Primitive Natural formula??
    There’s no way I can feed any of the Earthborn Holistic grain free formulas the Protein & fat are all tooo high, my boy can only eat kibbles with protein around 26% & fat around 10-15%….. I did feed the Earthborn Ocean Fussion, when he was eating the smaller bags with the same batch number he did OK then I brought the large bag & it had a different batch number & the kibbles were darker in colour my boy had very very sloppy poos, so I email Earthborn told them & the lady email me back & said sometimes their veggies change, sometimes the truck load of potatoes are red potatoes, then sometimes they’re white, rustic potatoes but I’d say sometimes the potatoes are either more rotten or green, so I don’t feed kibbles now that have Potatoes as the main carb any more unless it’s sweet potatoes as the first carb ingredients & potatoes are further down the ingredient list, that’s why I think all these kibble companies are changing their formulas & using Garbanzo beans, Lentils, Chickpeas….they are fresher & less problems..

  • KEliza

    I have noticed this with both my dogs! Same thing: no particular flavor, terrible breath. Definitely not a coincidence.

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Jim, Thank you for this information. We can look into this batch with the information you provided. I also received your voice message and I want to thank you for calling us as well. We would advise that you return the bag of Primitive Natural for a complete refund or exchange. I will get in touch with the plant manager and have them take a look at this batch of food. Thank you!

  • Jim Brooks

    I’m expierencing the same issue with our Golden. Runny stools and throwing up. It started with a new bag Primitive Natural. 9/12/16

  • Jim Brooks

    I’m having the exact same issue with my Golden. Just started with a new bag a Primitive Natural. I will be returning the food today.

  • Jim Brooks

    My Golden Retriever started throwing up and having runny stools on his newest bag of Primitive Natural. Ex. 16/12/17 W-2 L-1 71452 B-2 I will be returning this bag to the pet store today. It doesn’t smell the same as previous bags either. There’s definitely an issue with this batch of food.

  • Diane

    Rosemary extract is known to cause seizures in some dogs. The only Earthborn formula that does not have Rosemary extract in it is the grain-free large breed formula. We have two epileptic dogs and they are doing great on this food!!!

  • Crazy4dogs

    Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry I misunderstood. I hope you get this solved.

  • Bobby dog

    Hello Nimish Adhvaryu:
    IMO it’s a good idea to take your dog to the Vet, you know him best!

    It may just be coincidence that he is displaying these symptoms with a food change…who knows.

    If it is a health issue that needs immediate medical attention getting to the Vet sooner rather than later is important.

    If it is something as simple as digestive upset, no big deal and your concern will be lessened.

  • Megan and Jeff Zumbach

    Yes as I indicated it may have been and I had hoped that it was a bad batch. I had to do a lot of digging to get to this site to find a relation to what was happening though and the symptoms which is why I am here. They have been off NB for 5+ years and on Earthborn ever since. This was my first occurrence with ALL 3 dogs being very ill as I have a dog that has seizures from food sensitivity and needs to be on limited ingredients.

    Yes in regard to BHA and BHT I agree it is horrible in ALL food. I check all foods so that is not in our home.

  • Crazy4dogs

    You might have gotten a bad bag, sometimes somewhere along the line, from manufacturer to home, the food hasn’t been stored properly, but if you’ve been feeding NB consistently for 5 years, you’ve almost doubled both the protein and fat intake. That’s a pretty drastic change. I think it would take a much longer and slower transition time than just 2 weeks. I’ve had dogs that take a month or more to transition, even when they were on a rotation. It just depends on the dog.

    In regard to BHA & BHT it really doesn’t belong in any food, animal or human. I don’t know of any decent brands that have it. But, always check the ingredient panel.

  • Megan and Jeff Zumbach

    Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato and Bison, although it has been 5+ years. Before that, it was The Honest Kitchen freeze dried food. Our oldest male cannot have butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) which I had to rule out for his seizures.

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Good Morning, Can you please send us a message at [email protected]? We would love to get some more information. Our Primitive Natural is a very rich formula with a lot of protein and sometimes dogs stomachs are sensitive to this type of diet. Thank you!

  • Crazy4dogs

    Just out of curiosity, what were you feeding before Earthborn?

  • Megan and Jeff Zumbach

    yes I did it was 2 weeks in transition.

  • Megan and Jeff Zumbach

    it was mixed with the original food, Great Plains Feast, so it was not a full dose. However as I then put them 100% on it, that is when I we noticed the problem. Three dogs violently ill. The food SMELLED BAD like it was right out of a fishery. I have put them back on the Great Plains, no problem and the vet said the same thing the food was most likely the problem. I know this because I have 1 dog who has seizures and it took me this long to find a food that worked for him. I think it’s a batch issue.

  • JBrasher

    I have been feeding my dog Earthborn dry dog food for about 6 months. I believe it is a high quality food and my dog absolutely loves it. However, it seems since he has been eating this brand his breath has gotten really bad! It’s not a particular flavor, either. Is this just coincidental or has anyone else experienced this?

  • Megan and Jeff Zumbach

    Yes I will contact you. I have the batch number and information. Our vets conclusion was the food.

  • Megan and Jeff Zumbach

    Make sure you have the batch number from the bag. I have mine written down. Since I switched back to the other food, they have been fine. It took 2 weeks though to get them back to normal.

  • Susan

    Hi did you take 7 days to introduce with old kibble??Primitive Natural has high Protein% & Fat%….there’s no need to see vet, put him back on his old food, then when his poos are normal & he’s not vomiting just add under 1/4 cup Earthborn Holistic kibble with his old kibble, do that for 2-3 days then increase more Earthborn kibble & less old kibble & keep an eye on poos.. I use to take 14 days to introduce a new kibble… My boy has IBD & food sensitivities…

  • Babslynne

    It doesn’t sound like you slowly transitioned him to this new food over the course of a week or two like you should have, which will usually cause the results you received.

  • Nimish Adhvaryu

    I have a westie and just started him on earth born primitive natural. He started vomiting and has diarrhea soon after starting him on it. I am extremely concerned that there may be an quality issue and harmful to your dog. I am planning on taking him to the vet tomorrow and returning the food to the pet store and informing them.

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Megan and Jeff, Thank you for feeding our Earthborn Holistic Pet Products. We are not aware of any issues with our pet food at this time. I would love to investigate this batch further with the notes you have provided me above. Can you please contact our customer service dept at [email protected] and we can talk about this further? Thank you!

  • Megan and Jeff Zumbach

    We’ve have has the same experience this last batch of Earthborn holistic grain free, primitive natural. We picked it up in July, 2016. One of our dogs has been so sick we have been making their food. I have never had this experience before. The most noticeable sign to us was the remaining contents began to really smell fishy. We threw it all away and picked up Great plains feast. When all 3 who vary in age of 4 – 12 are getting sick for a week now we have called in the vet for consultation. We hope that it’s the bad batch of food. I most likely will never purchase the holistic grain free, primitive natural again. Our oldest has been very similar to what others have described shooting liquid and constant cleaning. I hope they figure this out because it sounds like more than a “batch” issue. We may even look for something else after we see the vet. 5 days, 3 dogs, hot butts = nightmare.

  • Debbie

    Same problem here Linz and made my dogs eat it…..lost one dog and the other lost his tail from a very invasive tumor. I hope you are off this food!

  • Debbie

    Have you heard anything back BC Sweep from the FDA? After losing my dog last year and my other one getting a tumor and losing his tail, I have gathered all my documents and am ready to submit since Earthborn won’t recall these products. After months of being off this page I come back to find even more complaints. How many more dogs have to get sick or die before they’ll recall their product. They know there’s a problem but don’t know what it is so they leave it on the market!

  • Debbie

    I hope you have changed foods…..big question mark attached to this food and they don’t seem to want to get to the bottom of the problem or do a recall. I lost one dog and had another very sick dog who got a tumor and lost his tail over it.

  • Debbie

    Yes they welcome your complaints but never tell you what’s going on or give feedback. Lost my dog last year after both my dogs all of a sudden refused to eat new bags. Both the Meadow Feast or the Pacific fish formula. Simultaneously my other dog got a cyst in the middle of his tail. I didn’t realize it was a cyst (just thought it was a scrape) until after my 1st dog had died. Had surgery on it but it was such a deep growing cyst that it was very difficult to remove it without damaging nerves/blood vessels. Vet thought all went well but 6 days later he started chewing at the tip of the tail and after spending thousands trying to save his tail he had to have it amputated. I can’t help but to believe that both my dogs illnesses were caused by this food for some reason. I recommended this to everyone for years while my dogs were on it and then wham….I don’t know what happened they just didn’t want to eat it. Thought they were being picky so basically made them eat it. Biggest mistake of my life. Earthborn KNOWS there’s a problem but won’t do anything about it because they don’t want to ruin their “no recall” record. See my post from last year below. We’ve suffered a horrible year and I lost the best dog I ever owned!

    I must add the only reason I came back here was in hopes that no more people had problems with this food but now I’m so upset to see it’s ongoing and they are still ignoring the complaints. If you see this Earthborn please let us know what measures are being taken on your end!!!

  • Pamela Mullins

    Thanks I will try rotating

  • Susan

    Yes change foods..

  • Susan

    Hi Pamela you should rotate between different brands of kibbles & never feed the same formula & brand of kibble……Start looking for another brand with a different protein….. What’s happening with your dog is food sensitivities.. she’s sensitive to an ingredient in the kibble she’s eating, try & work out what ingredient & look for a different brand kibble with a different protein & a few different ingredients to the kibble she’s eating now & watch her problem go away…post back to tell us what happens πŸ˜‰

  • Pamela Mullins

    I’ll have to try that thanks.

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Pamela, Thank you for supporting our Earthborn Holistic Pet Products. Please contact is if you think that there could be a problem and we would be happy to work with you to see if there is a problem with our food. Thank you!

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Lakota Cockers, Thank you for reaching out to us. If you ever have an issue with a bag of our food please contact us and let us know. We would be happy to work with you on finding out what might be going on. We take pride in our food and want to make sure our pet owners are happy and their pets are healthy!

  • Lakota Cockers

    Ive used your foods for years now.. have recommended them to all my puppy buyers.. occasionally I do have issues with a bag or two. I really want to keep using your product my dogs have done super great on it. I have one that HAS to be on specific foods so everyone gets Coastal Catch. I pray that with sales becoming higher and higher (not to mention the price going up) the quality will stay. There are times my dogs get loose stools and it makes me nervous. Please keep your quality up! Thank you and my dogs thank you (25 year breeder of Cockers and Boxers)

  • BeachDogs

    Interesting. Lol at “stares at it” sorry. My girl would sniff her rear often too. This food seems like it has too much fish oil from all the fish protein… maybe. I love the company and when I rotate again I’ll go with one of their other bags. I ended up switching to Victor GF and she has not licked herself!

  • Pamela Mullins

    Having similar reaction with my dog she licks her butt and stares at it. Vet can’t figure out why anal glands empty, no infection or inflammation, no worms. I never considered it being the food because earthborn is such a high quality food.

