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    I have a three year old Frenchie who I need feeding advice for. I have been feeding her Taste of the Wild Kibble (TOW) for the past year and a half or so with no problems. I don’t think a healthy diet consists of kibble only, so a few months ago I added Small Batch Raw Patties (SB) to her diet (gradually over a week). She was getting TOW in the morning and SB in the evening for about a month or so then she started to get an upset stomach. She’d wake me in the middle of the night to go out and eat grass (feverishly) and sometimes her stomach would gurgle VERY loudly. I stopped giving her SB and went back to feeding her TOW only and no problems. Within the last month, I introduced Answers Raw Goat Milk (probiotic), which I’d give her just before giving her the kibble with no problems. About a week ago, I reintroduced SB (again, gradually) and last night and EARLY this morning she cried to go outside and began eating grass. Her stomach was also gurgling quite loudly. I’m really trying to avoid feeding her a diet of kibble only, but am at a loss as to what brand(s) of raw, dehydrated or moist foor to try next. Any suggestions from breeders or owners who have Frenchies that are doing well with their food would be GREATLY appreciated. Please note, I don’t have the time to cook her meals, so I’m looking for a pre-packaged suggestion.

    Thank you!


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    It does sound like it’s the raw patties giving her the problem…or perhaps the mixture of the two, kibble then raw, Idk. Maybe you could feed kibble/can or both meals or just use the raw patties for both meals. I have a dog that a some months ago had a similar type of “reaction” but I was using kibble/canned for one meal and dehydrated raw (with water added) for another. She is older, and actually has bladder tumor, but has always been fine eating, and was fine on this regimen for about a month. Then she started intermittently throwing up. After determining what I though was the problem, I finally stopped with the dehydrated raw and all has been fine. I feed kibble and canned for both meals. I’m using TOTW Pac. Stream and TOTW cans. I only use their poultry free kibble and cans (I do this for another dog that has allergies, but all 3 eat the same thing). I also use Wellness cans (poultry free) and use a mix of their 95%, Stews, Simple line, Core. Weruva (poultry free) and Simply Nourish (poultry free) are some other cans I use. This is working for all 3 of my dogs. Oh, and I also add in a probiotic/enzyme supplement. Right now I’ve been using Wholistic Pet Digest All Plus. I have a digestive supplement coming from Nature’s Farmacy, as well. And I plan on ordering some things from http://www.askariel.com. I hope this helps.

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    I agree, it sounds like the patties are the problem. I’m not familiar with those but I wouldn’t go back to them. In order to know, you’ll probably have to put him on that alone, no kibble.

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    Hi, For a french Bulldog, It is necessary that there must be high meat content in his food. Grain should be higher quality like barley, brown rice, and oatmeal, etc. you need not give colored food to your dog, it is harmful. You should choose accordingly.

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    The review of Tucker’s Raw Frozen was just posted yesterday. It has very few ingredients. Might give it a try. Do you use canned food currently? I’ve fed Sojo’s, The Honest Kitchen and Addiction dehydrated foods so far and no problems with those. Stuart Raw Science and Wysong Uncanny are two other foods I’d like to try. There are lots of options to use to avoid and a kibble-only diet.

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