Three Name Brands Top FDA List of Chicken Jerky Treats Suspects


Reports of serious illness in dogs associated with the consumption of Chinese-made chicken jerky treats continue to be filed by pet owners.
Canyon Creek Chicken Jerky Treats
Yet the exact cause of these illnesses still remains a mystery.

After extensive laboratory testing, FDA officials have been unable to uncover a specific contaminant.

So, to date, there have been no official product recalls.

However, according to a recent article posted by, FDA documents obtained by the publisher suggest a possible link to three popular chicken jerky products and their big name producers:

  • Waggin’ Train Jerky Treats or Tenders (Nestle Purina)
  • Canyon Creek Ranch Jerky Treats or Tenders (Nestle Purina)
  • Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats (Del Monte Corp)

However, the FDA stated in its latest official bulletin:

“No specific products have been recalled because a definitive cause has not been determined”

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  • dogem123

    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate you sharing the information.

  • dogem123

    Well, I must admit I feel foolish. My 3yr old pittie has a sensitive stomach and grain allergies. I knew this and foolishly bought Golden Rewards chicken jerky treats and even though I read the packaging I only looked at the ingredients not where it was made. I bought a second bag and last week she became ill with vomiting, diarrhea and just wasn’t her perky self. I blamed a sweet gum tree’s spikey seed pods in the back yard.
    After a $200 vet visit she was back to her old self until yesterday when she had diarrhea again. She was fine until I allowed her to have a small portion of jerky. Now I know what the culprit is and I will be throwing these treats in to the trash.
    I am glad there are informative comments below regarding these treats because I knew nothing until my dog became sick.
    I just hope I haven’t done permanent physical damage to my bff.

  • Perdita

    I have not had or read about any issue with meat sourced from Latin America. Unfortunately, though, that’s not a guarantee. We now buy our dog treats from, which offers bully sticks (both regular and odor-free) made in the US from either US cattle or, for a lower price, Brazilian cattle. They also have made-in-the-US chicken jerky. I’m afraid I’m too lazy to make my own. I’m not familiar with the Nudges brand, but read the package carefully.

  • Dave Pekala

    Yes, I was responding to Lynn.

  • Susan Howell

    Dave, do you mean Nudges?

  • Susan Howell

    Latin American sourced treats are okay? I am wondering about Nudges jerky cuts steak treats, my dog started them a week ago and became lethargic, sleeping a lot, almost total personality change. I stopped the Nudges beef steak treats and went back to the chicken and she has already shown a big difference.

  • Dave Pekala

    My dog became very ill (two different vets, a surgery, and two nights stays so far) after eating these on Thursday. Has anyone else had problems w/ these specific treats?

  • Brian M

    Do a little research online!!! – it’s been happening for years now to tens of thousands of dogs around the world that ate these dried chicken strips from China. It’s called “Fanconi-like syndrome” – Google it and learn a bit. Cost me over $1000 about 6 years ago to try and save my dog from kidney failure and then have to put him down after he ate these treats. Not a good feeling knowing I poisoned my dog by giving him treats he loved. I believe they now point the finger at tainted glycerol that they are sprayed with to look “fresh” – there was a documentary expose about it on the Canadian consumer tv show Marketplace a year or so back – watch it. I think there was a class action lawsuit over them that was “settled out if court”. I dont buy any Asian products for my dogs anymore – I read the package labels very close now, but they try to hide the country of origin as millions of dollars are at stake for these pet food marketers. That’s how I came across your silly comment that it’s only fluke pet deaths and not a big risk – I was Google searching some new dog treats I just saw to see which country they originate from (not just which country they were packaged in). Some of these treats can, and do kill dogs – it’s not a random thing – it’s playing Russian Roulette with your best buddy if you blindly feed him these things. I learned the hard way – learn from my past misery and save your dog.

  • theBCnut

    The FDA did release a report. I read the entire 82 pages. They mentioned a few things that they tested for that came back negative, a few tests that they created tests for just for these cases that also came back negative, and a few things that they don’t yet have tests for.

    They believe that there have been too many instances for coincidence to be a real explanation, but they don’t have tests for everything it could be.

    I’m glad you haven’t killed your dog. My dog isn’t going to be a guinea pig.

  • Crazy4cats
  • John Christopher

    i did what you said and found nothing, because there is nothing!

  • John Christopher

    Well there is no link because there is no link! Unless the FDA releases a report,which I was just on their website, and they have not, there won’t be a link!

  • John Christopher

    So here is my dilemma with all of the reports I have read. My boys eat the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky. They love them. No health problems at all! Just because you think that’s all you dog got into that day doesn’t mean that is true. That all you KNOW your dog ate. There are 2 ingredients in these treats. Chicken and vegetable glycerin! And the FDA statement means after all these supposed complaints (like people aren’t sue happy in this day and age or anything) they scientifically studied the treats and found NOTHING wrong with them! That means they walked into a Walmart or Sam’s club bought a random bag and analyzed it. They found NOTHING! Well they probably found chicken and veg glycerin. It’s possible someone got a bad batch or whatever. But if there was definitive proof that is cause any sickness they’d pull it out of stores.

  • Ruby Elena

    As a groomer I have TONS of clients that feed these treats. Thankfully there have been no deaths related to the consumption but I can tell you that the pets that eat these are showing signs of serious allergies when they never did before. Hot spots, dull coat, losing fur, very watery eyes with staining. I would not recommend these treats AT ALL based on the severe decline in overall condition of these pets.

  • Jen

    Well here it is… The FDA stated in its latest official bulletin:“No specific products have been recalled because a definitive cause has not been determined” –So that’s why this crap is still on the shelves!

  • E B

    I have a 15lb. Peekapoo who I had given the jerky treats that were made in China. While he never suffered any adverse affects, once I became aware that there were dogs who were getting very sick I threw away what I had in the house and went in search of treats that were made AND sourced in the United States. Yes they are more expensive, but even a small risk is too big. I urge anyone who has a pet and not been or does not know a pet who has gotten ill, to stop using that reasoning to continue to feed any treats from China. If store bought is too expensive, make your own. I stock up on chicken breast when it goes on sale, clean it, take all the fat off and slice it up, wrap it up in small batches which I feeze and take out as needed. A few hours in the oven at 180 degrees and I have treats that are fit for human consumption and my dog and all his dog friends do cheetah flips for them.

  • D Mac

    My understanding is that small dogs have the biggest risk of becoming sick from chicken jerky/sweet potato treats imported from China. A few years ago, I had a couple dogs who absolutely LOVED chicken jerky treats. If I said “chicken treat” (even if just asking my fiancé to pick some up at the store), the dogs would get crazy excited. One dog was a 16 month old yorkie poo (3/4 yorkie so looked like a yorkie and weighed around 5 lbs). The dogs were given their chicken treat after going outside first thing in the morning – and if I forgot about it, they would remind me. Basically, the dogs would do anything to be given one of these treats.

    One night at around 10 p.m., I noticed my yorkie poo acting strange. First, he normally slept in his bed on an ottoman/bench at foot of my bed and stayed in it all night once I put him in it at bedtime. The first weird behavior was that he kept getting out of his bed and would walk around (he didn’t need to go to bathroom) . Within about 45 minutes, he went into master bathroom and vomited a few times (foamy yellow liquid). When I put him down on floor when he was finished (I heard him start so I grabbed him in time to hold over toilet), was when I realized something was very wrong. He kept walking in a little circle and knocking into the wall. I immediately took him to all night animal hospital. They had no idea what was wrong – he couldn’t stand, his eyes looked “sunk” in (if that makes sense), and he had absolutely no response when vet put her hand in front of his eyes. She said it appeared that he had gone blind. She also said that they would need to run tests and kept him on an IV over night. I felt horrible because the vet thought he had eaten something toxic in my home. While I knew I didn’t leave poisonous items around, I has recently been very ill – so, I worried that while I was on my pain medicine, I had accidentally dropped one of my other meds on the bed or floor – and he had found it.

    The next morning we were there at 7 a.m. He still looked awful – and they told me that they tried to use charcoal to make him vomit more but bc he wasn’t cooperating, they were afraid they would aspirate the charcoal into his lungs (and kill him). I held him in my arms as we waited for test results. They also thought he might have a liver shunt issue (common for yorkies). Tests came back inconclusive. By this time, my vet had finally opened. He told me that due to his size and vitals, I should just wait it out. The vet hospital suggested to keep him there for the next few hours on an IV and suggested more tests again. I decided to leave him there for observation – but no more tests due to my vet’s advice (who is an INCREDIBLE vet). I had to leave for a couple hours (I’m an attorney and had a meeting with 12 people that I couldn’t change – I wasn’t a partner yet so as an associate at a 350 attorney firm, I had to go). At around 2 p.m., they told me that he had actually lifted his head and drank some water on his own. They suggested that he have several more tests and stay another night. When I called my vet (who called me immediately even though he was on vacation) he told me that if it was his pet, he would take him home from hospital – as long as he continued to drink a little water every couple hours. He told me that making him comfortable in his own home with me holding him would make him much more relaxed – and he said that he believed it would give him the best odds of recovering. My vet said that if he stopped drinking again, or started getting worse, I could then get him immediately back to the vet hospital (very close to my house – like 3 minutes).

    When I told receptionist that I wanted to take him home, instead of just getting him, they made me wait for 45 minutes bc the new vet who was now there needed to talk to me. When they finally let me see my dog, the new vet was pretty rude to me. She listed off about another 5 tests that she wanted to do and that he had to stay. When I told her that I still wanted him released, she basically told me what a horrible pet owner I was – and that I shouldn’t have a pet if I wasn’t able to afford to take care of him appropriately. This was said loudly with the door wide open so everyone in the waiting area could hear (so embarrassing). Don’t get me wrong – I agree that no one should buy a pet if they can’t afford to take care of him/her properly – but I am a responsible pet owner. I explained calmly (but just loud enough so everyone could hear) that I was most definitely a responsible pet owner (btw, at this point my bill was already over $1,500) – that money wasn’t the issue – I simply was following my vet’s advice who I trust completely. They made me wait another 30 minutes to get him ready to go (take out his IV was all that needed to be done). So sorry for the rant here but this still irritates me (obviously!).