  • BeachDogs

    My 3 dogs ranging from 2-1/2 years to 14 years old have been on the Coastal Catch formula since April of last year and my biggest/youngest pup has pretty much had consistent times of licking her bum. Today, she went to do it and when she stood up to lick herself a liquid was coming out. I’m in the process of picking another food as part of the rotational diet I want to get back to and I’m finding it’s good timing because of the recent complaints about Earthborn. My 2 other dogs seem to be ok on Earthborn CC, though. Maybe the omegas have gone rancid like I read can happen in fish based foods in comments somewhere and she’s sensitive to that.

  • jj lp

    mt cat wouldnt eat much of it.but what he ate he got sick.stares into put him on something else.somebody said some of vitamins came from china.dont know.

  • Marc Medina

    Very slow response. Already bought 4 bags since my letter. Still didn’t answer my question regarding change in ingredients in the large dog breed food.

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Marc, Thank you for your loyal support of our Earthborn Holistic Pet Foods. All of our products are 100% guaranteed, so if you are not happy with this bag please return it to your local retailer for a new bag.

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Thank you Vinny for supporting Earthborn Holistic Pet Products. You’re dogs are beautiful.

  • Midwestern Pet Foods

    Thank you Donna for supporting our Earthborn Holistic Pet Products.

  • Donna

    My finicky puppy loves Earthborn meadow feast. I’m happy to finally see her eating well after trying so many puppy food. She likes the taste and her poops are solid. Thanks Earthborn.

  • Vinny

    I have had my gator mouth pit and olde English bull dogge( cane corso/ English bull dog mix puppy 1year old) eating Great Plains feast earthborn for about 4 years now. Sarge/bull dogge since he was 8 weeks and refuse to feed any of my dogs anything else. My pit who is 8 has been on over a dozen “grain free” dog foods, but they all have a filler of rice or potatoes which have carbs and gluten and ever since the switch to pea filler, shiniest coats I’ve ever seen, no bathroom issues. Solid dark significantly less stools, and absolutely zero skin/coat issues. Feeding less since the higher protein count is also a plus. At one year sarge the pup is at 85lbs and continuing to develop and my pit actually wants to eat every morning and night at 75lbs. Significant loss in body fat and tremendous gains in muscle tone and girth. Do your research, and see why rice and potatoes are not good dog food ingredients, although peas are new and controversal. I will not feed any of my dogs the rest of my life anything else! Hope this helps! Both dogs very hypoallergenic! But doing awesome!! O ya btw also numerous vets trying to tell me this and that… 100s of dollars a month they wanted me to spend, there way didn’t work and food recommended as well, overpriced and horrible ingredients. what I found works. No more ear infections, health issues, ect.

  • Azul

    Canned is so much better than kibble for her anyway.
    And with her being so small, it shouldn’t be cost prohibitive.

  • joycehowland

    I have fed my 6 lb yorkie Meadowfeast for a number of years now after switching to it because I felt that Earthborn was a reputable company. She is now refusing her kibble. Completely stopped eating for days when I offer to her. I had her completely tested at vet with CBC profile, xrays with nothing showing up wrong in her medical profile. Her pancreas, liver and kidneys show up normal. She was slightly dehydrated but that could be from her throwing up and simply not drinking as much water. She has been lethargic and her coat is not shiny anymore. We recently purchased a new bag of Meadowfeast from Amazon. I keep it in a refrigerator in our prep room, always have refrigerated the kibble as I purchase a big bag. She gets 1/8 cup in the morning and another in the afternoon around 4pm. I have never had a problem with her eating, she has never been sick a day in her 9 years of life. Vet checked every single year, has her teeth cleaned, normally an active dog with plenty of personality. All of that has changed now. Nothing has changed in her daily routine. She gets plenty of exercise/walks, lots of attention as she is our only dog ( rescue from a puppy mill). Only thing that changed was a new bag of Earthborn Meadowfeast. I purchased a can of wet food, Taste of the Wild, to see if she would eat that. She wolfed it down! so I thought maybe she is just tired of the Meadowfeast. I just ordered Earthborn wet food for her, now I’m afraid to feed it when it arrives. I really think it is the new bag of kibble from Earthborn and after reading all the comments here about other dogs getting sick on it I have to believe the company is being irresponsible by not considering there may be a problem with their food ingredients. Now to find another food for her that won’t kill my sweet little yorkie that has been a complete joy to both my husband and I for the last 6 years we have had her. I will cook for her if I have to without hesitation. We did take the vet’s recommendation and I cooked chicken and rice for her for several days. She ate that with no problem so we thought she may be over her “spell” whatever that was. Offered her the kibble and she refused to eat it. It is a wake up call to read all that has been posted here. Should be a wake up call to everyone when a company does not respond to complaints or issues you present to them about their food.

  • Marc Medina

    Switched the kids to Earthborn for large breeds about a year ago. The male was having bad gas from the precious brand. With the last month something changed with the same food. Much darker in color and about half the size bites. All of a sudden last two bags his gas is really bad again. Don’t have an old bag so I can’t compare to see the difference. May have to try an alternative brand.

  • Susan

    Hi change brands it sounds like Earthborn isn’t right for your dog, have a look at “Canidae” Pure Formulas, I’m starting the Pure Land & want to try the Pure Wild & Pure Meadow but I live Australia & have to wait for their new formulas Pure Wild & Pure Meadow….My Patch had bad gas/wind pain & sloppy smelly poos when I brought the large bag of Earthborn Ocean Fusion but he was OK when he ate a different batch of Earthborn Ocean Fusion, I email Earthborn & I asked about their potatoes, the lady said we buy different truck loads brown, red, rustic, white, sweet etc… I thought yeh they are probably green rotten potatoes, green potatoes would make a dog sick, I stopped feeding the Earthborn…. I have 1 un-open bag….

  • April

    Switching my dogs over from Kirklands(Diamond) turkey grain free to the same recipe of Earthborn . It’s been a slow switch but both dogs have gas and very soft stool. Can’t decide if I want to go to a red meat recipe or try another brand….

  • PeenBurritos

    I was feeding Meadow Feast for years until my dog decided he didn’t like it anymore. Had to play ‘floor games’ to get him to eat it. He was also getting sick 3 or 4 days a week for monrths and months, and his stomach would make crazy gurgling sounds every morning along with some lethargic behavior. I’ve always trusted Earthborn so I refused to believe it was the food until I started reading some posts. I changed him to another Earthborn formula a few months ago and he hasn’t had an issue with the gurgling sounds since. He likes it and eats it every morning. It’s obvious it was Meadow Feast that was causing the issues. But now, he has diarrhea and tear stains, so off to finding him a new limited ingredient food without the quality control issues I think Earthborn is having.

  • theBCnut

    Please make sure to call the company and complain. If they don’t get enough complaints, they will think any problem is an isolated event and not investigate further.

  • GSDgrl82

    My dogs and cats will not touch this food… My male GSD is never picky with kibble and he sniffed it and walked away. One bag I received was also moldy… With all the recent complaints coupled with the company not addressing an issue or bad batch with their food I will no longer go near it. I’ve been feeding Orijen tundra which all my dogs devour and am loving the results I’m getting with it. I want to like this food but just can’t trust it right now.

  • Kim

    Watch the rice intake ~~ it’s tainted with arsenic

  • Megan Grant

    Thank you it’s been many years since I have had a puppy always adopted adult dogs so I couldn’t remember.

  • theBCnut

    Check the AAFCO Adequacy Statement on the bag to see what life stages it says it is for. I believe it’s All Life Stages, which actually means it’s formulated for puppies, but every other life stage is fine with that, but you should check and make sure.

    Just a note. Earthborn seems to be going through a bout of quality control issues right now, so take time to make sure you look at the kibble before you feed it to make sure it looks all right.

  • Megan Grant

    Question can I feed my 10 week old puppy Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Meadow Feast or should I feed her Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage

  • Kim

    I’ve been feeding my dogs Earthborn, mostly Great Plains, for several years with no problems. I won’t feed them anything with potatoes ~~ if potatoes are not organic they are highly toxic ~~ along with being an unnecessary form of carbohydrates. After reading these comments I’m reluctant to continue with Earthborn. My bags have all appeared normal, (no mold or strange smell), the dogs eat it with no problem, but the company evidently has issues that they are not addressing. Nicole ~~ can you be more specific as to WHAT in the food was causing your dog’s problem? I have long been an advocate of this company and brand of dog food ~~ not any more!!

  • Nicole

    Bought a bag of the Great plains and my dog was refusing to eat it, but considering she can be picky I made her eat it. I wish I hadn’t because she then got sick everytime she would eat something and had diarrhea that turned completely into blood after a couple of days. After a $500 vet bill we discovered it was the food that was the cause. She is now on Blue and is doing perfectly fine. I don’t recommend the food, especially after all the comments and concerns I’ve seen on this brand.

  • Jeremy Woodcock

    I’ve been feeding my.dogs the primitive and the great Plains for many months with 0 issues. I have 6 dogs and they love it they don’t scarf it down its very filling we free feed and at night they are usully finishing the last of it. Great product that or merrick

  • theBCnut

    Hot spots point to food sensitivity. You may want to watch ingredient lists in the foods you feed and see if you can tell if he is reacting to any particular ingredient.

  • julie

    So is my dog. I am actually terrified. He is on steroids now. Did you ever got in touch with the company?

  • julie

    Did your dog get sick? My dog got such a bad hot spots as well as diarrhea. I actually had to bring him to the vet. Did they refund you the money?

  • Susan

    Did Tractor Supply refund money?

  • Susan

    Contact Earthborn & give batch number & use by date…. I was feeding the Ocean Fusion I need kibbles with no peas, When Patch was eating the small bags with the same use by date, he was doing good, when I bought the large bag with a different use by date, he had bad gas & very sloppy poos, I contacted Earthborn & asked about their potatoes, what ones are being used the lady emailed me back saying, they use whatever they can get rustic, red, brown, white, I though yeh probably green rotten potatoes as well & stop feeding the Earthborn kibble, it doesn’t sell well in Australia, all the pet shops have stopped stocking it, you can only buy online & its always 1/2 the price online….

  • theBCnut

    There have been complaints lately about Meadow Feast as well. It seems the company is having some quality control issues right now.

  • BCSweep

    I called the store, Tractor Supply, notified the company (no reply) and filed a report with the FDA.

    The bag was sealed and there were no holes in the bag. I think the food was too wet when bagged and that’s why it molded. The food in the center of the bag was the worst with mold.

  • Pitlove

    Very sorry to hear about this. Did you alert the store you purchased from? Could be a storage error

  • theBCnut

    You’re right and that was my point. The OP would be better off in the correct thread so other people using the same food have a heads up.

  • BCSweep

    Sorry. Yellow bag. Great Plains feast.

    I filed an online FDA report. Tried to contact the company but to no avail. My dogs are sick.

  • Pitlove

    Wild Prairie is Acana, High Prairie is Taste of the Wild. Not sure which Earthborn product the OP is talking about.

  • theBCnut

    Sorry that happened, but isn’t Wild Prairie a Taste of the Wild product?

  • BCSweep

    I just opened a bag of wild prairie yesterday and fed it. Today I found mold on the food. I have 3 sick dogs.

  • Melissa Vazquez Carrera

    The one that is real good is the primitive one. Click it above and read reviews there. It seems meadow feast has poor reviews. Oh also plains has good reviews on chewy and on Amazon.

