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    Marisa A

    Hi There!
    I just started my 24lb Frenchie on a raw diet about 3 weeks ago and he is LOVING it. I ordered my food from rawfeedingmiami.com. My dog is 8 months old so I am feeding him 4% of his body weight per day. I purchased a scale that comes with a detatchable bowl off Amazon and had to do some math to figure out how much muscle meat, organ meat and bone he should be getting every day. Rawfeedingmiami has some great info on their site in terms of how much to feed etc. According to my dog’s weight and the recommended percentage I should feed him, he should be eating approximately .5 lbs per meal, or 8 ounces. 4% of 24 lbs is .96lbs. I rounded up to 1 pound per day, so .5 pounds per meal, which is 8oz.

    There is a lot of variation out there on the breakdown of how much to feed when it comes to muscle meat, bone and organ, but generally, 10% of meal should be meaty bone, 75% of meal should be muscle meat, 5% liver, and 10% other secreting organ (ie: kidney, spleen, pancreas, thymus, brain, lung, testicles). I included a smelt fish into each of my dog’s meals as well.

    So I ordered everything in bulk, designated a Friday night, and packaged all of his food for the month in ziplock bags. Once I got my muscle meat to equal ~ 6oz, the rest I just eyeballed until I reached the 8oz.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)