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Product Has Been Discontinued
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Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dog Food receives the Advisor’s highest rating of 5 stars.

The Artemis Fresh Mix product line includes eight dry dog foods which have been covered as a group in a previous review.

However, since we’re unable to find an AAFCO nutritional adequacy statement for this dog food on the Artemis website, it’s impossible for us to report specific life stage recommendations for this recipe.

Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dog

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 47% | Fat = 24% | Carbs = 21%

Ingredients: Chicken meal, potatoes, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), chicken, flavor enhancer, tomato pomace, natural mixed tocopherols, choline chloride, dried chicory root, dried skim milk, kelp, carrots, apples, tomatoes, blueberries, spinach, cranberries, rosemary extract, parsley flake, pea powder, green tea extract, barley grass extract, l-carnitine, Enterococcus faecieum, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Saccharomyces cerevesiae fermentation solubles, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin, vitamin D supplement, folic acid

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 3.3%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis42%22%NA
Dry Matter Basis47%24%21%
Calorie Weighted Basis37%47%17%
Protein = 37% | Fat = 47% | Carbs = 17%

The first ingredient in this dog food is chicken meal. Chicken meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken.

The second ingredient includes potato. Potatoes can be considered a gluten-free source of digestible carbohydrates. Yet with the exception of perhaps their caloric content, potatoes are of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

The third ingredient is chicken fat. Chicken fat is obtained from rendering chicken, a process similar to making soup in which the fat itself is skimmed from the surface of the liquid.

Chicken fat is high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for life. Although it doesn’t sound very appetizing, chicken fat is actually a quality ingredient.

The fourth ingredient is chicken. Although it is a quality item, raw chicken contains about 80% water. After cooking, most of that moisture is lost, reducing the meat content to just a fraction of its original weight.

After processing, this item would probably account for a smaller part of the total content of the finished product.

Following the flavor enhancer, we find tomato pomace. Tomato pomace is a controversial ingredient, a by-product remaining after processing tomatoes into juice, soup and ketchup.

Many praise tomato pomace for its high fiber and nutrient content, while others scorn it as an inexpensive pet food filler.

Just the same, there’s probably not enough tomato pomace here to make much of a difference.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With three notable exceptions

First, we note the inclusion of dried fermentation products in this recipe. Fermentation products are typically added to provide enzymes to aid the animal with digestion.

Next, chicory root is rich in inulin, a starch-like compound made up of repeating units of carbohydrates and found in certain roots and tubers.

Not only is inulin a natural source of soluble dietary fiber, it’s also a prebiotic used to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog’s digestive tract.

And lastly, this food also contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dog
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dog looks to be an above-average dry dog food.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 47%, a fat level of 24% and estimated carbohydrates of about 21%.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 52%.

Above-average protein. Above-average fat. And below-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

With no sign of any plant-based protein boosters, this looks like the profile of a kibble containing a significant amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dog is a grain-free kibble using an abundance of chicken meal as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand five stars.

Enthusiastically recommended.

To learn more about grain free feeding and to see a list of our favorites, be sure to visit our article, “Best Grain Free Dog Foods“.

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Notes and Updates

03/26/2010 Original review
10/26/2010 Review updated
07/27/2012 Review updated
02/07/2014 Product may have been discontinued

02/07/2014 Last Update

  1. As of 3/6/2016
  • 5doggies

    Hello Gordon,
    Not sure the ages of the employees at pet food stores in Australia, but in Alberta, Canada, most are high school kids that make min. wage. I am just wondering when a shipment comes in, are they rotating the stock? I know here that the kids working anywhere for min wage, most do not care in the least if product has been properly rotated. This could also be an added problem to the dates.

  • sue66b

    Have you seen “Meals For Mutts” all Austrailain made & they have a grainfree Duck, Turkey, Sweet Potato,Red Lenti & Vegetables, Their other foods are good for dogs with allergies.. “Pet Quarters” sell Black Hawk grainfree Chicken & the Meals for Mutts…

  • Black Hawk are now making a grain free variety, but only being sold in select stores in Eastern Australia afaik

  • Hilarious reading.
    I imagine there to be delays in shipping + importing foodstuffs into Australia, which is nothing to do with Aussies being third-rate citizen scum, and yes if you leave a bag of food open for 6 months. Do you complain to Coles when your apples go bad after 5 days in the summer heat?

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m not good at explaining this, but here goes. You subtract the %water from the whole and that gives you the %solids. You divide the %protein by the %solids and this gives you the % DM(dry matter) protein. You do the same thing with %fat to get %DM fat. You subtract the %DM protein and DM fat from 100% and that gives you everything else. Then Dr Mike subtracts an assumed % for ash, I think that’s 8%. All that is left is carbs. That’s where the 21% comes from. It isn’t completely accurate because the labeling laws require the company to put protein and fat minimums on the label, not actual amounts, so if they are under reporting on fat or their ash level is either higher or lower than Dr Mike’s average assumed, then it will change the numbers.

  • acesandeights

    How do you calculate the dry matter basis for a dog food? I must be doing this wrong. Where does the 21 carbs come from?

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Got the official word from Artemis – this formula has been discontinued and replaced with the new Osopure line of grain-free foods. It’s a shame because the Osopure formulas only have 23% protein. This was a great food.

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  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Kendra –

    I’m not positive, but I think Artemis may have stopped manufacturing this formula. I noticed that after their recent website update that they have re-vamped many of their old formulas and added some new formulas and this formula is no longer anywhere to be found on their website. It would be a shame if its discontinued because it’s a great food.

  • Kendra

    Am i looking at the wrong food? On their website they have a nutritional breakdown and give this way more carbs, I can not find a food that matches the one listed here. On their website carbs are 45% DM.

  • VanessaElizebeth

    There are tons of easy dog food recipes on the internet.If you are struggling with the same issue and you only want the best for your baby,please at least try it for a few

  • KevinV2

    Tried Maximal Dry Food because of this website but my pit bull had some BM trouble, even after 30-some days. Switched to Evo Herring & Salmon and instantly saw a difference.

  • PoochDad

    Has anyone heard if Artemis has plans to quit using Diamond? I know Solid Gold dropped them after this recall. Just curious.

  • Guest

    Give the dog weed.

  • Cindy P

    My Bassett has glaucoma and I would like to find a good dog food for him that will reduce the chance of any swelling in his eyes.  Any suggestions?

  • Mba3is

    i am thinking change my dogs food and give them artemis fresh mix, my dogs are medioum bread but they are not training enough avery day, do you think artemis due to high level of protein will be but for them?

  • Gordon

    Yeah, Shameless and Michelle – I think Terri just meant to write Feb 12 and not Feb 11.

    Michelle – I am 1000% adamant I won’t be spending 1 more cent on anything that will go toward the wealth of Dr. B, and like you and I, most people wouldn’t stay someone’s customer after being told to…..well it’s already said, so no need to repeat it’s inference, lol.