  • Pompom mama

    I used small breed and puppy vantage and my poms had diarrhea and blood
    I was thinking to try meadow feast but after my experience with small breed I am afraid of earthborn

  • denise0331

    I was planning on feeding my dog Earthborn Holistic food. With all the problems I’m wondering if she should try it. Is it just one particular flavor (Meadowfest) or are there problems with all the Earthborn Holistic foods? She tried a sample of Meadowfest and Great Plains and loved them.

  • Linz

    So my dog now has been vomiting and having diarrhea with this new bag of Meadow Feast. I checked the ingredients and they’re a bit different than the other bags I have gotten (I’ve kept all of the bags). He had a normal blood panel before we opened this bag and now I have to go back to vet to see what’s going on…I was going to take him off of it right after I heard others were having problems but I had just purchased the new bag so i figured I’d at least finish the bag. Boy was I wrong πŸ™

  • Crazy4dogs

    Hi Debbie,

    Boiled hamburger or chicken and rice is the go to food when dogs have diarrhea or loose stools. You might have gotten a bad bag. I’m not sure if that’s why he didn’t like the second bag or not, but they do have other formulas he might like and might work better. The Earthborn Weight Control is super low in fat and high in fiber. A lot of fiber will cause more stool, but not necessarily loose. Fromm is a good food too and I use that in my rotation as well as Earthborn and a few others.

    I’m surprised the vet didn’t give you a reason for the rash and issues. In the future, if they don’t tell, ASK! Good luck with your pup and keep us posted! πŸ™‚

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    InkedMaie, when Brawlic had lose stool, the vet suggested boiled hamburg and rice??? he seems ok on it.. it isn’t a thing I do all the time.. on a daily basis he gets his 1 cup of kibble with boiled hamburg or chicken which ever I have or bought.. once in awhile I’ll add rice… but only if he had a bad week of diarrhea… I’m not sure why he refused to eat the small bag of earthborn after having used up the larger one but seems after eating the smaller one, for just a few days, he ran into issues, ended up back to the hamburg in rice til his belly and stool simmered down.. So now after a lil over a week on just that I decided to go to Fromm grain free.. He has been on grainfree since a puppy.. he is almost 5.. U know the vet never told me why as a pup he was having rashes and issues so I myself but him on grainfree and he does ok..

  • Melissa Aquilus

    Good luck with the Fromm! I know for my two girls, Fromm doesn’t have enough fiber, but it is a great food, it’s just not good for my girls. What you may want to try is a limited ingredient diet if he continues to have issues. I’m currently trying Zignature, for both my girls and they are doing wonderful on it.

  • InkedMarie

    Why are you feeding grainfree but adding rice?

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    also, when I put water over the kibble he walks away, and never like canned.. I’ve tried all the top shelf even one that stated fit for human consumption .. wouldn’t touch it.. SPOILED is the word … stay warm and safe people

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    Hi to all who commented, Thanks for the info on both Orijen and Acana as I heard they were both great kibble for our loved ones.. Kinda expansive but in the end I’m sure well worth its weight in gold, so to speak… My pit boy as I said is spoiled.. when he was a pup he had problems with lose stool and rash over his body.. so I put him on grain free, but also always have had boiled hamburg, chicken, rice, egg, not all at once either, one or the other so I guess seeing others as some do the same.. I’m not to far off on feeding him… He is very healthy but at times gets belly problems and lose stool.. and when that happens my brain freaks lol I feel for the guy when I see him strain or being uncomfortable… Since I’ve just started him on the grain free Fromm I’ll have to stick with it for awhile… it all goes smooth… If not my next adventure will be the Acana… thank you all for the help and info..pisses me off that we all have to be on top off the racket of dog food and not trusting the makers ny longer… to commercial ones anyway

  • Bobby dog

    Hi Debbie:
    Here’s info on Bedford Capital, Champion pet foods, and some of Bedford Capital’s other investments:

    Here is a quote from Peter Mulenfeld of Champion Foods:

  • Crazy4cats

    Maybe you are thinking of when Champion became a partnership with Bedford Capital Management in 2012.

  • Melissa Aquilus

    Hi Debbie, Orijen and Acana did not get bought out. They have kitchens here in the U.S. now, in Kentucky, where they are going to make Acana food out of that kitchen for the U.S. market. But they have not been bought out.

  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Debbie-
    Have you thought about adding a little warm water and canned food mixed in the kibble? Or even a little of the hamburger or chicken added to the kibble? I add canned or fresh foods such as eggs and sardines to all of my dogs’ meals. I’d like to believe it makes their meals healthier. You will need to decrease the amount of kibble you are feeding to make up for the extra calories. The weight management food might not be as yummy because it is most likely low in fat.

    I have labs and they like most anything. But they do well on lower fat kibble with their toppers added in. Good luck!

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    so a few days ago I posted that my boy was on earthborn weight management , he went through the first big bag slowly. I bought a smaller bag because it took so long for him to finish the big one… upon opening it he refuses to eat it.. I’ve sat on the floor with him, throwing it, to make a game in order for him to eat… then he began to get sick, never did on the big bag, soft stool (very very soft) poor boy.. so I threw the rest out, boiled hamburg and rice for 5 days and still continue to, to switch him over to Fromm grain free duck and sweet potato… He is so darn picky… only wants people food as boiled chicken, and hamburg… I do this but I really can’t afford to cook for him daily.. I will still try this Fromm as it has only been 2 days, with small amounts to transition him back… I am lost and get so overwhelmed on what to feed this strong healthy boy so he doesn’t end up dead or sick…. I heard orjin is a great food but got bought out, and acana.. help

  • Ginny

    if its a healthy food, they tend to eat less because theres not any fillers in the food

  • Melissa Aquilus

    I just contacted Earthborn today about their food smelling awful. It smells like rotten potatoes. I’ve been feeding my 8 month old beagle Coastal Catch and my 1.5 year old beagle the weight control. I’ve noticed soft stools with it for both dogs and some gas. But I’m done with this brand. These two bags of dog food have my house smelling terrible. The response I got was that if I’m not happy with it, to return it. She (Cindy Montgomery, VP Marketing) was not interested in any other info. I did provide the dates for both bags, (March 20, 2017) but it I was quite surprised there was absolutely no follow up. To be honest, I’ve gotten better customer support from Hills.

  • Debbie DiFrancesco

    I just saw this and I’ve been feeding my pit weight management earthborn for about 6 months.. He has always been a spoiled picky eater, I’ve had to boil hamburg, rice, chicken, carrots, peas, anything to mix in order for him to eat… I have not seen any problems, his stool is getting smaller , I feel because he isn’t eating as much as he should other than picking all the good food out of the kibble…. any other food I’ve tried he has had softer to leaky stools so to change, I seem to hesitate…. I’d love to know of a better food before he ends up either sick from the food or from not eating… although he could stand to lose weight but not in a bad way, isn’t worth it…. help My friend told me of Arcana, but I heard they were bought out by a different co.

  • Linz

    The only food that may work is the Orijen Regional Red but the calcium level is a tad high for a puppy. Wanted to try Acana lamb and apple but the calcium is way too high. Glad you’re having success with those brands.

  • Linz

    Beautiful dog! I adore GSDs. I understand–had s similar experience with TOTW.

  • Linz

    Eek, well I’ll still give it a go. The vet thought it was chickpeas bc he didn’t handle grandma Lucy’s pureformance lamb very well. I don’t have many options short of making his food myself. He can’t go raw bc he’s had too many Gastro problems and my vet doesn’t recommend it. Oh boy :/

  • BoxerBliss

    I was going to suggest Zignature to you in my post but they use chickpeas.

  • Debbie

    Our remaining dog is the same, made me tear my hair out. That’s why we stuck with Earthborn for so long and why I bought the Great Plains. Wanted to switch them from Coastal Catch while snow was on the ground to see if it was food allergies or environmental. Bought a bag of each to do the transition and they wouldn’t eat either bag. So far (fingers crossed) he’s done well on the Acana Duck/Bartlett Pear. I think Orijen/Acana is probably one of the best foods out there…..I’ve tried just about all of them!

  • Debbie

    Thank you Linz, it has been a horrible ordeal and I blame myself for making them eat it. I just thought being German Shepherds they were being picky again….I should’ve known. As soon as I started adding canned food to it they would eat it. It seemed like everything was going good but things went downhill very fast 3 wks later. Still not over it and miss my boy Manny every day!

  • Linz

    I didn’t know lamb did that. He can’t have any chicken or Turkey. Any mixed proteins seem to make itchy as well. I seriously don’t know what to do…

  • Debbie

    Have heard of Zignature but don’t have any personal experience. It gets a decent rating on here so I’d say it’s good. I’m sticking with Acana altho it seems this flavor is the only one without potatoes so not sure if he’ll get bored with it.

  • Debbie

    My dogs had a terrible time with Lamb even tho as pups they were fine with it. I switched their flavor to Lamb (while on Earthborn) and they both immediately started itching. Went back to the store and the owner of the health food store told me that Lamb can make some dogs very “hot” as in itchy. As soon as I switched the flavor they were fine. Their ears also flaired up which was another red flag. Any food allergy/sensitivity can make their ears over produce yeast. When this has been a problem for our dogs we have added a heaping tbsp of plain yogurt to their food a few times/day for a few days and it cleared up right away.

  • Debbie

    Hello All, here is the post from Facebok and reply by Earthborn on the issue. They DO know there’s a problem!

    Stacey Rossi reviewed Earthborn Holistic Natural Food For Pets β€” 1 star

    September 8, 2015 Β·

    Our very food sensitive black lab border collie mix had been on Earthborn
    Holistic Harvest Feast for over a month and successfully ate an entire 28 pound bag. We ordered a new bag online through Amazon a couple of weeks ago. For the past ten or so days, he was shunning the food with his dislike of it becoming more and more apparent to the point where he
    was refusing to eat it a few days ago. We don’t give him any treats or food other than dog food, although we use Taste of the Wild dry boar food as a “snack” and training treat. He was gobbling that up, so I had originally thought that he was trying to trick me into feeding him only the Taste of the Wild.

    It became clear that there was something wrong with the Meadow Feast when not only was he refusing to eat it but yesterday he had diarrhea all morning. Approximately hours after eating his usual 1 cup for
    breakfast, he regurgitated all the food. It hadn’t gone past his stomach as no bile was evident. A couple of hours after that, with only a few sips of water since the morning, he vomited clear liquid, some mucus, and bile. He was very lethargic. We got very worried that something was
    toxifying his liver so called the ER vet. In short, we certainly didn’t give him any more of the Meadow Feast, watched him closely, made sure he didn’t get too dehydrated and he survived.

    I smelled the food this morning (we have almost the whole bag remaining) and it does smell a bit funny. The color also is not as uniform as the last bag was… looks like two different types of food or food batches mixed together.

    I am very glad that we didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an emergency trip to the vet but even gladder, of course, that we were aware enough of the symptoms, could easily do elimination because we haven’t been giving any sort of variety of food or snacks lately, and knew for certain that he hadn’t gotten into anything else that could
    have caused this.


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    Earthborn Holistic Natural Food For Pets

    Stacey, thank you for your message. We are concerned about your situation, as
    we do NOT want any pets getting sick! We have recently been informed by a few consumers that the Meadow Feast formula is less than satisfactory as of recently. We are not 100% sure as to what the answer is to this new problem, but we will begin tapping into the situation. Thank you for your concern and please remember that
    our food is 100% guaranteed for taste and nutrition. Please feel free to return your most recent purchase to your retailer for a full refund or product exchange.

