Cesar Classics (Cups)


Rating: ★★½☆☆

Cesar Classics Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-lowest tier rating of 2.5 stars.

The Cesar Classics product line includes 16 recipe cups.

Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.

  • Cesar Classics with Beef [M]
  • Cesar Classics with Lamb [M]
  • Cesar Classics with Duck [M]
  • Cesar Classics with Turkey [M]
  • Cesar Classics Top Sirloin Flavor [M]
  • Cesar Puppy with Lamb and Rice [M]
  • Cesar Classics Filet Mignon Flavor [M]
  • Cesar Classics T-Bone Steak Flavor [M]
  • Cesar Puppy with Chicken and Beef [M]
  • Cesar Classics Grilled Chicken Flavor [M]
  • Cesar Classics with Chicken and Veal [M]
  • Cesar Classics with Chicken and Liver [M]
  • Cesar Classics with Chicken and Beef [M]
  • Cesar Classics Porterhouse Steak Flavor [M]
  • Cesar Classics with Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor [M]
  • Cesar Senior with Slow Simmered Chicken and Rice [M]

Cesar Classics Filet Mignon Flavor was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Cesar Classics Filet Mignon Flavor

Canned Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 44% | Fat = 19% | Carbs = 28%

Ingredients: Sufficient water for processing, beef by-products, animal liver, meat by-products, beef, chicken, chicken by-products, calcium carbonate, added color, sodium tripolyphosphate, carrageenan, potassium chloride, xanthan gum, magnesium proteinate, dried yam, natural flavor, salt, erythorbic acid, filet mignon flavor, guar gum, zinc sulfate, vitamin E supplement, monocalcium phosphate, sodium nitrite (for color retention), copper sulfate, d-calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 5.6%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis8%4%NA
Dry Matter Basis44%19%28%
Calorie Weighted Basis37%39%24%
Protein = 37% | Fat = 39% | Carbs = 24%

The first ingredient in this dog food is water, which adds nothing but moisture to this food. Water is a routine finding in most canned dog foods.

The second ingredient includes beef by-products, an item made from slaughterhouse waste. This is what’s left of a slaughtered cow after all the striated muscle cuts have been removed.

With the exception of hair, horns, teeth and hooves, this item can include almost any other part of the animal.1

Although this item does contain all the amino acids a dog needs, we do not consider beef by-products a quality ingredient.

The third ingredient is animal liver. Normally, liver can be considered a quality component. However, in this case, the source of the liver is not identified. For this reason, it’s impossible to judge the quality of this item.

The fourth ingredient includes meat by-products, an item made from slaughterhouse waste. This is what’s left of slaughtered animals after all the prime striated muscle cuts have been removed.

With the exception of hair, horns, teeth and hooves, this item can include almost any other part of the animal.1

What’s worse, this particular item is anonymous. So, the meat itself can come from any combination of cattle, pigs, sheep or goats — which can make identifying specific food allergies impossible.

Although most meat by-products can be nutritious, we do not consider such vaguely described (generic) ingredients to be as high in quality as those derived from a named animal source.

The fifth ingredient is beef. Beef is defined as “the clean flesh derived from slaughtered cattle” and includes skeletal muscle or the muscle tissues of the tongue, diaphragm, heart or esophagus.1

The sixth ingredient is chicken. Chicken is considered “the clean combination of flesh and skin… derived from the parts or whole carcasses of chicken”.1

Both beef and chicken are naturally rich in the ten essential amino acids required by a dog to sustain life.

The seventh ingredient includes chicken by-products, or slaughterhouse waste. This is what’s left of a slaughtered chicken after all the prime cuts have been removed.

In addition to organs (the nourishing part), this stuff can contain almost anything — feet, beaks, undeveloped eggs — anything except quality skeletal muscle (real meat).

Although this item contains all the amino acids a dog needs, we consider chicken by-products an inexpensive, lower quality ingredient.

The eighth ingredient is calcium carbonate, likely used here as a dietary mineral supplement.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to have much of an effect on the overall rating of this product.

With four notable exceptions

First, we’re always disappointed to find artificial coloring in any pet food. Coloring is used to make the product more appealing to you, not your dog. After all, do you really think your dog cares what color his food is?

Next, carrageenan is a gelatin-like thickening agent extracted from seaweed. Although carrageenan has been used as a food additive for hundreds of years, there appears to be some recent controversy regarding its long term biological safety.

In addition, we note the inclusion of sodium nitrite, a controversial color preservative. Sodium nitrite has been linked to the production of cancer-causing substances (known as nitrosamines) when meats are exposed to high cooking temperatures.

And lastly, with the exception of magnesium, the minerals listed here do not appear to be chelated. And that can make them more difficult to absorb. Non-chelated minerals are usually associated with lower quality dog foods.

Cesar Classics Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Cesar Classics Dog Food looks like a below-average wet product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 44%, a fat level of 19% and estimated carbohydrates of about 28%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 45% and a mean fat level of 21%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 26% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 48%.

Above-average protein. Below-average fat. And below-average carbs as compared to a typical wet dog food.

Free of any plant-based protein boosters, this looks like the profile of a wet dog food containing a significant amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Cesar Classics is a meat-based wet dog food using a significant amount of meat by-products and beef by-products and unspecified liver as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 2.5 stars.

Not recommended.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Cesar Dog Food
Recall History

The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to this product line. If there are no recalls listed in this section, we have not yet reported any events.

You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. Or view the same list sorted alphabetically by brand.

To learn why our ratings have nothing to do with a product’s recall history, please visit our Dog Food Recalls FAQ page.

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Notes and Updates

12/30/2016 Last Update

  1. Association of American Feed Control Officials
  2. Association of American Feed Control Officials
  3. Association of American Feed Control Officials
  4. Association of American Feed Control Officials
  • annony

    Update : I bought him the Rachel ray “dish!” And normal poop again! Thank you Jesus. He has eaten Rachel ray in the past with no prob , no transition so now I’m never switching. Or atleast buying gluten free food if I’m ever in a pinch again.

  • InkedMarie

    Then it may be the food unless you used it before and didnt transition.

  • annony

    Very good point. And your right. I did not transition due to running completely out last minuet but I have done this before with other food and no prob.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m not sticking up for this food, nothing I’d feed but did you transition to this food slowly?

  • anon101

    Environmental allergies tend to wax and wane. with abnormal lab results, it may be wise to talk to your vet about a therapeutic diet.
    Also, when the pruritus returns, see what your vet has to offer for treatment, but for best results ask for a referral to a veterinary dermatologist.
    For now you may want to wipe her paw pads off when she comes in from outside and bathe her frequently with a gentle puppy shampoo, unless she has bloody sores and ear infections, if that happens see the vet right away for treatment.
    See my posts https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/forums/search/environmental+allergies/

  • Lesa Autrey

    Thanks, Susan Bella has slept well since the other night and her cough is clearing up. Bella has more energy and getting back to her normal perky self. She is a lot more happy and playful. My sister has been feeding her baby Cesar dog food and she has had the similar problems so she change her food yesterday.

  • annony

    My dog has been eating the dry food for 5-6 days and has had diharea the whole time! At first I thought he got ahold of a chocolate bar or something but that can’t be it. I’m throwing the food out and getting new.

  • Susan

    Hi Lesa,
    sounds like Bella was sensitive to an ingredient in the Cesar dog food, it only takes 1 ingredient & a dog can start scratching, start giving her weekly bath in an Anti-Fungal Anti-Bacterial Shampoo, I use Malaseb Medicated Shampoo, it kills any yeast/bacteria on skin, relieves itchy skin & puts moisture back into dry skin…also add fresh whole foods to her diet as well, tin Salmon or Sardine in Spring water 1-2 spoons, excellent for skin & coat, joints, brain & heart…high in EPA, DHA, Vitamin A,E, D, C, B-3, B-6, B-12,, Calcium, Folate, Iron, Potassium…..What is healthy for a human to eat is also healthy for a dog to eat, as long as food is not on the do not feed dog list…You’ll have a healthier dog & her cough might clear up as well.