  • Michelle

    Gordon, I wouldn’t buy the Artemis- it expired 6 months ago! LOL. Also, if someone from a company told me to f-off, I would never buy their food again.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Yeh Gordon, My eyes hurt LOL!
    Assuming Terri’s lastest email has a wrong date, which seems bizarre that they wouldn’t have proofread it: “Judith has actually sent me some Artemis Maximal 6.8kg with an Expiry Date of Feb, 2011. Please let me know if you would like it.”
    FEB 2011 ??

  • Gordon

    The following was submitted by web form to Artemis US website on 4-8-11 (Aussie date format). It was a tad tough but I felt warranted at the time. Also I couldn’t be bothered explaining that my cousin, Robert, asked the 3 questions to their rep Vet with one response only, so I just made out it was me to simplify things.

    “Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m from Australia and believe you provide the Melbourne Artemis importer with your older dated bags, because of the ones that don’t sell quick enough in the USA. Just so you know, we Australians, are not second rate customers or people.

    I am not getting the customer service from the Melbourne importer and a Sydney retailer, as my simple request to acquire a longer dated bag of Artemis Maximal of say at least 7 months ahead of the ‘Best Before Date’. I’m sure if I was living in California for example, that I’d be able to buy a long dated one.

    I brought up my concern about my Jack Russell’s recent double stool amounts because of narrowing down the cause to be the fats in your kibble becoming rancid! Melbourne or the Sydney retailer really couldn’t care less of my concern. No response from Melbourne and an unacceptable response received from the Sydney retailer concerned.

    The Sydney retailer keeps telling me that Artemis is turning over quite quickly and that it’s a good seller. I’d expect them to keep up such a facade, to project success. That’s business, but is it business to provide a lack of concern or lack of customer service?

    And so I strongly believe, that if they were actually turning over the product quickly, I would then be privy to longer dated bags as the shorter dated ones are going out the door quickly. Or yous are just not supplying longer dated ones because we Aussies are second rate? See what I mean?

    At any rate, I can forward you the emails of my correspondence to prove my legitimate concern if yous desired, but I doubt I’ll get a response from yous, just like I don’t get a response when asking your contracted Diamond Pet Vet consultant, Dr. Melissa Brookshire, questions, or I have to threat to boycott Artemis before getting one out of 3 responses answered.

    Just so you know, there’s another Sydney retailer who stated that ever since Canidae became available in Australia, June last year, sales of Artemis stalled, and Canidae took off.
    Especially in the greyhound industry. I personally don’t like Canidae because of the higher carb content for my dogs, so I wouldn’t buy that which is also made by Diamond Pet.

    Also, just so you know, I speak on Australian forums and have some influence, and will be advertising my poor experiences with Artemis customer service and the fact that its Artemis’s way or the highway in relation to me not being able to get a longer dated bag. Well, for your info, its customers that keep your existence. This customer along with my neighbours, family and friends as well as any other forum fellow commenter that I have a good rapport with,
    won’t be buying anything Artemis.

    Can you see how dumb poor customer service is? Good luck, but no more Artemis for my dogs! And also I will be posting comments on sites that are set up for people to vent their
    experiences and feedback on businesses. Guess what I’ll be posting about Artemis?

    Yours truly,

    About 12 hours or even more later, still on the same date, the Melbourne importer ended up getting back to me, of email at 9.35pm AEST, as follows:-

    “Hello Gordon,
    Sorry for the delayed response. We do have stock of the Maximal 6.8kg that
    has a best before of Feb 12. We have only just started on this batch and as
    you know the previous batches had date of October 11. It is not (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)’s fault at all that they received October stock as we obviously
    distribute the shortest dated stock first.
    My concern though Gordon is the length of time it is taking you to go
    through a bag of food. You say you bought a 13.6kg bag in February, 6 months
    is a very long time to have an opened bag and it is quite possible that the
    fats have become rancid due to the fact it has been opened for so long. As
    you say, you have 2 small dogs and mix a variety of other foods with this so
    perhaps the 1.8kg would suit you better. How are you storing the food? I
    really do suggest only buying a bag that you expect to go through in approx
    2 months so as to ensure the freshness of it AFTER it is opened. The food
    that has a best before date of Feb 12 is very likely to deteriorate before
    this date too if opened now. On the other hand if you had a bag that was
    dated October 11 and opened it in October but went through it in 2 months it
    would be fine if stored correctly.
    Let me know which size would suit and your full delivery address and I can
    then send you an invoice. The 1.8kg has a best before of Feb 12 also.

    Kind regards,

    I’ve not responded to this email because my mind was made up, but due to finding out just how long a 13.6kg bag can last with my JRT, with the fact that I alternate with other foods and the fact that my TT was only recently weened off Artemis Puppy and onto this one and the other foods, showed me that I really need a 6.8kg bag of the longest date possible.

    Anyway, the following was sent to me by the Melbourne importer 5 days later (yesterday AEST – 9-8-11 at 9.27am):-

    “Dear Gordon,
    I have this morning received an email from Artemis in the USA regarding your
    email sent to them. I am forwarding the reply I sent you the other day as it
    would appear perhaps you did not get it. Also Pets on the Park did put an
    order in the other day specifically asking for the Feb 12 dated Maximal for
    you. We are all trying to help you Gordon and it is a shame you feel so
    bitter about Artemis now. It is entirely your choice what you feed your dogs
    and I wish you the best with whichever food you choose to replace Artemis.

    Kind regards,

    The irony is that I did receive Judith’s email of which came 12 or more hours after I’d emailed the US. Also Terri, the retailer, told me “Sorry”, and never said, Ok we’ll try and get you a longer dated bag, but all of a sudden “We are all trying to help you Gordon……” stated in the above quoted email.

    Then the same day (Afternoon at 2.39pm AEST) I received the following email from the retailer:-

    “Hi Gordon,

    Judith has actually sent me some Artemis Maximal 6.8kg with an Expiry Date
    of Feb, 2011. Please let me know if you would like it.

    Kind regards,


    So 9 or 10 days earlier, they couldn’t do that, and stated “Sorry”, but now they can?

    Anyway, I haven’t responded yet to neither email, and have not received a direct response from my email to the US Artemis. But then I figure they responded via getting Melbourne to get back to me at 9.35pm on 4-8-11 AEST as already quoted above. And Melbourne seemed to have pretended that they just received that forwarded email from the US to them yesterday, or so the impression.

    At any rate, they have nothing to fear as far as me bad mouthing them on consumer complaint feedback sites, as I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. But I think I’ll stick to my own self promise of making no further Artemis purchases. However as far as BARF and Dr. ‘Moir’ goes, there’s is no “benefit of the doubt” circumstance when being told to “f*** off” in blatant terms.

    Anyway, the moral and theme of the story is customer service and Quality Assurance. Shameless, remember, you asked me to post the latest, so I have. If your eyes hurt (as in too much reading) don’t blame me, lol.

  • Gordon

    OK Shameless. I’ll copy and paste it on here shortly.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Gordon – YES, I’m interested: On Brothers thread you wrote “If anyone’s interested, let me know and I’ll post additional correspondence to what I’ve already posted under Artemis Maximal thread.” I always like to know The Rest Of The Story.