    Like Β· Reply Β· 2 Β· September 9, 2015 at 4:57pm

  • Linz

    Thank you!

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how hard this was for you. Thank you for shedding light on this matter–I’m sure it will save other dogs.

  • Linz

    Yeah, I’m not liking how Mike is handling all of this. He acted like he hans’t heard anything about it but clearly he has. I’m just going to switch him off of Earthborn. Right now he really only tolerates lamb. The TOTW Sierra Mountain made him vomit, have diarrhea, and throw up bile. He just started refusing to eat it so I knew I had to switch him. He has a yeast ear infection right now and at first his vet said it was form the Honest Kitchen Love (we always add a dehydrated or freeze-dried topper) but I think the tapioca in Meadow Feast is not helping. I’ve looked into Acana but the Calcium/Phosphorous levels are way too high for a puppy. I will definitely use that or Orijen once he’s older. I looked up Zignature Lamb and it seems great–no tapioca and the ca levels look right. Have you heard of this food? Money is no object for my baby so I just want to find him the right food.

  • Debbie

    Hi Linz, forgot to mention above Acana is made by Orijen. No issues with it at all and it’s been about 6 mos. Best of luck with your baby!

  • Debbie

    I believe Mike may not be as forth coming as we would like. I’ve been contacted by several people that have spoken with him and relayed their problems to him, unfortunately with no follow up by him. They have acknowledged in the review section of their FB page that there is an issue with the Great Plains but they’re not sure what the problem is. I had a problem with both Great Plains (2 different bags bought at different times) and the fish flavor. This seems to be a very random problem as none of the batch #’s I was able to acquire from other people match the batch #’s I have. Also other people are located all over the USA, not just one region. My remaining dog has allergies as well and after trying several other foods since losing my dog in May, I have had good luck Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear. White Potato seemed to be an issue with my dog and I read it’s a high yeast producing ingredient so chose this food based on that it doesn’t contain potato. I don’t know what to tell you to do, all I know is I had very healthy dogs who loved Earthborn for over 2 yrs until I brought these new bags home. (not sure if you read all my previous posts) Now I have one less dog and my other has lost his tail due to a very aggressive/invasive cyst that he developed during the time of the food issues. I’d be more than happy to know it WASN’T the food but with so many people contacting me with the same issues, I have a hard time believing it wasn’t the food. My dogs have never refused food prior to this.

  • Linz

    I want to switch him off of Earthborn bc of the issues. Already had a close call with totw Sierra mountain. I’m just really limited bc of his allergies and the fact that he’s a large breed puppy. I looked into orijen regional red or whatever you call it and the calcium levels are slightly higher than they should be. Not sure if that will make much of a difference. I may try Fromm LBPG again. He’s had so many tummy issues that I can’t afford any other problems with his food.

  • BoxerBliss

    I am currently using Great Plains Feast and also use Primitive Naturals. I have for a long time now with no problems whatsoever. The other foods I use are Zignature and Victor with great results.

  • Linz


    I contacted Mike today and he said that there are no known issues. I was concerned bc of what I read here since my 7 month old GSD puppy happens to eat Meadow Feast. He seems to be doing great. He’s been on it since Nov. Due to his allergy to chicken and chickpeas and his calcium/phosphorous requirements I’m pretty limited. Can you post pictures of the batch numbers that are bad? Can anyone suggest another food? I tried Fromm’s grain free large breed puppy and my dog threw up bile after he ate it. I’m concerned. Thank you!

  • Debbie

    **** UPDATE from my previous posts below: I have been contacted directly by numerous other people over the months that have been having very similar issues as I did. Fortunately none of their dogs died. They have emailed me directly as they don’t/can’t post here. Their dog’s ate Earthborn one day with no problems, they bought new bags and dog(s) wouldn’t touch it. If they did, they got sick. This seems to be a very random situation, not centralized to one region or location. Earthborn has been notified by numerous people and is aware of the situation. They have even acknowledged it on their Facebook page. They seem to be reacting with interest but no further support, follow up or recall of the product in question. Last I checked they were only acknowledging issues with Meadow Feast but not the Coastal Catch which I and others have had issues with. I believed this to be an excellent food and recommended to many. I now have enough information and food samples that I feel I can move forward, although this is very emotional for me after losing my best friend so young. All I can say is that if your dog shows signs of not wanting this food, DO NOT make them eat it like I did. Mixing other things in with it to coax them to eat it does not solve the problem. Our animals are smarter than we think, they know when something is not good! I wish I listened. Also, do not just return to the store for a refund…..this solves nothing. You must call or write to Earthborn and convey your experience/concerns to them. This is the only way they’ll know if there’s a bigger issue.

  • Michelle

    I decided to try the Earthborn small breed and Chanel loves it. We shall see what happens.

  • theBCnut

    Cup for cup, canned food is usually lower in calories than dry, however for some dogs the amount of carbs in a food affects weight gain and the canned food that Michelle mentions is very high in carbs.

  • Carol Spalla

    I feed this to my 4 dogs and no excessive weight gain and no issues with health problems. My 4 all have sensitive stomachs this is the only one they have not had any issues. I feed the Coastal and the Great Plains mix. The love it. Can food usually causes weight gain because it is higher in calories.

  • BGRoss

    Update: Have now brought Acana Regional grain-free kibble into the mix. My boys are currently eating Wild Prairie after bag of Grasslands & I’ll say this… Brought my Chessie up on Fromm LBPF and he did extremely well on that. At 1yr I switched him over to Earthborn kibble and Wild Calling wet, did extremely well on those. At 14+ mos we transitioned off Earthborn, (for reasons still unknown but primarily due to what I read on this string) and went back to Fromm. Rotated through most all the 4 Star grain-free recipes and have nothing but glowing reviews for that brand. Switched wet food out for Merrick grain-free canned. Again, a great choice… several varieties and both my dogs lick their bowls clean. Last month I switched them off Fromm and on to Acana. Another fantastic brand with super hi-end ingredients and all the right nutritional values. In my opinion, EACH of the brands my guys have gone through, and are currently on, are equally good. You simply can’t go wrong on any of these. Price points, (pounds per/dollar) are relatively close and my feeling it’s all a matter of what your dog “likes” and what they do well on. I have no preference and clearly my pets don’t either. Have used Pinnacle in the past too with other dogs and may have a run through that product again in the spring. Start with any of these 4-5 brands if you’re looking to upgrade your dogs food. They are superior to most every other available in the market.

  • Bryan Ledford

    I’m curious. I really like the coastal catch. I’ve been following this site for years and love it. The strange thing is I would be likely to give coastal a 5 star rating and the great plains feast a 4.5. Just saying.

  • Crazy4cats


    From your reply, I’m not clear on whether your vet wants her to remain on the c/d or the s/d. The s/d is not complete and balanced and should not be fed for life. The c/d can be, however. You mentioned in your first post that she still has stones. Are they struvite stones?Has she had a urinalysis recently?

    Here is a link that states it is for supplemental use only:

    Have you tried to contact a vet that specializes in nutrition? Or even a holisitic vet to get a different opinion for a non prescription diet?

    Like I mentioned earlier, you could also consider other brands of prescription urinary tract health foods that might work better for your dog that you could ask your vet about. I hesitate to give you any advice different from a vet as crystals can be dangerous and painful for your pet if they are not managed correctly. I strayed a bit from vet’s advice, but don’t feel comfortable advising you to do the same! He still is, under vet supervision, however.

    Poor, baby, I don’t blame her for not wanting to eat the Rx food all the time! You could probably give her a small amount of low calorie snacks without harm if you reduce her Rx food a bit in order not to cause more weight gain. My vet told me that at least 80% of my cat’s diet needed to be the Rx food for it to work.

    Keep up the water and potty breaks to keep her urine diluted. Good luck!

  • Michelle

    She has been on the c/d as well but the vet wanted to remain on this diet for the rest of her life. She is let out for potty all through out the day. She hasn’t had a UTI since she has been on this diet. But she is constantly hungry and begging for food. I will check the website you suggested for extra snacks for her. Thank you for your reply. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Michelle-
    I’m sorry about your dog’ s troubles. I’m curious how long your dog has been on the prescription s/d food? It’s my understanding that s/d is for intermittent or supplemental use only. Typically after a few weeks to a month, the dog is switched to the c/d food. I’m glad your pup is on the canned food because moisture is so important when controlling crystals. I even add water to my cat’s canned food that had trouble with crystals.

    Does or did your dog have a urinary tract infection? Does she get plenty of opportunities to go potty during the day? Royal Canin also has prescription food to control crystals if you want to talk to your vet about switching to it. There is a website called balanceit dot com that can aid in a homemade diet if you are interested in something like that.

    I kept my cat on prescription food for six months and then sloooowly transitioned him to otc foods after making the necessary changes to his environment and diet to hopefully end the production of crystals. So far so good. Good luck!

  • Michelle

    My dog is a Bichon and has problems with Urinary Stones. My vet put her on a canned dog from called Prescription Diet s/d. She has gained a lot of weight and still has stones. I was referred by a friend. Has anyone heard how this dog food compares?

  • Sucker4Rescues

    It really depends on the dog. Typically it is easier to switch within the same brand since similar ingredients are used for the different flavors. I doubt you would need to do a super slow transition, and you might be able to switch cold turkey. My dogs can rotate through the Earthborn flavors but they are used to rotational feeding. You might try going half and half for a couple of days and see how it goes.

  • Lori G

    I’ve been feeding my 8 pound chi meadow feast for about a year already and it has never given me any problem but I was wondering, if I were to switch from Meadow Feast to Coastal Catch or any other flavour, would I also need to do it gradually or would that not be to relevant since it’s the same brand?

  • Samantha

    Hello Susan,
    Thank you for the info. Unfortunately she can not have rice. When the hives happened of no where with the BB I have her only rice because she didn’t want to eat for about 2 days. The hives stayed until I stopped the rice. Our vet was booked & they told me to stop the rice.
    I’m not even sure now what the issue is with her. We switched to Avoderm revolving Duck which is grain & potato free but the discoloration is still around. It has lessened.

    I will look into the cream. Thank you.

  • Susan

    Hi Samantha, have you ever tried a kibble with just 1 Protein & Rice?? I have found peas give my boy bad wind pain & Farts also I emailed Earthborn about 3 weeks ago cause Patch was having real bad wind & farts on the new 12kg bag of Earthborn Ocean Fusion I bought & I asked about their potatoes & the lady emailed back & said, they buy any type of potatoes white, brown, red etc so they probably buy green rotten potatoes,something gave Patch bad wind cramps, so I avoid kibbles now with potatoes….. Have you ever tried “California Natural” Lamb & Rice, it has just 4 ingredients Lamb meal, Brown Rice, White Rice & Sunflower oil or there’s Chicken & Rice it has 5 ingredients… if she does well & her skin clears up then after 4 months you can start an elimination diet with this kibble & start adding a new food each week or month & see if she reacts to the new food, also have you tried Green lipped mussel google “Green Lipped Mussel for dogs” it excellent for arthritis & skin problems…

  • Pitlove

    My boy is on Fromm too and its the best hes ever done. Love the food.

    Edit: and some fun facts about Fromm to add to what you said is that they invented the first canine distemper shot and where the first premium dog food on the market.

