Hill’s Prescription Diet R/D Canine (Dry)


Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Hill’s Prescription Diet R/D Canine dry dog food is not rated due to its intentional therapeutic design.

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01/02/2010 Original review
08/08/2010 Review updated
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12/01/2013 Last Update

  • Brenda Duyser

    I feed my dogs RD mixed with another dry dog food. It says on the package that you should not feed it to a dog longer than 4 months. I have asked my vet about this several times and they just comment on the their weight being under control. If the vet wasn’t getting some sort of incentive from “prescribing” RD I think they would take the time to find the answer to my question. One of my dogs died unexpectedly 2 weeks ago. I have a million questions in my head as to why. But seriously, the major question is wether or not to find a new vet.

  • scott peterson

    Enough of the rant…. How the dogs weight???

  • Pattyvaughn

    With a little research to make sure you know what needs to go into dog food, you could definitely do better.

  • crazyottojr

    Thanks for the update. I have often wondered what the motivation is behind the overwhelming support Vet’s give Hill’s. in most cases Hill’s ingredients resemble those of most lower grade brands. My last Vet swore by Purina OM. I checked out the ingredients and I was shocked by the fact at $75 a bag it contained mostly cheap filler.I think i could make a better weight loss food in my own kitchen using vegetables a little chicken and bone marrow soup.

  • Pattyvaughn

    They buy at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices. Any food that they basically have a captive market for is going to make them money. They don’t need kickbacks. Marketing is very seductive, even to vets. Hill’s has a way of making their food sound like the best choice, after all they have all that science to back them up. A study title is worth a hundred quality ingredients, or something like that.

  • crazyottojr

    I worked for a Vet in high School; and he was interested in one thing, making money. Hills like prescription drug companies, I am sure kicks back profits to Vets.

  • maggiesmom

    The reason vets recommend this food, is that they either get the food free, or they get a kick-back. Haven’t you ever noticed that most vet’s offices stock nothing but Hills? My toy poodle was on RD for 5 or 6 months this year. She also developed heart, lung and lymph node problems. We had to put her down last Wednesday. Not blaming it on the dog food, but had I known that Hills was CRAP, I never would have fed it to her.

  • Pattyvaughn

    If your vet is selling you this for weight loss, instead of having you cut back on the amount you feed of a good food, then your confidence in his nutritional education is misplaced. Nobody needs to settle for inferior ingredients to lose weight. When calories in are less than calories out the weight will come off.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m assuming this is directed at me so I will respond. You chose to post here. So do I. If I break any DFA rules, I will get an email from Dr Mike. He knows how to find me.

    You chose to post here just as I do. If you only want to read positive responses that you like, you may want to start up your own forum. I’m free to comment about this dog food, that you like and feed, just as you are. I’m free to say it’s a poor food. I’m also free to say that feeding this and part raw makes no sense at all.

    You say you’re here to talk to fellow feeders of RD. I doubt there are many here. I see you talking to Shawna. Maybe she fed this in the past but she does not now. Oh, I just read the second to the last sentence above. You’re not reading this, coast isn’t clear yet.

  • Carolyn M

    To people who love to argue about what other people “should” or “should not” feed their dog. It’s mindless. If my dog is 11 years old and runs around like a puppy and has a clean bill of health and you’re not paying my dog food bill or vet. bill then it’s really not productive to insert yourself into a conversation where you are being negative and some actually border “bullying.” I”m married, 53 years old and well studied in Nutrition. WE make decisions WITH our vet. Some of you will always say what vets. get in their education and what they don’t get no matter who you are responding to. You don’t know “my” vets. and their education. You have no idea if my vet. took more schooling to learn about nutrition. You just assume something about ALL vets. just because your experience may be bad. I will not be responding to negative responses to my note. This is my opinion and I’m not going around on other discussions telling people what they should/should not be feeding their dog. I appreciate the same. I really am here to be talking to fellow feeders of the RD and see how THEIR experiences are and how long they’ve been feeding it. Maybe the reason that the forum came down here is because people get to arguing with one another. I’ll come back when the coast is clear. This is the very reason that I am very careful about where I indulge myself in lay people’s >opinion<

  • InkedMarie

    I’ll be honest. Unless your dog has a serious medical issue that makes tis food absolutely necessary, don’t feed it. You may not realize how little nutrition education vets get while in medical school. You own the dog, you decide what to feed him. It’s not likely your vet will approve raw food. Feeding part raw & part kibble is fine but the kibble has to be a high quality.

  • Carolyn M

    I will definitely be chatting with you because we’re starting with commercial raw and then get Dr. Becker’s recipe book. Thanks so much for reaching out to help! :)

  • Carolyn M

    I’m waiting for our next appt. with my vet. to see if he wants to change anything. She has been weighed at 50 lbs. now for about a year. I’ll probably go 1/2 raw if he approves it. I think that way I’m able to get things balanced more on my own. I will start out with the made for you raw foods in the chillers in the pet store. Then once I see how she handles it and have her checked again then I will think about creating my own raw food. I want to go at this methodically.

  • InkedMarie

    Are you looking to switch from the Hills RD that you said you’re a fan of, or aren’t you feeding that now?