  • melissa

    I have to agree on the freshness dates. Even though we use a lot of “product” here, I would not accept something so “old” in the production lifespan. I see you can get Nutro Natural Choice, but not the grain free version? I have been feeding that(GF version) to two dogs-one with allergy issues and the other with “kibble size” requirements. The one with allergies did well on it(now on acana) and the one with “kibble size requirements” has developed minor hot spots and lick discoloration issues for the first time in his life. I am returning the bag due to this and the shortdated (Imo) lifespan of it which is 4-5 mths as of now. The “kibble size” requirement dog I put on Acana this week and so far he seems to be able to eat it without issue, so keeping fingers crossed. Sigh

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Sandi – Definitely wouldn’t feed Addiction – their entire formula line is high-carb, even their raw.

  • Gordon

    Yeah, home cooking is OK, but IMO, home prepared raw formulations is even better. But also, Home cooking is better than any kibble brand if done correctly and balanced appropriately re protein to fat to carb ratio.

    I’m not fussed. Whilst it beggars belief in how complaisant some businesses are in their lack of customer service, and denial of a reasonable request, it is beyond my comprehension that such businesses are obviously happy to lose money. Unbelievable!

    But unfortunately, regardless of what you Americans may have heard from Oprah in her recent visit down under, this country is amongst the worst in the world when it comes to good old fashioned customer service. People just don’t care! Retailers are suffering and yet customer service hasn;t improved. Retailers are closing down in large spades and all is not as well as it might be portrayed to other countries. And whilst our economy is in better shape than yours at the moment, and we don’t have a massive debt owing to China, we still have our problems. And the gap between the rich and poor is still getting bigger.

  • “There is an Australian commercial holistic version called Black Hawk, but this still contains grains of which I’m against for my dogs. Otherwise it contains an otherwise quality and named meat based ingredients list if I recall correctly”

    Why don’t you give them a call and request a grain-free formula and convince them it’s benefical for a dog to be without grains. They can only profit by your request. I once called a mfgr. & pointed out his ingredients are not good for dogs with cancer. They eventually came up with another product. Remember, without a voice there is no change. I think pet food companies are more open now to listen to the consumer. It’s our money and we’re paying their salary. Without us, they wouldn’t have a company. Like you stated before, they didn’t just loose one customer, but will lose many others since you will no longer recommend that brand to your friends/family. The idiot that called me paranoid not only lost me as a potential customer, but my girlfriend dropped their line and won’t do business with them.

    Have you looked into Addiction? This is just my opinion, but I think home cooking is the way to go if you have the time and $$$.

  • Gordon

    Yes there are. But they’re all mostly the big mainstream conglomerate companies that make the Aussie versions of their formulas like Purina, Mars, Iam, Hills, P&G etc in Australia, with sometimes, even poorer ingredients list version than that of their US and Canadian counterparts. Not to mention that they’re all full of grains and high carbs. Other then that, we do have some local only provided food like V.I.P. formulated meats and veggie combos. But next to BARF, they fail in quality comparison. There is an Australian commercial holistic version called Black Hawk, but this still contains grains of which I’m against for my dogs. Otherwise it contains an otherwise quality and named meat based ingredients list if I recall correctly. We do also get the Holistic Blend brand and Nutro Natural Choice, as well as Eagle Pack and Eukananba etc, but these all still contain grains to some degree.

    Well anyway, in addition to sticking with EB, and soon to formulate my own BARF type meals, I’m considering the extra expense and may acquire New Zealand’s ZiwiPeak brand, of which I always though on paper, looks pretty damn good. I’d get it from from Bondi (Which is just south of Mosman, and who are the official ZiwiPeak importers for Australia. And in my 2 ever sent emails to them in past, I have to say, their customer service has been excellent with mostly same day response.

    So I do have other choices….just not as much as you Americans. But then when you consider 309 mill people as opposed to 22 mill, it’s not surprising that there would be more choices and competition in your country than there is in Oz.

  • Gordon, Are there any pet food manufacturers in your country? Where do all the pet parents get their food from?

  • Gordon

    I said I’d post some disappointing news re Artemis, hence below is what it’s about:-

    It’s also in relation to once again, that all important ‘customer service’. On 11-7-11 (Australian Date format – US format 7-11-11), I received a Newsletter Email for the first time from the On line Pet retailer in Sydney that I’ve occasionally purchased my Artemis bags from (Other times was directly from the importer in Melbourne), and it stated that they’ve recently introduced the Canidae ALS product line to their inventory etc. I still have the now already expired bag of 13.6kg Artemis Maximal (Expired July), of which I am mixing with EB, and so, I decided to respond to the Newsletter via reply email as follows:-

    “Hi Terri,

    I’ll soon get another bag of Artemis Maximal, of the 6.8kg bag. I know Canidae is popular and you should start making sales in it, but it aint better than Artemis and is too high in carbs for my dogs, or any dogs in my opinion. The Greyhound industry would beg to differ, but not according to Nature.

    When I do get another bag of Artemis Maximal, I ‘ll do so in person, but will give you notice. Also, my current bag expires this month and is still not finished, but I noticed has become a little stale. My dogs defecation has increased a little. I put this down to fats in the kibble have become too rancid. Just so you know, if I can’t get a much longer dated bag in the future from either you or Victoria, I won’t be buying it anymore. Diamond Pet plant in California, I’m sure give vitamin E preservatives 18 months from the date of manufacture before they’ve estimate its expiry. So this tells me that Australia, seem to get Artemis’s older bags imported.

    You may want to forward this feedback re Artemis’s short expiry dates by the time customers here get it, to Judith.

    My dogs defecation are an accurate measure of the rancidity factor I speak of.

    Please reply in ackowledged receipt of this reply, and whether you can provide an Artemis Maximal 6.8kg bag that is at the very least, 9 months in front of its expiry date?

    Kind regards,

    Gordon ….”

    Terri’s reply the following day to above as follows:-

    “Hi Gordon,

    I did raise the question of expiry date with Judith a few months back & she told me the food was only made with 12 months ahead & it took 6 weeks to reach Australia. She also pointed out that it is a Best Before date & the food usually lasts 6 months after that date. We don’t keep much stock here & order once or twice a week, & are turning over quite quickly.

    I can offer you a 20% discount off the last bag of Maximal that you purchased if you are unhappy with it. I will forward your email to Judith so she knows your concerns.

    Kind regards,

    Terri …. ”

    Is this true? The food usually lasts up to 6 months after the ‘Best Before Date’. Not according to my dog’s defecation amount. I then responded on the same day as follows:-

    “Hi Terri,

    Thanks for your acknowledgment, of my concerns. Personally, I’m not so sure about the case that the kibble is Ok for another 6 months after the expiry date or which ever term preferred to be used. I understand, you can only sell what Judith sends you, so it’s not your fault.

    The claim may be the case, but I’ll need to do a bit of further investigation on that and before I get back to you with another Artemis order, because of the fact that I could not isolate my dog’s extra defecation in the last couple of weeks to any other cause. For example, I feed them BARF every 2nd morning (I’d feed it everyday if I could afford it), and their stool are minimal and as perfect as can be. Not the recent case with Artemis Maximal in recent weeks. Otherwise, Artemis Maximal kibble, when fresher, is a top drawer kibble with displayed health results.