    Slowly over the next 4-5 days, my dog began to get better. He regained his sight also. i still felt so awful bc I assumed I had poisoned him by dropping a pill. Well, that guilt went away about 1 1/2 years later. At that point, my other dog had passed away – and I now had added two of my yorkie poo’s siblings (and was pet sitting a third sibling for my sister). I was running errands on a Saturday when I received a frantic call from my daughter telling me the little sister ( 2 1/2 mos old – and very small) was vomiting and whining loudly. My vet had closed at noon – but I found one who was open for 15 minutes (I did not want to have to go back to the hospital after the way I was treated previously if at all possible – I obviously have bad luck bc the dogs never have issues during normal business hours). The pup couldn’t stand up, didn’t respond when I put my hand by her eyes, and she sounded like she was “screaming” bc it was the loudest, most pitiful whine I’ve ever heard. The vet examined her and said that the puppy seemed to be having seizures. There was another dog hospital that she highly recommended – so, we headed there. The new vet agreed that she was having seizures and was having neurological issues but she had no idea why. She was so tiny and it was horrible when I had to leave her there so they could do some tests and keep her overnight. As soon as I walk into my house, i find one of her brothers starting to do the same thing – except he wasn’t “screaming” like she had been. I seriously thought I was going to have a break down. I couldn’t even say anything when I run up to the receptionist bc I am fighting back tears. One of the assistants runs to get the vet. By this point, I’m not the only one with tears – the receptionist and the other assistant behind the front desk both are teary eyed. A woman I’ve never met before, comes over to me and just puts her arms around me – apparently she had been in the waiting room 20 minutes earlier when I came in with the little girl pup. The woman gets all teary eyed also. I think at the time this happened, the two pups barely weighed much more than 1 lb – definitely under 1.5 lbs.

    They were basically in the same condition their older brother was when he was sick, but they were so much younger/smaller – and the vet looked like she wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to save them. They put them in different kennels just in case they don’t have the same illness, take some blood and stick IVs into their tiny front legs. It was HORRIBLE. This time my daughter came with me so we have to run home to check on the other brother. He is small, but bigger than his other two siblings. He is a little lethargic. My daughter and I stick him between us in my bed – and I don’t sleep a wink because I’m so worried that he is going to start vomiting or have a seizure. My mom picked up older brother bc he seemed fine and I wanted him to stay that way.

    This hospital was much better. They actually called me probably 3 – 4 times during the middle of the night to give me updates. They called in the morning – brother is still not eating or drinking, but seizures had stopped. The little girl, however, was getting worse. All of the dogs had low temperatures – and they couldn’t get hers to go up with the heating pad. They finally decided to put them in the same kennel the second day. The phone rings at around 3 a.m. the second night – I was afraid to answer it. Putting them together was the right decision (which was what I wanted done initially) – little sis finally has her temp rising. Amazingly, they both recover fully. I was able to pick up the little boy the next afternoon – the little girl stays a third night – but we finally get her home the next afternoon. No diagnosis for these two either. BTW – the bill from that hospital was less than the one for big brother – his hospital stay was a total of approximately 28 hours. His two siblings stayed a combined total of 120 hrs. (I think that’s right – total of 5 days when added together. Unbelievable. I think they felt sorry for me so they discounted the bill.

    This time I was positive that they didn’t get into anything that could poison them because after the first time, I went through every inch of my house and yard to make sure there wasn’t something poisonous somewhere accessible to the dogs. Plus, the puppies were never just roaming around the house/yard.

    About 6 months later, I receive a call from the vet that took care of the two puppies. She had just cared for another small dog who had similar symptoms as my dogs; however, this poor dog doesn’t make it. The vet then asks me if I fed my dogs chicken jerky treats at the time each dog became ill. As soon as I hung up the phone, I grab my ipad and start reading about all the poor dogs that have been ill, or much worse died from these treats. I still can’t believe that chicken jerky manufactured in China is still allowed to be sold. My dogs went through “withdrawal” when I stopped feeding them the jerky. I have found some manufactured in the U.S. – expensive. My mom recently was donating items and found a food dehydrator that she forgot she even had. Now I try to make my own jerky sometimes because it’s cheaper than kind I’ve been able to find that has been actually made here. You have to be careful when buying some because companies try to “trick” people by how they write the labels. My daughter came home with a bag bc she saw that it said “Made for your dog to USDA standards” – and the company is in California. She missed the “Made in China” on the back at the very bottom of the bag – not surprising considering it’s written in the smallest font on the bag. The bag has SO much writing on it that makes it easy to miss that tiny “made in China” statement. Also, she thought because it has what looks like an official seal that states “Veterinarian Recommended” that it would be safe. I explained to her that the little seal of approval doesn’t mean anything.

    I apologize for the length of this post – I had surgery a few days ago so I’m stuck in bed, bored, and on pain medication so I feel a little “goofy” right now! I can’t imagine how many typos and grammar mistakes I’ve made!!

    Please be careful. Read the ENTIRE bag. Do not be fooled bc a bag has USA printed on it somewhere – the distributor can be located in the U.S. – you have to find the “made in USA” statement if you’re going to buy some for your dogs. The only ones I trust are my own and some that are made by a small family business located here in the U.S. (and my cousin knows someone who works for the company).

    I am out over $3,000 because of stupid dog treats. And that makes me extremely angry. I can’t even imagine how much anger and hurt I would be feeling if I had lost one of mine. My heart goes out to all of the owners who have lost their pet due to these horrible treats. Shame on all of the American companies who label their treats in a manner which have the ability of confusing a consumer into thinking the jerky has been made in the USA.

  • Think about it

    PG is not banned in Europe.

  • Think about it

    The “according to a recent article” link is defunct. Is the “possible link” still “suggested”, or was the article retracted?

  • LuvUSA

    For those of you here that have posted that your dog hasn’t gotten sick on these treats, consider yourself extremely blessed. DO NOT FEED THESE TO YOUR DOG!!! There is a class action suit against Nestle Purina because many, many, dogs have either died or gotten very ill after eating these so called treats. Even if your dog has been ingesting them and shows no immediate symptoms, why would you take a chance? Just because the FDA hasn’t yet found what is causing the dogs to get sick, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Nestle Purina has already allotted $6,500,000 to plaintiffs involved in the class action suit. Now if you are a relatively intelligent person that should tell you that there’s something going on. My one year old mini poodle just became very sick with kidney problems and the vet couldn’t find any reason for it. Once I started researching it on the internet it became very clear as to the problem. I have unknowingly been giving these treats to my dog for months. Thank God I discovered this in time. Hopefully, there will be no permanent damage. They need to be recalled, like now!!!

  • Opinion02122

    I make my own jerky for my dog, the dogs of family, friends and neighbors. So far not one complaint. I don’t trust any commercial brands, especially those from China that have been known to make dogs sick. Buy a dehydrater and make it yourself!



    This explains something I was incredibly curious about. I have a 10 month old rottweiler named Ruger who is a tank and eats everything. Foil wrappers, paper, and even Bluetooth headsets. I use a reward system with treats to enforce good behavior, and have since I got him at 8 weeks. I usually buy beefy treats and bacon treats but wanted to offer him some variety while training him. I purchased the canine carry out chicken jerky made by del Monte and began giving them to him. Now he loves treats and the first day he gobbled them up as fast as I handed them out. The second day after I gave them to him began getting sick, lethargic and not him self. I wasn’t sure what was going on he wouldn’t even eat his regular food. I monitored him with great concern but he pulled through just fine and went back to his active silly self. The very next time I gave him a chicken treat he almost ran from me. I had to call him over and he took it from me then dropped it on the floor. I then gave him a beef treat and he ate it right away. I have this big bag of chicken treats that over the past few months try to offer to him and he grabs it and spits it on the floor without even chewing it. Needless to say these will be in the trash and be warned I didn’t make the connection until I read this.

  • theBCnut

    Do you really think FDA would have spent thousands and thousands of dollars testing these things for absolutely everything that they know to test for and then created some new tests, if they weren’t sure that there is a link? Whatever it is, and the FDA doesn’t know yet, it definitely isn’t something that affects every dog, nor does it affect the dogs that it does affect equally. Go to FDAs site and do a search, if you want to see the 82 page report the FDA put out detailing their testing proceedures and results.

  • WiteyDidIt

    Really I have fed my 12 lb dog at least 15lds of the Waggin train chicken jerky until the recall stopped Walmart and others from selling it and she never got sick that was over 2 years ago. Now Walmart is selling one called ” Golden Rewards ” made in China, It smells and tastes (yes Tastes) exactly like Waggin Train the ingredients are ” Chicken Breast, vegetable glycerin, salt’ my dog loves them . I have never seen the 1st hand reports of the thousands of dogs killed where is a link

  • Perdita

    No official organization has declared this to be an epidemic, but there are numerous anecdotal reports of dogs becoming ill or dying after being fed these treats, and you can bet that for every report that has been publicized or sent to the FDA, there are dozens or hundreds more unreported cases. I’m sure I’m not the only one who fed her dog treats made with Chinese chicken and lost him, too young, to kidney disease–before such reports began to be publicized. I didn’t make a formal report of my dog’s death because I had no proof there was a connection.

  • Perdita

    Unless someone other than the FDA has paid for extensive laboratory tests and gotten results, no one knows what specific toxins are in Chinese-made dog treats/food.

  • theBCnut

    The FDA has still taken as much action as they can. They have tested the jerky treats for everything they can come up with, including creating new types of tests just for testing this stuff. They can’t find anything that should cause deaths like this, and they have tried. They put out an 82 page report detailing everything they have tested for and the results. Whatever is doing it is something that there is not yet a test for, which is why many of us here will not use any commercial jerky treats. It’s far too easy to make your own.

  • Ariel Nonofbusines

    The number of dogs killed has been estimated to be closer to 2500. The number who were made seriously sick is closer to 6500. If 100 people were made sick, FDA would have taken action. Problem is, thanks to lobbying by companies such as Purina, dogs have little value by comparison.

  • blackdawg

    The FDA has had 5000 reports and it appears that they have linked at least 1000 of them to the treats. Google, “chicken jerky killing dogs” and you will find plenty of information.

  • Mcorret

    I’ve heard no reports on this matter identifying this to be an epidemic? Can you reference any?