  • BGRoss

    Ok so, I made the switch back to Fromm without missing a beat. Great food, unblemished reputation and a family owned and operated company for over 100yrs; not much more to add there. My boys love it and that goes double for the Wild Calling canned I also give them 2 days a week. Going to make a run through the various recipes and then maybe give Pinnacle Grain Free a twirl. I fed that to my GSP and he did fantastic on it. Going to rotate in some Back to Basics wet food as well. See how all that goes.

  • Samantha

    Switched to Earthborn because my dog got hives from BB. We don’t know the cause but assumed grains. Potato gives her gas.
    This seemed like the best choice readily available near us. Plus the price point is highly attractive. We had went with Wellness core but the price point had us struggling.
    Gave our Amercian Bulldog the meadow feast. Every thing has been great. Wonderful even. Our picky eater was eating and all the discoloration on her paws and around eyes gone. No more over paw licking.
    About 3 months ago I noticed bits of another food but disregarded it. Her eye area went back discolored and her paws too. Then what never happened before was her back area became discolored. Any place that her tail touched back there became discolored. We do not feed her our food or anything else. Her treats are pure jerky. I assumed it might be a protein issue so we bought the Great Plains. Same issues but now she rarely wants to eat.
    We can’t afford allergy blood testing at this time so it is process of elimination once again. However, at this point I feel it is the food. Maybe a production issue.
    Switching to Avoderm revolving duck as it is grain and potato free. Our choices here are very slim and online ordering is not an option. Since our dog is 9 Yrs old but in great health aside from this issue we want to switch now before something happens. She already had an odd bump on her tail that I had treat and a small hive issue the other day.

    It is disappointing to know the company is not caring that there is clearly a problem. I had bragged to everyone about this food and even encouraged people to switch for their sensitive Amercian Bulldogs. Embarrassing to know I’ll need to inform them of this issue and the company not responding.

  • BGRoss

    Okay, so I remain consistent with my position that Earthborn is a fantastic food and great value however, I’ve switched my CBR over to Fomm 4-Star Game Bird recipe as of yesterday. I guess I’m not willing to wait until there’s a potential concern before I switch. No doubt the posts here have me second guessing Earthborn so in all honesty, why even take a chance. I know the FROMM brand well and brought my guy up on it. Going to mix in Wild Calling, Grasslands and Rainbow River canned foods as well. Again, why take the risk…

  • Jeremers

    I have been using Earthborn for nearly three years and my dogs have done great on it. Until this last batch… I purchased Great Plains Feast and since feeding this bag to both of my dogs, they have been licking and itching like crazy. I checked for fleas/ticks and there’s no flaky skin. I have stopped giving treats to see if that was the issue (I haven’t changed those at all, but figured I would rule them out). The only thing I can figure out is the food is irritating them. The food did seem to be much more crumbled and had more of the probiotics (I believe that’s the coating on the food) than normal. I contacted Earthborn and they assured me the formula hasn’t changed at all. They told me the food is 100% guaranteed and to take it back to the retailer that I purchased it at for a refund/exchange. I might try another bag of food to see if it’s the same, if so I might just take the refund and try another brand. It’s too bad as they have never had a reaction like this in the nearly three years they have been on Earthborn food.

  • BGRoss

    You really need to call the number I supplied and speak with Mike. He’s the person to give you the appropriate information. I reached him immediately and he’s the one that answers that line. I feel bad about your losses but I can assure you, and now after speaking with my vet here where I live, there is little chance your dog passed as a result of feeding him Earthborn products. – BGRoss

  • Debbie

    Yes as I said I was frantic when yet another person came forward then I checked dogfoodadvisor and saw that I had missed several more people with issues. Happened to be on Earthborn’s FB page so sent it that way (privately not on their page) so that I could confirm their receipt. Several people on their page say they have emailed them of the same concerns yet have received no reply or acknowledgement, also called and not much concern was given which worries me more. I will be calling them and/or emailing so that they can check their batches. I might add after my 1st dog died I bought a 3rd bag. My younger dog ate it for about 5 days and then out and out refused to eat it. Never had an issue with either of my dogs not eating and when I bought another brand they went on to eat as normal. The food may be fine but I just can’t take that chance. I have not tried to deter others from using it although I feel I should, but that’s not my call to make until I have my own proof.

  • BGRoss

    Debbie – I supplied a phone number and a contact. Really didn’t want to put that out on this forum but I wanted anyone with a concern to contact the person at the top armed with the information needed to ease their mind. You are acting kind of “frantic” by using FB as a vehicle to communicate with a company that you suspect may have caused your pet to be fatally ill. Get on the phone and hear 1st hand what Earthborn’s position is. Thanks – B

  • Debbie

    Thank you for that info, I appreciate it. I really do hope it’s not the food, however when I originally posted I was thinking I would get no response and I did not want to “bad mouth” this company as it was a godsend 2 yrs ago for my dogs’ allergies. I was horrified a month after my dog’s death that others came forward with basically the same story. They are a highly rated company but just because they’ve never had a recall doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong, it is a long arduous process in getting a recall passed unless it’s voluntary by the company. We all know about the Beneful stories and yet that’s never been recalled and many dogs do fine on it. I still have my bags/batch #’s and samples of Earthborn so I may go forward with testing now as several more people are having issues. Again, I would never want to spread bad things about a company and I’ve been very careful not to until I have proof. I resorted to reaching out on dogfoodadvisor as I wanted to keep my concerns low profile. I guess the only way I’ll know for sure is if I have the food tested myself. I’m so glad your dog is doing well and hope that continues. Thank you for the contact name at EB, I have sent them a Facebook private message and they received it but have not acknowledged it. It’s not the way I intended to contact them but when yet another person posted here of their issues, I was a bit frantic. All the best to you and your precious baby!

  • BGRoss

    Debbie – my CBR absolutely loves the food and is thriving on it; my pug too… I called Earthborn last week. Manufactured in IL by Wells Food, a company that’s been in business successfully for many, many years. I spoke to Earthborn’s GM about the issues you’re reporting here, none of which my dogs are experiencing. He stated unequivocally that “there are NO issues with their product and that the company has NEVER had a recall of any kind”. He told me where he sources his ingredients and what goes into the making of the Earthborn Holistic recipes. I was/am pretty impressed by the quality of the product they use. I’m not certain what the issue is here with your dogs but I can’t imagine this is a wide spread concern. I will tell you this though – if at any time either of my guys turns away from his food, I will replace this brand immediately with Fromm or Pinnacle as I’ve had nothing but great luck with both feeding it to my other past retrievers. Thanks for the input – hope you and HappyTails are experiencing isolated incidents.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for sharing your experience and I do hope your dog has not suffered any long term effects. I will take this batch # and compare with mine. I had a problem with the Meadow Feast as well but also the Coastal Catch, even though the bag before (Coastal Catch) was fine and they were eating as normal. As soon as I opened those 2 new bags all eating stopped, vomiting and diarrhea started. I just wish I had been smart like you and not made them eat it. My 2nd dog has since suffered a very large cyst on his tail requiring 1/3 of his tail to be amputated. I am beyond heartbroken for my deceased dog and now this with my younger dog. No proof that it was the food but it can’t all be coincidence.

  • Debbie

    Dear BG Ross, I used to feel exactly the same way as you did and recommended this food to everyone. Upon buying two new bags, different flavors, different batch #’s, things went horribly wrong. I regret making my dogs eat it, they were definitely trying to tell me something by refusing it. I’ll never forgive myself, I lost my best friend in May and I do believe the food was at the root of it. Now my other dog has suffered a very deep cyst which caused him to lose 1/3 of his tail and has suffered agonizing pain. I have no proof that it was the food but when 2 healthy dogs go from eating 6-8 cups/day to virtually nothing, then suffer major illnesses, one causing death, I have to question the only thing that was different which was the food. I honestly pray it was NOT the food as this will effect so many dogs. Just please be on alert of anything unusual your dog may be experiencing. There are not only complaints on this site but also Earthborn’s facebook page under reviews. I’m not seeing or getting a lot of feedback or reaction from Earthborn which is very unsettling at best. Best of luck to you and your pug, I pray nobody suffers the loss, anguish and financial impacts that I have in the past 4 months.

  • Debbie

    Please don’t make the mistake I made and we all must inform Earthborn directly. I regret making both my dogs eat it, I may never know if that’s what killed my dog but all I know is that 2 dogs refused it at the same time/same bags after just eating from and older bag the day before. Also at the same time this was going on with my dogs (Feb-April) my other dog was scratching at his tail quite a bit. I felt it thinking he might have a tick or something and I felt a small scab like area on the middle of his tail. After a while he stopped chewing at it and I attributed it to allergies. 2 mos ago I found a large swollen area on his tail and got him right to the vet. The cyst was aspirated twice in a short time and as we were neutering him anyway, decided to have the “what we thought was small” cyst removed. Turned out it was very deep and the surgery was very invasive exposing blood vessels and nerves. Long and short of it is that the surgery was so invasive he lost blood flow to his tail and ended up having 1/3 of his beautiful Germ. Shepherd tail removed. Again I’ll never know if it was a problem related to the food but 2 dogs with issues in such a short time frame after being extremely healthy at age 8 and 4….it makes me wonder!

  • Calling Out

    Our very food sensitive black lab border collie mix had been on Earthborn Holistic Harvest Feast for over a month and successfully ate an entire 28 pound bag. We ordered a new bag online through Amazon a couple of weeks ago. For the past ten or so days, he was shunning the food with his dislike of it becoming more and more apparent to the point where he was refusing to eat it a few days ago. We don’t give him any treats or food other than dog food, although we use Taste of the Wild dry boar food as a “snack” and training treat. He was gobbling that up, so I had originally thought that he was trying to trick me into feeding him only the Taste of the Wild.

    It became clear that there was something wrong with the Meadow Feast when not only was he refusing to eat it but yesterday he had diarrhea all morning. Approximately hours after eating his usual 1 cup for breakfast, he regurgitated all the food. It hadn’t gone past his stomach as no bile was evident. A couple of hours after that, with only a few sips of water since the morning, he vomited clear liquid, some mucus, and bile. He was very lethargic. We got very worried that something was toxifying his liver so called the ER vet. In short, we certainly didn’t give him any more of the Meadow Feast, watched him closely, made sure he didn’t get too dehydrated and he survived.

    I smelled the food this morning (we have almost the whole bag remaining) and it does smell a bit funny. The color also is not as uniform as the last bag was… looks like two different types of food or food batches mixed together.

    I am very glad that we didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an emergency trip to the vet but even gladder, of course, that we were aware enough of the symptoms, could easily do elimination because we haven’t been giving any sort of variety of food or snacks lately, and knew for certain that he hadn’t gotten into anything else that could have caused this.

    We received a refund from Amazon but I am posting this with photos of
    the product information so other people can compare if need be.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Did you contact Earthbon to see if there were any changes in the food?

  • Jamie Hawkins

    I used to think very highly of Earthborn and my dogs ate Coastal Catch for years. They did well on it, seemed to like the taste and never had any food-related issues. Many of the dogs in our rescue have done quite well on it in the past also.