    So I’ve been able to negate the extra defection by mixing Artemis with Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural kibble, that I recently bought, of which shows an expiry date of September 2012. More importantly, that’s backed up by the fact that mixing it with the latter, has decreased the defecation. That’s what’s legitimised my concerns.

    I also realise that when Judith receives the imports, that they’ll be shelved before they are sold, and if business on the Artemis stock slows, the ones who actually buy it, end up getting bags that may have sat in storage for months.

    That’s a shame, because despite its single meat protein source, it is one of the best kibbles so far that my dogs have experienced. So whilst as a customer, I have good feedback to disclose on it, its fats becoming rancid is a major concern for me.

    Kind regards,

    Gordon …..”

    Then Terri’s response the next day (Now 13-7-11):-

    “Hi Gordon,

    My dogs are on the Small Breed Adult & their stools are fine. I did have a friend try the Maximal & the Fresh Mix Adult on her Staffys & they were fine on the Fresh Mix but their motions were looser on the Maximal. I think the total grain free is a huge change to the normal dog foods we feed & it must react this way with some dogs stomachs adjusting to it. We have found personally that we are selling more of the Artemis not less. All the pet food that is imported into Australia comes in by boat & then is stored in warehouses, it is hard to get away from that scenario.

    Kind regards,

    Terri ……”

    Was she actually reading my concern? I never stated that my dog’s stool was looser. My dogs’ stools have passed that period of getting used to grain free a long time ago! Anyway, I then responded on the same day as follows:-

    “Hi Terri,

    That’s the other problem, that can prematurely shorten the shelf life of such kibble. That being the storage of, in warehouses where humidity is a problem.

    My dogs have gotten used to diets completely void of any grains. They have good stools from Artemis Maximal when it hasn’t gone stale, so like I said before, I’m still happy with the product, but just want longer dated expiry dates. I’m happy to accept a 20% discount on my next purchase and I am also happy to pay an extra $10.00 on the RRP if I can get longer dated ones?

    I’m glad that Artemis is a good seller for yous. I would hope it remains a strong seller as I’d like it to still be available in Australia for as long as possible and as long as Artemis in California, don’t decide to cut further costs compromising their already good formula, as many manufacturers have done.

    If you can get me a 6.8kg bag with in the next 3 weeks, that is longer than the usual expiry date that I’ve experienced so far with AM, I am happy to purchase same in person from you again?

    When I say, longer than usual, an example is – I bought a 13.6kg bag from you in February this year, which expires this month (July), so that was a 5 month window of 13.6kg volume. If you are able to at least, then get a 6.8kg volume bag with at least a 7 month window, with in the next 3 weeks, I’d be happy to make another Artemis purchase. Let me know, thanks?


    Gordon …….”

    Then Terri’s response still on the same day:-

    “Hi Gordon,

    We have a bag of Maximal 6.8kg here now which is best before October 2011.

    The other dates that Melbourne has is:

    6.8kg October 11 and Feb 12

    13.6kg Feb 12

    Kind regards,”

    The on the next day (14-7-11) I responded as follows:-

    “Hi Terri,

    If you can get me the 6.8kg Feb 12 bag from Judith, that would suffice. The October one is too shorter a window, and since I have a bag of 6.36kg Earthborn, and my dogs are 2 x small breeds, the October one wouldn’t even finish by its expiry date.

    I will be able to drop in, in the next week and half or so, to buy it from you. I’ll give you notice before dropping in. (That also gives you plenty of time to get it from Judith, unless there’s a problem)



    Now I did state, “…unless there’s a problem)” with no response after this. So I assumed as a customer would, that Terri would have arranged to get me the 6.8kg bag from Melbourne that has the Feb ’12 Best Before Date.

    So when I was ready to give notice that I’ll be attending to their actual premises soon (as I’ve done before when making purchases instead of having it shipped, which was fine with them), I sent the following email on 2-8-11:-

    “Hi Terri,

    Have you got that Feb 12 Best Before Dated 6.8kg bag of Artemis Maximal? If so, I would like to pick it up from your place, on either Thursday or Friday this week.


    Gordon …..”

    Her response on the same day as follows:-

    “Hi Gordon,

    We received a delivery from Artemis yesterday. The Maximal 6.8kg is Oct/11 & the 13.6kg is Feb/2012.

    Kind regards,

    Terri ……”

    This is contrary to what she claimed on 14-7-11. I replied as follows:-

    “Hi Terri,

    That doesn’t really suit me. Maybe you just inadvertently miss-advised last email a few weeks back when you wrote Melbourne has the 6.8kg Feb 12 bag as well as 13.6kg and you had the 6.8kg Oct 11 one?

    So not to worry. I’ll give it a miss because my dogs won’t finish all the contents of a 13.6kg bag by Feb 12 as I alternate food with BARF and mix Artemis with Eartborn kibble for added variety, some different minerals and extra meat protein sources reasons. Whereas a 6.8kg bag works out to suffice just fine.


    Gordon ……”

    Her response was:-

    “Hi Gordon,

    We had sold all our 6.8kg Maximal & Judith probably has both dates, but has
    just sent the October ’11 to us to use it up. Sorry.

    Kind regards,

    Terri ….”

    So that’s that. So instead of stating something like, “we’ll try and get you a long dated one so bear with us blah blah blah….” her last word is “Sorry”. I mean, it’s not her fault if the importer refuse to send longer dated bags just because they want the shorter dated ones used up first. But I would have said it in a different way.

    Anyway, so I then forwarded those email correspondences to the importer, Judith, in Melbourne, and wrote as follows:-

    “Hi Judith,

    Is it possible that you can supply a long dated Artemis Maximal bag to at least FEB 12, of the 6.8kg bag?

    It just seems too complicated a request to try and get a long dated one through Terri. That may not be her fault at all, despite stating otherwise a couple of weeks ago. However, it appears it will be easier for me to deal with yous direct, as I’ve done before, seen as though yous are the Australian importers, from my understanding.

    If you’re unable to provide one that’s like at the least 7 months ahead, I’ll have to turn down any, due to my recent experience of my Jack Russell’s double stool amount, of my July 11 Best Before Dated One, that I got from Terri in February. That was a 13.6kg bag. So I really need a
    longer dated one and of size 6.8kg. In my strong personal belief and based on my amateur and now even stronger understanding of canine nutrition, the current bag’s kibbles’ fats have become rancid.

    Also Terri promised a 20% discount on my next purchase and it appears she’s unable to meet my above request and therefore what is the point for them in continuing to have my custom? And that is why I may as well deal through yous direct, so she doesn’t have to go back and forth and
    risk looking silly or information being lost in translation.

    Following this email, I will forward the email correspondence with her, of a couple of weeks ago.


    Gordon ……”

    That was emailed 3 days ago with no response. Way to go customer service. It appears because they can’t get me longer dated ones because we Aussie’s appear to be second rate customers, that the Australian Importer decided that silence is the best response.

    Buy buy Artemis now for good!

  • Oh cool. Yeah you can also use this method of disinfecting on kitchen surfaces, cutting boards, and general household surfaces, including even the bathroom. You can also spray both on an apple before washing off with water. I’m a huge apple fan and eater and used to wash my grocery apples under just plain tap water, but now spray them first with this method, then washing them under tap water.