  • Mcorret

    What specific toxins are you referring to that the FDA cannot identify?

  • Ariel Nonofbusines

    People – Help inform the public about these. When you go to the store; bring post it notes and put warnings on the products being sold. Send emails to the specific stores to urge them to drop these products and to individually take responsibility for pet safety and thereby show they truly care about our pets; by refusing to carry these toxic products. If every person who loves dogs did this, I am sure that Purina would not get away with this crap. It starts with YOU. Whenever I can, I come back to this. I went on Facebook and sent notes to dozens of people various times who apparently had been given free jerky treats from Purina and who unknowingly fed them to their dog. Knowledge is power!! Spread the word that Purina is STILL SELLING TOXIC TREATS. Take an hour out of your day and responds to this outrageous situation by starting new petitions or signing existing one’s. Tell the FDA to shut down these sales. If millions said so, there is far greater chance they would. If the entire country knew these treats were toxic, I doubt they would sell. Especially if we all BOYCOTT ALL OTHER PURINA PRODUCTS BECAUSE Purina is so irresponsible WITH THE SAFETY OF OUR PETS. I do THIS! Please join me in boycotting Purina for these reasons..

  • blackdawg

    If food products were killing people, would the FDA be unable to find the cause? Certainly. Would the suspect products continue to be sold? I think not. This is all about money. It is really sad that the majority of pet owners still do not realize that they are poisoning their pets. (Unless they find sites such as this, to warn them).

  • mike dozer

    You wouldn’t happen to be Chinese would ya?
    Stop poisoning our pets pan face!

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    Even if it says made in the USA they can still source ingredients from China. You have to find out where they source the ingredients from. I don’t feed any treats that are jerky anymore. Too many unanswered questions about them.

  • Perdita

    Look at the package. If it doesn’t say they are made in the US from US or Latin American meat, THROW THEM AWAY and find another treat for your dog.

  • Perdita

    I feel that I killed my beloved dog by feeding him Dingo chicken jerky treats. He loved them–apparently most dogs do, probably because the antifreeze makes them taste sweet. After a year or two of eating these treats several times per week, Freddie developed kidney disease, and he died at the age of 8. (This was in 2007, and I was not aware that there had been problems.) DON’T FEED YOUR PETS ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA.

  • I hope organic… apples are #1 on the pesticide dirty list

  • meeshell

    my dogs love apples!

  • david

    Give your dog a carrot.

  • Glenn Welt

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! Would you drink antifreeze? These chicken jerky treats contain SAME INGREDIENT! Tests done DECADES AGO found that Propylene Glycol in small doses acts as POISON over time! Europeans know this and limit food use so why doesn’t CDC and FDA know this? Can’t believe our FDA and CDC don’t have the IQ to figure this out as the problem with the treats from CHINA. My dog almost died from these treats and a friend who lives in another state had same issues giving exact same treats to her dog! Seems that Eorpe is smarter than USA because they banned the ingredient YEARS AGO. Wake up America!

  • Lynn

    what about the Nudges Brand treats?

  • Cyndi

    I wouldn’t take my chances, especially with jerky treats and all the deaths of dogs. Making your own is so much easier and you know EXACTLY what’s in them.

  • TS


  • bIG dAVE

    Jajajaja mi dos :)))

  • Zoe Garcia

    Do not feed your dog anything made in China.You are better off feeding what you would consider eating for yourself…

  • JZ

    My veterinarian recommended making my own treats with recipes found online. And when my dogs digestion is upset to use FullBucket’s canine products (

  • Valerie Hardy Hall

    My little min pin mix likes skinless and of course boneless) sardines but will only eat a small amount otherwise…

  • Cyndi

    Ha ha!!

  • NeverLetMeGo

    I wouldn’t give chicken jerky treats made in China to my dogs but I might give them to my mother in law.
    Just kidding (I think).

  • Mia

    What are your guy’s favorite recipes for homemade chicken jerky? I like the chicken cinnamon! If you haven’t tried them, you make them like usual, but add cinnamon before cooking, but only a small pinch per chicken, or you can add a pinch in half way.

  • barbeeyorkielover

    Congratulations, I am not the only one that makes my own jerky, dog food and treats. I have 4 Yorkies and they love the home made things so much. I don’t want to loose any of my dogs. A friend of mine lost one of her dogs. The vet was positive it was from the treats made in China.

  • Television88

    I am getting really sick and tired of this run around and people seem to be bouncing off the walls in confusion over which treats are tainted. This has been going on for a year. AND, I just found out my NUTRISCA that his very expensive has its chicken produced in China and they make it impossible to determine. That said, I am making my own chicken jerky from pure chicken breast and herbs from my garden so I know what is in them. It is a very slow process as I have started making them for friends as well. I do some in an oven and some in dehydrator. Let me know if you need some, especially if you have a diabetic dog as we do and you must select treats with extra caution. [email protected]

  • April May-Gierman

    Yes, the pet treats are made in China. If you check their website it lists where each product is made. However their supplements are not made in China, but right here in the USA.

  • DogLuv

    Just tried the fb link with the brands that are suspect and it’s “unavailable.” Did anyone else get to read it and if so would you please post the names here and not just a link? Thx!

  • pbj

    How come it is impossible to find a complete list?

  • Betsy Greer

    You could very well be on to something. Dogs experience stress and anxiety just like people do. : )

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi William,

    Hope she likes the sardines! I bet she will. : )

    Check the price for those foods online at, assuming you’re not opposed to posting online. Steak Frites is $3.46 per can for a case of 12, 14 ounce cans; and $3.50 for the Wok the Dog.

  • William Ireland

    Doctors told us not too worry since its so infrequent and gave me option to do blood work but I passed because shes healthy and happy and this incident happens now only about 2 to 3xs a month little over a weekly thing ALSO doctor said it could be her nerves too, because most of the times she puked from people food, as me and my x give into her sometimes when we eat, but sometimes it just happens so it could be a nerve thing. when me and X fight and she goes from me to her or her to me it happens too.

  • William Ireland

    grest tx for help ill grab a can of tinned sardines and try and see what she thinks…Shes like a cat and loves fish foods for some crazy reason..and yea I hope the food that you checked is okay because its 5bux a can for 14 oz or 400 grams. that’s for the steak frites but the wok the dog chicken is still a hefty 3.79. drains my wallet but I don’t mind just want her to be happy and healthy especially so when I heard bout this crap from petco I was worried as we don’t have petcos here in atlantic city NJ BUT we use PetSmart which is also involved with this thing too. TX

  • nicole spring

    The thought of dog treats made in a foreign country that will harm or even kill my dog makes me sick to my stomach. I started a small business for that reason, when half the ingredients on the box I have no idea what they are or the preservatives make the box last a yr I am done with that. I make homemade dog treats and ice cream and my dogs along with a lot of others have loved them. Made fresh with whole wheat flour, oats, egg and natural creamy peanut butter. Feel free to check us out at

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  • Jason Cuadrado

    Anything about the walgreens pet Shoppe brand?

  • DK

    exactly–most human food has ingredients from China. Enriched white flour, for example, (and thus white bread from it) almost always has ingredients in it that come from China… Niacin commonly, etc.

    Most of our vitamins and minerals in our processed foods do not come domestically. Many aren’t even made here, at all.

  • Betsy Greer

    Sure! Since she loves real people food, add a tinned sardine a couple times per week and a fresh egg, lightly cooked (sunny side up) in unrefined coconut oil to her food once per week. Her weekly ration of sardines would be about a half a can and her egg ration about one whole egg per week. Both are great ways to add fresh, whole food ingredients that are highly bioavailable. Just be sure to feed a little less of the canned on the days she gets the extras. OK, so those aren’t exactly “treats,” but they’re a perfect substitute for the salmon treats you were using. : )

    If you choose to add the extra omegas with sardines and eggs, but still want treats, maybe you could check into Wellness Petite Treats for small dogs as they are just about three calories per piece.

    The only salmon jerky-type treats that I’ve used and feel comfortable with are Wild Sky salmon treats by Copper River: Copper River is first and foremost, human grade food. Copper River is a small group of Alaska fisherman and all of their product is wild caught. You can order from their website or online from Costco if you have a membership.

  • Liz Frederick

    I am trying to find information on Pedigree dog treats. Does anyone know anything?

  • Betsy Greer

    That’s a good choice. If I had one little pup, I would definitely feed a canned product. It’s so much healthier than dry food.

    That’s also good that you rotate the canned choices so often also. I

    I asked about the Weruva because some of their varieties, the Kobe, are canned by Evanger’s and I wouldn’t use them. The ones you use, the Human Style, are canned in Thailand and are an excellent product.

  • William Ireland

    any good ideas to substistute these salmon treats as I give them to her because it had omega 3s and help her coat stay shiny and fur grow in full. (less bald spots) she really loves these treats and is a picky eater and treats are no different so, any recommendations be great ty. she loves sweet potato wrapped in chicken and like I mentioned the salmon treat taste

  • William Ireland

    well shes older now 5 and a half, the stomach issues we been dealing with for years now..but been consistent with her food except for the weruva wet food we changed a year ago because shes a picky eater and her dry food was a hassle to get her to eat in the end. But the weruva food I give her are 2 main cans one called grainfree steak frites with beef pumpkinand sweetpoatatoe and the other grainfree wok the dog with chicken beef and pumpkin..she eats allot better without hassle and begging and hand feeding. Its a product not of china but Thailand.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi William Ireland,

    Personally, I wouldn’t feed any treats made in China or sourced with ingredients from China (that last part can be a little trickier to figure out). I would immediately stop the treats and see if she improves. If she was going to get sick, she probably already would’ve, but it would be prudent to take her to the vet for a check and some blood work to be certain and set your mind at ease also.

    Another question, which Weruva foods are you feeding?

    And, a tiny four pound pup can easily get too full, she could also be vomiting and then not eating because she’s had too much to eat. Just a possibility.

  • Ron

    Yep Purina.
    I’m still waiting for a response from them on their FortiFlora probiotic product and the particular strain they use in it.

  • William Ireland

    so have a question I have a 4 pound teacup chiauahua and she had occasional stomach issues where she pukes and don’t eat for a day.. I give her omega treats grain free from Pet Botanica salmon recipe….and sweet potato loving pets gourmet wraps. and feed her Weruba wet food very expensive just looked and the treats are all made in CHINA and now im concerned..does anyone know if these are bad products?