  • Lesa Autrey

    My Bella has been itching and a cough that sound like she couldn’t breath. My poor baby! Took her to the vet and said she has allergies and her liver levels was up. They gave me some medicine to help with the itching and want to recheck her liver levels in December. Two night later she woke me up scratching like she had fleas and everything else the would cause her to itch. So I went online after tending to her and read the reviews on this Cesar dog food I was giving her and I was stunned! She has been itching and a bad cough for over two months now. I said, “That’s It”! I searched for a better quality and I found “FreshPet” it is mad with real meats, vegetables, brown rice and it smells so good I tried it WOW all thumbs and toes up! She Loves it and she is improving everyday. I will not feed her anything else but this product. The Mars Cesar company needs to SHUT their Doors! They need to reimburse us all for the vet bills and the aggany our baby’s has gone through.

  • Token

    The thing is…feeding them top quality fresh pet is no more expensive then this junk for small dogs. Its pure stupidity

  • haleycookie

    If you’re just feeding him a wet diet check out whole earth farms. They have a wide variety of very good quality and rather inexpensive canned foods. The big cans will run you about 2$ and they also just released small breed specific cans that are 3 oz or so for a 1$ I believe maybe lower. You can find it at a petco if you have one near you. Merrick, whole earth farms parents company, also has a wide selection of wet for small breeds or all breeds in bigger cans. Both lines also carry a wide variety of small breed kibbles. Under the sun and it’s parent company canidae also have some new small breed choices in wet foods, they are also available at petco. You can order any of them from chewy.com as well if you’re in the states and don’t have a petco close by.

  • William Zepeda

    I agree with you 1000%
    I have a toy poodle that actually looks like in the package
    He is eight and have never had any problems with his stool or any other medical issues.
    But as of late I have found tremendous amount of off color pink junk in the food. I sort that out and have no problem to continue feeding him what I think he likes. However, it’s gotten a bit ridiculous and upsetting because it’s gotten worse with each package. It’s disgusting to think this company can’t do a better job of eliminating this crap. I even sent the Mars company my concerns and have yet to get a response.
    Now in the process of searching for a better product to feed my little friend.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • Cathy Koh


  • Cathy Koh

    Sorry for using caps but I have the right to, especially since Cesar cost so many dogs their lives.

  • Brian D

    My wife bought this for our jack russell. .. immediate change in stool and broke out with an allergic reaction on his paws and around his mouth. Absolutely awful

  • Cathy Gamble

    This dog food has these nasty veins in it how gross!

  • Jackie Allen

    That’s odd because my dog was in deaths door before switching to Cesar and never runny stools

  • Gerald Braganza

    My dog refuses to eat this stuff anymore, I guess he knows it comes from China unfit for even animals

  • Julia Kuhn

    I would never buy the product after reading the above discription, our pets deserve high quality food and this is not it.

  • Ryan Taylor

    I agree 1000% with you!!! My mutts are not picky they eat what I can afford both of my dogs are very happy dogs with a lot of love from the family and two mile walks every day weather permitting both dogs came from a dog shelter and I’m 1000% sure they are much happier with our family

  • heather

    mars pet care huge company uses numerous co-packing plants standards at many of these co-packers are not good check recall lists you will see numerous brands with the same kind of recall all those brands came from the same co=packer

  • Gerald Braganza

    Where is this food made?

  • Jimmy Will

    My dogs are my friends NOT just animals. I feed them health food they love.

  • Emily Ruiz

    Don’t buy please I once gave this to my miniature poodle and he had diarrhea,every time he walked he got exhausted,he just stayed in the same place everyday for days,he didn’t want to eat and he didn’t even want to do his business since the day I gave him this crap.We took him to the vet and the veterinarian said that it was because of the Ceasar.It wasn’t worth it to buy this $.79 crap and then pay $115 for medicine,plus gas money,and drived one hour to the vet and wait 40 minutes till our turn.Dont buy this crap please I don’t want you to worry about your baby and his/her health.This should be removed from market.

  • Tina Carroll

    Road kill is sometimes better than the crap that people put down their throats

  • Cathy Koh


  • KW

    Amen!! Some people AKA Cindy and those who think like her do NOT DESERVE to have dogs in their lives! One word- unbelievable!

  • Cannoli

    Hi Anthony,
    Where do I begin with my response. So many inaccurate statements I don’t know where to begin. But I promise to keep this short and sweet. Let me begin by stating that my dog is a working breed dog. This is what I wanted as a “pet”. Working breed dogs require exercise. Plenty of it. Better yet it if I lived on a farm my dog would have a job. Kind of like a Border Collie was bred to to gather and control lifes stock. Working dogs behave best when their energy is transferred to a physical task. It keeps them in (for lack of better term) “happy” state. Most working dogs that do not engage in a physical activity begin to show problematic behaviors that frustrate the owner and leads them to the pound. No matter how much simple training you do a working dog needs some sort of exercise. Exercising is showing your dog love–Your dog bonds with you. When I put my hiking boots on at home my dogs come running up to me with his collar and his jumping for joy. He knows that it is time to get out of the house and go explore the wilderness. At the same time we are both getting in great exercise.


    Just like the food we humans buy things can happen like a seal being broken or damaged in shipping that would cause the food to mold because I have used Cesar’s for 7years and never found any to be molded.


    Good post ☺


    If this post anywhere near reflects your personality and how you live your life on a daily basis, you are one STRANGE individual. I’m really not trying to be mean but I’ve just never heard anyone describe a relationship with their dog quite like you do. Never once do you mention what most people do who have a dog, how they are a member of the family, give you unconditional love etc. The way you talk about your dog it’s like they might as well be a machine. Seems like you may have a real problem with emotion and relationships. Trying show your dog lots of love and I guarantee you’ll receive love back ten fold. There is just nothing like the love you receive.from a dog, unlike humans they will never hurt you or let you down. Try it sometime and don’t just treat your dog like a workout partner, treat them with love and as a member of your family and I guarantee you won’t regret it. As the TV.commercial says, “Put a little love in your heart”!

  • Ashley

    If you feed your animal Little Cesars , be prepared to want to clean its teeth everyday.
    Their food causes ” rubber jaw” a disease that causes “bone resorption”
    Bone resorption is resorption of bone tissue, that is, the process by which osteoclasts break down the tissue in bones and release the minerals, resulting in a transfer of calcium from bone tissue to the blood. The osteoclasts are multi-nucleated cells that contain numerous mitochondria and lysosomes.

    My dog passed away a few days go and all we fed him was Cesars and the vet said this food caused his death

    10 year old shizu
    he should have lived until 15-20
    but cesars caused rubber jaw and kidney failure resulting in hair loss and blood loss from infected areas.

  • johnlawsoncasey

    Even the quality of human food is going down hill, I can’t imagine how bad dog food is getting thanks to China having lax product safety regulations. You are also an animal. If push came to shove, you’d eat hard dry kibble every day to survive, but would you like it? I feed my 3 dogs steak, chicken, roasts, ribs, hamburg, dark turkey (no one likes it), the worse meat they get on occasion is hot dogs. If you look around, you can find consistent cheap sources for decent meat. I never have to worry about recalls. You wanna see a dog lick their chops when they know the steak on the BBQ is theirs.

  • Susan

    Read link I posted in post to Crazy4cats above.

  • Susan

    Hi Crazy 4 Cats, we got a warning in Newspaper & on the Australian Pet Food Review f/b page, warning owners that 1 in 4 cat wet tin or foiled foods fails to meet Choice standards, they are not nutritionally balanced properly….So I’d say supermarket foods in America (Aldis) would be the same if they are ever tested, here’s the f/b link, scroll down & down, post dated August 4th 4.41pm & you’ll see a cat eating out of stainless steal bowl.. https://www.facebook.com/PetFoodReviewsAustralia

  • Pitlove

    My dog is not just a pet and kibble is what works for him.

  • InkedMarie

    I think I’m a bit offended. I have “just pets” and kibble is not fine for them.

  • KcQ8ov

    I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. You do the best you can within your means and hope for the best.

  • Cannoli

    i think it depends on what you want to get out of your dog.

    some people just want a pet. hence kibble is fine for a pet. rabbits and guinea pigs are also great pets. hence dried food pellets work great for them.

    i don’t want a pet. i find pets to be boring. i want an interactive social creature that enjoys daily swimming, jogging, intensive hiking, and basically all the physical activities that i like.

    i had human companions that occasionally join me in these activities but after a few months they quit on me. execuses as being too tired, or my wife needs me home, etc, dwindled my exercising conpanions to zero. Dogs don’t make execuses.

    hence i bought a dog.

    as nutritionally science had taught us to perform at your peak level you need the best wholesome unprocessed food possible. As such i feed my dog the best food possible because he is not a pet but rather my exercise companion

  • sharron

    my dog eats canned food all the time,
    very little kibble, what is considered a healthy canned diet

  • bojangles

    Hi C4c,,

    I agree that most canned pet foods are balanced. But healthy? Only when compared to kibble, which is even worse.