    Whilst both vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are natural, the latter is toxic at 100% H2O2, and I’d imagine would kill any living thing if ingested in a matter of painful minutes. But 3% H2O2 formulation means the rest is 97% plain H2O and easily washes off especially when washing apples under tap water, in which you’re also adding more water and therefore further diluting the 3% H2O2 and even any remaining residue on the apple does no harm whatsoever.

    That’s why I also remember reading, I think from the same poster who I read the idea about vinegar and H2O2 in the first place, Mathew?, that his dentist recommended gargling 3% H2O2 after he had some dental surgery? Anyway, this is something Mike would know more about.

    Yeah, I keep my 3% H2O2 in a blue coloured sprayer (Couldn’t get anything darker at the time) and keep it stored in the dark when not in use. I use white vinegar and it’s stored in a transparent sprayer and you don’t have to worry about it being affected by light.

    Just so you know Meagan, for trivial info, vinegar that you use whether white or apple cider, in the above explained disinfecting method, that you buy from your local supermarket or grocery store, is actually at 5%, as the rest I think is also just water (H2O). Vinegar is derived from fermented spirits. So don’t be confused if some bottles of vinegar that you may buy in the future, state 100% vinegar, as that’s not actually the case, at least as far as I know, because all your regular white or apple cider vinegar is at 5%, and that’s exactly the vinegar Dr. Susan Sumner refers to. Brown vinegar or any other vinegars other than above mentioned, are not suitable for use as disinfectants.

  • Meagan

    That was supposed to be *before I left the store

  • Meagan

    Great Thank You! I was able to get this post be for I left the store, so I got it all correct. I even made sure to get the darkest squirt bottle they had, so as to keep the peroxide from turning into oxygen and water.

  • Meagan – If you do get the above, make sure you keep a spray bottle just to contain the white or apple cider vinegar, and the other spray bottle to contain the 3% H2O2. Never mix them in the same spray bottle even though this would be more convenient because according to Dr. Susan Sumner PhD, because the mixture becomes peracetic acid of which its characteristics change and then its effectiveness on pathogens is unknown and unlikely to be effective.

    But when you have them kept in separate spray bottles, then spray a mist of one of them, then the other right after (doesn’t matter which one is first sprayed), the potency to kill “Salmonella, Shigella, or E. coli bacteria on heavily contaminated food and surfaces” is 10 fold to that of only spraying one or the other on its own.

    One more important hint – Keep the bottle of 3% H2O2 which will be in its trade mark darkened brown coloured glass bottle, and the spray bottle that you’ll have poured some of that into, in a dark, cool, and dry place for storage, because light will affect the H2O2 if kept out in the open and turn into just oxygen and water (H20).

  • Sorry, just noticed your question Meagan. Get 2 separate universal spray bottles, a bottle of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, and bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. The latter is usually only available at pharmacies (drug stores). Pharmacies usually only keep small bottles of 3% H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), but some industrial type outfits will have bigger bottles. Hope this helps.

  • Meagan

    Gordon-I hope you can help me out real quick. I’m at the store now and I want to get squirt bottles and that cleaner that someone else had spoke of. Was it vinegar and peroxide? Thanks

  • Yep it’s possible and even likely that older bags of Artemis get imported down under. That also probably explains why Australian suppliers of Canidae still only supply the ALS and not the new Pure line.

  • Hi Shameless – I’ve had it since I purchased it in January. It was the first 13.6kg bag I bought as the prior purchases were for the 6.8kb bags. I started BARF inclusion in February and from that I guess the Artemis usage slowed down and considering a 13.6 kg bag contains a larger volume of kibble, in hindsight, I should have stuck to buying the 6.8kg bag.

    At any rate, as much as I try to obtain longest dated bags, my supplier says that they do their best in getting me their freshest supplies. I only have their word on that.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Hey Gordon – I vote in favor of you feeding your dogs only BARF and raw meaty bones, and eliminating that kibble!
    Just curious, how long have you had that bag of Artemis kibble that expires next month? Any bag of kibble that I’ve bought, I always make sure the expiration date is one year away or more.
    Maybe the older Artemis bags get shipped to Australia?!?!

  • Well, I am a disappointed man. I’ve been noticing in recent days that my JRT has been defecating double her usual daily amount. That’s a concern to me, and I’ve been pondering on the reasons as to why. I’ve ruled out any parasitic cause as I, Dr. Gordon (me….kidding), always make sure her vaccinations and worming treatment’s are up to date. And her defecation, whilst twice her usual daily amount is apparent, the stools are not watery or diluted in appearance. So my next thinking was, had her current 13.6kg bag of Artemis Maximal have its kibble fat content become rancid from time and oxygen oxidisation, since the current bag’s expiry date shows next month (July)? And if it is the case that kibble manufacturers give 18 months from birth to expiry, and transportation and initial 6 months or so shelf storage in heat or humidity (There’s just no way of knowing before I obtain the product), before it either hits the retailers shelves or kept in further wholesale storage, might cause premature oxidisation.

    And so if the kibble rancidity took effect, has this caused her recent increased reactive defecation? It sounds to me like this is a possibility. In addition, she’s begun to shed a little extra fur than usual. I only note this when she leaves my lap after a period of being patted, cuddled and pampered, that extra fur is visibly more conspicuous on my clothing. I don’t attribute the above to the BARF diet that is alternated with Artemis.

    As I can’t always guarantee to be able to stop kibble fat rancidity, despite storing same in a cool area, I’m considering to adjust my budget, ergo cut out on another expense, in order to redirect the adjustment to pay for BARF on a full time basis, and stop buying Artemis, an otherwise good kibble.

    My TT isn’t showing signs of increased defecation, and his Artemis Small Breed Puppy mix that he is still being fed, has his current bag expire in December.

    The above observations I can not dismiss, and have to strongly consider the fat rancidity factor causing extra defecation in my JRT, a strong possibility.

  • Charles – Mike’s right about topping as an enticing lure for any dog to enjoy their kibble that much better. I would suggest a ’15 minute take the bowl away method’ as a behavourial tactic to get your dog eating what kibble or otherwise you want, but not sure if this method is appropriate for a dog that “had a bad case of giardia and botched root canal at the same time”, which sounds like it’s caused the “problem eater” behaviour if it was a “great eater” to begin with.

    As I feed my dogs Artemis Maximal (Well I actually alternate with raw food), but was feeding Artemis full time prior, I can vouch for it as a really great kibble! It improved my JRT’s coat and overall health in a matter of weeks from what it was eating before it. If you want your dog on chicken, I can highly recommend the Maximal formula.

    If you read this and want to know or still have problems with your dog staying a “problem eater”, let me know under this thread and I’ll either point to the posts where I explained the ’15 minute take the bowl away method’ or re-explain it.

  • Hi Charles… Of course, like humans, every dog is different. They each have different tastes and attitudes. Some may never fall in love with any kibble while others (not many) won’t touch anything else. Our Bailey used to be a finicky eater. But now since learning to top his food with a quality wet product and an occasional raw treat, he seems to do very well.

