Wellness Dog Food Recall of March 2017


March 18, 2017 — Wellpet of Tewksbury, MA, is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of one canned dog food because it may contain elevated levels of naturally occurring beef thyroid hormone.

What’s Being Recalled?

Recalled product includes:

  • Wellness 95% Beef Topper for Dogs
  • Size: 13.2 ounce cans
  • Best-By Dates: 02 FEB 19, 29 AUG 19 and 30 AUG 19

Best-By dates can be found on the bottom of each can.

No other Wellness products are affected.

About the Recall

Elevated levels of thyroid hormone may affect a dog’s metabolism and can be associated with increased thirst and urinary output, restless behavior and weight loss.

Multiple studies indicate that for the vast majority of pets, symptoms are reversible as soon as the pet stops eating product with elevated thyroid hormone.

Because the recipe is a mixer or topper and intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only, the likelihood of a dog being affected is remote.

WellPet has received no reports of any health problems as a result of feeding the affected recipe.

However, the company is voluntarily recalling three best-by dates as an extra level of precaution.

What to Do?

If you have any of the 13.2 ounce cans of this specific recipe and marked with one of the three best-by dates, please email the company at [email protected]

Or call the company at 877-227-9587.

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • MadameMidlifeCrisis

    PHEW! My girl prefers poultry & fowl so we’re in the clear.

  • Christine Daley

    Absolutely not. Personally I use Orijen not Acana. But that certainly is not acceptable even though Acana is less exiensive than Orijen. Acana is less expensive because it contains less protein but should be of same quality. That person should definitely contact their customer service. I have never had an issue like that!!

  • aimee

    Hi Christine Daley,

    I haven’t used champion products so I don’t have any first hand experience. Is the amount of hair that this person posted about typical of their product?

  • Michele Gray

    For me its the laying there and i cant sleep…..and yes Im wearing blue ray glasses.

  • boxer lover

    I like your idea about having a FB page!!!

  • boxer lover

    I’m so sorry you lost your baby!!! Can I ask what kind of Origen you gave your dog?

  • boxer lover

    Christine since your so well versed on Orijen food…I have a question. I went to Chewy.com and was reading the reviews and someone had said that the food sold by Chewy for Orijen no longer comes from Canada and the Canada food is better? Do you know anything about this??

  • boxer lover

    thank u – thank u!!!!!

  • boxer lover

    Oh thank you Christine for all the info!!! Your so helpful!! 😉

  • Christine Daley

    Also the Ziwi peak canned. Also a great food!!

  • Christine Daley

    Welcome. All dogs are different. Ziwi peak air dried food should be a wonderful selection!!

  • Christine C Marooney

    In that case you’re correct, I am VERY FUNNY. But I am not paid, perhaps that’s a projection on your part.

  • Christine C Marooney

    Hysterical (adj.) causing unrestrained laughter; very funny:

  • boxer lover

    Awe!! Nice looking pups!!! A couple of them look like they are smiling!! They look very healthy – It shows!!
    Good Job Mom!!!!!

  • boxer lover

    Lol…that’s awesome Christine!! Thanks for doing all the homework for me!!! It really helps when you get tips for people like you and it’s much appreciated!! I’ve already gone on to Chewy and checked into the Ziwi and going to be ordering some soon. A few years ago I tried the Orijen…my babies got sick 🙁
    Raw food my boxer doesn’t like 🙁
    I cant thank you enough for your help!!!

  • Christine Daley

    Also investigating the source of ingredients, where manufactured and by whom!! I love my pups with my whole heart and I have no intention of putting them in jeopardy because of my own stupidity and lack of knowledge!! Not happening!!

  • Christine Daley

    Welcome!! Orijen, primal raw, and Ziwi peak!! The best i assure you!! I am a walking encyclopedia when it comes to dog food!! Months of research and it continues. Know anyone that has looked up every ingredient and I mean every one on a bag or can of dog food!! Well you just met one!! LOL!!

  • Griffy

    Thank you very much.