  • garystartswithg

    Try not buying American corporate products — just because it doesn’t say made in China doesn’t mean it wasn’t made there.

  • garystartswithg

    Purina has long had a really bad reputation among concerned consumers, google the problems with Beneful sometime. Quite simply its corporations putting profits over everything else — aka supply side economics or how greed destroyed the country. The good folks at Purina don’t care if your dog dies as long as they get a house in the burbs and an oversized suv.

  • blackdawg

    Petco and petsmart finally stated that they are going to phase out treats made in China. At least it is a small step forward but there is a long way left to go.

  • blackdawg

    Purina Answers from Global Pet Show | Truth about Pet Food

  • Carol

    No they do not!

  • Carol

    Do not buy anything from China!!

  • Ellep


  • bdickers

    Americans should not buy anything from China.

  • DD

    Purina….grows their chicken in china?…..why? Are their regulations different there?! Are they allowed to feed chickens sulfa drugs?! I would never feed anything” Purina.

  • DD

    Imoi, The american public had been treated like a bunch of worthless peons. So it should be no surprise, that dog food and treats came along for the ride. Dog food, and dog treats, can and many do Read All Natural” All Natural can mean,??? All natural rotted corpses of euthanized animals…..A company in the heart of southern calif, was found to be feeding( sick)dead cows, to other cows. If they have been caught doing this to the human supply, what do you really think is in that $7.99 bag of treats for your dog? These little treat bags are bought in bulk, for 25cents……..I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for gov. Help. Every day, theirs a new drug, that will cure you! Only to be recalled a short time later, after they realize, it can kill you, or ruin the rest if your life. Remember, for most corps. Greed is King”

  • DD

    Look into milk thistle from your health food store…..We have given this to a little pom, with no I’ll effects. Their noses inhale, lawn fertilizer, brake dust from cars………..Their greed is amazing…..I hear Petco pet smart will remove from shelves, but it will take to the end of the year..that’s inexscusable for the millions of owners that haven’t a clue. We all have a responsibility to share this with others. To Health for you and yours..

  • DD

    All natural what? All natural dead rotted animals euthanized from china? Make your own?

  • DD

    Sorry to hear that. Wall mart, dollar stores, Pet I, Pet smart…..beware of them all. Sadly, Profits are #1. The rabies vaccine is attributed to the problems with our little friend….The rabies vaccine given, is the same amount for a miniature, as it is for a 200 lb dog….Also, See Dr. Shultz” he has tested dogs, that were given the vaccine once, and years later, proved to be still vaccinated. To be immune yet still receive the vaccine, is not wise….you can claim exemption, with letter from a vet….Go to health food store, get Milk thistle, this will help the liver cleanse itself of toxins. We have done this off and on, for over 2 years. Off an on is good. Look into this. Also, parched(not boiled) chicken thighs are a good source of protein, without feeding solely a bag food that has a shelf life of forever….these stores sell Garbage along with a few healthy items. China has been putting american flags on their crap, but on the rear of bag, Made in china, beware, of them and vets that continue to over vaccinate. When the evidence shows otherwise.

  • DD


  • DD

    I would highly suggest, reading carefully. Many labels will have USA on them With an American Flag. But the small print on the rear of the bag says Made in china. You can Freeze chicken, slice thin, and dry in your oven, on its lowest setting. China has violated the american publics trust without batting an eye. They simply don’t care. Your $$$$ is all their concerned with. Why would you knowingly give your $ to a company that cares nothing for the health of you, or your pet. I wouldn’t rely on the f. D. A to help you ……., its better to simply make your own…

  • DD

    Or like Gm does with its cars and trucks. Engineered in the USA. AsSembled in mexico.

  • Drew Schoen

    But how to know for sure where the ingredients that go into those dog treats originate? i would bet the majority of ALL dog treats use at least SOME “food” products from China. The labels on dog treats are deliberately misleading, not to mention printed in the tiniest lettering.

    The information on the can or bag might read
    something like this: Manufactured in the USA. Or: Distributed from Omaha, NE, USA, or whichever state is actually canning and/or shipping the product. Even so, the lists usually omit the information that “pet parents” really need to know: Where did the various ingredients – or, at the very least – where did MOST of the ingredients in the dog foods and dog treats originate?

  • Cory

    How about stop buying evrything from china

  • Gem_99

    Omg, this is horrible. My senior pom died 2 days after eating 1 chicken tender. I always wondered if this contributed to it. He was throwing up the next day and went into renal failure. I hope this wasnt the cause. I kept the bag for a couple of months since I always had doubt. my baby is gone!

  • wolfman4u

    don’t feed your dog anything made in china

  • blackdawg

    Amen….do not buy any food products made in China. Do not buy any food products that say USA but have ingrediants sourced from China.

  • intrigue curious

    the term all natural means nothing. It can actually be more dangerous.

  • Elaine McFadden, MPH

    If your dog has gotten sick from these treats or other treats use Nutramin powder (for dogs) or Terramin tablets (on Amazon). IONIC negative minerals that can bind with something like toxic arsenic (positive charge) and remove from the body. Chickens in both USA and China are given arsenic and antibiotics daily. In China they may give higher doses. NEVER FEED YOUR DOG ANY TREATS FROM CHINA! Dr. Al Plechner has been vet for 50+ yrs. His #1 recommendation for healing your pets is calcium montmorillonite minerals which is exactly the ingredient in Nutramin and Terramin. 57 pure minerals with highest purity rating for internal/external use. Can push tablet down their throat or mix powder in something like organic chicken broth and use turkey baster to get down throat. Only a little at a time and aim for the side. My dog gets sick when people in yard, he gets worked up and bites ferm. Training not to, but he has not eaten or done anything for over day. Just used the minerals and all better day 2. If will eat can wrap powder in shredded cheese (works for my dog). Add to food daily to protect them, teeth too. More info Also can use Gut Cleanse and Fiber Plus Three in dog food. See”Three Step Regeneration” tab. Also Dr. Plechner here:

  • Maria lopez

    why bother complaining I see it a waste of time ,,,a very costly one for me BEEFEATER CHICKEN JERY TREATS made in China ,,from B J’s Club a $13. dollar bag treat now has me in the hole now going on $2,000,.00 dollars on Vet Doctor bills and still more to come. why should they pull the treat it is not their dogs or money,,, that is – the money that they are not losing.

  • Barb

    Don’t buy anything for u or ur pets from China

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    I noticed a lot of the treats that were recalled and back on the shelves now say made in the USA on the front of the bag. If you turn over the back of the bag it then says made in China. The ingredients are still sourced from China. They are not to be trusted by any means.

  • Troy

    Our Walmart pulled about every treat last year. I now noticed they put some back, Milo’s Kitchen for example, and it now has made in USA on it. So hopefully the added toxins have been removed

  • Deb Spargen

    omg now i know why my Brussel Griffon was ill for over 2 weeks off and on. took her off of everything, only rice and broth in very little servings, now when I think about it, thats is one of the things she was throwing up. the jerky treats i had bought at walmart. and to top it off, we buy then for the pets we love as a reward, a treat, a jesture of happy times and do good. wow, how ironic. I also noticed during that period, she was lethargic, and when i placed by head by her stomach, it was rumbling non stop. she wouldnt let me out of her sight and nearly stopped eatting completely. when she felt better, stupid ,e. would give her a treat. she is feeling better now but im taking her in to the vet asap, as she is not going potty as she always has in the past, sometimes not at all for a day. I will never buy any type of food from china again, not knowingly anyways, I am pissed off and thankful at the same time. thank you for sharing this information. where can i report this?

  • Betsy Greer

    Interesting conversation recently that Susan Thixton had with Purina:

  • Cathy

    I have been giving my dog Nudges. Since they are US made and seem to have less ingredients/be more natural than others on the shelf, I thought they would be okay. I only give her small amount though (maybe half a jerky a day broken in pieces) as a special treat. She is between 35-40 lbs. I’d be more careful with a smaller dog. Seems fine, but I am curious to learn more about them too. My dog loves carrots, apple and banana too so, I try to give her more of those as treats/snacks and only give store bought stuff in small amounts. Anyone else have any information on Nudges? Anything negative reported?

  • Jo Horton

    sounds great may try that for sure

  • Lynne

    I agree. Why buy your dog treats at all? My two dogs loved those jerky treats, but it’s gambling with their lives, just to give them these horrible treats made in China. They don’t care what they put in them. There are even euthanized animals parts in them. Disgusting. It’s not hard to get used to making your own jerky. Just slice chicken breasts into thin slices and bake them in a 275 oven for 1 hour. I was even thinking of buying a dehydrator.

  • Gem_99

    Has anyone purchased “Loving Pets Natural Value All Natural Soft Chew Chicken Tenders”. They are sold at Walgreens. They say they are all natural and made in the USA. I recently had my senior Pomeranian pass away from kidney failure and I can’t help but wonder if these treats contributed to it. 🙁

  • Teresa Walker

    I purchased the Purina Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders at Walmart. I gave a half a treat to my dog last night. She woke up at 4 AM this morning sick. As of now she has only thrown up once and I am watching her to see if I should take her to the vet or not. I called Purina who said that they have only put these back on the shelves this month and have so far not had any problems. These were made in China. We have our dog on a special diet to lose weight so this is the only new thing we had given her. Pet owners beware. This is an ongoing thing. I only wished I had paid more attention.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I don’t think that I would call the strong lifelong urge to chew that some breeds have teething, but it’s definitely a thing for pitties and several other breeds. Just because their teeth have grown in doesn’t mean that their need for chewing has disappeared. Providing several different types of chew toys also helps eliminate destructive behaviors. My dogs definitely prefer bones, but sometimes they don’t want their bones, they want their squishy rubber ball or something else. I’ve never had a dog bed last until my dogs were older than 2.

  • faithwh

    The elk antlers are very strong and don’t splinter….If they are the ‘split’ kind, they are obviously really delicious and our dogs will work forever, gnawing and working to remove the marrow…but it’s not messy and has been really safe for our 2 aggressive chewers. They last forever, even after the marrow is obviously gone. Still smells good to the dogs, and have never had one splinter etc. They are pricey but don’t get destroyed.