    Suggestion… see how Seren does by topping a good kibble with a quality canned dog recipe. Hope this helps solve your problem.

  • Charles

    Hello Mike!

    I concur with all the positive stuff said about your website. I would add that your personal responses make it even better. You have helped me twice before with my problem eater, who is not longer a problem eater. I have a new(!) problem eater, a 17 month old diva border collie, Seren, who was a great eater until she had a bad case of giardia and botched root canal at the same time (I didn’t know about the botched root canal until later). The combination set in motion eating problems it took months to correct.

    But 6 weeks ago Seren was not eating again(!!) and we did a comprehensive stool test. A trace bacteria, for which she is taking Tylan. To get her to eat, I have been preparing human food. And that has to stop. I can’t possibly give her as balanced a diet as a good kibble.

    My other dogs are on Orijen (one on Regional Red and the other on Regional Fish & Poultry). Great stuff, but Seren spits it out if it is mixed with anything else and won’t touch it alone. She’s a diva, yes, but this finickiness started with her twin problems, when we had to work to get anything in her.

    The human food Seren likes best is chicken. She is not a beef eater. I would like “the best” (and most appetizing, which I know an individual thing) chicken-based kibble I can find. Maximal looks like that product. Would you agree? And if you don’t agree, what other totally excellent chicken-based kibbles should I be trying?

    With a litte enticement, I am hoping to get my little diva, Seren, back on kibble.


  • Hi Gordon… Oops. You’re right. Actually, from a search engine standpoint, misspellings aren’t trivial and their presence can be detrimental to proper page ranking with Google. So, I’ve fixed the problem. Thanks for the tip, Gordon.

  • Mike – Not that it’s a big deal other than the possible chance that Google’s algorithmic spiders may not bring up your website on a higher Google page ranking if someone were to enter “Artemis Maximal” in Google’s search box (And not that Artemis Maximal would be regularly searched), but whilst it’s a minor and mostly trivial error, I thought I’d just politely let you know that for this Artemis formula’s page, your Browser Page Title in the top left hand corner heads “Artemix Fresh Mix Maximal Dog Food | Review and Rating” instead of Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dog Food | Review and Rating”. The small error is just the current spelling of ‘Artemis’ which has ‘x’ instead of ‘s’ at the end of “Artemis”.

  • Gordon

    Well for any persons interested and in particular, any compatriot Australians that may visit this thread, I wish to advise that regarding my post under the Canidae Grain Free Dry thread, on 21st April, 2011 at 9:56 am, regarding my contact to the author of the url, that I have recently received a response from her, related to my question concerning how then, do Artemis and Canidae get away with out gamma irradiation of their kibbles into Australia.

    Hereunder, is the quoted response:-

    “Hi Gordon,

    I apologise for not contacting you sooner. Things have been quite busy here, I volunteer for 3 different animal welfare/educations non profit organizations, I also work & run a small cattery. Anyway that’s not a good reason for not replying to you sooner, I hope you can accept my apologies.

    I must first inform you that we, along with affected pet owners, vets, RSPCA, & many other interest groups lobbied the government to BAN irradiation of all food products when the Orijen debacle happened .

    After applying great pressure & lobbying the government throughout 2008-2009 the government announced that they have banned the irradiation of ALL CAT FOOD in Australia.

    This was a great victory for us, but the new legislation doesn’t go far enough. Imported dog food can still be irradiated if the need is required – with the stipulation that the product indicate ‘Must not be fed to cats’ on the packaging. There are a few problems with this, the irradiation of Orijen dog food left at least 3 cats paralysed from nibbling on irradiated dog food… I’m not sure if the government is aware that most cats can’t read? Another concern is we don’t know what the long term effects of feeding gamma irradiated food to dogs is, but logic suggest it’s not a good idea and should be avoided at all costs.. It’s also very curious as to why they don’t just label the product as irradiated? Maybe because they know consumers would never buy it?!

    Please note that not all pet food is irradiated upon its entry into Australia,

    Most dry pet food is cooked at higher temperatures than Orijen – Orijen cook their product at 90 degrees for 30 minutes. Which is one reason it was subject to irradiation. Most manufactures cook their products at 100 degrees for 30 minutes which meets Australian Quarantine guidelines & doesn’t require the need for irradiation. I believe that most ‘chews’ & other semimoist treats that are imported into Australia are in fact irradiated.

    So in Answer to your question Artemis are not required to irradiate their dogfood because the product is cooked at the required temperatures set by BA (Biosecurity Australia). If for some reason they were required to irradiate their product the packaging MUST be labelled & state ‘Must not be fed to cats’ – this would be a telltale sign of any gamma irradiation of any dog food product.

    I hope this info is of some help.

    Kind Regards,


    The above quoted degrees of heating/cooking kibbles are in Celsius as opposed to Fahrenheit. That suggests Diamond Pet cook their kibbles at the equivalent 212 degrees Fahrenheit and Champions Foods at 194 degrees Farenheit, of which the latter falls short by 10 degrees C or 18 degrees F, from the permitted Australian Quarantine Service’s allowance in imported dog foods to avoid requirement in gamma irradiation.

    This confirms beyond a reasonable doubt and to my appeasement that Artemis and Canidae is not subjected to gamma irradiation into Australia. But to my disappointment, Acana nor Orijen by Champion Foods are permitted into Australia with out gamma irradiation treatment.

    The pdf to the Australian Government’s Quarantine and Inspection Service’s Notice of Changes to Import Conditions for Pet Foods – Update to Notices 33/2008-09
    and 7/2009 can be found at:-

  • Gordon

    You know, it’s funny how all the Diamond Pet made kibbles like Artemis, Canidae, and TOTW also have another common denominator – They all have tomato pomace as an ingredient. Even ingredients’ scrutiny can elude to one common source manufacturer in some brands.

  • Gordon

    Hi Carolyn. My 9 month old Tenterfield Terrier is on Artemis Small Breed Puppy as well as now BARF. I got him recently from a family who was feeding him Purina Supercoat. The irony is, his coat has become super, since he’s been on Artemis Small Breed Puppy and BARF. I think Atemis rely on their laurels and that’s a mistake. They should respond to every inquiry but they simply don’t. This may also be because Diamond actually make the stuff for Artemis?

    You know you can get vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs with out kibble. There are numerous brands out there that contain essential vitamins and minerals in tablet and chew forms specifically for dogs, just like there are for humans. I take vitamin supplements in tablet form for humans. Over time there are benefits noticed. I don’t give these to my dogs, since they get the vitamins and minerals from BARF, and yes even Artemis kibble.

    Artemis Small Breed Puppy does however, still contain some grains, but I feed it or at least fed it to my TT because of the lower protein levels. However, in it has protein from a number of different meat sources and the recommended doses for pups is higher than the recommended dose in feeding the Maximal kibble for adults. But this is also because pups are meant to eat a little more and more often whilst they develop into young adults. They’re deemed young adults or at least, no longer puppies, from 12 months and older.

  • Carolyn P.