  • theBCnut

    Micah has been able to live his life medication free, because I took care of his diet first. My JRT, Angel, has lived 5 years longer than her siblings, because of her diet, and she is still going strong, medication free.

  • Crazy4cats

    Most wet (canned) pet food is balanced and is healthy for pets. Especially cats who benefit greatly from the moisture in the food to dilute their urine and decrease chance of forming crystals.

  • Amateria

    Some people just don’t see the difference a good natural food can make until they try it themselves I am my own tried and tested source and it has worked brilliantly for me, even if only to a point.

    For Rusty however it changed his life!

  • Susan

    Cindy are you for real, I rescued my boy nilly 4yrs ago, he was 4yr back then & he had bad skin, no fur in certain areas, scratching, sloppy poos with blood, vomiting, pain in stomach, weeing blood (used for breeding caught infection) I asked his vet why is he in such bad condition & the vet said DIET, I see it all the time, people get dogs don’t have the money to feed a healthy diet & feed either supermarket pet foods (Aldis) or feed unbalanced diet scraps, then they come in here with all types of health problems like your dog has…
    Like BC nut said, find your poor dog a new home where someone will care for his health & well being… Follow “Rodney Habib” on his F/B page, read what happens when our pets are feed a crappy diet, they get cancer, sick, hypoactive from preservatives food colouring, the list goes on & on….Wet tin/foil foods are the worst for cats & dogs, they’re not balanced especially the cat wet tin foods…It doesn’t cost that much more to find a better food or prepare a balanced cooked diet..
    I suppose what you believe makes you feel better for what you’re feeding…

  • theBCnut

    My dogs are valued members of my family and as such, I try to feed them a healthy diet BECAUSE I want them to live a long and healthy life. Dogs that live on the street are not expected to live very long and when their health starts to go, they get no care, so are dead in no time. With a healthy diet, I save hundreds in vet bills over the life of my pet and he gets to enjoy his good health much longer. Science has shown over and over that vitamin supplements are not used as well by the body as vitamins found naturally in food and in some cases, vitamin supplements are worse than vitamin deficiency.

    If you don’t care about your dog, please consider finding a new home for him. On the other hand, if you do actually care for your dog, think about what a difference a healthy diet makes to humans, then apply logic to your dog’s case.

  • Cindy

    Why do people think Dogs need human grade food haha All though we treat our dogs as children THEY ARE NOT, they are animals and if they lived on the street they would be eating road kill and garbage. Seriously folks they are animals I think the most important thing is to feed them everyday so they don’t die, if you are worried about a Dog food not having enough vitamins THEN GIVE THEM A VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT.
    Which is what I do.

  • Tamika LovingLife Rodgers

    https://instagram.com/p/BFcygBtQiwdZ_sHg4fRJPmAJsAhzVwQaOPJdwE0/ My princess want eat nothing else but Cesar so if you want a puppy to try new products contact me at [email protected] so my baby girl will be so happy please add me to the fan coupon list

  • Robin Gordils

    I did feed raw to my Chi who died last year just after her third birthday. With my 4 personal and fosters the expense is too much for all of them. Alice CGC was dx as diabetic last May after $2,000+ in vet bills but I don’t think she was but had cancer that affected her pancreas as the insulin never stabilized her and her last few days she didn’t eat, I force fed her, didn’t get insulin but her numbers were Ok. I bought an animal meter to test her right away so knew what her BG was. When first dx raw was the only thing she ate.

  • Susan

    Hi, having such a small dog have you thought of feeding either a raw or cooked balanced diet?? Have you tried Honest Kitchen? Honest Kitchen has base mixes you just add the meat or their usual formulas you just add water & is human grade, they sell sample sachets so you can try a few .. Sometimes you have to try a few different foods & also rotate foods so if 1 brand is lacking in something they’re not on it long enough to become ill or suffer from health problems…..http://www.thehonestkitchen.com/dog-food

  • Robin Gordils

    The vet and his wife who do hundreds of rescue dogs feed this and my friend rescued a Chi who refused to eat and kibble, high end canned or home cooked. In desperation she turned her into the rescue so she wouldn’t starve thinking something serious was wrong with her as her vet wanted to insert a feeding tube. The rescue fed her a little Ceasars and she ate immediately. My friend and I adopted 2 Chihuahua pups who we offered high end kibble and canned food. Neither ate so we tried Little Ceasars and both gobble it up. They both eat dry kibble but not the TOTW they were offered but Beyond. After 2 weeks I gave a bowl with Caesar and a much better canned to my boy. The Caesar was gobbled and the expensive stuff ignored. When they are older they will get less canned food and we will try other brands but at 12 and 14 weeks eating regularly is very important to toy breeds.

  • Amateria

    I’ve read quiet a lot of comments lately of people finding mold in these cheap foods, they really need to get themselves back in order.

  • Rani Taran Ghandi

    My dog got sick for three days. I opened up the Cesar food the other day and I found mold in it. Never buying this brand again!!

  • Susan

    Should my yorkie 6 myths old have a can morning and evening or half morning and evening

  • Sandra Murphey

    May 27, 2015 The FDA has pulled the rug out from pet food consumers! See http://www.TruthAboutPetFood.com for The full report, and what it means for you and your pet. Making your own pet food just got a lot more desirable!

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’m not particularly bothered by this since it’s am actual animal part. What bothers me is this isn’t a good food. Search the site and find a better rated food.

  • Karina

    Can someone tell me what this looks like? I can’t be the only one that thinks it’s a HUMAN BELLY BUTTON. It doesn’t look like a “butthole” or other any part of an animal

  • Karina

    OMG I’m glad I’m not the only one!! Only mine ACTUALLY looks like a belly button!! I’m so disgusted and I don’t know what to do!

  • Edie Walker

    I thought this was a discussion about Cesar dog food. Do we really need to hear your life story on this venue?

  • Crazy4dogs

    Amy, is there a customer service number on the Cesar container? Almost all foods have a toll free number to contact them somewhere on the panel.
    I have never fed this food as I find the quality too low. Have you tried feeding your dog some of the better rated wet foods? I don’t know what your budget is, but there are a lot of really well rated canned foods that only cost slightly more & sometimes even the same or less if you calculate the per ounce price.
    Feeding a variety of food will help him have a healthy gut and is better in the long run, but I don’t know how old your dog is and if you do switch, doing a slow transition will make a successful switch.

  • Amy Knapp

    I bought my dog some of the new Cesar dog food, the chicken and vegetables and for some reason it made him sick. All he ever eats is Cesar dog food and haven’t ever had any problems like this. I’ve tried to get in touch with the number on the back of the container and have had no luck whatsoever. I am very unhappy and upset with the fact that I can’t get through to the company. Like every pet parent out there,I love my puppy more than anything in this world. He had a rough couple of months when he was younger and I am very adamant about what I feed him.So if anyone has any idea of how I can get in touch with the Cesar company,please let me know. I’ve tried everything that I can think of to get through to the company but I am at my wit’s end with them. Thank you very much, Amy Knapp 4/1/2015

  • LabsRawesome

    If you double click on the above image to enlarge, it looks like a human bellybutton.

  • heidigirl

    wish him and Michael well and take the first mode of transportation which is further away from them, unless you don’t believe the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. genes you know!

  • heidigirl

    it’s your dog,why don’t you tell durnken father-in-law to take a hikk???? putting it mildly?

  • theBCnut

    It does look like a valve, but I’m not sure it’s a rectum. Either way, still not the level of nutrition I want to give my pets.

  • Kristi Moore

    Sorry if this has been posted. But this is what I found. I have no opposition to ‘organs’ but I do to rectums.

  • theBCnut

    I wouldn’t feed this food anyways, but seeing pieces of identifiable organs is a HUGE step up from mystery meat. Being able to identify what my dog is eating certainly wouldn’t be the reason I stopped feeding a food. Heart is high in taurine, is protein rich, and is considered a quality source of protein. I’d be much more likely to buy this food if I knew that was the only source of their meat, but some of their ingredients can come from truly disgusting place. Google “meat by products,” you’ll get a truly eye opening education.