  • faithwh

    Our poodle mix (45 pounds) chewed and destroyed EVERYTHING when we first took him in. I eventually found the split deer horns, which were wonderful and lasted for a LONG time. He was about 9 months when we got him. That was about 2 years ago. He still like to chew but not like he did, and does not chew furniture, shoes, pens, all the time. He has grown up and goes to his toy box and pulls out something to chew if he wants to, and THAT is all. Oh, and but he will try to steal whatever our young pitbull is chewing…and that turns into a tug game. So…there is hope!!!

  • faithwh

    Are they teething? Our pitbull rescue is about 18months and still sometimes HAS to chew. It’s obviously back teeth from the way he chews. The ONLY chew toys that are strong enough and tasty, are large split elk horn. They last a long time and he no longer chews things he shouldn’t be chewing. Second to these are the large Nylabone chew bones. I make sure he always has something very strong like that around to chew. Have not come home to the cloud of stuffing from dog bed covering the whole kitchen since I realized this was it!! 🙂 Am so relieved not to be struggling to sew up the beds any more!

  • dchassett

    I’m so sorry for your loss, I know you must be devastated. My heart goes out to you. I appreciate your sharing your experience here making everyone more aware that we all must research and read everything on packaging and making sure that we don’t feed our animals anything being sourced from China.

  • BOLO

    We had one dog die from kidney failure after eating Kingdom Pets: Chicken and Duck jerky treats (made in China), sold at Costco and the other dog had severe pancreatitus after eating the same treats and required 3 days of intensive care at animal hospital before she was saved. I am currently in discussions with Costco to see what they are going to do about selling this product in view of what we just experienced in Aug. 2013 with our dogs. We gave some samples of these treats to our vet who sent it to FDA but I’m not holding my breath for any quick answers in view of other comments listed here in reference to FDA’s failure to identify a known toxin yet.

  • betsy

    My dog is very sick from 100% chicken treats…made in China. I would not trust any of that and also made sure is says MADE in the USA not packaged in the USA

  • Glenda

    I have just lost a doggie to severe kidney problems caused by an unknown toxin. We suspect the chicken tender treats listed in the article above. I have a smaller dog who seems fine at the moment and now eats baby carrots. Please tell friends and relatives about this horrible thing poisoning our dogs. My vet told me they are desperate to figure out what the toxin is in the treats.

  • Sadden Pet Owner

    When my dog was a puppy, I gave him Chicken Jerky from China, I never even read the labels as to where they came from. He loved them!!! The I say something online about this product and how some dogs had died from them. I stopped right away, and from there on made sure all treats came from the USA. I had his blood checked just in case to make sure everything was fine. The vet never even heard of any issues with the treats. She said everything was fine.

    A year later, now his has major kidneys problems, and things are not looking good. He is only 2 and 1/2 years old! The vet we are using now, looked at his earlier blood work, and she said they were not right then.

    Now I know I have shortened my dogs life because I didn’t know any better, and there is nothing I can do about it.

    We are backtracking every thing I have ever given him to eat, but I know what it was.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Great to hear!

    Canned food and dehydrated food make great stuffing as well if you want some more variety. I was using Grandma Lucy’s last week and this week I picked of some cans of Merrick’s Thanksgiving dinner and Turducken. 🙂

  • Crazy4cats

    I’d like to share that I have been trying your idea of stuffing a kong with a mixture of pumpkin, applesauce and kibble and then freezing for my two large dogs. They really love it and it actually keeps them occupied for at least 20 minutes. Woo Hoo! The best part is that it really is a very affordable treat after the initial cost of the kongs. Thanks.

  • Bulldog Lover

    I will 1st apologize as I do not remember the exact name of the offensive product directly linked to canine deaths! This was a chicken jerky based product made in China, however the China identification was almost impossible to find &/or read the tiny print on the packaging. They got away with this by printing in a much more identifiable place a statement about being “Distributed By” a company based somewhere out on the East coast of the USA! More to the point this was a Chicken jerky wrapped around it was a dehydrated yam. I will admit, my 3 Bulldogs LOVED them not to mention it was kind of a neat concept with bright colors,etc. The other absolutely APPALLING piece of info here is this: before I knew about the things happening in China, I had been purchasing these death treats at my local COSTCO!!! Needless to say, I saw the info on my evening local news and obviously started checking out all the treats and goodies I have given to my little Buddies! Paying special attention to where these products are coming from,made of,and distributed by – lets face it,we love our dogs or we wouldn’t be on a site like this one 😉 Just be careful out there my pet adoring friends!!

  • neezerfan

    I agree, I don’t believe for a second that they have the dogs’ best interests at heart. I also think they create the demand for the purebred dog that keeps the puppy millers in business, then they do nothing to stop them.

  • Bella Boo

    I am cofounder of a group that has many pet parents of victims of jerky treats in it. It is a place to learn and share information about this deadly problem. We have collected a lot of information on these products and brands, advice for victims, and all of the latest FDA reports.
    If your pet has been a victim, or you know of one, please visit our Facebook Group ANIMAL PARENTS AGAINST PET TREATS MADE IN CHINA:
    If you are not on Facebook, you can email us at [email protected]

  • Pattyvaughn

    They only care about the BUSINESS of dog$$$$.

  • blackdawg

    I was amazed to see that AKC has their name on treats and jerky made in China. It bothered me so much that I sent an email to them questioning how they, of all people, could endorse potentially dangerous products for our pets. They replied quickly citing all of the testing done on the products and added that not all of the illnesses that were reported were caused by the treats in question. If the FDA can’t find the specific cause of the illness, how can labs know what to test for. One would think that the American Kennel Club would choose to use American home grown products to put their label on.

  • Robert

    My friend purchased some dog chews from Stator Bros.( a grocery chain in southern California) with the name of PAWS chicken chews which made his 75 pound German Shepherd very sick but she survived. The vet told him for the dog to get plenty of water. I can’t believe that the bad dog food made in China is not recalled. Angers me very much. Robert from Escondido, California

  • Dr J

    That is more than enough exercise for a dog….Ours tear through the yard for hours, go for walks and are played with on end and still have the energy to get up to some mischief if they are in the mood. You have no idea how much stuff the find in our 2 old barns that has not been glued to the floor or hidden at a high enough level.

  • Dr J

    Just a question how can something that is high protein also be low calorie…..1 gram of protein is always going to be 4.1 kcal……

  • Fee

    For anyone interested, the brand of 100% freeze-dried beef liver I buy is Natural Choice. They are great for training, too, since they’re light. Mine will do pretty much anything for a liver treat. 🙂

  • Fee

    The only treats I’ll ever give my dog anymore are treats with ONE ingredient – 100% pure freeze-dried beef liver. Can’t really go wrong with that. It’s high-protein and very low calorie, so you can pretty much give unlimited treats (within reason of course). Fewest ingredients seems the safest way to go in my opinion, and I have 4 healthy and very happy large-breed dogs!

  • Jay

    So they let them kill our pets!!!

  • Jay

    The FDA won’t do anything about Chinese products bc of our trade agreement, too much $$$ to make!!!

  • guest

    I wonder if the same chicken is used in the Purina dog food as the treats.

  • 4Tessa

    Lost my otherwise healthy dog in August after she got sick unexpectedly. I am convinced it was from the Pupperoni Jerky Treats I fed her. How can a dog go from healthy and hiking one day to dead within 24 hours? The vet ran tests and could only say they did not know how a dog with good blood work other than elevated kidney function levels could be so sick. WISH THE FDA MADE IT KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC!!!!

  • Guest

    Thank you very much! I am also hoping mine will slow down in the chewing department as they get a bit older, sounds like there is hope!. 🙂

  • Guest

    Maybe “voracious” wasn’t the exactly the right word. I have just never had dogs that like to chew as much as these 2.
    They get on-leash walks since you can’t have off leash dogs around here and I don’t feel comfortable with it anyways.
    And we play tug with them, and work in some training (sit before you get the rope, release whenever given the command) while doing so.
    We also use a flirt pole and then play fetch which is just for fun.
    My dogs also don’t get treats (unless you consider bully sticks treats), I use their kibble for training and they get canned or healthy leftovers on their food for treats.
    I know almost all puppies/young dogs like to chew so that’s why I was just looking for safe alternatives for them whether they grow out of it or not.

  • Guest

    Another great idea, thank you. I have heard and read about food puzzles and such but never thought they would also help with the chewing. Good to know I have lots of options and I’m sure those will also help with mental stimulation.

  • Guest

    I just got in my order of Merricks Christmas dinner canned so this seems like the perfect time to start with the kongs. I’ll start with just the kibble, and then refrigerate, and then freeze it with the canned (they don’t get biscuits) if all goes well.
    I have been lucky that my dogs just chew the bully sticks till they are almost gone so that’s why I like using them, apart from them keeping them from chewing on things they shouldn’t.
    Thanks again to you and Julie for the great suggestions.

  • butchroy

    One other thing I might suggest, that works at my house, is the Starmark treat ball, it is translucent green and you can put treats, dog food kibble or peanut butter into holes at the end. It is specifically made for aggressive chewers. Butch LOVES his ball and chews it between his back teeth like humans squeeze those excersize balls. We always have a spare for when he eventually pulls a piece off, but they last for months and years, they are so strong. We get ours at Pet Supplies Plus and they are available at Way and Chewy and cost no more than 11 to 18 dollars.

  • I edited my response for clarity/specificity. I didn’t say your dogs weren’t lucky to have you or have the exercise they do get!! I was not making a judgement call on you, so I’m not sure why you took it personally. I admit I could’ve used a better word than “mindless”. I was just pointing out – as others have subsequently done by suggesting they “work” for their food/”treat” in the form of Kongs, puzzle toys etc – that the KIND of exercise that your dogs are getting may not be what they are wanting/needing. It may not be mentally and physically stimulating enough for them (ie off-leash walks vs on-leash walks.. you didn’t specify which one you do, but an on-leash walk is far more “work” for a dog than an off-leash one). The idea is the channel their minds and bodies into “good” behaviours which, although chewing is normal/good, “voracious” chewing is not. The idea of “treating” a dog with its normal kibble is one I subscribe to …it is feeding these things like “Beggin Strips” and the like – anything other than what they would normally get as part of a well-balanced diet – that I was referring to.

