When did holistic and natural dog food first appear?

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    I remember when I was 7 Iams was considered one of the highest quality dog foods, next to pedigree and purina. I always went to the vet every time one of the dogs needed a check up or shots. I also remember the vet always recommending Iams, stating it was the best food on the market.

    In 2005 i found a website about bad dog food ingridients and told my parents. We then switched the dogs to diffrent foods such as natural choice, eagle pack and wellness.

    So my question is, when did natural or holistic foods first appear? What was the first dog food brand to do this?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I’m honestly not 100% positive but I know Solid Gold has been around since the 70’s – I’ve always assumed they were one of the first, if not the first “holistic” dog food manufacturer. I know Eagle Pack as been around since the 70’s too. I think holistic pet food really started to gain popularity in the 2000’s – especially after the Menu recall. Also – keep in mind Iams didn’t used to be as bad as it is now. I can’t say what the exact ingredients were in Iams and Eukanuba back in the day (pre-proctor and gamble aquisition) as I was only a kid – but I know Iams/Eukanuba used to be one of the highest quality foods on the market. I’ve heard Science Diet used to be better too. I know when I was a kid we fed our dogs Dad’s and while it definitely was still a bad food back then, I don’t think it was nearly as bad as it is now. It used to be just corn and by-products. Now they’ve also added colorings, propylene glycol, etc.

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    Not to be a smart a$$ but it was around forever before the commercial manufacturers started making their (predominantly) junk.

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    Even Royal Canin is trying to put a good spin on the reason why they are going to chicken by-products now from real chicken! Another example of a large company saving $$ and becoming less trustworthy to me.

    Not that I mind by-products, but I like to know exactly what they are and are not.

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