  • Diane McMichael

    Several years back, I fed my little Francoise and Jack little Cesar’s (picky eater). I later found a dry food they enjoyed even more “In to the Wild, Bison blend”, yet I ran out of their food unexpectedly.
    I gave them Little Cesar Gourmet and was taken back by what I found in it. Pieces of organs!
    As a Nurse, I identified the largest identifiable piece as an artery leading off off of the heart. I was disgusted. I opened up 2 more containers and found similar pieces.

    I too am contacting them. This is unacceptable. Where’s the quality control?
    Their product did not look this way 4 years ago. Needless to say, I bought Francoise and Jack hamburger meat, wheat germ, sweat potatoes, and carrots and made them a meat loaf. I’ll freeze it in slices and feed her this until her organic food gets here.

  • Kristi Moore

    I have been mixing a spoonful of Caesars with my dogs food and a bit of warm water in the morning. Yesterday thou, I was prepping their food as normal and found what can only be a …butthole from what I am assuming is a pig. I will contact Caesars and once I’ve finished what I have from them I will not be buying it again. I’m not overly upset bc I know what wet dog foods are made of, however, apparently the CEO Has claimed to eat Caesars because of the quality. I wonder if he would eat this.

  • Tessa Grant

    I have a yorkie and I feed him this all the time, he seems to love it.. I havent seen any problems with him at all, just that he is gaining weight, and he poops alot. Idk if thats good or bad?

  • Maija Lorraine

    i hate this dog food it makes my dog have a dry mouth. shes not healthy because its all fake food it has artificial flavoring. I say go to wilderness blue buffalo dog food it is better for your dog in so many ways. you will see what i’m talking about when you go to there web site and read there ingredients and then look at you dog food ratings and ingredients you will see the different’s.

  • ccat

    I have recently been finding a lot of large chunks of viens and pieces of white things that i really don’t know what it is. My dachound mini has been on ceasar dry foe six years no problems but my one year old shi poo wont it dry so I put her on canned Caesar….not any more after seeing that stuff.

  • I have been feeding my dog ceasers for the past 5 years, he is a yorkie before that he was eating mighty dog but that was giving him diarea and ever since he has been eating ceasers he hasnt had diarea and he loves it, but he is gaining alot of weight, dont know if it is because of the food or is it because he doesnt go out everyday and I also give him one treats a day beacon strips, all i know is that my dog loves ceasers dog food

  • Ryan

    Our Silky Terrier loved Cesar dog food and ate 1/2 a can in the morning and 1/2 a can in the evening for her entire life. She not only got her Championship, She lived an extremely long and healthy life. (The Life expectancy of this breed is normally between 12 & 14 years.) She passed away a few weeks after her 19th birthday. I really disagree with those who claim this food isn’t good for your dog. It sure didn’t hurt mine. In fact, she loved it!!!

  • char9508

    my minpins eat both – wet cesar and dry blue buffalo.

  • theBCnut

    That was a huge change in diet and should have been done very slowly. Just like people, if your dog is used to only one type of food, sudden changes will cause an upset stomach. With a food as poor as Ceasars, you could even need to switch to foods that are slightly better first before going for something as rich as BB.

  • Naunieann

    Ok My little Mini Pin has been on Ceasars since I got him and he is 1 year old now. This is the only thing he eats. I changed him and my other dog to Blue Widerness because I was advised by someone here to use a different food. Well the next few days after the so called better food ,my little fellow had bad Diarreah and was pooping blood .So was my other dog. I have started him back on his ceasars and he is striving again. Shiny coat and happy. Sometimes I use the generic Filet Minot brands and they do fine on them also. Both my dogs are better now .

  • Irene Greenfield

    my dog is atibetan spaniel and at a18 months old was sick for the first time after eating ceaser filets amber

  • butchroy

    Jennie, have you notified the makers of the Cesar’s canned food? This is a site for learning about all kinds of pet foods, it is not the site for Cesar’s. If you look on the can of Cesar’s food you will find a number to call or a web site to visit. Good luck.

  • Jennie Marie Estrada

    Hi I was gonna feed my dog your food and found a pig or some kind of animals ear in the food, gross..

  • Pattyvaughn

    Take her to the vet and see what the vet says about her loose teeth. A lot of small dogs don’t do enough chewing on things that will clean their teeth and the build up of gunk makes their teeth loose.

  • Steve Mallory

    Hi fellow dog folks. My name is steve i have a verry lovely blond chiwawa thet i love whith all my hart iv ben feeding my girl cesar gourmet filets in the litteil cup she absolotly wont eat inythag els she loves it and i want my girl happy …But i just noticed thet her frunt tooth are loos and shes ackting like she dosent want to play so much ennyi bont know what to do im nerves can inny one help me … im terafide i may have cased this buy feeding her thuat soft food .. what can i do

  • Naunieann

    My Mini pin won’t eat anything elese. He just loves the breakfast trays and Filet Minon.
    He has a shiny coat, wet nose and is a very happy dog.

  • Sherri

    We have had the same experience with our shih tzu/lhasa apso mix. Beau loves the Cesar dinners and breakfasts and I mix his evening meal with dried food which he will not eat unless Cesar is in the bowl, too. He is a healthy and active 12 years of age and has been eating Cesar for the last 9 years. I have not run across any that smelled bad.

  • Pingback: Allergies or more? My pug has been breaking out in rashes, hives, bumps. Loosing hair and more. - Page 2()

  • InkedMarie

    Yeah, figured that out lol but I have your email. Going to send you a pic now that I’m on my computer

  • Pattyvaughn

    And be careful of who you give what info to on here. There is a certain person who is being a creeper and trying to get personal info from some of us and making inappropriate posts under multiple names with what he thinks is someones personal info.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m not on FB :-{

  • Guest

    nevermind, was thinking you were my fb friend. Are you on fb?

  • InkedMarie

    nevermind, I was thinking you were my fb friend but you aren’t. Are you on FB?

  • InkedMarie

    Don’t want to go too off topic but will fb you a pic

  • Pattyvaughn

    I guess that explains my problem then. I come from a long line of hill folk who never had diamonds, but they never got divorced either. I don’t think that for ordinary people that the tradition of diamond engagement rings goes back very far. I think that is a bill of goods that the jewelry industry has sold us.

  • Melissaandcrew

    I disagree. I don’t think the issue is the diamonds or size of them, but rather the following of tradition. But, to each there own and things vary from generation to generation.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I told my husband(then fiance) that I didn’t want an engagement ring because I don’t like stones on my rings(they catch on everything, and I was crazy busy back then) and I don’t like wearing two rings on the same finger(they pinch) and the wedding band was more important to me. My sister went the other route and has this huge heart shaped diamond that she is constantly worrying about. No Thanks!! The funny thing is my wedding band is filagree so it doesn’t even have a whole lot of gold in it. It cost a whopping $68. My husband’s wedding band was twice what mine was. It will soon be our 19th anniversary, so it must have worked.

  • InkedMarie

    If I could do it over again, I’d have hoped for turquoise or opal ( real opal has hues of blue & purple). After 31 yrs of marriage, Steve got me a beautiful opal with tiny diamond ring. I love it!

  • Pattyvaughn

    People who think you have to have a diamond ring only care about how much it cost, not the relationship it’s supposed to represent.

  • That’s how I feel, but I do know some people who wouldn’t agree without a ring. Those people can have their opinions, and I obviously have mine ^_^
    Everyone at the place we work at calls him my husband! Hahaha 🙂

  • InkedMarie

    If he asked you to array him, or vice versa, then you’re engaged!

  • That’s what I’ve always believed 😀

  • Pattyvaughn

    A ring is only a symbol of what is already there. It’s not a necessity. He is your fiancee.

  • Aw thanks! 😀
    We don’t! We’re both young, and we don’t have much money to our names so we’re not planning on a wedding for a couple of years, actually. I’m trying to figure out a date or general time-frame. I want an outdoor wedding (dangerous, I know) in a garden setting, so I’m thinking the beginning of summer.
    He wants to have a house and a career first and I agree. But we’re very happy with where we are (in our relationship, that is).
    I don;t have a ring (he’s saving up for one) so I guess you could say that we’re not officially engaged, but engaged to be engaged? I’m not really sure because he asked me, kind of spontaneously if I would be his wife and I said yes, of course, even though he didn’t have a ring. I actually don’t really care, he had love in his heart, so the ring on my finger can wait ^_^ I still call him my fiancee, though.

  • InkedMarie

    Wow, so sorry you have to deal with this. I hope you get out soon. Do you have a wedding date set yet? Congrats to that, by the way!

