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    Cheryl Alford

    There are not many good dried dog foods. The vacuum packed “fresh type foods are much better, however, the lack of “crunch” means you do need to clean your dogs teeth.
    The things you must avoid are:
    Maize (This is a cheap filler made with corn, no corn is not good for a dog)
    By products
    meat, animal and vegetable derivatives
    Soy and soy products (not lecethin)
    and very long words that look lie they have come from a science fiction book, these are usually the additives or preservatives.

    If you put in the name of the food in the search part of this site, it will explain the good and bad.

    If your dog is scratching, it could be food mites, what you need to do is freeze a bag of the food or in a tub overnight and then let it defrost normally before serving, this kills the mites and stops the itchy skin, another way to stop itchy skin is to add flax seed oil, you can not overdose on this, it contains omega 3 6 and 9 and is great for your dogs heart, brain and joints.

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