  • Crazy4cats

    I agree, I think your dogs are very lucky! I have two young labs as well. I do give mine bully sticks once a week in a vice grip to ensure they do not swallow them before they chew them up. They love them! I also got brave enough to give either a raw bone or a turkey neck once a week also. They are now a little over two and they finally do not think they have to be chewing or eating 24-7. Have fun with your pup!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    My dogs treated multiple times throughout the day. I like to use actual “food” as the treat though. For example, every night before bed they get a frozen kong that I’ve filled with either a dehydrated food (last night it was Grandma Lucy’s bison) or canned food or kibble layered with canned pumpkin. Throughout the day they might get one or two freeze-dries raw medallions. For training treats I’ll use ZiwiPeak or freeze-dried raw “nibblets” (like Vital Essentials). They have Kong wobblers too – sometimes I’ll put some kibble in those. It gives them variety and also, keeps them busy (in the case of their kong toys and gives them something to look forward to (after their walks they know they get a freeze-dried medallion and get super excited). I also share my food with them sometimes.

  • aimee

    My dogs eat some food out of bowls some from puzzle toys and some as “treats” I use high value foods/ treats for behavior mod. and difficult teaching tasks. I taught Brooke to retrieve a hot dog by using feta cheese as the R+

  • aimee

    If they haven’t used puzzle toys at first make it really easy. Start with loose kibble. Next try loose kibble with a biscuit blocking the opening. Then progress to mixing the kibble with canned and refrigerating and finally freezing. I’d put freeze dried liver in the end “dessert”, filled the middle with kibble/canned. and the appetizer was the biscuit wedged in the opening lol

    I’ve used Bully sticks on and off… BUT I have to hold them the entire time she chews otherwise she swallows them whole.

  • Guest

    Thanks, that’s a Very good point. And glad to know others have dogs that are/were quite the chewers too.
    I think I will start like you suggested with the kongs and then try freezing them cause I can definitely see them getting frustrated if they think it’s gonna be impossible to get the food out.

    I was worried about that exact thing with the antlers, which is why I hadn’t tried them yet.
    Looks like my best bet is try the kong first and see how things go.

  • aimee

    Hi Guest,
    When my Lab was young she was quite the chewer. I did as Julie suggested, her meals were fed from Kongs. I mixed her kibble with canned food or yogurt and froze it.

    Some dogs may get frustrated though if given a frozen Kong first time out of the gate so to speak. When first introduced you may want to make it easier for them to get it out. by not freezing them initailly.

    I’d be very wary of antlers. Anything that hard can fracture teeth. Someone I knew gave one to her dog and 20 min later was in vets office. The dog fractured it’s major upper premolar into 3 pieces.

  • Guest

    I definitely like that idea. I am a lil worried they won’t like the kongs cause of their dislike for rubber but maybe with their food in it, it’ll be a different story and I can see it really helping if is. plus I’d feel better giving them their own food instead of other things.

  • I could not agree with you more on feeding as much variety of possible..however “treats” are a human invention, and our need to “treat” our dogs is based on our need, not theirs. Dogs have no concept of what a “treat” is. There are many ways to vary your dog’s nutritional intake as often as you want – rotating kibble, adding canned and raw toppers (or feeding canned/raw generally) – without ever needing to feed them treats.

    How is it “not about nutrition, it’s about quality of life”? Isn’t nutrition a/the cornerstone to quality of life? Nutrition precedes quality of life.

  • Julie

    Dogs that have lots of desire to chew should not ever be fed from a bowl according to trainer Ian Dunbar. Get a couple of large heavy duty kongs for each dog. Fill them with the dogs regular daily amount of kibble that was soaked in water for a few minutes. Freeze overnight till rock solid. Give one or two to each dog twice a day. Don’t feed them anything else. The dogs will have to work very hard to get their food out.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the suggestion. I had been thinking about trying those and maybe I should and see how they like em.

  • Iheartmydog

    Try antler chews. I think I read the dark brown ones taste better? Anyway, my dog loves them.
    As with any bone or chew, you do have to supervise them and make sure they don’t break a small piece.

  • Jay

    Don’t trust any company that has jerky, even if said 100% U.S.A made. Just made the mistake and dog is very sick, didn’t think he would make in through the night, still he is barely hanging on. The treat are from Loving Pets Corporation located in New Jersey. Do not feed these to your pets!!!!!

  • Crazy4cats

    Very cute!

  • JamesB

    Her name is Asia, though I call her Darth Pooh since she tries to use her evil Sith powers to take over my mind during meals, which as far as I know has never worked though there are times I’m just as hungry after the meal as I was before it!

    I don’t know exactly how many litters she’s had as they were before I got her, and I haven’t let her have any litters.

    But it’s been around 5 or 6 of about 2-3 pups each. She lost some of the litters to parvo, both in total and partial litters. Parvo is a real problem here and the people who had her didn’t learn how to deal with it until after several pups were lost across multiple litters.

    Her Eminence, Lord Pooh was originally bought from a breeding farm by an individual who wanted a breeding mate for her Pom. But she didn’t like the little Pooh dog and gave her to a roommate (my godson) to cover a debt after she had Asia for a year or two.

    When my godson went into the military a year or two later, he asked me to take care of her while he was at training, so I had her for almost a year and a half before he gave her to me since he saw how she thrived living with me and how much she had become attached to me (and me to her).

    Prior to me taking possession of her, every one of her heat cycles resulted in a litter, which is why I don’t really know how many she had except for the ones with survivors and one or two of the later ones.

    She VERY big for a Pom at 12lbs, but it’s compact muscle as she’s only a tad bigger than the Poms that are in the 6lb-8lb range. I think her size had everything to do with her being able to have that many litters without any birthing complications with most of the litters I’m aware of having 3 pups on the average.

    She’s a Great Grandmother, I’ve actually owned her for about 2 years now and only decided earlier this year to not let her have another littler and to get her spayed. I should have done it earlier, but it took me time to make the decision about the last litter.


  • Guest

    Since you edited your reply I have to say just Wow. I actually think they are darn lucky dogs. Most dogs don’t even get that kind of training and exercise and at least I do whatever I can to try and make them happy.

  • Guest

    They are 2yrs and 6 mons. They are lab mixes. So yes they are young and I’m sure that also has something to do with the chewing.

  • Guest

    Because I don’t see them chewing as a problem. I just want to give them appropriate things for them to chew on. The only time they have chewed on furniture it was my fault because they didn’t have their appropriate chew toys and I wasn’t watching them close enough. The tree thing though I have been working on since I would like to keep my trees. So far as long as I redirect them and/or give them something else appropriate to do/chew it is much better and hopefully soon will be non existent.

  • Why not use that 30 mins of daily training time to train them not to chew?!

  • Pattyvaughn

    What breed of dog and what age are we talking about?

  • Guest

    Very interesting. I had never seen those before. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Unfortunately after reading what Betsy wrote I will most likely be avoiding that product.
    So hard to find not made/ sourced from China. 🙁
    I think I will stick with trying to find something similar to that that is sourced and made in the USA and also look for bully sticks that are also made and sourced here.

  • Guest

    While I agree that is a valid option, I know that’s not the entire cause. They get 30 min. training daily plus 1 hr of fetch/flirt pole and then 30/45 min of tug o war. They also go with me on a walk and then chase each other around the backyard and house and wrestle. Could they at times be bored? Yes, I’m sure they could ,but I don’t think that causes their love of chewing. They will literally just walk out outside to go chew on the trees.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Julie,

    If I recall, I looked at this toy and while the company makes it a point to say that it’s made of materials source in the USA, it’s actually assembled in China.

  • Betsy Greer

    How many litters of pups has she had, James?

  • JamesB

    Most of her breeding was done before I got her and discovered the allergies. Luckily her progeny doesn’t exhibit signs they inherited them from her, nor have any of their progeny shown signs, or their progeny (though he had rabbit ears, not sure where that came from!). But it’s in the genetics, so it’ll show it’s head sometime down the road…

    I was thinking of letting her have one more litter, but have pretty much decided against it and plan to spay her before her next heat cycle. The litter would have been for friends and family only, I wasn’t planning to sell them. But in the end, she’s had enough kids for one Pom and is a Great-grandmother now.


  • Julie

    If you have a PetCo near you (I’ve seen these for sale there) check out Petstages Durable Sticks. It’s a chew toy made with “actual wood” in it for dogs who like to chew wood.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Please spay her. She is NOT a good breeder if she has allergies.

  • JamesB

    Where humans and dogs are the same, though, is in needing variety in their diet, rather than eating the same thing all the time.

    It’s not about nutrition, it’s about quality of life. We take this for granted as humans because we control our diets and when we get tired of eating the same thing we go out to a restaurant.

    But dogs pretty much have only what we feed them to eat. Without that variety of palates in their diets, dogs start chewing on things like furniture and stuff as they are bored with their food.

    While dogs are generally not fussy eaters, they thrive better when their palate is teased with new flavors periodically. Snacks are one way to achieve this.

    Nutrition alone may not be a good reason for snacks but there are, nevertheless, other compelling reasons why one would and should give snacks to their dog.

    Again the key is not to overindulge.


  • I would try to figure out why they are “voracious chewers” and work on that behavioural issue. It can be (is usually) a sign of boredom, so maybe they need more mental and physical exercise? That is where I would start, at any rate.

  • The vast difference between humans and most dogs is that the nutritional intake of most dogs is fulfilled mainly by 1 product – kibble. A human, on the other hand, eats a wide range of foods at every meal. Instead of feeding a likely vastly nutritionally inferior “treat” over and over again, I frequently change the base of my dog’s nutrition (kibble), as well as the wet food and/or “human food” topper he gets (sardines, etc). He gets lots of variety without feeding him a “treat”.

  • Guest

    Just thought i’d mention they won’t chew on plastic/rubber bones but they will chew up my wood furniture, Go Figue! lol

  • Guest

    Ok. Other than raw bones ( nothing against them, but not feasible right now) what would you suggest giving dogs who are voracious chewers?