  • Thanks so much! I just can’t stand any of this stuff actually being fed to my Louie!
    It’s like if someone tried to feed a newborn baby vending machine food…

  • Pattyvaughn

    It’s really tough when it’s family…
    I hope you’re able to move soon, and fortunately a few lousy meals probably won’t have long term consequences. Added antioxidants help the body get rid of the bad junk. Good luck.

  • YES! My fiancee (Michael)’s nieces are over all the time and I want to strangle him for the way he treats those kids. I’ve already told Michael that that man will never meet my children.
    He does back me up, but we can only go so far because it’s complicated. His father is an alcoholic and a veteran. Of course, I thank him with all of my heart for his service, but he is bat-sh*t crazy, Michael has to be very careful what he says around him, his dad has straight up socked him in the face before when he was drunk. And that was just because Michael said that he owed him money he was promised for doing a favor for him.
    In the end, we don’t really have any backyard space for our baby here and obviously this is not the best environment for any of us. I cannot wait until I can feed him nothing but this carefully selected diet without being impeded by morons.

  • Pattyvaughn

    My sister is in a very similar situation so I completely feel for you. And if he treats you that way with your dog, then imagine how he’ll be with your kids. A bad situation all around. I hope your fiancee backs you up against him. If he doesn’t, don’t marry until he gets a spine, what a nightmare.

  • I’m making it my sole mission in life to move out with my fiancee as soon as possible.
    I’m sorry for my negative rant and bad language but, I have spent entire days devoted to finding great dog foods for my baby because I love him to death and I want him to be happy and healthy.
    How someone can be so ignorant and arrogant is beyond me. It seriously brings out all of the anger I have stored inside myself when someone is basically hurting someone I love, intentionally or unintentionally, good-intentioned or bad.

  • Pattyvaughn

    If you live with your father in law, let him clean up the mess. And insist he pay the vet bill for excessive stool checks and whatever else you can think of.

  • Earthborn wet dog food! It has distinguishable veggies and chunks of meat. My dog goes absolutely crazy for it. It’s on PetFlow and is reviewed on here if you’d like to check it out. It also got a five-star rating on here.

  • My a**hole drunk father-in-law decided to buy this crap for my dog and will feed it to him whenever he damn well pleases because he thinks I’m not feeding him enough. Probably because my dog isn’t a fat, lazy, slob like he is.
    I’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money researching and finding the perfect dog foods for my dog (I’m using Earthborn Holistic wet and dry dog food at the moment and was previously using Innova Prime until the recall, I also plan on rotating between high quality foods like DNA and Orijen, among others), and I cannot stand that my dog is eating this stuff and getting full off of this stuff and NOT eating his very high-quality dog food because of this idiot.
    Have you read the ingredients list? Seriously? I would never in a million years give this to my dog of my own free will. So far, I can’t link his diarrhea or vomiting to this food, but it;s definitely the main and only suspect. The stupid Filet Mignon treats from Cesar give him diarrhea (guess who bought those treats for him??), so I wouldn’t doubt for a second that his diarrhea is being caused by this. The vomiting, I suspect, is from over-eating because of this stuff but I can’t be sure of that.
    I may have some idea about the vomiting and diarrhea but it sure is hard to keep tabs on any possible CANCER caused by the sodium nitrite in his food.
    Bottom line, this stuff is crap, there’s no denying that this stuff is crap, and I will find a way to throw it out or SO HELP ME, someone is going to pay.
    I should tell him to eat that crap and see how he feels afterwards.

  • Maggie1123

    My dog was sick for 3 days with diarrhea after eating this food. I bought quite a bit of it at Wal-mart and I hesitate to return it because they’ll just put it back out on the shelves for other dogs to get sick. I wish we could test it to see what’s in it that made her so sick.

  • 38manny

    I appreciate your specific information. I’ve recently adopted a small dog, over weight and has only eaten table food. Getting him to eat dog food has been impossible. I was hoping to find good things about this product. Sadly, I am still on the hunt for quality dog food that is much like Cesar gourmet since its consistency reasonables table food.
    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks. I’m desperate

  • It’s costly, but Weruva is probably the best canned food I know of. It’s made in human-grade facilities with human-grade ingredients. I heard that they’ll actually have people there taste-test the food themselves.

  • davenbecky

    I thought I was doing Riley good, giving her soft food twice a day as she is a puppy, then she stopped eating everything I was giving her. I opened a container of food one evening and I always cut up and heat up her food in the microwave and was DISGUSTED!!! There were what looked like big arteries in her food all rubbery and clumped together! I LOOKED UP REVIEWS here and immediately quit giving her it forever. Now prob is having trouble getting her to eat much of anything! Listen to your dog!!! That SHOULD BE OUTLAWED! Even for .72 cents a container the company could make sure it is real meat and no by-products. I feel awful, I could make her meat myself for that cost. Im not feeding her anything that doesnt seem up to the standards and smell like something I would eat myself!!!

  • Crystal N.

    YES! I have two dogs. One male mixed breed (tibetian spaniel/pomeranian) and one female Pomeranian. They are both from the pound and to my surprise are very picky eaters. My male over my female! I wasn’t able to go to my normal dog store to pick up there food and saw cesars so I thought I’d let them try it (the low cost was nice too!) and my male didn’t touch it and my female LOVED it but it makes her very very sleepy! My normal dog food whic is more expensive but all natural and has NO by products, fresh ingredients and delicious for dogs safe for owners is Natures Valley Raw Instincts. They’re frozen meat patties. I know you hear frozen, but trust me this stuff is safe then I mix it with Lotus Dry kibble to make the patties last longer. Both my dogs love it and so do other dogs who come over. The money is well worth peace of mind for a long living healthy dog!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Somebody pointed that out at the time, but when Disqus changed formats that comment got seperated.

  • JellyCat

    Cesar dog food has nothing to do with Cesar Milan! Absolutely nothing! It is made by Mars – Pedegree and Nuro maker.

    Cesar Milan used to have his own brand Dog Whisperer. I don’t know if this food still exists. However, ingredients in this food are fairly decent.

  • JellyCat

    ZiwiPeak canned is really tasty to most dogs. However, I think it is more expensive than Cesar. But because it comes in bigger can and is more concentrated, one can will probably replace 3 of Cesar. Tripett is also very tasty to most dogs.

    My dog is picky eater and he likes Go grain free canned and Evo canned for cats. I think you just need to try different things and you’ll eventually find one.

  • I don’t think anybody here can speak on what your dog will find tasty, and what they won’t. It’s not fun, and can cost you a bit more to do, but it comes down to trial and error.

    Pick out some of the higher rated foods on this site and go buy a can or two of each and test them out.

  • Pattyvaughn

    It would be a rare dog that turned down Tripett.

  • Leigh

    My little dogs LOVE Cesar, it’s the only thing they’ll eat. Been eating it for almost 10 years now with minimal health problems. Granted, I feed them mixed with high quality dry food, Wellness, Evo, etc I would love to switch them to something better and healthier, but what other option are there out there for price and taste for the dogs? Is there a product that is as tasty to dogs as Cesar, a bit more expensive, with MUCH better quality? I’d love to try it out. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Len Lister

    I think dry foods contain a lot of ‘ash’ product and may lack certain nutrients. We give our dog a wide variety of dog foods, dog treats, human food [eg liverwurst], table scraps and some fresh fruits and vegetables too; whatever she will eat. The vet has always said she is in excellent health. I think that the Cesar foods contains a level of beneficial nutrients but also include elements that are not good for dog health, and elements that may ‘go bad’. Based on our experience with Cesar I think as long as a portion looks and smells okay, it probably is but beware the ones which look and smell bad – they are, and will make your dog sick.

  • Len Lister – Kitchener Canada

    We have been feeding our 12 year old Shih Tzu the Cesar individual portion sized food for about 5 years. A few years ago a worker at a health-conscious pet food store warned us of unsavory ingredients in commercial pet foods in general, and that they are legally allowed to include undefined by-products and things like used restaurant grease. Our dog seemed to like the Cesar food okay but sometimes some of them really smelled bad, like something gone rotten. We ignored and kept buying anyway. About 2 years ago our dog started having frequent cases of diarrhea, prolonged and loud stomach growling, vomiting, and frequent grass eating. By process of trial and error eliminations we have determined that only since the removal of the Cesar foods have these symptoms subsided completely and the dog seems able to tolerate anything and everything else we give her, including a multitude of table scraps, other tinned dog foods and commercially produced dog treats. A very strong piece of evidence against using Cesar! We recommend everyone stay away from this brand.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    What food were you feeding him before you switched to Cesar’s?

