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    okay this may sound disgusting or not for the weak stomach… but i need to ask this question, i now have a niece 🙂 and since im a great uncle.. my sister is just my neighbor and she sometimes brings over her month old baby and im not the only one looking forward on wanting to see the baby but my westies too.. okay to make the long story short my dogs are diaper nappers LOL… when the baby is being changed to her new diapers and once it has been placed down they immediately dive into it and run out of the backyard and saw them eating the baby’s poo.. i know the baby’s poo is clean and all since it only drinks milk for now but i have been telling this story to my friends and they say that their dogs eat poo as well but not from babies… why do dogs eat poo? is this a behavioral problem? before when i was young we had some dogs eat grass, my grand dad used to say the dog isn’t feeling well thats why they eat grass to heal themselves.. are these true?

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    I suspect that some dogs eat poo because it isn’t well digested and they know from the smell that they can get something out of it, some probably do it because they can use the extra digestive enzymes, and some do it because it is a disgusting habit that they like.

    Grass is the same way, some like it, some need something out of it, and some need to vomit.

    I had a dedicated poo eater and when I switched to a high protein food with good digestive enzymes, he completely quit, except when we babysit a friend’s dog that eats crap food. He no longer eats grass, since I started giving him a super green supplement. We haven’t had any vomitting issues, so I don’t know if he would still eat grass on an upset stomach.

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    I don’t know why the dogs are doing that but the humans are the ones who need to keep the dogs out of the room where the baby gets changed.

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