  • same as above

  • JamesB

    Do you buy treats for yourself? Most people do, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer to get them for you pets as well. It helps in variety in the diet as well as good for training and rewards. The secret is to no over-indulge….

  • JamesB

    She’s a little dog, so it’s a little scoop! She’s happy and healthy, now that she’s not having to deal with the burn in her nether-regions.

    I have a small yard and there’s only me and her. But when she visits her family they have a really big yard and at least 4 other Poms (sometimes more), so when she’s over there she eats more than what she gets here at home as she’s much more active.

    It would too simple to just ignore commonsense and feed her the same amount of food, but I keep an eye on her appetite, activity level and her weight and ensure that she’s not going hungry, but also that’s she’s not being overfed so she doesn’t become a pudgy Pom!


  • Guest

    What’s your opinion on bully sticks?

  • Why buy treats for your dog at all? Dogs don’t need treats. You are sort of playing Russian roulette by feeding treats these days (other than homemade, of course). Why risk it?!?!

  • Akari_32

    I’m curious to know if anyone knows about this new brand of jerky treats, called Nudges. They appear to be completely US made and sourced, and have extra added vitamins and such. I bought two small bags with a BOGO coupon, and don’t want to open them before I know more about them. There isn’t much out there, except whats on their website, and I’d like an outside opinion rather than the companies opinion, but as I said, there’s not much around about them. Anyone know anything?

  • Ok, so first, yes, I would definitely suggest trying a chicken-free and grain-free food.

    Secondly.. how big are these “scoops” that you are using to measure her food? My “scoop” holds 1 cup of dry dog food, so I am reading that you are feeding her 4 cups a day.. which is a MASSIVE amount for a 12lb dog. My dog is 26lbs and he gets between 1 and 1.5 cups PER DAY depending upon which food I am on in my rotation (he gets a different food every bag). If you truly are feeding her 4 cups per day PLUS wetting some of that food, and your dog is holding its weight, I have some ideas on why that could be (all of it not good), but first would like clarification on exactly how much food you are feeding her.

  • JamesB

    For now I’m feeding her the same food she gets for dinner. I’m using the Costco Kirkland branded dog food (both the chicken and the lamb) since it doesn’t contain any wheat, corn or nasty by-products (“by-products” in the list of ingredients is usually the best indication that you don’t want your pet eating that food, “bone meal” being another common ingredient you would take a pass that food for, which BTW eliminates 95% of the dog food you find on the shelf in the grocery store).

    For dinner she gets one scoop in hot water to make it wet food (I let it cool first though) and two scoops of dry in her bowl. What I’ve been doing for lunches is one scoop in hot water (after it’s cooled), like for dinner.

    I keep an eye on her weight to ensure I’m both not overfeeding her and not underfeeding her either. She’s a 12lb Pom, an amazon among Poms (but her kids are all in the 6lbs-8lbs range) and she varies about a 1/3lb either side of that depending on her activity level and if she’s in heat.


  • What “regular food” are you currently feeding her?

  • JamesB

    I have a Pomeranian with food allergies and she is so sensitive to corn and wheat that I can’t feed her almost 90% of the dog snacks on the market today, and I have to be careful not to feed her regular food that has wheat and/or corn either as this can trigger convulsions (which is how I found out how bad the allergies were, she was always gassy and had stomach issues, but I fed her a food that was high in corn content and it hit me like an anvil when I saw how she reacted to it, I knew right away what the problem was and what I was doing wrong).

    So I was happy when these chicken treats came on the market. I don’t free feed her, she eats when I eat (at lunch and dinner, I typically don’t eat breakfast), and I was giving her a single chicken treat for her lunch every day when I sat down to eat my lunch (I was feeding her “Waggin’ Train” treats).

    She has not been spayed yet as she’s AKC registered and is a good breeder. I noticed that when she goes into heat she would always develop a UTI, which I took care of with a herbal remedy (Berry Balance) which was very effective at first. But over time it took more and longer to deal with the UTI until I had to go to antibiotics, and even then it became somewhat problematic to eliminate the UTI. So over the course of 2 or 3 years, the UTI went from occasional to chronic, and then got worse recently.

    A few months ago it got real bad and none of the treatments were working and she was going nuts with that perpetual burning itch (and driving me crazy as well with feeling of helplessness in treating it).

    I happened to take a trip that I wasn’t able to take her on and left her with a friend (that’s where most of her kids live, so it was good for her to visit with them for a while). My friend uses the same food for his Poms as I do, except he free feeds them and limits the treats (so no chicken strips at lunch).

    After I dropped her off, I spoke with my friend the next day and it was mentioned that she was acting weird and described the UTI issues. I explained what was going on and that I’m at the end of my rope on it. He didn’t have more to add, but said he’d keep and eye on the problem till I got back.

    After 5 days I came back and picked her up and after taking her home, I noticed that night and the next morning that she wasn’t having the UTI issues. Since she pretty much ate the same food except for the chicken strips, I held off on giving her any for a week with no problems returning.

    Then I gave her one chicken strip for lunch every other day for a week and sure enough she started exhibiting signs the UTI was back. Yet 3-4 days later, without the chicken strips, she was fine and that’s without giving her the herbal UTI remedy or anything for it. The amount of water she drinks is down too.

    I would not have pegged these chicken strips as the culprit had I not taken that trip and the UTI being so bad that any change was easy to see (for the better or for the worse). But there is no doubt that it was the chicken strips.

    But she’s fine now and I’m relieved that she not plagued by the chronic UTI anymore.

    I have to figure out a different lunch to give her, but it’s a small price to pay to not have her trying to scratch that burning itch that never goes away. And there’s no telling what other complications resulted, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, if its going too…

    But she’s fine now and I’m relieved that she not plagued by the chronic UTI anymore.


  • Angie Strovel

    Thanks for posting this. Great info.

  • Angie Strovel

    VITALITY CHICKEN STRIPS – DOG TREAT purchased at TARGET – 2 different bags have caused blood in my dog’s stool. Just purchased 2nd bag 11/13/2013. Taking it back. Manufacturer claims my bag is not on recall.

  • Elaine McFadden, MPH

    We started reporting this story over a year and a half ago on Smart Health Talk Radio Show. The numbers are in the thousands for all of the dogs that have died from chicken treats from China. Gov’t finally admitted last month arsenic in our chickens and Maryland banned from their state almost immediately. Arsenic given because chickens kept in horrific conditions and arsenic keeps them alive along with daily antibiotics. Worse conditions in China. Not always on package. First three digits of UPC bar code tells country of origin. 690 – 695 are all MADE IN CHINA. 471 is Made in Taiwan. NEVER FEED YOUR PET ANY TREATS/FOOD FROM CHINA. NEVER. One story where dog died but owners did not tie to chicken treats as thought age reason, until new puppy brought in house and fed left over treats and got immediately sick. Buy organic treats instead. Recommendation for a low cost way to protect your dog from poisons, infections and harmful contaminants that can be in foods give them Nutramin 15 million year old minerals that are IONIC and can detox and kill bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites. Add to food and 57 minerals keep them healthy and strong while cleaning teeth. Can use on skin for itching and wound healing. Such a fine powder (one micron in size), the ionic charge will bind with damaged cells, relieve itching quickly, add a protective layer, and speed healing. Calcium Montmorillonite is only found a few places on the planet and one of the most powerful healers. Find Nutramin on Amazon about 5 cents a day. Especially important if pet sick. Mix with organic chicken broth and give with eyedropper.


  • Pattyvaughn

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to come across as uncaring. I can get very single minded and that was important to everyone. I would have been heartbroken, and I can’t imagine your loss.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Oh Wow!! Sorry!! I really didn’t mean to come across that way. I’m afraid I’m kind of single minded, and the idea of dogs being able to get Parvo from treats/food is kind of scary. It should be to everyone. So my mind just latched on to that. Everyone needs to know if this was confirmed or if she just thinks that is what happened.

  • Sugar

    I’m so sorry about your loss! Our local Walmart sells now ONLY jerkies made in USA and most of them are human-grade.

  • Jennie

    Oh my, toto states her puppy just died and you offer no sympathy, you just call her out on where her puppy contracted the parvo. That’s pretty heartless Pattyvaughn!

  • Jennie

    I’m so sorry to hear about your puppy

  • Pattyvaughn

    Not that I like Beggin’ Strips, I don’t, but how was it confirmed that the parvo came from Beggin’ Strips, because that sounds like a near impossibility to me, if not an outright impossibility.

  • [email protected]

    We had a foxred laborador puppy just last month contract parvo from beggin strips and pass away. so really beware of beggin strips brands (in nebraska)

  • Dee Dee

    I gave my dog snausages last week and she became sick the first day. By the 2nd day we stopped the treats because they were the only new thing we had given her. No more treats unless I know they are regulated like they should be. 10/30/13
    Just got a list on facebook and trying to check it out. I have not completed the research yet but just for your information here it is.
    Waggin Train
    Canyon Creek Ranch
    Harts Snausages
    Booda Bones
    Aspen Pet
    Milos Kitchen
    American Kennel Club
    cadet Sargents
    ever pet – Dollar General
    The kindoms pets
    Beggin Strips Pupperoni
    canine carrouts
    Use your own judgment on this list and research for yourselves before you decide.
    Home Pet 360
    Walgreens Simple – New product

  • ddca007

    The Canyon Creek Ranch jerky treats made my dog very ill 2 years ago. I was shocked to find out after researching online that they are made in China. Nothing on the package gave any indication what so ever. My dog had diarea, vomiting, lost hair {mostly undercoat which, has still, after two years, not grown back). She lost 1/4 of her weight and has not gained it back either. I am shocked the product is still on the shelves at Pet Smart. These products are very dangerous. I will never buy them again.

  • ConcernedOrganicFarmer

    Sorry, but cooking sprays commonly contain soy lecithin, which is commonly made from GMO-containing soy.

    MUCH better to use parchment paper, which is reusable, than ANY cooking spray.

  • ConcernedOrganicFarmer

    Jerky treats are easy and inexpensive to make at home – the tough part is sourcing pastured chickens that have not been fed any GMO-containing grains.

    Once you do, bake a couple of chicken breasts, and then once they are cool enough to handle, tear them into thin strips and dehydrate in a food dehydrator or in a low oven for 12 – 24 hours, or until they are very dry but still a bit pliable. Store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or in the freezer for up to two months.