  • Tammyvparker

    My dog is a small mixed terrier and he was over weight and his teeth were turning black, he had thyroid problems and his hair was dull and falling out. I had always fed him good dry dog food but it just wasn’t enough! So I started to feed him Cesar’s twice a day everyday! In 4 months his teeth were white again, his hair was shiny he has lost weight and has no more thyroid problems, I am greatful for Cesar’s I love my Toby and want him to live a long time. Dogs are meant to eat meat scraps, I think Cesar’s has got it right!

  • Cressy

    Just wanted to say that expensive as it is – I’ve been feeding my dog Cesar Dog food (mostly beef and turkey) for 15 years and she’s been to the vet a total of 5 times in her life. She’s hardly ever been sick.  All I know is that she loves it – it’s always fresh and not sitting in a can in the fridge, tasting tinny or becoming rancid.  It’s convenient and she always gets the same portion.  She always has a bowl of various brands of ‘crunchies’ handy and likes to nibble here and there, but Cesar is the main meal.  Either we’ve been lucky or perhaps it’s not that bad …

  • Gabrielle

    It is most amazing for a disgusting canned dog food to cost as much as it does.  I, like and idiot, purchased 10 cans of it (10 cans for $7.00).  When I read the “Dog Food Advisor) I threw out 8 cans of it.  I can’t believe the junk they sell for that much money.  I am very careful what I feed my little Dachshund from now on.  

  • LabsRawesome

     Cesar dog food has nothing to do with “Cesar Milan”. lol http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2750304

  • Pattyvaughn

    Just like every other ignorant pet owner, they believe what people tell them, until they have reason to find out for themselves.

  • Pattyvaughn

    It’s not about good dog food when they make it about money, and Mr. Milan IS about money.

  • InkedMarie

    I would be surprised if Cesar, Rachel Ray, Ellen DeGeneres, any other celebrity who has their name on dog food have any idea where the ingredients come from. I could be wrong but since they probably won’t read this, we will never know

  • J1cent

    My Westie likes Cesar  canned dog food. I serve half portions. Unfortunately, he won’t eat other dog food especially dry and I’ve tried all the enhancers. Cesar is not being straight-forward about the quality of their canned dog food. Either put up or get out of the market. I say that to people who sell junk food for my dog. Is Cesar’s good or not? I can hardly believe Mr Milan would lend his name to something that would harm my dog. Be very careful.

  • I’ve tried Cesar dog food with my two dogs at different times.  The first few times I gave it to my Yorkie, he vomited half the time after he ate it.  My pomeranian didn’t initially seem to have any trouible with it, but after giving it to him for about a straight week he suddenly developed acute pancreatitis.  He wouldn’t eat any dog food at all for about 3 days, and then I started giving him some boiled chicken and he scarfed that down.  Now I’m just giving them both home-prepared dog food.  At least with home made, I know what goes in their stomachs.  And neigther one has ever vomited after eating home made dog food.

  • Rddupuis

    i by cesar dog  my dog dose not like those light colored stips that r cut she picks them all out

  • Thank u to Vanessa and to u all for bringing this horrible doggie food and how bad it is and also bringing to my attention the possible heartache it has caused our family
    I posted our story in reply to one of Vanessas comments i pray none of u have experienced such a painful thing

  • Hey there im so glad to hear ur baby (puppy) is doing much better. Im so very glad u caught it when u did. I read ur review and it made my heart drop. Our beloved baby boy (Boots) at 3years old. Started having seizures back to back uncontrollably. He who has never had them b4 and has been very healthy. Unfortunately me bein far away at the time. My poor mom alone rushed him to the emergency. Please keep in mind him being my moms world. Unfortunately the vet was not able to stabilize him. No meds nothing would help him at all. He breathtakingly did not make it. With not a clue or answer to the sudden cause of this. I am horrified with a wonder. Did this have to do with the GARB doggie food we are all speaking of. Now in huge amounts of fear. My heart Chloe (Boots) auntie and best friend. Who we also have been giving this GARB to. She is 9 yrs old seems like she forces herself to eat it. After turning her head from it for hours. I am going to immediately stop feeding this to my babygirl. In severe fear of losing another one of our babys. Now im not positive that this is the cause of our loss of our beloved Boots. But i will not chance it. These arent just Dogs these pups are our family our pride and joy. so thank u deeply Vanessa and to the rest of u. For sharing ur thoughts and storys. U just might have saved our other babys life. THANK U from,
    Boots,Chloe,Trinity,Debbie,Brittney and baby Lani. From Palo Alto Ca

  • InkedMarie

    Chelsea, you say “I want the best for my little girl and I feel that’s what she’s getting with little Cesar! “. If you are feeding this food, she is NOT getting the best. Take a look at the ingredients. They’re not good. If you want to feed her canned, there are other GOOD canned foods out there.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Chelsea –

    I’m glad to hear your dog is eating, but did you read the review and the ingredients list? Cesar is pretty low quality food. Why not try a 4 or 5 star canned food? I’m sure she’d enjoy that just as much.

  • Chelsea

    Hello there!!!
    I have a little yorkie named Chelsea, she,s just about to turn 4 years old and I’ve always given her very expensive dry healthy dog food! One day a few weeks ago she just stopped eating it! SHE WOULD NOT EAT!!! Come to find out she was just bored with it! Can’t blame her! Did some research and started buying little Cesar in all different flavors!! She loves it and eates it up!! It smells great too!! I’m happy!! I want the best for my little girl and I feel that’s what she’s getting with little Cesar! Just thought someone else might like to know!

  • melissa


    I don’t think any of us need to go to the ceasar site to read up on them. By Products, colorings etc are not things I wish to feed to my dogs. Dr S’s reviews clearly spell out anything that is relevant for me and my dogs.

  • melissa

    my daushaund loves ceasars dog food been feeding it to her for years. she is 11 years old now and i would never take it away from her. you people need to go to the ceasar site and read up on them and contact them for questions on their product. my vet ask me want foods i gave my dog and i told him and he said that was fine. plus it has n-e-v-e-r had a recall like so mny of major dog food brands. waggin train dog jerkys are great treats for dogs look them up as well. melissa

  • LabsRawesome

     F Yoder, check out Variety canned dog food. It’s available at Walmart.

  • F Yoder

    I bought my first can of your dog food and will probably be the last…the things I found in it was disgusting if I want to feed anus to my dog I will pass!!!!!

  • Suzanne

    Thank you, Hound Dog Mom, for that excellent information.  My dogs are all rescued, as have been dogs I have rescued for many years.   Never before have I had my dogs become sick after they were once rehabilitated from the cruel experences they previously had in life.  Now,  money grubbing manufacturers of inferior and dangerous dog food dogs cause dogs to become sick in this country and even die.  It is heartbreaking to spend the time, the money, and to give our dogs love and devotion to have them become ill from FOOD that we buy in GOOD FAITH, sickened due to the cheap, filthy and even sometimes imported dangerous ingredients that our dogs would eat because they trust us!   One of my very old dogs did not have the strength in his system to overcome this problem of extreme diarrhea, and I still have a dog at the vets and still have other dogs at home with this problem.  I have always given my dogs the best, and I dropped the ball using one food that does not make public all the ingredients, but that will never happen again.   I hope others have learned from my trauma and grief in this.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Suzanne,

    I’m sorry to hear that your dog got sick.

    Unnamed animal by-products and fats can definitely contain controversial material. Low levels of sodium pentobarbital have shown up in low quality dog and cat foods that utilize by-products. Sodium pentobarbital is the drug used to euthanize dogs and cats, indicating that dead dogs and cats make their way into the meat rendering vats.

    This is an excerpt from “Mad Cowboy”:
    “The city of Los Angeles alone, for example, sends some two hundred tons
    of euthanized cats and dogs to a rendering plant every month. Added to the blend are the euthanized catch of animal control agencies, and

    According to “Food Pets Die For” by Ann Martin, many of these euthanize animals used in by-product still have on flea collars, collars, id tags, etc. when put into the rendering vats.

    And of the other non dog and cat animal material used, it generally includes 4D meats (dead, dying, diseased, downed) and includes such parts as heads, feet, feathers, tumors, etc.