    Some time ago, I made the decision to switch my dogs from Coastal Catch to Taste of the Wild Wetlands formula in order to save a little money. Last month, I decided to switch them back to Coastal Catch and took 2-3 weeks transitioning them over slowly to prevent digestive upset. When I received my 2nd auto-shipment of CC, I opened the bag and noticed it was much lighter in color. I fed it to my dogs anyway as I know that batches can vary slightly and didn’t think it would be a problem. Almost immediately, I noticed that one of my dogs started lapping his paws far more than normal. Then it progressed to chewing his paws and if we didn’t keep stopping him, he would have raw, bloody nubs for paws. Last night, he woke me up in the middle of the night with his incessant paw lapping and chewing. I had already eliminated any other potential causes, such as their treats, trying to pinpoint the problem. I decided this morning to search online to find if anyone else had experienced problems with Earthborn lately. I was a little horrified at the problems experienced by quite a few other people in recent months. I immediately drove to the local pet store and bought a bag of Orijen. I’m not going to risk my dog’s health by letting one more piece of this kibble to touch their lips.

    This could simply be a bad batch of food, I really don’t know, but I do know that I won’t take the risk of feeding it again. It’s just not worth it.

  • BGRoss

    Regarding Earthborn Holistic… it’s without question one of the best possible foods you can feed your dog. It excels on every level and is produced by a manufacturer who’s NEVER had a recall of any kind. Please read…
    My CBR has been on it now for a couple of months after feeding him Fromm LBPF for his 1st year, (equally great food/company). Shifts from Coastal Catch to Great Plains formulas with zero digestive issues. Can’t say enough about this brand. I’ve even switched my little guy, a 12yo Pug on to it. I have experience with many top rated foods from my previous retrievers and Earthborn, in my opinion, has been quite a find.

  • Sia

    HappyTails & Debbie,

    I use to feed my two dogs Earthborn in their rotation- both different breeds, one with no allergies. Then a one day I was sent a bag during auto schedule, when I opened it- the grains varied in color and texture. (Some were dark, compact and fine without grain variation, and others were light, grainy and easy to crumble.) I sent a photo along with my concern to Earthborn about the difference and variation. I received an email from a Cindy M. whom seemed less than interested in helping.

    Less than two nights- my dogs really did not go to their bowls at dinner time, this carried for two weeks. For two dogs who literally eat anteing I found it odd. They didn’t seem hungry, which I thought meant the food was giving them enough. Then I began inciting them-Within the month, both dogs had sever shedding, dandruff and constant licking/ bitting feet. Our big dog began panting/drinking excessive water.

    I rotated to another dog food for a month and they stopped- I tried Earthborn again, and the same thing happened. There is something in Earthborn both of my dogs cannot take- and they use to do so well on it.

  • Daniel Gunther

    There are 2 or 3 brands of earthborn that do not use canola oil. And use chicken fat instead

  • Daniel Gunther

    As I understand that’s for dogs who are allergenic to chicken fat as a preservative. But their are other fats they could use to.

  • Debbie

    Thank you, thank you! I will take this home tonight and match against my batch #’s. I know I do have some food that has the expiration date around that time but if the batch # matches we have just cause to make Earthborn respond to our inquiries. If enough evidence I will take this as far as I can, no dog should have to lose their life or risk organ damage over the food we feed them. If you have not already done so please get your dog’s liver values checked. All my dog’s test results were off the charts but many started to normalize. Unfortunately too much liver damage had been done and he couldn’t recover. I can’t imagine what else might’ve made him sick. We were under 5 ft of snow for almost 4 mos and they were indoors the majority of the time except to relieve themselves. No sicknesses with either till these 2 new bags.

  • HappyTails

    Wow that is horrible! So sad to hear another dog has passed away from this. I usually keep 2 months worth of bags at a time but I think in the future I will hold onto them even longer,just to be on the safe side. Please don’t beat yourself up for what happened to your dogs,it was not your fault,I’ve often times mixed meat,yogurt or canned food in with my dogs food(back before we were feeding them Earthborn) to get them to eat when they’ve been finicky. Below is the picture of the numbers from the top of the bag,if they are to small to read(I tried to get a closer photo but my camera wouldn’t focus) just let me know and I’ll type them out. I hope you are able to get some answers for what happened and that you are able to heal from the loss of your dog.If you need any more info or have any more questions,I’m more than happy to help,have a good night!

  • Debbie

    Thank you so much for replying. You are the first one to have saved your bag with the #’s. I keep all mine till about 10 build up so I can cut and send Earthborn the UPC and I had wrapped those 2 bags up in an elastic….so thankful I did that. Also bought another bag the day we realized my dog was very sick and my other dog ate it for a few days and then all of a sudden refused it again. I took it right back but took pictures of that bag with all the numbers. I’m not sure which set of #’s are the batch #’s so I cut all the tops off my bags and/or took pictures of them. If that’s easier for you to take a picture from your cell that would be good too. You can upload it via the little pic icon on the very bottom left of the reply page. Also here is my email address, I am also going to be in touch with dhenry, she was so kind to share her info with me as well. This is devastating to think that this food may be to blame for our dogs illness and/or deaths. The lady you speak of on FB kept asking them via FB and email to reply to her and now her dog has died. I don’t know what possessed me to make my dogs keep eating this when they clearly didn’t want it. I thought they were just being picky! My email is [email protected] If you’d rather send me a pic or the numbers from the top of the bag via email that is wonderful also. Again, thank you so much. Now that I know there is a common link I won’t rest till I figure this out. I will be getting any left over food I have independently tested as well as requesting the test results from Earthborn.

  • HappyTails

    Yes I just read your post,I am so very sorry for what happened to your dogs and the loss of your other one,just horrible πŸ™ I noticed something was wrong on Thursday,when I set the bowls down my dogs,intially,would walk over to their dishes,sniff it and then walk away (they have never done that before) eventually they ate it which is why I believe Friday they started getting sick and then stopped eating all together. The complaints were on Earthborn’s Facebook page,in the section “Posts to page” I noticed someone mentioned their dogs had gotten sick from the food and attempts to get in touch with Earthborn were ignored,the post is from May 21st. I did see a few others with similar complaints as well. I kept the bag that my dogs got sick off of,so I can provide you with the batch # and expiration dates. Could you tell me what numbers I am looking for? There are numbers at the top and bottom of the bag,so Im not sure which one is the batch #.

  • Debbie

    I usually kept my food in an airtight container but for some reason with these 2 bags, maybe because of what was going on, I did leave them in their original bags always pressing the air out and sealed with the zip closure of the bag. I know storage was not the issue in my case. I also thought about residue in the bin so during this whole time frame I went out and bought a new cannister

  • Debbie

    Debbie I don’t know how I missed your reply till now. I will be in touch via email later today when I can get on my computer at home. Thanks so much, one month later and we are still devastated!

  • Debbie

    Happy Tails, did you read my posts below. I had the same problem and lost one of my dogs. Unfortunately I let this go on too long and made the dogs eat it by adding canned food to the questionable food which was coastal catch and great plains. We must contact Earthborn on this! Chewy is only the distributor of many foods and I doubt anything will be sent to Earthborn. Were these complaints on Earthborn’s site? Also did you by chance save your bags and/or document the batch #’s? I have all my bags since the new year and have sorted out the best I can the bags in question. I would really like to get a batch # to compare against mine. Thanks for any info you can give me!

  • Debbie

    You may be correct however it all started when neither of my dogs would eat the same food. The day before they were eating plenty, as soon as the new bags were opened they both refused. However they were both starving and my dog that passed had even learned how to open the door to our trash bin and he started eating any food in there he could get at. So that cancels out the fact that he lost his appetite. He was indeed starving. Usually when they got picky I would add a bit of plain yogurt or raw egg to their food which I did on several occasions. The reason I still think something was wrong with the food is based upon when adding these items (separately) to their food, they were licking the yogurt or egg off the food or the bottom of the dish without eating the food. That had never happened before. They would usually gobble up the food camouflaged by the addition. I finally was able to get them to eat by adding canned food but I fear that might’ve been camouflaging things too much. All this could be coincidence as only my older dog got seriously ill while the younger dog only vomited several times. I had his blood tested and all his tests came back fine. Given that both dogs reacted the same to the food, I have to assume something was wrong with it. As an added note, after reading dhenry’s reply below, I remembered that my cat was also eating this food for a short spell as I ran out of her food. She’s so picky that when she liked it, I was in no hurry to get her regular food. I did notice that she was eating grass constantly, I never associated the two things. Possibly there was a problem with the food and my older dog just went too long without proper nutrition and hence his liver problems. I’m not here to bad mouth Earthborn, I simply am looking for answers and don’t want any other dog to suffer or die if it possibly was related to the food. So far only one reply here on this forum to back up my theory. I do honestly hope it’s NOT the food, I’ve recommended this to everyone and my dogs did so well with it otherwise after going thru too many recalls of other foods.

  • HappyTails

    Thank you! I think we will try Wellness Simple next and see how that goes πŸ™‚

  • Crazy4dogs

    Absolutely DF! Sometimes the bins themselves can become rancid if they’re not cleaned out every time a new bag of food is added. I always keep my food in the original bags rolled down and sealed tightly with big clips.

  • Wyominggal

    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved GS. However, all the symptoms you describe are consistent with liver disease and are not likely related to the dog food. Dogs with liver disease do stop eating–even foods like steak, cheese, and other “people” foods they typically love. A tumor on the spleen or liver could cause all the symptoms plus the fast decline you witnessed. In fact, I thought one of my dogs had been poisoned as she started vomiting one morning and died 6 hours later. Turns out abscesses on her liver had burst–the same condition that killed her sister a year before, but in her sister’s case, the onset of symptoms was somewhat more gradual and exactly like those you describe–vomiting, weight loss, pickiness about foods, and so on. Again, my sympathies and, by all means, try a different food, but I would wager that the dog food was not a factor in your dog’s illness.

  • Crazy4cats

    I’m sure glad your dogs are doing better now. Good luck!

  • HappyTails

    It has been what seems like forever since I’ve been on here,but I felt it necessary to come back and post on some very concerning issues I’ve recently had with my dogs on this food.I’ve been feeding the Meadow Feast for a little over a year now with no problems,but something has definitely changed recently.I purchased a few bags at the beginning of last week and started feeding my dogs out of the new bags on Thursday,everything seemed fine with the food(smell, appearance etc.). 2 of my dogs started declining by Friday,they both started vomiting bile,refused to eat anything,guzzling water,lethargic,weak,they had a hunched appearance.Saturday my one dog got a little bit of her energy back and was able to run around/play a little,in a split second she went from running to hunched up and laying down,when she did stand up she was wobbly/swaying,it lasted for just a few minutes and then she went right back to the way she was before(so weird and frightening).I spent the whole weekend updating my vet on what was going on,worried and on the edge of my seat wondering if I was going to have to drive them the 50+ miles to the emergency vet.After refusing any food since Friday,they finally ate Saturday night,I made them rice,with boiled hamburger and added in some canned pumpkin,they gobbled it right down.They are now,thankfully,back to normal and happy as ever. I contacted Chewy (where I purchased the food from)and let them know about it,they said they would make a note of it and offered me a refund(thank you Chewy!). I checked Earthborn’s FB page and saw a few recent complaints from others saying their dogs had gotten sick as well. I should also note that prior to my dogs getting sick,nothing changed in their routine(I.E. they weren’t stressed),they didnt get into anything that they shouldn’t have,I don’t feed them treats or give them anything other then their dog food,since they improved after I stopped feeding them Earthborn,I am convinced it was the food that made them ill.So I will be chucking the bags of Earthborn I bought and moving on to another food again,ugh.