    No Chinese ingredients involved.

    Sweet potato treats are just as easy – if you cut them thin, such as with a Mandolin slicer, you don’t need to cook them first or even peel them. If you slice them thicker, you may wish to bake them whole before cutting and dehydrating.

    Good luck with your little guys!

  • Rita

    it would be very helpful to someone trying to find information if you would date your article. there is no way to know how old this information is and whether I need to look for something more recent. “just sayin'”

  • Jenny

    My dogs got very sick after eating the Sweet Potato treats made my Petco 🙁 One had to have many vet visits with fluid pumped into her each time.

  • animalkingdom8

    He’s definitely being facetious but the point he’s making is invalid. No one is saying that Chinese people want to kill our dogs BUT we are saying that they aren’t quality controlling their exports.

  • animalkingdom8

    In fact, these products by Nestle and DelMonte ARE made OR sourced in China. Jesus. No one is saying Chinese people are bad but the fact is that these products aren’t quality controlled. And the same can be said for many children’s toys that come from China. The FDA is slow to react on incidents but at this point, they really have no choice.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I had a Saluki and a Doberman get bone cancer in the same hip about a year apart, but from what I know, I have always assumed it was something longterm from the food they were eating every day or an environmental toxin. I have never fed enough of any one treat over a long enough span of time for me to think it could have been a treat.

  • blackdawg

    I am aware of the genetic predisposition of the breed and probably would have accepted that had my golden not gotten the same cancer in the same hip at the same time. She was only 8 years old and very healthy. I lost them both within a week of each other. Seems too coincidental.

  • Amy

    My dog has both vomited and had diarrhea after eating American Jerky chicken treats by Petco. We thought we were safe because the bag said “Made in the USA.” Now I am not so sure.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Those are subcutaneous fluids and they are great for helping a dog to stay hydrated, but you do have to keep them warm.

  • Vicky

    If you get intravenous fluids put just under their coat at the back of their neck it works wonders and helps them to survive these bouts of throwin up and fever etc. It is way cheaper that regular treatments from the vet. You get the fluids put under their coat and then you can take them home. When they first throw up do not feed them for a few hours. Hope your babies feel better

  • Deborah Phelps

    It feels like a bad dream, I have 2 little chihuahua’s who go where I go in a stroller and I cook for them. Never thought about a treat problem. They tell me what time it is the same time everyday for cookie time! My smallest one started throwing up 2 weeks ago thought he had a virus, didn’t get better after 2 days went to vet, he is in renal failure. He is 3 years old. I have been giving them duck jerky since about 1 year of age. I have been buying the duck jerky sold at Walgreens, and sweet potato wraps with chicken. Timing is unbelievable that he got sick then this notice comes out. I found a lady online that has an amazing kidney health program and has been able to save lives and reverse the damage. I do not have the money to hospitalize my little guy so vet is working with me at home. Not trying to use this as advertising board so if anyone wants info on the program email me at [email protected] my baby is already doing much better. We have along way to go, I do have faith that this will work. The whole food chain for humans and pets has been so genetically compromised it is a very sad time. It feels like we have already had a death in the family because cookie time will never be the same. It’s so hard for them to understand change.

  • blaine

    please call Blaine if your vet has seen dogs treated for eating the treats 443 752 9143 need info on signs asap please

  • Susie Q

    I just hope enough media has reached people and everyone stop buying any kind of treats. Then maybe something can and will be done by the government. Besides the Obamas have dogs and I’m sure they want them to be okay.

  • Pattyvaughn

    When all the upvotes are Guests, you don’t know that the same person hasn’t upvoted the same comment however many times.

  • akeleven

    Cats also affected, just lower numbers for whatever reason. Just threw away $20 of treats. Sorry, kids.

  • Derp

    Also let me put this in perspective: We don’t care about them, why should they care about us? So much ignorance in America these days… It embarrasses me to no end.

  • derpy

    It’s all about the money my friend.

  • derpy

    You think people being payed for so little care about a bunch of fat foreigners? <_< Get over yourself. If people were smart they'd buy local. Outsourcing so much is hurting the country in many ways.

  • Derpy

    Why does this have a vote up? This is the most xenophobic post… -_- Unless it’s being satirical..? Anyways, China mass-produces many things for so little money, so it’s not really a huge surprise that this happens pretty often. Spend the extra dollar and go local.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Cats will willingly eat the dog treats.

  • Having had to euthanize a pet as a result of a pet food recall, I try to be very cognizant of the source of the food and treats I purchase. While you can’t avoid every danger, being extra vigilant can help keep your pet safe. I would encourage checking the *source* of the protein – not just the manufacturing location. Because if a protein is imported but the actual making of the treat is in the United States, it is possible that the company could legally make a “Made in the USA” claim . . . because technically, it was.

  • thecolumbiarag

    Thank you so much. My first dog was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease about 6 months before he died. He was urinating a lot more than normal and his thirst for water was never satisfied.
    My vet was the same way, they are reluctant for a reason, you could still have much more time with your friend, even if you don’t try to spend quality time with him or her. I never got to say goodbye to my first dog and it still hurts me today I’m tearing up as I write this.

  • Boots

    Is this just the American way – find a scapegoat? It’s China they’re commies. How about Islamists, they hate us for our freedoms and want to kill our dogs. I didn’t know Nestles and DelMonte products were made in China? Who woulda thunk it?

  • Cere

    I did read that cats have become sick and died. Some of the cat treats are affected as well.

  • Missy

    Someone suggested it could actually be the Chinese drywall recycled into the dog food.

  • Susie Q

    Looks like homemade treats or none at all for my 2 dogs.But what about cat treats? Haven’t heard anything about those !

  • Pattyvaughn

    The problems started in about 2007. Obviously, whatever it is does not affect all dogs, but I sure feel bad for all the people who have had their dogs get sick or even die and they still see these things on the shelf month after month.

  • Christine DiPede

    How long has all these dogs had these treats?? Years or months? When did the symptoms reveal themselves?What were the symptoms?? I have given these treats to both my dogs, off and on… They absolutely loved them!! Just bought the duck jerky the other day because I think one of my dogs is allergic to chicken.She got sick immediately!! So stopped immediately…Then I just heard all this news about these treats… I remember when the waggin Train was recalled…So stopped and started with another brand many months later..I will never give them another jerky treat again…!!!I am so sorry for all of the people who have lost their pet due to these bad treats!!

    I would be on a mission!!!

  • TexasDogs

    Look for them at your local store, I can find that at my Petco.

  • Bea

    Tucker’s Jerky is the only thing I buy now. I just give him one per day. My Sheltie has to be on meds the rest of his life from the chicken jerky made in china that gave him a liver disease.


  • Shawna

    I do A LOT to help my little pup along but she has had kidney disease since birth and is now seven years, four months old and still in good health. Chronic kidney disease can be managed and a good website to research regarding the topic is

    PS — my vet gave my dog one year past diagnosis to live. That was five years ago. But again, I do A LOT to help my girl along. And it is quite pricey.

  • painterlady

    My dog became very ill after eating American Jerky Chicken and Sweet Potato crispers made by Petco. I cannot get any information from the company regarding the country of origin for the chicken or sweet potato.

  • Allies mom

    You say your 1st dog died suddenly of kidney failure? I wonder how long between diagnosis and passing did you get with your furry friend? My 15 yr old just diagnosed Monday, on meds trying to get an appetite, vet is hesitant to talk timeframe. Thanks and your current dog is lovely!

  • Betsy Greer

    Why not give him a good size piece of the ox tail raw and let him go to town! Cooked bones can splinter so don’t let him chew on the bones after you’ve stewed them.

  • thecolumbiarag

    Thank you. He’s a really sweetheart, all he wants to do is play and he loves kids. I too know the pain of burying my friend, my first dog Caesar died suddenly of kidney failure.

  • thecolumbiarag

    Thank you. I’ve been trying to cut back on the milk bones—my dad thinks it’s still the milk bones of the 1960s—, but his new favorite treat is boiled carrots. Just bought him some ox tails, going to cook them up tonight and make a little gravy, my boyfriend is super jealous.

  • Kelly

    Please check out Wylie’s Naturals. We make homemade all natural. Jerky treats that are made right in New Jersey! We buy all of our meat from local markets and is made from same meat we eat. Do not buy china made products it’s not worth getting your dog sick! or

  • Kalvia Davidson

    Stay away from any and all Wal Mart brands–all from china

  • Yipson Foods

    Here is a easy recipe for dog jerky that you can make in your oven at home:

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi thecolumbiarag,

    He is beautiful. : )

    Why Milk Bones though? They’re full of garbage. Please choose another treat for him. Even as far as commercial treats are concerned, there are lots of good ones. I bet you anything this boy would love a raw, meaty bone to chew on even more though.

  • old sarge

    Be advised that Del Monte has sold out to a China corporation. Avoid any Del Monte food product be it for human or animal consumption. I think the Chinese are trying to kill us and our pets.

  • old sarge

    Beautiful dog, looks like the one that I buried several years ago. Best friend I ever had. Died of old age. She ate few treats.

  • old sarge

    I agree with you, boycott China foods both for pets and for people. Who knows what kind of satiation and other bad work habits are in those factories in China. One major food brand DelMonte has sold its brand to China interest. I don’t buy any food item be for my dog or me.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m not sure if it is covering for them so much as the problem is so widespread that there isn’t much point in mentioning specific brands. If your dog is eating any chicken jerky, duck jerky, or sweet potato strips and gets sick, don’t worry about brand, just report it. There are several other brands that are also having the same issues, but they aren’t as big as these 3, so not as many pets are affected.
    Best, is to just not feed them at all rather than take a chance. It’s easy to dry thin strips of chicken at home in your own oven.

  • pat

    This was the 5th article I clicked on before any of the brands were even named. Why are news sites covering for Nestle and Del Monte, among others, if they’re selling food that makes our pet mammals sick?

  • janicecole1

    Has anyone heard of Foster’s sweet potatoe, it’s dehydrated or jerky but my dogs been sick ever since I’ve gave to her. Been back & forth to vet, taking meds & can’t figure what’s wrong.
    Just looked at pack & Omg it’s made in China.

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