    HI Gordon – I read your post and quite enjoyed the detail.
    I’m on a hunt for an exceptional dog food for my 8 month old chihuahua.
    She was on Orijen – but I felt the protein was too high for her and gave her some “issues”.
    We are back to homecooking but want to make certain she is getting the required vitamins and minerals so want to supplement with a commercial kibble.
    I’m leaning toward Artemis Small Breed Puppy – I like the lower protein.

    Thanks again for sharing your comments.

  • Gordon

    Hi again. I don’t know whether anyone will read my often detailed comments, but here goes. Tully, the Artemis kibble is about the size of an Australian 5 cent coin. Don’t know the size of an Australian 5 cent coin? Google it. It’s apparently suitable for all breeds of dogs. However its high protein level suits my super active Jack Russell and Mini Foxie terriers to a tea.

    However, after further research and my own meticulous studies and scrutinies of most ingredients used in dog food as well as methods used to make them, I am now leaning towards, and have started feeding my dogs BARF dog food, which Mike has also rated here. This comes frozen and I get it from a physical pet store in Sydney Australia. It is created and manufactured by Vet, Dr. Ian Billinghurst in Bathurst, NSW, Australia, and from all my own research, I believe it to be the best commercially made dog food on the planet! ZiwiPeak canned dog food comes in second. Artemis is still my favourite kibble, but Artemis ‘Ask a Vet’ from Artemis US website are too slow and in some cases don’t reply to any inquiries. (Having said this, Artemis Australia, importers in Melbourne, of Artemis into Australia, do seem to respond to inquiries). Artemis has also been cleared out of some pet food dealers’ shelves in Sydney as they’ve claimed it to be a poor seller. It could have something to do with Artemis’s lack of response to customer inquiries as well as poor marketing. I have read other comments from other sites that have also complained about their lack of response to customers. Whilst I now currently feed my dogs Artemis Maximal and now BARF, along with raw bones, I am now considering taking Artemis out of the equation entirely, and sticking to BARF. BARF truly mimics (No – actually is all natural formula serving dogs with what they truly eat such as tripe in the wild after a kill or scavenge along with real named meats, veggies, fruits, eggs etc. Simply the best there is! ZiwiPeak whilst number 2, is more expensive, and as far as I’m concerned loses out!

    Kibble, although several top brands including Artemis, are rated high here and on other websites, is still kibble, being dry food and therefore cooked regardless of whether they’re grain free, use no byproducts, are chelated, have named meats and meat meals etc, should not be rated high, due to the fact that they’re cooked! The bottom line is that dogs, including cats for that matter were never intended by nature to eat cooked meals and worse kibble (like biscuits). You can’t beat raw foods, and unless you put in the time and effort in making your own all fresh and raw food for your dogs, you can’t go past BARF.

    I’m no longer a believer in kibble, no matter how claimed the quality may be, full stop. Or as you Americans say, “Period”.

    Mike, I would be interested in what you have to say about dog food being cooked, hence being dry dog food. Surely it really can not be compared to raw foods!

  • Hi Tully… I’ve never personally seen this kibble. And what’s worse, manufacturers commonly change the size of kibbles on a sporadic basis. One trick I’ve learned is to gently squeeze the kibble size from outside the package. This can give you a quick hint as to what’s inside the bag. Hope this helps.

  • Tully

    Hi Mike
    I currently feed my 13 pound, four year old, terrier Artemis Small Breed (enhanced with a small serving of fresh minced meat) but am considering switching to a grain free biscuit. Can you tell me if Artemis Maximal is of a small enough biscuit size for my small dog to eat without difficulty?

  • Hi Peter… Your question about protein is an excellent one. And it’s one of the most common question we get. So, I created a special page containing the answers to your question. Simply visit our FAQ page and look for the topic, “Dog Food Protein”.

  • Peter Staley

    I’m considered switching my 2-yr. old English lab to Artemis Maximal. However, my local pet food store said that unless my lab was a working/hunting dog, the amount of protein in Maximal was probably overkill for my lab (she gets moderate exercise from playing with a neighbor’s dog each day), and that I’d save some money on other high-quality brands with lower protein.

    I’m willing to pay the extra bucks, so money isn’t an issue. But is more protein always better?

    Thanks for any advice,


  • Gordon

    This website and another similar one among a few others, have been really informative and interesting. Such have invoked my interest and further meticulous research in dog nutrition. In fact, whether one is vet or not, dog food and food in general is really a subject entirely on its own. It really is true that dog food is a man-made concept originating from the need for convenience and progressed to lucrative businesses for those big and small in the manufacture of dog food and similar. When it comes to pet illnesses and their remedies, vets are a God-send. However when it comes to pet nutrition, vets don’t necessarily in my humble opinion, always know better than a non-vet. Take for example, my local vet who swears by Hills Science Diet as the best, whilst another online vet I’ve conversed with, recommends both Science Diet and Royal Canin as the best dog kibbles available.
    I totally disagree and have found that Artemis Maximal grain free kibble is the closest to the best kibble regarding the convenience factor balanced with dog health, that I’ve now been feeding my Jack Russell cross Mini Foxie for about 3 months, and literally witnessed the physical health improvements in my dog. No mammal much less a dog or cat can ever lay claim to never shedding hair, skin particles, or fur, but I have to say with great pleasure that while feeding Artemis Maximal, my dog sheds much less fur than ever before, and her coat is smoother than ever! I can’t speak for the other Artemis formulas, and I attribute my dog’s improved overall health to Artemis Maximal and her fantastic coat condition to Maximal’s chicken fat ingredient. A big thumbs up from me for Artemis Maximal!

  • peggy

    for Barb – my dogs, both small breeds, get The Honest Kitchen for breakfast (1/2 cup) and 1/2 cup of Orijen for dinner. I feel better about feeding them such a high protein diet since they get The Honest Kitchen also. They do great on the food and their stools are perfect. it’s pricey but we save on vet bills.

  • Bob

    This dog food maid my dog constipaded

  • Hi Heather… Your list includes some of the best dog foods available. I don’t really have a preference here. And I don’t see how you can go wrong with any of them. Your Chinook mix is one lucky dog.

  • Heather

    To start with, I just love this site!!! Mike i’m really torn between 4 dry dog foods to give my chinook mix.
    1. artemis fresh mix
    2. natures variety “instinct”
    3. innova Evo
    4. wellness core “original”
    dear god I just want the best one but not sure. Please HELP!!!!!!! thanks!!

  • Hi Aldi… Since I could not locate an AAFCO nutritional adequacy statement for Fresh Mix Maximal Dog anywhere on the Artemis website, it’s impossible for me to answer your question. You’ll need to contact Artemis Customer Service to find out if the product is rated for either “growth” or “all life stages”. In both cases, this product can be considered OK for puppies. Hope this helps.

  • Aldi

    Hi mike…

    I’m doing research for my 5 months old siberian recently, and i do interested in Artemis maximal but my friend told me that its not good for puppy..
    I really need ur suggest on this, can i give this DF for my siberian.. ?


  • Hi Gary… Different “export” formulas and sometimes just ingredient language are used when products are marketed in different countries. I’m not certain here if the phrase “flavor enhancer” is synonymous with “chicken flavor”. But the word ethoxyquin represents the internationally universal language of modern chemistry.