  • DogFoodie

    You should always keep dry food in the original packaging. You should roll down the top of the bag and seal it and put the bag in the container. The animal fats begin to oxidize as soon as the bag is opened. Rancid fats are dangerous and unhealthy.

  • dhenry

    Unfortunately I didn’t keep the bag as I keep his food in a large plastic container. And had thrown out the bag when I ran out of the old and filled the container with the new. So I can’t tell you the batch number. My email address is [email protected]
    I will be glad to help you in any way I can. I really do think the death of your beloved GS is the result of this food. There definitely was something wrong with the batch I had gotten, as Smokey would turn his head away when I would put a couple of pieces under his nose, when in the past he would eat them from my hand as if they were treats.
    I feel for you with the loss of your dog. German Shepherds are beautiful dogs. We had them as kids and now my son breeds them. That had to be so traumatic for you to lose your beloved dog in such a manner! Please let me know what you hear from Earthborn.
    Prayers to you.
    Debbie Henry

    Sent from my iPad

  • Debbie

    Concita, I hope that your dog is ok! Did you see my post about about what happened with my dog? His eyes also got very red and he ended up dying from liver failure. I pray your dog if fine now, I’m not sure if it’s the food that caused my dog to get so sick but all I know is it started with my 2 dogs refusing the food when I opened 2 new bags.

  • Debbie

    It is my understanding that chewy won’t take the food back but will give you your $$$ back. They ask that you donate it to a shelter. I would suggest you don’t even donate it just in case. I returned my bag to my local store but am now buying from and have changed foods. I haven’t contacted Earthborn yet because I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue. I will be contacting them now though. I had saved all my bags and have just documented all my batch #’s along with collecting any food that was left at the bottom of the bags. I do have a fair amount of the food in question left and I believe altho some of it might’ve been mixed in with another batche, I believe most of it is from the bag mine wouldn’t eat. Also kept a good amount of the last bag that my surviving dog wouldn’t eat. I plan on having as much of it independently tested as I can. Would you be willing to share the batch # and flavor of that bag # with me? I just can’t imagine that 2 dogs would not eat for a month altho very hungry and then when they would finally eat, there was vomitting….now you’re experiencing the same thing. I had actually been giving my cat that same food as I had run out of cat food and she liked it so she was on it for about a few wks. Now that you mentioned your dog eating the grass, I remember that my cat was also eating grass quite a bit during that time and now has stopped since going back to her cat food. If you’d be willing to share your food info, you can do it here or I can give you my email address. I hope your baby is ok now, I would hate to see anyone go thru what I just experienced. It’s been a month today since I had to put my boy down and I’m still questioning every single thing trying to figure this out!

  • dhenry

    I have just had a similar issue with our Standard Poodle. He was doing great on Earthborn until last month when I started a new bag and he refused to eat it, so I mixed it with chicken and broth to encourage him and it worked. But he started eating grass and vomitting once in awhile. At the same time, we were traveling up north for a few weeks so I attributed it all to stress. But when we got home, he was still eating grass and had diarrhea, so took him to vet. He had hookworms, so I thought that was the problem. But after being free of the worms, he still had the diarrhea and refused to eat the food unless coaxed with chicken and broth. I changed his food to Taste of the Wild and even though he still has to be coaxed to eat, the diarrhea has stopped and he is acting like his old self again. Am now going to get in touch with to return what is left of
    Earthborn and get my money back. Won’t ever take a chance with that dog food again!

  • maria

    3 weeks ago I switched to eatrhborn holistic ocean fusion from royal canin. Everything seemed fine until this sunday that my dog began to vomit. I took him to the vet and the blood test showed damage to the he is on treatment. My vet said its poisoning from food (when he excluded cancer through more exams) and I did my research to find out why…i discovered lots of problems associated with liver toxicity and copper sulfate on dog foods. Im not saying eartborn is a bad brand but im saying that even if a brand is considered good it might not be good for your pet. With royal canin I ve never had problems I just thought I was doing the best for my dog with earthborn and the truth is it was a bad decision for me. I would like to hear your opinions about this! thank you!

  • Debbie

    Hi Judi, wondering if you are still a rep for Earthborn, I have some concerns I would like to discuss. My post is on the top of this list if you’d like to read

  • Debbie

    Unfortunately I fed them all of those 2 bags when I added the canned food in it. It’s not a problem with the store, I am actually returning the most recent purchase as all of a sudden my remaining dog stopped eating it again (different bag). While my older dog was sick in the hospital I stopped adding the canned to my other dog’s food and he was eating it no problem for over a week, then one day he just stopped again and won’t eat it at all. I have all my bags and batch #’s so will be looking into things as far as I can go with it. I haven’t heard one bad thing about this food so maybe it’s all coincidence but I owe to my deceased dog, my remaining dog and all other dogs to do as much research as possible. I’m really hoping it’s not the food!

  • Crazy4dogs

    I use Earthborn in my rotation and haven’t had a problem. You might have gotten a bad bag. It could be a storage issue. I would return it to the store and pick a different date code.

  • Debbie

    Wondering if anyone has had issues in the last 3 mos with Coastal Catch or Great Plains? About 2-1/2 mos or so ago I wanted to transition my 2 German Shepherds from Coastal Catch to Great Plains Bison. They seemed to have allergies that cause itching so before the snow melted here in MA I wanted to do the switch to see if it was the food or seasonal allergies. They had been on Pacific Coast for at least 6 mos and doing well but didn’t want them to get bored with it either. I didn’t have enough of the Fish to do the full transition with both dogs so bought a new bag of Fish and a new bag of Bison. Both dogs had been eating up to 6 cups/day, thriving well. As soon as I opened the 2 new bags, neither dog would eat it. Cold turkey, one day eating great, next day wouldn’t eat the food at all. I tried putting water in it, raw egg, then yogurt. Usually that would kick start them but not this time. They were still very hungry they would eat the egg off the bottom of their dish, around the food, but not the dog food. When I put yogurt in with it, they were licking the yogurt off the food but again, not eating the food. They would eat a little here and there after at least a day of no food and being starving. A few times they vomited shortly after eating. I thought they were just being picky. I so regret making them eat it. My oldest GS just turned 8 and never sick a day in his life, lost a significant amount of weight. Took him to the vet and got a different vet than our own and she ran xrays, but no blood work contrary to what I thought she should do. Xrays were fine, she told me if it continued to come back in a few weeks. Still losing weight and occasional vomiting, I added canned food (another brand) to the Earthborn dry. They started eating again and my older dog started gaining again so I didn’t take him back to the vet. During this time of them eating those 2 new bags, I noticed that both my dogs had very runny eyes. I just thought it was maybe allergies and didn’t think much of it. After 1 wk of adding the canned food, my older dog was gaining and seemed to be doing good. The younger one never lost much weight. At about 2 wks I noticed my dog had stopped gaining weight. Each day I noticed he was losing weight again despite eating plenty. 2 wks after that he was so thin again! I noticed on a Wed morning (4/29) that he seemed a little off balance and disoriented. Wed afternoon I came home and he was staggering, head was tilted, eye lid drooping and not able to focus and falling. I took him to the vet 1st thing Thurs morn and his blood was yellow so they did rush testing and all his levels were off the charts! I rushed him to Boston’s Angell Memorial Hospital (one of the best in the country) and spent over $5000 over 4 days. His liver was so badly damaged that they couldn’t save him. Neither vet thought it was the food but they didn’t experience what I did for those 2 mos. While my older dog was in the hospital my younger one went back to eating the Earthborn without the canned. He ate good for about a week and now all of a sudden he won’t touch the Earthborn again. I am not making him eat it. After a few days of him turning down the food I have put down 2 dry foods each feeding, the Earthborn and another brand and let him pick. He chose the other brand hands down. I am not here to bad mouth Earthborn, I have praised and recommended this food to many until this happened. I just want to know what killed my very healthy dog and see if anyone has had similar experiences? If not, then I have to accept it wasn’t food related but I just can’t go back to that day they stopped eating it. I have had my younger dog tested and his levels are all excellent.

  • Greyhound Mom

    I have been through a few foods trying to find the perfect dry food for my Greyhounds and Earthborn Holistics Grain Free seems to work really well for them. We rotated through the different flavors that don’t include chicken as one of my dogs is chicken allergic and the other allergic to grains. We just tried the new Performatrin Ultra Limited but there is far too much potato in it so we are transitioning back to Earthborn. I have learned that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! LOL
    Outside of the decent ingredient list, I really also like the way the Earthborn feels; very clean feeling palatant and nice sized kibbles. The zipper bag it comes in is also handy as well. Also, they have one flavor (Primitive Natural) that has it’s own listing here at DogFoodAdvisor because it is just THAT good.

  • Carrie

    I did not see it on the Facebook page either. You can go here

  • Debora Anderson Hinkle

    Just curious, I liked Earthborn page a while ago and don’t get coupons, what an I doing wrong?

  • abdpac

    My GSD’s have multiple allergies, one of them is allergic to chicken, poultry and grains. EH has made a huge difference. I can easily rotate between the Great Plains Feast, Coastal Catch and Meadow Feast. I highly recommend it!

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    Royal Canin is a horrible food. Not to mention they charge a very premium price for it. Earthborne is a much better food!

  • Ray Korbyl

    I think its a better choice than royal canin.

  • Cheryl Marie Robbins

    Just bought a small bag to try it on my two German Shepherds as one has a very sensitive stomach and I was feeding them as per our vet the Special German Shepherd formula of Royal Canin and and I think it’s the grain ingredients that’s making my pups belly upset?? This is worth a try. They so far liked it better than their regular kibble I mixed in.

  • Concita Rossi

    Hi, I feed my dogs (bobtails) from 2011 with Ocean food and they and I were in love with it, than from april 2014 I feed they with Grain Free Meadow Feast and something was not ok, the male has very red eyes and i made urinary test at both and same results… protein – ph very high – oxolate crystal…. vet told me it is food… has somebody same problem than me?

  • CDub

    Try, they box their products and ship ups. Receive in 2 days, orders over $50. get free shipping. Flat rate shipping is only $4.95 or so.

  • Brigitte Friel

    I have switched both of my Dogs and no Issues what so ever !

  • Brigitte Friel

    I purchase mine at Blue seal !! they carry it

  • Dori

    High protein is not the cause. Could be the canola oil, tapioca or the large amounts of pea in this food. The amount of peas in this food is probably what’s accounting for part of the protein percentage. You can feed a food with much higher protein percentage and do very well. It’s the quality of the protein in a food not the random amount that is coming from various sources. You should consider researching other 4 and 5 star foods with less fillers as protein and more meat or fish as its main protein.

  • Tim Steinke

    Canola oil – restricts oxygen to cells – not healthy!

  • JudyandSam Simpson Norris

    Hey, Judi, glad I found a rep on here !!!!! I haven’t been in the store to check out the ingredients on the dog foods yet but looks like none of the dog foods have yeast in them. Is that right, my Abbie just had allergy testing due to the itching, scratching and biting was so bad. She’s allergic to chicken, yeast, soybean, rabbit, white potatoes. I was checking out the Meadow Feast. Looks like it might be OK, is the yeast is not there. She also has Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia. We almost lost her last year, had to have a transfusion and stay in the ER. For 1-wk. 4 different meds for over a year and is now in remission !!!!! So, I am very, very picky about what I feed her and the ingredients. She is also on 10mg Zyrtec daily, just like me !!!!!