  • Suzanne

    Mike, my dogs are worse, and they went to the vet today.  The vet thinks the problem is likely the Cesar dog food some of them, the ones who have the serious diarrhea, ate.   He says it might be that a bad batch of the food was not recalled, was left on the shelves, and new batches will replace them.  I believe that, because the batch that caused the problem was on sale for five dollars less a carton.  This brings to mind that no one really knows what the ingredients really are, other than that they are by products.  But, where does that come from?  Do products from diseased animals or contaminated ingredients make their way into that food, and then sicken animals?   I am very upset, and fighting this problem that should not have happened.  I have replaced the canned Cesar with canned Wellness, and am still using the dry Blue Buffalo.
    I don’t know for sure if this was caused by the Cesar food, but wanted you to know this is the status.  I have never had this problem before with my wonderful dogs, and I am very worried about them. 

  • Suzanne

    Thank you so much, Mike. 

    I’m ashamed, because I have always fed my dogs the best, and stooped to feeding the Cesar’s because they were in bad shape when I rescued them, and they wouldn’t eat.

    Actually, the only dogs who are sick are the small ones who eat the Cesar’s food.  The others all eat Blue Buffalo.

    My concern was that this Cesar food for some reason was on sale, and it seemed to have stringy meat in it, which I have not seen before.   Really nasty looking.   Also, I had received an e-mail saying that Mars also manufactures Pedigree and some dogs had choked on Pedigree.  I guess in my mind I was making that Mars connection, and I do know that in the past dogs died from one of the foods they process there.  When I called and asked them at Mars where they source the ingredients they said out of the country and said they didn’t have to say where.  

    I don’t want berries in my dogs’ food, so I dropped using Blue Buffalo canned and Wellness canned, and have also used
    Castor & Pollux, dry and canned.   The little dogs, now sick with diarrhea, only like Cesar, but they will have to be indoctrinated to a new food.   I buy a lot from Foster&Smith, but have never tried their food.   What do you think about my trying their food for my dogs?

    Thanks!   You are a treasure!

  • Hi Suzanne,

    Relax. Cesar has not been recalled since I started keeping track of dog food recalls back in 2008.

    Mars is a huge conglomerate and manufactures many different brands. The recent recall for Pedigree was for a specific line of weight loss dog foods only.

    Although Cesars isn’t one of the best dog foods in our database, this product is certainly satisfactory (especially if it fits your budget and your dogs like this brand).

    However, I’d suggest you rotate the different Cesar products as some appear to have better recipes than others.

    And be sure to check back here for comments and recommendations from some of our other regulars. There are some very knowledgeable dog owners in our community who live and breathe this topic.

    Hope this helps.

  • Suzanne


    I read you and refer your recommendations to others for reference.   My dogs, all rescued and many, dine on Blue Buffalo.    However, this is my question.   I have two finicky eaters who were in dire circumstances when I got them, and who would not eat, are eating Cesars in the paks.   This was working okay, although I felt guilty feeding them Cesars because I know it is suspicious in content.   To my knowledge it has never been recalled, but it is manufactured at Mars, and many foods there have been recalled, some dogs died from imported ingredients.   Recently Pedigree, made there, was recalled.  

    This week the Cesars was on sale and we bought quite a few cartons.   Now my three small dogs, after eating Cesars yesterday, are ALL having serious diarrhea today, and I am very worried.   None of the other dogs are sick.   I have also noticed strings of something in the Cesar this week, maybe strings of intestines or muscles, ugggggghhhhh, and I read that one food at Mars had caused dogs to choke.

    I am very worried and scared now, because I know that dogs have died from food made at the Mars plant.  However, other than the diarrhea my small dogs are okay now, and they have gotten meds for diarrhea.  I will be watching them closely.

    Can you give me advice on this, and also what canned food would appeal to them the way the Cesar does that they would EAT that wold be safe.    I know all the top brands and use them, but I do not like berries and vegetables in the canned food which many of the top brands contain.

    Please help me.   I am very stressed out and worried.

    Thank you,


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  • Dog Food Ninja

    Lewis, this is a website that reviews dog food, not the manufacturer’s website. Why would they rate themselves with two stars? Please read the detailed review above, as this is an awful food.

  • Lewis

    I would like to know?What is being done differently to your cesar dog food?I have talked to other breeders and they also have seen a difference.I breed yorkies,corgis,shelties.My puppies loved the cesar puppy chow.Now they will not eat it as always before .I am concerned about your product.I have used it for many years with success.But now,I will be forced to look for other foods.It has got so bad that even my larger breeds will not eat it as before,even the adult dogs.I hope someone in your company will seek a resolve or you will see a great reduce in sells of your products.Concerned in Virginia

  • vanessa

    I, like other reviewers, also suspect that they put something addicting in the caesar. My cockapoo wouldn’t touch anything else at first, but eventually we made the transition. I was thinking that maybe they added sugar, but the comment about msg also seems plausible.

  • vanessa

    My cockapoo used to have seizures about once every other month or so. I did some research and I am convinced it was the caesar I was feeding her. After switching her over to avoderm, she is much more energetic and in the last 3 years has only had one seizure. I just wish I knew sooner how bad caesar really is. I thought I was feeding her the best but sadly I was wrong.

  • Lucy

    My small Yorkie-Maltese mix, started life on dry Science Diet at the breeders. I switched him to dry Wellness Puppy Formula during a four day period. He discovered “people food” via some unhelpful relatives and began to turn up his nose at the dry Wellness after a few months.

    I began to use Cesars because it was available almost every where I turned. I noticed my puppy started defecating a great deal more on Cesars and reverted back to eating his own feces — something he stopped doing after the switch from Science Diet to Wellness. I believe it was because he wasn’t getting enough nutrients from Cesars. I researched Cesars and promptly disposed of the packets I’d bought. I was so horrified and pale that my sister thought I was ill. I got the puppy canned Wellness Stews and Core. I plan on alternating to Merrick next and then Blue Buffalo.

    Thank you, Mike. I feel much better about feeding my little guy. I worry over past mistakes I clearly made with my childhood dog. I plan on printing some of your articles and pinning them to the bulletin board in my local dog run.

  • Phyllis

    My female Shih Tzu was a very picky eater and would only eat Cesar. My boy seemed to have more allergies on Cesar so I switched him to Freshpet Select. I can’t say Cesar was bad for Wendy as she lived to be 15 1/2 eating it but after reading this article I wouldn’t want Cody to have a steady diet of Cesar with it’s questionable ingredients.

  • Solomohn Ennis

    I recently started feeding my dog Caesars. I started 3 days ago and everything was fine until I fed my 7-year-old Rat Terrier the senior Caesar food; hence my 4AM entry to this board. I awakened this AM to what I thought was a cat mewling on the patio, to my shock it was Crophy’s stomach. I rushed him outside and he started chewing grass like there wasn’t a chance of survival without it. I will stop feeding him this food. After hearing my baby’s stomach and reading that there’s everything in this stuff from cow vaginas to Chinese food–he will not eat another bite.

  • Hi Lynda… The Senior product is included in the review listed as Cesar Original. Hope this helps.

  • Lynda Burgiss

    Do you have a Cesar’s Senior dog food review?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Brianna

    I should, also, add that I know it wasn’t from transitioning too fast because the Chihuahua was previously on Cesar, too, he just wasn’t eating from the pack. (But the single trays that you can buy from the store)

  • Brianna

    Normally, I don’t buy this kind of dog food. But my family has fell upon some hard times and we just want to make sure our dogs are fed, you know. I check the recall lists frequently so that I can avoid buying a recalled food. About four days ago, I bought one of the 12 packs of Cesar dog food (Filet Mignon, Porterhouse Steak) and two of the Bistros for my Corgi mix. My Corgi happily ate both Bistros and had no problems at all. Now, to understand my Corgi completely you’d have to know that she is a very intelligent dog. If she smells something “off” about a food even if she normally likes the food, she WILL refuse to eat it. When I gave her the first can from the pack, she acted as if she was excited to be getting it and then sniffed it and walked away. She did not eat. She did not touch her food that evening, the next morning or evening, or this morning. I decided that, maybe, she just didn’t like the flavors. I didn’t put two and two together right away. My mother, realizing that my dog was not eating the food, decided to give it to her Chihuahua. He happily chowed it down. Ten minutes later, he was sick. He was shaking pretty badly, throwing up, and lethargic. He is still acting listless, we’re keeping a close eye on him. We might have to rush him to the emergency vet but he has been acting better. I have been trying to find out if there has been a recall on Cesar recently but I have not found anything. Other than this site, I haven’t found much on the brand at all. My mother contacted the company, but I suspect they might deny it. A lot of the “big brand” pet food companies do. But her Chihuahua was just fine before he ate the Cesar and all our other dogs are fine, too, and they did NOT eat the Cesar. The ONLY difference between them and him is the Cesar. Mostly, what I was wondering is, has ANYONE else had a similar experience recently with Cesar? I think I’ve learned my lesson from this experience. I’m going to find an affordable, decent food. I have saved the pack of Cesar just in case we need the UPC.