    Although I would assume your Australian product is most likely also ethoxyquin-free, there’s no way I can assure you this is the case. You may need to contact the company.

    As far as chicken fat being the third ingredient on the list, to my mind, this Purdue University hypothesized link between this fat feature and canine bloat has gradually evolved into less of a probability in the last few years… though it it is still somewhat controversial. All things considered, I still like this dog food. Hope this helps.

  • gary

    Hi Mike,
    The Australian web-site lists chicken flavour as opposed to enhancer but doesn’t mention that the product is ethoxyquin-free…..
    If it is indeed a different formula for oz, do u think it likely ethoxyquin could be present?
    Also is the third ingredient being chicken fat likely to be a problem for large breed dogs?
    Thanks, Gary.

  • Hi Jeremy… Although I do review and rate dog foods I’m afraid we don’t keep track of pricing or local availability. We are planning to add a Dog Food Locator directory to our website about late Fall of this year. Why not use the website along with an online retailer to find a nice 3, 4 or 5-star food that looks like it might be like the one you were feeding before you moved? Sorry I can’t be more help.

  • Jeremy


    I want to start out saying that I love your website. I have learned so much in a very short amount of time.

    We have a 20 month old 60lb Silver Lab and have been feeding her Enhance Large Breed Adult food. She is semi active and eats about 2-3 cups of food per day while staying in weight. We have been very happy with the results from Enhance but have recently moved to another state. Unfortunately, the local stores do not carry this food and we are now searching for options. What is the best food for the price that we can give our lab in the 3, 4 or 5 star range? We currently pay about $35 for 40 lbs but understand we may need to increase a our price some but $2.00 per pound may not be a good option for us. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Barb… All the products you mention are top drawer dog foods. How can you go wrong? Your dogs are very lucky no matter what you end up choosing.

  • Barb

    Hi again,
    I see that Ziwipeak is highly recommended, yet I haven’t heard of it prior to now. It seems comparable to ”’Honest Kitchen”’,
    being they are both dehydrated dog foods highly recommended.

    One on-line local vet here, well known for her excellence, suggests : Best Choice being ”whole food diets” (cooking ourselves for our beloveds); 2nd Best Choice being ”HONEST KITCHEN”; 3rd Choice being Orijen, only if one HAS to use KIBBLE.

    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for your inputs all. Helps alot.

  • Barb

    I have my twelve year old cocker spaniel on Orijen 6 Fish Formula. I was thinking of switching her to something else, preferably ”’HONEST KITCHEN”” , which a vet highly highly recommends. Until “HONEST KITCHEN” comes out with their newest formula called ZEAL (fish based), I’m going to keep her on Orijen. Honest Kitchen I believe can be found at ””, if this helps you all.

    I was extremely worried about the 42% protein in Orijen for my elderly dog, so I cut back on it, giving her much smaller portions, while adding some fresh vegetables, yogurt, pet tab plus vitamin, and some cranberry/vitamin C , with a bit of oatmeal sometimes. This is what I am doing now, hoping she does well….She has alot more energy these days since I put her on the PetTabPlus Vitamin, I notice.
    Honest Kitchen Dog Food is dehydrated, w/most highest recommendations over that of kibble, according to vets. Their best two , as of now (before their new ”ZEAL” comes out this month or soon), are noted to be ”’THRIVE”” and ”EMBARK”.

    I’m changing my 8 yr old welsh corgie OFF of Chicken Soup, due to its too high of grain content. Not sure what I want to put him on yet. I’m thinking of ”’Honest Kitchen’s Thrive”’ when it comes out, or I am also interested possibly interested in ””ARTEMIS FRESH MIX ADULT DOG FOOD””, which is rated extremely well, and it has less protein than Orijen, which relieves me some, with my having the elder dogs. ”’GO”’ and ”’TOTW””(Pacific Stream and Wetlands) are also good, but I feel that ”HONEST KITCHEN”” may be the best ticket, with ARTEMIS coming in second, tied with Orijen.

    Any advice from anyone, please feel free to enlighten me.
    I appreciate all the comments, so as to learn wisely and most carefully for the sake of our best friends’ well being and livlihoods.


  • Hi Debbie… The most “famous” compound used in dog food and made by Monsanto is probably the controversial preservative ethoxyquin. To be fair, though , I’m not sure if a pet food company’s customer service rep would know Monsanto is the actual maker of this chemical. Hope this helps.

  • Debbie

    Hi, I’m in australia, i’m feeding Artemis maximal to my boxer.
    Can anyone tell me if Artemis use ingredients supplied by “Monsanto” ? I sent an e-mail to Artemis U.S, and they told me they are not familiar with that company ( don’t know of a company named “Monsanto”) .Yeah right, I’ve never heard of a”Kangaroo” either.

  • Hi John… Oops, you’re right. Thanks to your keen eye, I’ve now corrected my mistake 🙂

  • John

    Just a note – the title of this review is misspelled as “Feesh” rather than “Fresh.”

  • Hi Sara…Like people each dog reacts to her food in a unique way. You may not find either of the foods you tried to be right for your pet. In any case, we have not yet reviewed Ziwipeak so we are not able to advise you on this product. If you do decide to try it, let us know how it goes.

  • sara

    Hello I just want to let you know I was feeding my great dane with Artemis Fresh Mix Maimal for two months but she had not a good stool. I am feeding with Canidae Salmon now but than I think I will need to find something alse I do not think this kind of dry food is right for large dogs. I am thinking about Ziwipeak it looks to me like the best on the market but I am not shore if it will suit for my dane. Can you help me make best decision for her please. Thanks Sara

  • Hi Linda… Good choice. Artemis makes an excellent product.

    Yes… Proctor and Gamble did buy the manufacturing rights to a number of great products from Natura… a company with an excellent reputation. It would be a real shame (and a huge mistake) for the new “parent” company to do anything to corrupt the recipes (or the quality) of such a fine collection of dog food brands.

    So far, everything still seems to be “business as usual” at Natura… no changes noted. It might be premature to switch. In any case, we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on P&G and the developing situation. So, stay tuned.

  • Linda Alvarez

    Just want to say that since I found out that P & G is buying out Natura, the makers of Innova, I’ve been looking around for a dry kibble to replace one which our puppy loves. Your site has helped me hone in on Artemis; thanks for the thorough review. Still going to look around a bit, but am thinking I’ll feel good about trying this one from the local pet store (no big box!).

  • Hi Sara… we use the product’s website as our main source of information for each dog food we review. I revisited the Artemis website (today) and confirmed the published ingredients do show a “flavor enhancer” in Artemis Maximal Dog.

    Discrepancies like this are not uncommon. Many times manufacturers change their recipes and fail to change their website information. Your package label is probably correct. However, you may have a newer or older bag.

    By the way, if you didn’t buy your dog food in the United States you may have a different formulation. Manufacturers frequently use different recipes for products sold outside their own country.

    Thanks for sharing this information with the rest of us. Without the help of watchful readers like you, it’s difficult to keep our reviews up to date.

  • sara

    Hi I just would like to correct your ingredients, in this dry food. There is not any flavor enhancer but Natural Chicken Flavour. I just bought Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal…. Sara