  • Alex Meade

    If you’re insinuating he uses the bathroom more often yes… Thus can be a protein issue… If the body does not use all the protein it intakes it outputs the remainder… Also known as protein poops… If you don’t have a very active dogs I recommend one if the other choices like coastal catch 32% vs primitives 38-40%

  • 4FootedFoodie

    Hi Des,

    I agree with C4C, I don’t think the protein is the issue.

    When my dog with food intolerance issues is exposed to one of his triggers, his anal glads will starts to smell strongly. Some bulk in the stool might help, but I think I’d start looking for something else to feed him. Keep careful note of the ingredients in what you’re currently feeding him and try to find something different.

  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Des-
    I’ve never heard of high protein causing any type of anal gland issues. Maybe she needs a little more fiber in her diet to bulk up or harden her stools. Have you tried adding plain canned pumpkin to her meals? I actually use a product called “Firm Up” that is dehydrated pumpkin and apple that is in my opinion, more convenient than canned. For the dull coat, I add eggs to my dogs’ dinner twice a week. Their coats are noticeably shinier. Also, a rotational diet is often beneficial. Sounds like you are thinking of switching foods. Go for it! Just transition slowly if they have been on the same food for a while. I’ve heard that the Earthborn line is great. You can always come back to it later. Good luck!

  • Des

    I started feeding my 14-month old Ridgeback Earthborn Primitive Grain Free … and she LOVES it. BUT, she seems to be hungry most of the time, her coat has become dull, and she is now experiencing anal gland issues (releasing involuntarily), Could this be because of the high protein? Please help.

  • Betsy Greer

    I found an easy to read article with lots of information that you might find useful:

  • You can add a methionine supplement to help acidy the urine. There are various products that contain this as an ingredient like the grass-saver type products, Wysong Biotic pH (-), and plain methionine in a capsule. You can also give cranberry and vitamin C. Check out various urinary/bladder health supplements. All dogs are different and some are just more alkaline, even eating high protein. I have 3 dogs, one has perfect pH, the other two a little alkaline. You can also purchase pH test strips to monitor your dogs urine pH at home if you decide to add supplements or make a food change.

  • Lauren

    Hi Everyone –
    I am in need of some advice. My dog just had a urinalysis done and has high alkaline urine. When the vet first told us this a few years ago, I switched him to a lower-protein grain-free diet based on the research I’d done. Fast forward a few years, and he still has the high alkaline. He’s currently eating Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast. I want to do everything for my little guy and I certainly don’t want him suffering from urinary issues. I’ve read that a low-carb, grain-free food is the best for high alkaline urine. I’ve also read that lower-protein is good, too. You can’t have low-carb and low-protein! I’m thoroughly confused. Does anyone know of a good dry food for dogs with high alkaline urine? I know if I ask they vet, he will prescribe Hill’s or Science Diet – I’m not willing to downgrade his food to those brands. Any help you can offer is much appreciated.

  • Mark Boufawaz

    I have had both of my Huskies on earthborn grain free since day one. I constantly rotate the protein sources with every bag. They have no issues with digestion and NO issues with finding the bottom of the bowl. 5 stars in my book plus they email a coupon for $3 off everybag every month!

  • Daniel Faranight

    A late reply, but I feed my 2 dogs Earthborn Holistic and rotate amongst 4 of their grain-free formulas “cold-turkey.” They never have displayed stomach issues from doing so.

  • theBCnut

    I would go to the dog food calculator on this site and plug in your dogs info with 70 lbs for weight and active for activity level and use what it tells you as a starting point. Then adjust from there to keep your dog thin until he is full grown.

  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    You are right, I never measure how much I am feeding him or consider the calories. Any idea on how many calories a day a 22 lb 4month old labrador/pitbull should eat? Vet said he would grow to be from 70-90 lbs. I ended up buying whole earth farms grain free beef & lamb recipe since it was cheaper, but I hear that the feeding instructions on the bags are usually exaggerate the amounts. I am mixing it with the grain free beef recipe canned food for added nutrition. I apologize for all the questions, this is the first time I have a puppy and I want to make sure I do everything right in this early stages.

  • theBCnut

    What you are also missing is that it really matters how much calcium is in the food per unit of calories. That determines how much the dog is actually eating. HDM asked for “As Fed” calcium content, which IS within the acceptable range, and then did the math to figure out the grams of calcium per 1000 kcal. A food that has the right percentage but is low calorie so that the dog has to eat too much, is still providing too much calcium. A lot of foods did not make her list for this reason.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Natalie –

    I didn’t not “ask for the average calcium content.” I still have my email correspondence with Earthborn saved. I asked: “Could you tell me the actual calcium levels from product analyses found in each of the Grain-Free Earthborn formulas?” Their response: “Calcium for Primitive Natural is 1.5%, Calcium for Great Plains Feast
    is 1.5%, Calcium of Coastal Catch is 1.31% and calcium for Meadow Feast
    is 1.2%”

    The only information I can go off is what the company tells me. However, what I can tell you – based on the dozens of phone calls I made inquiring about calcium levels – is that many of the calcium levels in the foods (reported from product analyses) do tend to be at or close to the stated min. based on what the companies tell me.

  • Betsy Greer

    She means no, there isn’t time to avoid these issues. If diet was going to be an issue, the damage has been done by eight months.

  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    I read that, that’s where I got this brand from. However, she called these companies and asked for the “average calcium content”. Earthborn told her it is 1.3% for this recipe yet their website says the MINIMUM is 1.3% so I have my doubts about the accuracy of the information they gave her.

  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    website says minimum 1.50% that’s on the high side for a large breed pup

  • Judi Jaymes

    Natalie if you go to the Earthborn page and like it on Facebook they will automatically send you a $3.00 off coupon once a month. Or if you find a store with an Earthborn rep they can give you a coupon.

  • theBCnut

    No, it isn’t.

  • theBCnut
  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    I know this was 5 months ago, but I wouldn’t recommend meadow feast for a large breed puppy because it’s a bit high on the calcium scale. Large breed puppies have rapid growth issues that cause hip dysplasia amongst other issues with their bones. So feeding puppies food low on calcium is absolutely essential. Your dog is only 8 months old so there is still time to avoid these issues, consider switching to coastal catch ASAP.

  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    I came here for the same reason my half lab half pit puppy is growing rapidly and I fear I am feeding him the wrong food (whole earth farms puppy recipe), plus he practically has never had completely solid stool. Anyway, reading the ingredients on the website it says the calcium level of coastal catch is “no less than 1.30%”, so that’s only the absolute minimum. I don’t see how that helps us large breed dog owners much.

  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    As a rep can you get me a discount? wink wink

  • Judi Jaymes

    As a rep for Earthborn Holistic I always suggest mixing the new formula with the current one you are feeding.Half and half for at least a few days as a change in protein can cause stomach upset in some dogs. I am currently feeding my dog CHEYENNE the Weight Control formula with great success and also mix in some high quality wet food.

  • Sp1int3r

    clip out the UPC and send them in and the company will plant a tree!

  • dbdcpierce
  • LabsRawesome

    I agree. Earthborn is a very good food. I wouldn’t use Blue Buffalo if it was given to me for free.

  • dbdcpierce
  • dbdcpierce

    You will find out that EARTHBORN is better that Halo and The Blue… Chewy is the best and try the greenies also for PUPPYDOGGGG.

  • LabsRawesome

    You should be able to do a cold turkey switch within the same brand. You know your dogs better than anyone else tho, so do what you think is best. I can do cold turkey switches from brand to brand with my dogs, no problems. πŸ™‚

  • HappyTails

    My dogs are currently on this food in the Meadow Feast formula,and are doing very well on it,I like the idea of diet rotation and would like to try it out with my dogs,but I am wondering,do I still need to do a gradual transition if Im just changing protein sources and not the actual brand,for instance they are eating Lamb now,if I wanted to switch them over to the Bison or Coastal Catch would I need to do it slowly or could it be a “cold turkey” switch?

  • HappyTails

    Chewy is awesome,I just received my very first shipment from them today,it did take a bit longer than I expected for it to arrive but I think that was due to Memorial Day.Their prices are very fair as well,normally Earthborn would cost me $49.99 at TSC but Chewy has it for $47.99 plus I bought 2 bags so I got free shipping.They packed the bags really well,no rips,tears or damage to the boxes they were shipped in or the bags themselves.

  • Erin

    I agree with them just from my own personal experience. my dosg stomach used to be much more sensitive especially after giving her different treats and chews. I have started rotating her food and it has gotten immensely better. every dog food cannot be perfect so rotating is good, imo for your dogs system.

  • Erin

    I always order from
    their customer service is exceptional and shipping is flat rate and very fast

  • dbdcpierce
    They deliver to your home, and there prices can not be beat.

  • Guest-1111

    Well feel free to call and chat with them about it then, I wasn’t so lucky. As for me, I’m perfectly happy with a new brand that does not cause digestive issues with each new bag.

  • Betsy Greer

    Are you referring to Earthborn when you say, “the vendor?” I’ve never had any trouble reachng them; in fact, when I had questions for them, I picked up the phone and was connected by a CAR to a nutritionist who openly answered all of my questions.

  • Guest-1111

    I tried to contact the vendor, but never got a returned call/email. So, I gave up and switched to a different brand, and my dogs have not had any trouble since. They even have more energy, and get way more excited at meal time.

  • Carolyn Lambert

    My guys have been having issues also ever since I opened a new bag. I had one that had severe digestive issues a couple of days after opening a new bag she is finally getting better but after reading your post wondering what will happen with the next bad.

  • Syl

    Go onto Earthborn Holistic’s website. There is a tab there called “Where to Buy.” You put in your zip code and retailers that carry it around you will pop up.

  • Crazy4cats

    I was very concerned about ordering online as well. However, I was more concerned about expiration dates and torn bags. I finally gave in and did it about 6 months ago and have done a few times since. I’m glad to report that I have not had any problems and it is actually quite convenient. I’ve ordered from Amazon, Wag and Petco with no problems. In fact, Petco was having a $15 off with no shipping charges offer if you spend $49. So, I ordered some Wellness for the cats and whole earth farms for the dogs and got $15 off and didn’t have to drive anywhere! Good luck, Maria, I hope they get the food you are looking for in your stores soon.

  • Maria

    Thanks! I get worried when ordering dog food online. Maybe I’m just a big chicken! But I’d never be able to forgive myself if my little guy got sick from it.

  • Crazy4cats

    Oh shoot. I think it’s pretty new in their line up. I saw they had it on if you get brave enough to order. Good luck!

  • Maria

    I have. I’ve clicked on most all of the stores and most don’t carry the Weight Control.

  • Maria

    I thought so, too. They said they can’t. Disappointing!

  • If there are higher fat foods you’d like to feed, just transition them in like you would any kibble change. It might take several weeks. I feed alot of canned foods too, which have higher fat than 20. The fat content doesn’t seem to bother mine at all. They even eat tripe and some canned foods that have as much fat as protein.