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    Okay that sound good for me, im actually excited to hook my boy up with his first home recipe meal. He’s going to go nuts I bet, I can see him now acting his age not his size lol. I just hope, I’ll be able to alternate between that and a 4-5 star kibble (going to alternate away from nature variety instinct which is a little to much $ for me at the moment), and my buget would limit homemade meals to 4-6 meals a week. Is it even a good idea to alternate ? I am also concerned about his eating habits/health in the long run, and would ultimately do what’s necessary to ensure he doesn’t wind up with any health issues that the Saint Benard breeds tend to develop (possibly from mild/lack of proper nutrition) if not well taken care of.
    Thanks alot for your help.

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    Thanks alot, will take that into great consideration. One more thing is it ok to feed him raw and kibble foods ? Mainly asking because I dont think I will be preparing raw home recipes for everyday eating was kinda hoping to go back and forth(if that’s even a smart thing to do). I don’t want Pluto getting set in his ways eating only raw meals, and I only say that being, im also somewhat trying to buget while taking good care of his big eating habits. Thanks

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    So any of these raw recipes that HDM and others have posted, would be good for a giant sized breed St. Benard puppy (20wks, never had raw food so far)? I just want to be extra cautious with this being a health issued breed .

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    Angela H.
    Hi, would you recommend your recipe for a giant breed saint benard pupp ?

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    Hi, all this information is so helpful, but just a tad overwhelming for me (so many opinions). I am curious about your opinion on a few things, I have a male st. benard pupp just about 20wks, been feeding him Natures Variety Instinct Dry($$$), and honestly looking to switch to something with less of a price tag, but without loosing quality as I want him in the best shape inside/out. His weight is good, looking/feeling healthy. I noticed the other saint owner was inquiring about Wellness Core Puppy, I am also curious about this brand of food –>> “Orijen product line includes six dry dog foods, five claimed to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages and one (Senior) for adult maintenance”. Noticed it wasn’t on your list of approved large/giant breed foods, would you recommend (I’ve read pretty good things)? One last question what toppings would you suggest if not homemade food recipe ?
    Hope none of this confuses you, thanks.

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