  • Janice Kirk

    I have 2 Shih-tzu dogs. Mickey is going on 7 and Oliver is going on 4. The first time I opened a “ceasar for dogs” to give to my “boys’ I almost threw up. How disgusting, seeing parts of windpipe from god only knows what!!!!. I would never feed that garbage to anything except the garbage pail itself. You should be ashamed of yourself trying to pass off this crap as good for dogs. SHAME ON YOU.Shame on me for buying this s_ _ _ in the first place!!!

  • melissa

    Hi Lisa-

    I too have a very picky dog and it took quite a while to find foods that he likes(and he gets bored quickly!) I found that he gobbles up canned foods such as Merrick(no buffalo please!) 4health chicken/rice or lamb/rice pate style, and most 95% meat canned foods. I switch the flavors and brands for him every three days and he has been eating just fine since. I would suggest starting with a good canned to mix with the dry and once you find something that your dog likes, start looking for a better dry product to go with it. I also found that the smaller the nuggets, the better he eats-

  • ShamelessRawFoodie
  • Lisa Palacios

    I have a very similar problem with my dog as well. She is a malti-poo who loves Caesar. I stopped feeding it to her about 6 months ago, after finding many pieces of by-product I myself find disgusting..I switched her to Science Diet. I have had some success with it, but find it non-constistant when it comes to her eating it. I have tried so many different foods and she will just not eat it. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi Beverly… According to the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, small to medium breeds may be considered adults after about six months of age. But large and giant breeds shouldn’t be fed as adults until they reach about one to two years (depending upon the breed). Hope this helps.

  • Beverly Clark

    How old should a dog be to eat the little trays of dog food instead of the puppy one–I can’t find this info anywhere

  • melissa


    Why not just buy a few cans of other,(better quality) foods and try them with your picky two? We have found that one extreme picky eater loves the Merrick cans,& Nature’s Variety-These are a bit pricier however. He also LOVES the By Nature cans($1.20 or so in my part of Ny) AND the 4health canned(4 1/2 star rated, and only 99 cents per can!!!) The 4health is a complete diet, not just a meat topper or “intermittent” feeding food. Mix them if you feel the need to encourage them to eat a better quality and fear that they won’t, but even a 50/50 mix to start with(LC and a better food) is still better than just this stuff!

  • Christine Cooke

    I usually have been feeding a good supermarket brand of dog food in small foil trays. When they ran out recently I bought some little foil trays of Cesar & to my disgust found that they were little more than jellied vegetables. You could see that the meat content was MINIMAL. I opened them & threw them away. I could have made this from a cheap tin of mixed veg & put it in aspic jelly. This is not nutricious dog food. I have kept dogs all of my 62 years, have shown & bred dogs & am an experinenced dog owner & dog lover. I would not feed this sort of rubbish to my dogs. In my opinion a dog fed on this would be seriously malnourished.

  • Suzanne

    Thank you Barbara. I’m not surprised. I am beginning to wonder if Cesar adds MSG to their food to hook dogs and to give it the flavor. They refused to respond to my inquiries about the beef or chicken FLAVOR, and many manufacturers refused to give their sources, as they did when dogs and cats died from out of the country additives to the food. I am feeding C&P dry and canned to all my dogs, but am ashamed that I feed Cesar to two dogs, one weakened with extreme age and the other one physically and neurologically damaged from extreme abuse and couldn’t even stand up when I got her at 2#. These two dogs will only eat Cesar and I don’t want their health declining by their refusing to eat at all, so I feed them this. If there is ANY dog food that is extremely tasty to dogs and still high quality PLEASE TELL ME. Frankly, I have decided dog food isn’t that flavorful, and the dogs can’t really tell us, and they force themselves to eat what we give them. That is why I wonder about the Cesar, and why it is so enticing to dogs. I wonder if they would be prosecuted if really bad things are in that food, and I find it very suspicious that they don’t list ingredients properly.

  • Barbara B

    I buy Caesar Dog Food for my dog 6-8 cans a week. I opened one the other day to put on top of her dry dog food and there was a rubber band in it. Thank God I stirred it and saw the rubber band. Otherwise, she could have choked to death. Should I file a complaint against the company?

  • Suzanne

    Thank you, Mike, and thanks for all you do for animals. What you do in checking out and evaluating food is really hard work, so I know it is a labor of love for animals. Plaudits to you!

  • Hi Suzanne… Thanks for sharing your story and for rescuing so many dogs. Good news… there are lots of great dog foods. And many not especially costly. Unfortunately, I cannot provide customized reviews and product recommendations for each reader. Please check out my reviews and visit our FAQ page and look for the topic, “Help Me Choose a Dog Food” for more information. Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers.

  • Suzanne

    I need some help on Cesars, and this is why.

    My dogs are all rescues from horrible situations. They went through a lot, I love them and devote my life to them, and they are happy. But, we have had some really hard times trying to find the right food, most of which is inferior, and has wheat, corn, additives, fillers and bad presesrvatives. Now all my dogs are on Castor and Pollux, thanks to information you provided.

    Now to the Cesar. A few months ago I had to take in two very sick dogs, one couldn’t stand up, only weighted 2 lbs., and had been beaten to the point of neurological damage.
    She would not touch food until I offered her chicken flavored Cesar, and still that is all she will eat, and she has gained a half a pound now and can stand up and walk some. She will still only eat the Cesar.

    The other dog was sick with infections, heart worms, abscessed teeth and cataracts, all of which I have fixed, but she doesn’t like the Castor and Pollux, and I changed her to the Cesar. She did fine for a few days, but then was spitting up bile. Now she has diarrhea. The worse problem I have with my dogs is finding safe food for them. However, the very sick and weak little dog has had no digestive problems or stomach upset with Cesar.

    This is my problem. I have never trusted Cesar food because of the suspicious ingredients and because instead of saying “real chicken” or “real beef” it says on the carton that the food is “chicken flavor and beef flavor”. FLAVOR? So what are they eating that is flavored like the real thing but is something else? If all dogs love to eat Cesar, whether it is good for them or not, what is in it that dogs like so much? I am in a trap on this, because the tiny dog will not touch any other food, I tried for two days.

    I also have a 14 year old Peke who now will only eat the Cesar and who eats little, so I have three dogs on Cesar, against my judgement, but have found no other food that these three at risk dogs who have to eat, will accept.

    My other dogs, large and small, are thriving on Castor and Pollux. Frankly, I trust few dog foods now, think there is too much stuff like berries and vegetables, taking up too much space when meat in my view is more important. I don’t think dogs in the wild were seeking out vegetables and fruit. My dogs get canned and dry food. I would like to see more meat in both and less what I consider garbage.

    Any dog food, in my opinion, that has wheat, corn, additives, preservatives and fillers should not be bought. I am looking for something for my small dogs that they find as tasty as Cesar that is of a higher quality. Thank you for any advice and comments you can offer me.

  • cathy

    ok i have 2 dogs , one was a lhasa , the other is a Corgi , My lhasa lived to be , 14 yrs old , & was on it til she passed away this , June , she lOVED IT NO problems at all .. now my corgi is on it , HEARD too much of the many recalls on Eukanuba, & many others so far with CESARS it hasnt been recalled my corgi has tried many others too , ( DOESNT LIKE THE TASTE / OR GETS SICK .. ) so I will stick with it ..

  • Amy

    Lisa, sorry your Boston Terrier became ill, hopefully he is doing much better now. Not sure which Eukanuba you went with, but according to this site they are rated as low as Cesar. For the same price you can find many higher quality foods.

  • Lisa Boone

    My Boston Terrier loved Little Cesar’s but became ill after eating it for one month. Vet called it fast food for dogs, high calorie with little energy output so dog is constantly hungry after consuming product. Will not go back to this food and do not recommend it to anyone else. Going to feed higher quality Eukanuba food.