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    Thank you everyone for your replies. I realize I wrote this three weeks ago but my job is hectic and i’ve been very busy with studying/training for a new position. That said, I took Sophie to the vet about 2 weeks ago. I discussed with the vet her symptoms and explained that I had tried isolating single proteins (which is actually very difficult to do, which is why I started feeding zignature) for weeks at a time with no improvement whatsoever. She looked Sophie over really well and put her on Apoquel. That alone has made a tremendous difference for Sophie. No more scratches.

    She also prescribed Otibiotic ointment for her ears, as well as a eucalyptus ear wash twice a week. Finally, she gave me a shampoo with chlorhexidine and miconazole for her feet that she licks and chews non-stop. The vet said it sounds more like a grass allergy. We’re going to wait for the winter wonderland and stop the apoquel to see if her itching comes back. That plus 6 months of Simparica and Interceptor plus means this dog lover is going hungry until payday and every penny it cost me is worth more than I can articulate here.

    Thank you again everyone for your replies. Extremely helpful and I get a good vibe that this forum is very supportive, which I appreciate.

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